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Thursday, April 27, 2017

KTFA CC Notes by Aggiedad77 for Wed. 4-26-17


Aggiedad77 » April 27th, 2017

Here are your notes from last night's CC Family....enjoy them
Aloha Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes Wednesday 04-26-2017

Greetings Family tonight we are going to talk about our investment, our dinar study, and then we will talk about what we will do once our investment matures and multiplies at the hands of God.

I thank you for praying for my sister…and we are not going to let any demons defeat us at KTFA….we are a Family in Christ…and we will study together…and dog-gone it we are going to continue to study together….

let me tell you something….IMO….when the Lord says it is time for the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar….IMSO….I am of the school of thought that says it will trigger the end times on this planet….

you are not the only ones, saints, that have dinars….for the demons of Lucifer also have dinars….a spiritual battle….a spiritual warfare is about to be unleashed on this planet….

the seals will be broken to the point where we will be able to build for God…..in the same manner Lucifer will fight us for it…..you need to be ready if you wish to be a servant of God with this money….as I said in my opening prayer there are those who will take this for their self-pleasure….

I wish them well….for there is no way God can multiply that blessing any further….and there are those who have the willing heart to be the stewards of this money and to know and recognize it is a blessing from God and that it is not something we need to take too lightly or to waste…..I believe this is a golden opportunity for us to serve God’s Kingdom.

I am also of the school of thought that says where the four rivers once met….where we destroyed the tree in the Garden of Eden….where Babel once was….where Babylon once was….is Baghdad today…prepare yourselves my Friends to become strong….and then to become even so much stronger….

because if you think your life is going to be peaches and roses when this blessing comes….you are so mistaken…..you’ve never had this kind of money before….you don’t know the responsibility of it yet….

you don’t know what it feels like for that temptation to be almost God-like….the love of money has a tendency to do that….yes we need money to teach the love of God…and I pray that is the case with many of you.

The IMF recently said….a few days ago….in fact yesterday I think it was…that they are optimistic….”IMF optimistic to go beyond Iraq’s financial crisis”…..Family how many times this year have I told you we are beyond the Monetary Reform of Iraq…..here the IMF is basically telling you the same thing…..using the same words.

“Abadi, the Prime Minister of Iraq says the World Bank has announced that it is very supportive of the sustenance and reform plans of Iraq”…..you mean they DEMAND the Reforms don’t you Abadi.

If you look at your notes….the last time we were together on Monday….I asked you to circle three time frames…what was the first one….it was the 25th of April….yesterday…and in the notes that Frosty the Snowman and Aggiedad put out you saw a long list of things that could happen on that 25th….

sadly a handful reacted a little negative….well I didn’t see anything Frank26….the reason why is the media is always a day late….today on the 26th my TEAMS and I saw what we wanted you to see and realize on the 25th…..we saw it on the 25th last night….

but due to what I was going through with my sister I didn’t talk to you about it….normally I go into chat, or make a post, or even make a video…and the video I introduced last night was for a different reason….not to teach the Monetary Reform….but tonight I am going to tell you what happened last night.

So tonight my TEAMS and I would like to express to you….this whole CC is IMO…I get sick and tired of saying that to you….but it is the dignified thing to do….it is the correct thing to do….

but tonight IMO I am going to tell you some things that happened that you don’t know about from last night…and we are also going to go over some things that you do know about.

The second part of this CC will talk to you about what KTFA will do post RV.

Now what was the second set of dates that I told you to circle…actually before we get to that did I not also suggest that on this Wednesday something else would happen….with Donald Trump the President of the US…yes it is about the taxes that Donald Trump has introduced….very quickly I want to read some highlights to you about this issue

Donald Trump has reduced the investment and estate taxes that have been aimed at the wealthy….he is talking to you Family….you are soon to be stepping on that ground….the actions on other key tax code elements could ensure the plan would largely help the middle class instead of the affluent…..

because when you are blessed are you going to sit on that money….of course not….the poor do not have this money….those that did not invest in this will not have this money….you will…and you are not going to sit on this money….you are going to invest this money are you not….

which will stimulate our economy in the United States of America….won’t it….Donald Trump knows exactly what he is doing…I wish that President Clinton had followed the same steps when he was able to use the money from Kuwait when it was revalued back in 1999 but he didn’t…..

it was that President Trump and his Administration have to realize they have to be good stewards of the Federal budget….fascinating isn’t it.

Yesterday Frank played you the song that the pen plays that BlueStar gave him when they met last week…and what did the pen say….”I am going to be the greatest President that God ever made” or something like that…..I’m starting to believe it.

The plan would reduce the number of personal income tax brackets to three….10%, 25%, and 35%....fascinating….that is a cut right across the board Family….he said it would double the standard deduction for married couples to $24,000….while keeping the deductions for the charitable giving and mortgage interest payments.

Donald Trump’s Administration plans to provide tax relief to families with child care expenses.

The proposal would also trim other deductions utilized by wealthy Americans….he’s simplified the tax code and it is helping middle class Americans….the proposal could cut the tax burden for the wealthy as well….it would also repeal the estate tax…the catch-all Alternative Minimum Tax…and the 3.8% tax on investment incomes from President Obama’s Healthcare Law….

and on the Corporate side the top marginal tax rate would fall from 35% to 15%....small businesses that account for their owners income would see their top tax rate go from 39.6% to the proposed corporate tax rate of 15%.....wow….massive tax cuts and the timing of this is amazing.

What I find as interesting is the US government where I was at last week in Washington, DC and you look at the Capital….on the left side you see the Democrats and on the right side you see the Republicans….the thing that really got to me was that as I was staring at our Capital Building….

I thought to myself….why….why are we divided….why do we need Republicans and Democrats to fight each other…..why can’t we meet in the middle right there in the rotunda….why can’t we just meet in unison….and move forward as a nation…..we have enough enemies as it is….

and quickly the Democrats come out and say….well the massive tax cuts by Donald Trump faces big hurdles as the debt mounts….whatever….work with the President of the US who is trying to help the citizens of America….no fighting please…..

the reason why he is doing it you Democrats as you also know….that a very big capital gains is about to come….and it will be multiplied across the surface of the United States of America….through all 50 states…..now work with our President please.

We will get through what I have for you this evening because what I have for you IMO is as precious as picking up a moon rock.

Do you remember on Monday Family that when we left for DC last week that they came out and showed you 1000 to 1….remember that a week ago this Monday….and the article is in our “Final Article” thread….now when that 1000 to 1 article came out many of you wanted to know….how did you know Frank….and it is not important….

but the next thing that rapid fired right after that was that you saw articles telling you that airline prices in Iraq were going down…..you saw three cell phone companies saying that their rates were dramatically cutting down….even one said 1 dinar….but what is a 1 dinar….

you saw that bread went from 750 down to 250 dinars….you saw examples of all of this that I told you that in that 3rd week there would be a new pay scale of 1000 to 1 for the Iraqi citizens.

With the examples of the airline prices, the cell phones, the bread prices….all of this….it was ok….they were good examples….it was ok….but yesterday my TEAMS and I celebrated privately….because we saw another example of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate going down inside of Iraq ONLY…..

did you see cell phone prices of those three companies go down outside of Iraq….uh-oh a light bulb just came on over your head didn’t it….did you see airline prices go down outside of Iraq anywhere…..

did you see the price of bread go down anywhere outside….NO….you saw many examples of the 1000 to 1 inside of Iraq….and we told you this was a time period in which the citizens of Iraq were no longer going to be paid with American dollars….but from now on solely and only be paid with IQD….

do you think the IMF is happy with that….do you think that is what they want them to do in the Monetary Reform process…..of course…but last night on the day that we told you to circle….the 25th…and we also said circle the 27th, 28th, 29th, and we said circle the 30th….we will get to that in a minute.

But for those that were weak yesterday…..and lacked our trust…I want you to know that today you missed it again…..now some of you did realize and you posted it and I smiled like a Cheshire cat….like a proud Daddy because they got it…..in fact those that got….when you hear me say what I am about to say….I encourage you to keep talking about it and posting and teach our Family and give more of your opinion about it.

My TEAMS and I celebrated yesterday because we saw a state owned object….a government owned thing that was being adjusted in price….it was beyond interesting…..and we looked harder….and today the article comes out and they tell you…

well we the Public Works of Iraq….governed by the government of Iraq….we are now going to provide 24 hour electricity to all citizens in Iraq without any bias and we are going to offer it at a reasonable price…..

Family at a reasonable price….interesting….because right now it is outrageous…..they are starting to tell the citizens you are now going to have electricity 24 hours a day….seven days a week….just like we promised you….

if you are interested in studying this any further it is post 418….this was wonderful news for me and my TEAMS….the price of electricity Family in Iraq is about to dramatically go down….that is beautiful.

There is one more thing though that is very powerful about this 24/7 electricity…..you need electricity 24 hours a day….continuously to run their banks…..does this make sense to you….24 hours a day, 7 days a week at reasonable prices…..I have a feeling the ATM machines are now going to be lit up…..don’t you…..indeed the airline prices, the cell phones….all of that was nice.

And crazy enough…..something else happened last night….that is another evidence of a continuation of the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar versus the American dollar that is dramatically going down…..

did you see the article today about the rental prices…..it turns out Family that they introduced housing prices to the citizens….if you look at this article in detail you are going to be surprised….IMO anyway….that the numbers they are offering you….are incorrect….

they are talking about 13 million dinars and compare it to 13,000 dinars….they are talking about a payment system every month for these people in these homes that would be about 425 dinars….which is equivalent to about $300 a month in USD.

So the electricity is a powerful weapon #1 and #2 this housing article that came out….Family these are two nuclear bombs….these are two power and useful weapons to show to you that what we told you that the 1000 to 1 would start last week…it did….

and now we are here to tell you that the continuation of the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar….the progress of the process…..is in full swing…..the articles about the electricity and housing are amazingly monstrous examples of what is going on INSIDE of Iraq only…not outside of Iraq…..it is simply so good I can taste it.

The rate is dropping in Iraq…..inflation is super low and the street vendors are trying to keep up with this.

Last week when I was gone so much happened….in fact today I saw someone make a post today and say that….wow last week with Frank gone there was an explosion of things happening with our Monetary Reform…Amen.
Last week….another thing happened….it doesn’t seem to be talked about either….there was an article that said the Iraqi dinar had dropped 350 dinars in one day against the USD….inside of Iraq…..

now do you understand why those 5 days were demanded….the exchange rate dropped 350 dinars to the USD Family….that was the beginning to introduce you….no…..no to the citizens of 1000 to 1…and I am here to tell you something else about that 1000 to 1 in just a minute.

The CBI and the 2% compliance…..it stopped….because this whole process of the Monetary Reform….has gone from 1000 to 1 to now even lower…because of those prices they are slowly telling the citizens about.

The Black Market in Iraq is also adjusting because they too see the 2% is being controlled…..the CBI keeps dropping the rate of the IQD to combat the Black Market….the CBI puts it up at 1200 for the dinar….but the Black Market has it for 1224-1250…..no more…this is no longer a competition….

this is the Monetary Reform in its process….this rate drop is dropping fast even without Mosul being announced Family…..I told you they need the Grand Ole Mosque….

but I also told you the IMF and the WB said….up yours with the mosque….we DEMAND that you do your Reforms now….and I told you that this is important to Abadi and the citizens and we should respect it….

so if they don’t give you Mosul….wait….but I’m sorry you got to lift the value of your currency now….they are doing it…and it is none of your business….you are not an Iraqi citizen.

Yes April is a high percentage month to change their rate…..and they are doing it…..for those of you who want it….boom…right now….let me have it….I’m sorry….this is not your party….you’ve just been invited to it…now sit down.

1250….1260….the market rates….no….the CBI sells around 1190 to 1200 to keep about a 2% margin they make about $10 profit with every currency move….then all of a sudden they changed those numbers in December of 2015….from 1184 to 1166….this process has been going on…..we are now at 1000 to 1….

this whole CC is IMO….we are walking into 800 to 1…..into 750 to 1….with the prices they are slowly telling their citizens…..IMO the CBI loves this…..

Allak said….we should not stop the auctions…no…no…this is how we make our money….but what we should do is reduce the usage of the USD….in our country….TA-FREAKIN-DA. That is why the rate is dropping.

We are human….I want your pain to go away….and I want my sister’s pain to go away…and I can’t help but to get a little emotional at the better understanding of what we seek and work for so passionately is happening.

My FRIENDS that have employees in Iraq…..told me we can’t pay our employees in USD anymore….we can only use IQD’s….and you know they told us to do it on the next pay schedule…and on Monday we told you didn’t we Family that the pay scale would be on the 20th and be payable about 8 to 10 days later…..

well ladies and gentlemen….I would like to tell you…..today on the 26th of this month of April, 2017….the Iraqi citizens got paid at 1000 to 1…..and IMO tomorrow the Iraqi citizens are going to start asking questions….even more than they have already been asking….about the price changes…..

they got more purchasing power last week with the drop in the prices….and they got more purchasing power today when they got paid at 1000 to 1….praise the Lord…..because now IMO it is just going to continue to drop….until they get to what I told you….1 to 1….

it’s going to continue to go down Family….as the propaganda…as the teaching of the Monetary Reform is given to the citizens who are very illiterate….they have to learn about the lifting of the 000’s gradually….remember that.

Now I would like to encourage you….if you know how to use Twitter….I would tell you to find the Iraqi citizens on Twitter…..I think it is called Iraqi Today….I’m going to give you some ways that you can follow the conversations of the Iraqi citizens….so that you can see that they know now that there is something going on with their currency….the other site is called SnapChat….and Twitter…..you can witness this….if you have interest to be a student about this.

Electricity at a reasonable price from the government of Iraq is coming Family….it is not like the phone companies or the airline tickets….it’s not like that….this is something now from the government of Iraq….that is involved with the exchange rate of Iraq….I want the internet to copy and paste this to infinity…..on Monday’s and today’s CC.

It all started when they told you the exchange rate has dropped 350 dinars versus the American dollar…..when we saw that I said….uh-uh….Iraq has to do this….I can’t do that…..and it was a perfect timing to go to Washington, DC because of all the meetings they were having out there.

The other key thing about what we are sharing with you tonight is that what we are sharing with you is only being shown inside of Iraq…..the CBI Family as of today is now showing purchasing power…..the CBI is actually in a reverse process of the exchange rate…..the CBI is matching the Market Rate….in reverse….and forcing a control on the 2%.

Family there is a benchmark……and it has been met now…..I know you are saying….well Frank what is that benchmark…what is that rate….what is the number they are trying to get to.

Family the CBI is educating the citizens…and the government of Iraq is helping in this process….with the prices you are seeing…..the CBI is now explaining they now have purchasing power….as was promised to them….and that was why we told you to circle the 25th….and we’ve also explained to you that Wednesday was also another day of interest and we’ve already talked about that….what Donald Trump has done.

I need you to go back and study the housing article…..I told you what number it was….go back and study this again…look at the 13 million and look what they compare it to….130,800….look at that…..look at the math….it does not work with the exchange rate they have right now…because the exchange rate is dropping.

DELTA and all of our TEAMS were discussing it on the phone today and he was reading it in Arabic….and I told him finally stop reading it in Arabic and tell us what it says….but he has to read it in Arabic so his brain can translate it into English for us……Frankie….Frankie the dropping of prices it is in the 90%.....and it is only inside of Iraq….it can only be seen in there….and it is now with the government….the government is now involved in this process.

It is not just a simple thing like the price of bread dropping….this is huge…the electricity and the housing of their citizens….this is huge…and the Private Sector is being touched now Family……this is so big….in the Monetary Reform.

Now we told you 27th, 28th, and 29th were important….remember….in our study….we told you to circle the 28th right….now I am going to apologize to 3 people…..that were on TEAM Chat last night….that got a little excited….that thought that was the date we were going to exchange….

WE DON’T GIVE DATES…..but Angel1 and I were in there talking and playing back and forth….and I can see where that might have been interpreted that way….

I lead KTFA and I humbly apologize and accept the responsibility that if you thought that is what we were doing I am sorry about that…..no one knows the freaking date of the rate change….

but I will tell you this….27th, 28th, 29th…..why did we circle the 28th…..because deep in my heart it would be the logical goal date…..a goal to reach….to coincide with the UN Operational Rate….if they publish the new rate….that’s when it would appear…..if they decide not to publish a new rate….then we walk into May….if you don’t want to walk into May with me don’t…..

I told you I have no files for May….I don’t…..we will hold your hand….if you hold mine into May if need be…but the 28th has great potential…..the percentages are high with logic are they not…..this is what you do when you study….deduce….you’ve gathered enough empirical data in order to make a proper decision.

Why do we go into May Frank why even talk about it…..because Abadi came out today and he said something….he did….well you should know as a student…..Abadi came out today and said….

Look I told you I was going to give you Mosul….when was the last date we told you to circle Family….the 30th….because that is when Abadi said he was going to give you Mosul….today Abadi comes out and says I’m sorry I’m going to have to give you Mosul on the 5th…maybe the 6th of May….fine….Mosul timeline is within a Monetary Reform timeline…..that is a rather powerful statement.

We feel that everything surrounding the old city is a key to the Monetary Reform Family….and we explained it to you on Monday….it is called the Grand Ole Mosque.

Today the Pentagon came out and they said….well we have about 78% of Mosul….really I thought it was 93%....don’t believe the articles….ok Pentagon I’ll believe you of anyone….78%....ok….anything else you can say…..no….ok then allow me to express my opinion….78% and moving at a very fast clip isn’t it sir.

So there are your dates…..starting from the 25th…and by the way I give you a long list of things to look for didn’t I….on the 25th….one of them was the credit rating right….if you are interested at all look at post 395 on page 20….and you will see something about the credit of Iraq….I told you so….but no I’m too busy….I work for a living Frank….I don’t horse around and teach people about the Monetary Reform of Iraq.

Family our country is less than 300 years old….if we see a church burn down we just go to the next church…we move on….but Iraq’s religion is the Grand Ole Mosque….and I already gave you a long lecture of the value of it on Monday….it is a key…..

Abadi’s timeframe of Mosul lies within the timeframe of the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar….Mosul is being treated in a different military tactic…..they are treating the Grand Ole Mosque in a completely different manner Family….to preserve it….because it is the heritage of Iraq…..

it is a landmark….it is important to Abadi and his citizens….even if the IMF and the WB say forget that garbage….we DEMAND that you do your Reforms…..78% of the old city is already liberated….

but the final liberation is moving so fast right now…the military tactic….it is called a siege….which takes a little longer….but it is more effective and you don’t destroy and kill as much.

Let them do what they have to do….and you do what you know you are supposed to do….stay with God in prayer.

Maybe you should look at the clothing industry in Iraq because 43 tons of Syrian clothing arrived in Iraq today…I wonder what they will sell it for….ask them on Twitter.

No doubt about it the housing unit prices are messed up because the exchange rate numbers are dropping Family….these numbers are just simply way too low…when DELTA saw them he said…what the Frank is going on here Frank….

it is a powerful thing for you to understand the gradual changing of the Iraqi dinar to get to 1 to 1….in other words the prices on that article that I gave you….they need to drop….they actually need to be adjusted to make any Arabic sense.

Yes the payments are under a new system when you read the article….but these numbers are still a little bit wrong.

When Dr. Shabibi said when in the near future…in the coming days….to John/BlueStar about 10 years ago….we just didn’t understand that language….you see in the ME that could mean years….and that is exactly what it turned out to be…..but thank God that today is now….Iraq moves slowly….no doubt…I told you on Monday they could be late for their own funeral….they could get a traffic speeding ticket on a riding lawn mower.

I am proud of the United States of America….of my President….of our soldiers….of our nation….of our commanders….of our leaders….we have been patient with Iraq…..

we Americans live on a New York nanosecond….we want things now…we want it before yesterday….we are aggressive….but with Iraq and their pace….we have survived…..they are shocking us now….in Iraq if you wait for it….it is never going to happen….

but now….in the still of the night….the Iraqi rate is dropping…it is going to happen….so Frank….how much longer….how much longer before it gets to what you called it….this goal…this benchmark….GIVE ME MOSUL…it’s my country says Abadi…and then I’ll give you what you want international world.

Out of nowhere Kuwait comes out and says we are going to give Iraq a grant of about $10 million dollars….what….Iraq still owes you $4.6 billion dollars….how in the world are you going to give them $10 million… we could call upon the US to print $4.6 billion at the blink of an eye….and give it to you…..

it’s not about the money Family….it’s about a change in the Iraqi currency…..we…you…Kuwait…and many other nations are stuck indefinitely with Iraq…..stuck with them…married to them….for good or for worse…..it is no longer an engagement….it is a commitment….the SDR….

the UN exchange rate is April 28th….and we also like I told you on Monday we need to just forget about Chapter VII….just as Kuwait is forgetting about the $4.6 billion….just like Kuwait is forgetting about the 2 issues they still have to deal with…the returning of their dead and their payment back to them.

​You see Family…the Marshall Plan is also waiting for Iraq to go international to use the contracts to rebuild Iraq….don’t let the spoils of war….spoil…..I know you have oil Iraq….and I know that is why you are getting by with it right now….

you see Family….all of these countries….all of these contracts….they need Iraq’s oil….in exchange for a change in the exchange rate…oh snap….but the investors are now starting to lose a lot of money.

Like South Korea….SK comes in there and says we want to build the city center project…they did a masterful job by the way…you’ve seen pictures of that neighborhood….it will hold about 500,000 people….and it took SK about 7 to 8 years to build this….

and SK was paid all these years in Iraqi oil…but guys….Iraq….no more oil vouchers….give us your money with value to it….not just for your citizens.

Family if Iraq told you the sky is blue….it would behoove you to go outside and look….but it is impressive that now when they tell you they are doing the Monetary Reform….they really aren’t telling you….they are just doing it.

All of you know that April is a month of high percentage of Iraq historically changing their rate….you know that.

The mosque is important for Abadi and his citizens….not for you…not for the IMF or the WB….it is not important for our capital gains….you can praise them all you want IMF and WB….and you can DEMAND all you want….but this is Abadi’s country.
So Family there is no date…but there is this now wonderful faster pace of the Monetary and Economic Reforms….Abadi will raise the value with the government and the CBI….and they are doing it….let Abadi be as cagey as he wants….let him love is people….let’s just leave them alone…because it is coming.

The 28th is my target date…it is my timeframe…it is my study….but it is not in my control.

The millions of investors who have married themselves to Iraq….they need Article VIII in order to make billions from the millions they have poured into Iraq through their investments…and through the large currency flow that we told you about last week.

I agree I don’t want to buy the 5th or 6th of May as the time when we will find out about Mosul…but I do know we need to watch the Grand Ole Mosque…and because Abadi did say that himself and not coming from any other rumor it is something to consider and respect.

We do have a difference of opinion here….the IMF, WB, and USA DEMANDING these Reforms now….we don’t need no stinking Mosul….but Abadi says I’m sorry I beg to differ….we do….we need our Grand Ole Mosque back….and that is all there is to it…..

and in the meantime look at what we are doing…..we are dropping our exchange rate against your USD…we are only using our currency….we are doing all of the things you told us to do….we are just doing it at our pace….the sky is blue….just checking.

The 28th is a Friday Family….when no one can see what they do in their country…..”They are working on Iraq’s reparation”….a member of our forum brought post 517 that said….

”Reparation in financial terms is the process of converting a foreign currency into the currency of one’s own country”…..BRAVO…..BRAVO… for the USD is dying in Iraq….and the IQD is now dropping faster than a stone in the ocean.

I can only pray that the things I have shared with you tonight have not only made sense….but it has helped you to have inner peace and calmness to realize and to know that the progress of the Monetary Reform is occurring inside of the country of Iraq….are you happy about this….because you see the evidence don’t you.

I would like to say that I am done and that I don’t want to talk any more about the Iraqi dinar….and for all of you that are with us…if you are interested in staying….I now want to talk about something else…..I will be with you on TEAM Chat….Friday will be special…and you are not going to be able to see inside of Iraq on the 28th.

So KTFA Family I ask you to take this CC to God in prayer because it is loaded….Frosty and Aggiedad I am sorry about that….sincerely I did not have plans of making it this long….but…there is just too much that happened yesterday….and the information I think was extremely vital.

What follows Family are KTFA Plans post RV…..I am leaning on Frosty’s notes for the remainder of the CC…..enjoy what he has written, and big thanks to Frosty for his diligent efforts with these CC’s each week.

Get a pencil and piece of paper.
Draw a BIG circle at the top of the page.
In the big circle write “TEAM of 7”

Draw 6 lines under the circle.
Now draw circles underneath each of the 6 lines.
At the top write the word LEADER inside of the top circle.

This will be our KTFA structure … all glory to our Heavenly Father … the Team of 7 consists of our leaders … this LEADER will be selected. Our staff/admins will decide who the LEADER will be. The TEAM of SEVEN will oversee the other SIX.

When the TEAM of 7 travels into an area, these individuals will go with them.

CIRCLE #2 – MEDICAL DOCTOR (will be sent to assist the needs of others)

CIRCLE #3 – BIOLOGIST / CHEMIST (will gather critical environmental issues)

CIRCLE #4 – ENGINEER / CARPENTER (examines area for construction use)

CIRCLE #5 – ORDAINED MINISTER (assess spiritual needs with local churches)

CIRCLE #6 – VETERINARIAN (examines health of animals, makes improvements)

CIRCLE #7 – LAWYER (protects the Team of 7 interests while traveling)

All of these slots have already been filled
We already have over 30 medical doctors, nurses.
We have a lot of lawyers and engineers.

We are eager to travel into the 4 corners of the world to travel with these Teams to make a difference in spreading the word of God.

We will be stewards of God as He is soon to multiply us.
We will shake the world! For God’s honor and glory.
We will defeat demons!

We will feed the poor … clothe the needy, and comfort the lonely.
A blessing is coming for those who believe in Jesus Christ … for the Christian church.

Over 2,000 years ago, 3 wise men brought the baby Jesus gifts to guarantee that baby Jesus would accomplish His mission. Another wealth of transfer is coming from the same land.

We will become the shepherds of this blessing.
We will make God proud!
God has brought us together to serve His kingdom.

I’d like to introduce you to the COMMITTEE of TWELVE.

They will be like the ADMINS of KTFA.
There is a reason why I’ve kept 12.

The TEAMS of 7 will report their findings to the COMMITTEE of TWELVE.
The Twelve will pray about recommendations to invest in a particular area in assistance.

The Twelve will rotate themselves … they will not hold their seats as a permanent fixture. I will also rotate myself. I will not be a leader. I will serve with you. God is my leader.

God has also told me that some of you don’t have enough dinars.

For those who don’t … I would like to introduce you to others who can help you with your ideas, inventions, etc.

The “Cookie Jar” will be established … and you could come to this group who will listen to “ideas” and could orient them for God’s kingdom.

KTFA … when the time comes … will establish a non-charitable trust fund. If you want to donate in a financial matter – you will be able to do so.

Some have told me they would like to donate money to help our cause.

I have told them no … not now … but when the time comes, there will be a time and place for that.

I will never hold money for God’s kingdom … only to give to God’s kingdom.

One more thing … in the shape of a cross … it requires 5 buildings.

The 1st building is a CHURCH that will teach God’s word by an ordained minister and a full staff.

The 2nd building to the right will be a RESTAURANT where the hungry can come and feed for no charge.

The 3rd building (to the left) will be a HOTEL where the homeless will find a place to rest.

The 4th building (behind the church) will be a MEDICAL CLINIC where the sick will be cured for no charge.

The 5th building (in the back) will be a VOCATIONAL TEACHING CENTER for all those who come to church, eat, rest, medical attention. The homeless will more than likely fill these categories. We want to work with anyone and everyone we can.

This whole structure I would like to call SANCTUARY.

I envision this structure in Hawaii … where hundreds of vets wander the streets, some without arms, legs, without hope because the government cannot help them.

I envision to be able to bring them off the street, let them rest, eat, get clean, rid themselves of disease.

A lot of homeless use the beaches because the restrooms are close by … sleep on the sand … and unfortunately bacteria sets-in.

Many of the vets I once knew … no longer live due to these extreme conditions.

Some got to see the videos I did where I was talking to street-people. Odds are, they won’t be there when I go back. I want that to stop.

Wherever there is a need … we will try to help.
On acres and acres of land … we will teach these people how to plant seeds.
Small vegetables … delicate greens … we will teach them how to plow the land, water, fertilize … in a perfect environment.

They will find pride and joy … selling this produce to 5-Star Restaurants … so that our friends will find a purpose again.

​I’d like for you to post what you envision.

Tell me about your goals … your medical clinics … how your willing heart wants to use this blessing that is about to come forth.

I will write these down in a book to keep. I will record your names and ideas down.

When the blessing comes in … give me at least 3 months to organize ourselves.
Our family restaurant will come to an end and she will join us (and staff) to answer your phone calls.

Be patient … I will sit with you, break bread with you and plan.
There is much that we are going to do … do not be afraid.

Be strong … and prepare yourself to become stronger for the kingdom of God.
Most of us have less years to live than we have already lived.

God bless you … and may you be a blessing to others.
I’ll be with you on Friday for Team Chat.

We will continue our study until the government of Iraq decides when.
Please be fair. We are NOT giving you a date.

I love you and I know that God loves us.
Right now, I end our conference call.

Deuteronomy 8:17-20 – He is now paying for those who will go and do His end time harvest of souls – that we produce much fruit as planned – this glorifies Father!

CC ended in prayer/shofar
Dream … Dream! Dreams are your future with God!



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