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Sunday, April 30, 2017

"Liberation Was Not Announced" - Peoples Dinar Discussion 4-30-17

Peoples Dinar

Liberation Was Not Announced

Mrs Classy: Seems a high-ranking Iraq official, was shot yesterday by a sniper the liberation, was not announced

Gulf-Arab-International Iraqi Prime Minister: The liberation of Mosul is soon
29/4/2017 Now - Agencies Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said on Saturday that they were preparing to announce the great victory over the organization of 'da'ash'.

Al-Abbadi added that Iraq is on the threshold of a new stage, despite the great and continuing challenges, saying: "It is one of our top priorities to build peace and a decent life for our citizens, this homeland for all Iraqis of all affiliations and orientations '.

"Our heroes are fighting and winning. It is a war that is not easy, but some are trying to frustrate the morale of our fighters by adopting the lies of the enemy, because they have differences with the government, and I invite them to leave our courageous heroes."

He said: "Liberation Day is close to Mosul, and the people of Mosul not to surrender to the rumors," noting that: 'the destruction of the capabilities of dashing and leaving weapons of mass and we will eliminate it'.

Abadi continued: 'We do not like war, but it was imposed on us by a deviant enemy, an organization that advocated and won, a war that is not easy and we have no choice but to win in order to protect our citizens.'

He added: 'The organization advocating a perverse group attacking Iraqis everywhere and we will win it, and the Iraqi forces are racing to fight against Daqash,' pointing out that 'the propagandist spreads lies through social networking sites to discourage the morale of Iraqi forces, and we do not obey to adopt these lies lies.

He added: "Kurds in Kurdistan are Iraqi citizens of the first degree, and there are campaigns to rhythm between you and your Iraqi people, and that the diversity of the components of the Iraqi people of Shiites and Sunnis and Kurds and Christians and all communities, is the strength of Iraq.

He stressed that 'the sects and components of Iraqi society all fought together, because Iraq is for all and we do not have the term first citizen and second degree, all equal', adding: "The people of the liberated areas refuse to return from cooperation with terrorists to their regions, and there are large numbers joined the Dahesh '.

"We have made great losses in our fight against terrorism, and we have won victories with courage, wisdom and heroic steadfastness."

The Iraqi forces are engaged in large-scale military operations to regain control of the right coast in the city of Mosul from the organization 'Daash', after the liberation of the left coast in late January.

sixof10: Boo Hoo. :(

LStar: Poor people. Suffering.

BlackCats: Are we all bummed out to see this?...... Of course. Did we anticipate this happening?...... You BETCHA!

VictorD: I'm not surprised. Two articles came out this week indicating it wasn't time yet. One said by May 15th and the other said the end of the month.....

LStar: Thank you MC for all the news! You're on it! Thank you

Beachrider: What a shame. Imagine that, Iraq showing disappointment again, The people really were showing their disappointment in the economy and lack of government doing what they say they are going to do. So, Bane, I guess I need to eat my words now from Thursday night. I was wrong and should have anticipated the can kicking that they are so famous for.

hawaii~girl: the pressure is on...the end of daesh is almost here..... are you surprised it was 'harder than you thought'???? LOL! :P

Noeta: You can't put an egg timer on war and expect the battles to be done when the egg timer goes off. It is what it is but I am encouraged that they are so very close to eradicating dassh from their country. I've waited this long so I suppose I can wait just a bit longer while they wrap things up.

Believe me, with my wife fighting breast cancer, I need this as much as anybody but I also recognize that war is war and can't be managed down to the minute. Finish what needs finished and then bless your people and those of us who have speculated on this currency with some good economic news.

hawaii~girl: exactly NOETA!

Wasco: Well said, Noeta............Our prayers are with you, and your family.

Semaj703: The stupidity comes when you announce the "announcement" without being 100% certain you can announce it.

Rotney: Welcome to Iraq news and politics

Rocking ‘ RV: mid May....hang in there...

Revival: I was hopeful but staying grounded after all this is Iraq and i have learned it is alright to be hopeful but do not put all your eggs in the iraqi basket. It will come, ReVival

Thepreacherman2017: Great Find MRS Classy! Thanks for keeping us updated! Ive been in this a little while now & I have to admit it's still fun seeing a window approaching and getting really pumped up about it..........And then....... Nothing.lol. What a let down !

But during that building up time, it's a really good feeling, and last much longer than the let down. So I hate to say it, to me, the pumping up feeling is well worth the let down! I feel like I've already had at least 20 RV's, at least until I found out I didn't.Lol. You Dinar veterans know what I'm talking about.

But right now we're at a place in this , we've never seen before! And I'm going to enjoy my last few days of normal life ,knowing that not too far down the road the real value of Iraqs currency is going to "Suddenly" come to the surface!!!

KJWayne: I'm with ya'll! Iraq has never hit a target date YET ! BUT ,the article said Saturday the 30th. Saturday is gone but tomorrow is the 30th! Keep the faith a little longer !

LStar: Ya, don't you typically make an announcement After the task is finished?

I read today that countries don't wanna pour a bunch of money into Iraq until they feel certain they won't get blown up. This sounds reasonable. :) I don't wanna open my store there if someone might drop a bomb on it. So I'm assuming international commitments won't happen until this war is over.

Let's just hope it's this year. I can handle it if the currency changes sometime this year. Let us pray. Thank you amen!

Wldcat03: No one ever said they would rv after Mosul was clear. So to keep things real, no rv after Mosul. Mosul is just another city they need to secure. Still plenty of laws and government jobs that need to be replaced/filled and no one really knows what will trigger and rv.

LStar: Thanks wildcat! Good to know! I'm not certain of anything regarding iraq's currency. I have no idea how the exchange will play out, considering they'll be making all the rules.

The only train of thought I'm on, is IF they open international trade, it might drive up the supply-demand economics. That's all I'm thinking. I want open trade. Good old fashioned market driven value on that currency. So I guess we need security first. This could take all year.

I'm just hoping when investments do pour in, we're in great shape. They might not ever revalue. It could just climb naturally with trade. Although I do believe it will revalue because it is now undervalued at an imposed rate which isn't real. I keep looking for international contract articles. I think some are signing in June. That makes me happy.

Bane: However..there was an article I read that said Iraq must start their economic reforms when Mosul is retaken. Now if that means RV is anyone´s guess....

Thepreachermqan2017: 29/4/2017 Now - Agencies (This is dated 29 , tomorrow's the 30th ... We'll see huhh ?) maybe they meant Sunday!

​Dadonine: Bane, Once Mosul is officially declared liberated, the reform will start with (among other things), the release of the new 200 IQD notes, followed shortly after by the new 100's, followed shortly after by the release of the new 50's...with a BAM!

At the moment there is some very important "mopping up" of a few areas where the last few fighters are still holding out. I doubt it will be more than a couple weeks before we hear that official announcement.

But until then, and the release of the new denoms, you won't see what we are looking for. Great news abounds, but you won't see the RV until... Blessings On YOU!

Clnpool: IMO, no one is foolish enough ' to believe the duration of any battle is set by an egg timer' nor that it should be easy,

and Mosul is not an rv trigger, though I fail to see the wisdom or benefit of announcing a announcement, without the certainty of both,

particularly when it is done by a Commander in Chief, why not complete the task' then make the announcement. jmo

Jacktt: Everybody go back and read Abadi's statements in this article, I think Iraq finally has a good leader. He is uniting all of Iraq and he shows high honor and respect to the Kurd's. To me this is encouraging. Just a little further to go before victory, GET ER DONE IRAQ!!!




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