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Monday, April 24, 2017

KTFA CC Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman 4-24-17


FrostytheSnowman » April 24th, 2017

Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Monday, April 24, 2017.

It’s now time to talk about our Iraqi Dinar investment.


We have been gone for a week … and everything I do is done WITH purpose … not ON purpose.

The week before, I asked permission to leave you on the 17th until the 21st. As you know, I went to Washington DC.

I talked to you on video, and was on TeamChat. Our members took notes, and shared when then could.

Every CC teaches you something – all glory to our Heavenly Father.


In order to talk about the monetary reform, yes, we do talk about certain “time-frames” or “windows” – as we continue to study.

What you will learn tonight … please be fair and realize that this is a continual study of a progress.

Before I left for DC, I told you on the 10th or 11th … that in my opinion … that around the 3rd week in April, they were going to start paying the citizens at a rate of 1,000 to 1.

We were criticized by many … and BTW … please STOP sending me the negative things that others have to say about me and others on our forum.

We have a pretty good track record here at KTFA, and we’re proud of it.

Let the other forums say what they want about us. We don’t care.

It took the internet about 2 weeks to catch up to what we’ve been saying.

The 1,000 to 1 rate to be used by the citizens – that info appears in our FINAL ARTICLE thread.

Many say … “how did Frank know?” That’s not important.

One of the videos I sent to you from Washington DC was with BlueStar. He is a great guy and a reservoir of information. He gave me a talking pen with President Trump’s voice. I’ve noticed that President Trump is becoming closer to God.

It was an honor to meet you John (BlueStar).

This week ago … they finally told you what we told you a week before.

So … what about the payday?

Did the citizens receive the 1,000 to 1. No … it’s payable 7-10 days later … which just happens to be at the end of this month.

We told you that was going to happen.

Tonight I want to tell you … our files are in April.

We have NO files for next month.

In TeamChat one night, I said that there is a LARGE VOLUME of currency that is moving from East to West.

Logic says that a lot of it headed to Iraq – at least we believe it did.

It was the final commitment … just like a wedding ring turning from an engagement ring.

All of these currencies are tied together.

The IMF and the World Bank met with the Iraq delegation (you saw the articles).

This was for he FOREIGN RESERVES – very important – as it completes the budget … and IMO … it is the very last part of the budget.

Many contracts (many countries that have contracts).

I believe this is why we haven’t see the budget yet.

Their financial reform is going to look like Hong Kong’s reserves.

We told you around Wednesday, that we believe they are sticking to their script. Who’s script? The USA.

This Iraqi “ad campaign” helped to drive the stock market, the private sector, and educate the citizens.

Citizens now wonder why rates for cell phones dropped.

5 days … forced upon the citizens … why?

The GOI works during those 5 days … those 5 days are for the citizens.

All of these countries are in PLAY with the monetary reform – in my opinion.

You can’t see the IQD because it’s not officially international yet.

All of this money was moving for the meetings in DC.

As I returned home … so did the delegation return home to Iraq.

You saw the airlines, and the electricity

Their pay is on the 20 and 21st … payable 10 days later.

Put that on your sites.

They cannot release the budget until they are international.

When are they international?

When they have the rate?

What is the rate?

I already shared my opinion.

This media black-out was for the citizens.

Many thought that the 5 day black-out started a few days ago.

I wish other forms would thank us for the intel we provide – not accuse us with false words.
The 5 days … started SATURDAY.

Wednesday of this week … it ends!

Do you understand that this was forced upon the citizens?

The GOI and the CBI are working … but on Wednesday … there is a conglomeration coming.

President Trump is going to give you more info about the TAX CODE on Wednesday.

I don’t believe in coincidences.

They do things WITH a purpose … NOT on purpose.

Tomorrow is the 25th of April.

If you have your notes from 2 weeks ago … I told you to circle the 25th … and told you about 262728 … and the last number I gave you was 30 … which is the last day of this month.

These numbers are important.

Tonight’s CC has a title … it’s called … “IT’S OVER!”

Tomorrow you might learn about the NR (National Reconciliation Law?) and Mosul.

The 25th … I believe that something will be announced. We are not saying that the 25th is the RV … it’s just something important … and prepare yourself.

We are ready to share with you a very BIG file on Mosul.

The media is about 3 weeks behind in their maps.

The GREY is wrong!

Maybe tomorrow … MOSUL

Maybe it’s about Kuwait.

Maybe it’s about Article 140.

We believe that within these 5 days … some info will be released.

Is it for you? No.

It’s for the citizens in Iraq.

Our file on MOSUL … I will gladly share with you.

The following day (26th) … you will have President Trump talk to you about the TAXES that you should be paying (corporations and capital gains) – again, I do not believe in coincidences.

We DO NOT need Chapter VII to lift the value of their currency.

The only thing left is Kuwait … and they are willing to wait to be paid back AFTER the RV.

The World Bank during the end of the time that we were not with you last week … they gave high marks to Iraq. Banking, financial, etc.

The World Bank welcomed Iraq to an integrated financial system.

They can’t say that they have “RV’d” – that is Abadi prerogative.

Congratulations Iraq – now lift the value of your currency … and NOT in a month, or 2 months … but NOW! Who’s your daddy Iraq?

FORCED … DEMAND … and oh boy are we going to talk about that.

They tell you that 93% of Mosul has been recouped. That was 2 weeks ago.

When you look at the maps … at the grey portions of the map … the media doesn’t talk about it.

I’m going to … in a much deeper sense.

Abadi says that they plan on giving you Mosul by the end of this month.

I want Abadi to give us the financial and monetary reforms.

To DEMAND something means you have the AUTHORITY to do so.

In this GREY AREA … there is something called the Grand Old Mosque. They are soon to announce that it is liberated. They’ve been working on it for 2 weeks.

When ISIS went into Iraq … yes they captured the banks, schools and put their flags on them.

But when Baghdadi put his flag on the Grand Old Mosque – we didn’t like it.

I believe you are about to see it too.

They bombed the daylights out of ISIS in that area.

Baghdadi fled, abandoned his troops and went to Syria.

This sent a message to Russia, Syria, and Iran.

Baghdadi declared the Grand Old Mosque as his headquarters.

Once we have this Mosque … presented to you and the citizens of Iraq – I expect to hear something about the monetary reform.

When Baghdadi announced his caliphate … he announced it from the Grand Old Mosque. It was symbolic to him, the region, and the world that it was his (Baghdadi).

The caliphate started in the Old Grand Mosque.

The Liberation of Mosul is tied in SYMBOLISM.

Baghdadi tried to create a new religion.

We were looking for something on the 25th … I decided to give it to you on the 24th.

A lot of you may say … just give me the date.

That’s not what we do here at KTFA.

We study here at KTFA … are we do pretty good at it.

I don’t care if my soldiers only advance 1 click … it’s the fact that we advanced … we move inch by inch. This is how we won wars. Family, you need to be patient. If you can’t, they get involved in some other type of investment.

The GREY in that map (next to the river) is where the Grand Old Mosque is at.

The UK decided to show you a video that shows a gigantic Iraqi flag hoisted and the citizens jumping up and down. I don’t think the UK should have released that video.

Abadi will announce his words carefully when he is ready.

I don’t believe that the President of the USA is protecting you by coincidence. You WILL BE TOLD MORE by President Trump.

There was a reason why 5 days was forced upon them – and the media blacked-out.

When they returned from DC … they were still meeting.

There will be no faking with the announcement is made about Mosul.

They are following all of the steps of the monetary reform.

The timing is impeccable … but be fair … their timing is movable due to the Grand Old Mosque – that must be brought back!

Be patient … YOU who are looking for a DATE … be patient.

You don’t go international with a program rate family.

Abadi said Mosul would be completed by the 30th of this month.

They use words FORCED and DEMAND.

Roles have switched across the world … a new phase of the IQD … the phase of DEMAND by the World Bank / IMF.

They are NOT asking … they are DEMANDING things now!

FINAL ARTICLE … says that the World Bank DEMANDS for Iraq to do their economic reforms.

Why don’t they just say they want them to “RV”? (well, they did in a sense).

The IMF and the World Bank have an international call out to Iraq to PROCEED (move it!) with their federal and local reforms. You know what Federal means right? (financial)


BTW … Egypt was told … DEAL with your inflation.

There were COMMITMENTS announced earlier for the currency.

Stop dragging your feet Iraq!

Currency exchange … yes … the USD is dying in Iraq.

Does this make President Trump happy? Of course not – RV your currency Iraq!

This is SO POWERFUL – in my opinion!
Frank26: What does Abadi and the citizens want BEFORE they revalue their currency?
Have they given you Mosul yet?

What do they want?

Family, Iraq has been humiliated … Abadi and the Citizens want to put a flag in the heart of the Grand Old Mosque! Baghdadi humiliated the Iraqi’s by putting his flag on their Mosque – their religion.

You seek a date … an RV … Iraq needs their identity back.

This is what united Iraqi’s.

The Middle East terrorists tried to change the purpose of their religion family.

The SYMBOLISM in this Mosque is very important for the world to understand.

The MR is ready.

The identity of Iraq … needs to be brought back.

The Grand Old Mosque will do this!

Declaring a victory in Mosul is for the RESPECT for Iraq.

Wasn’t it enough that they raped their women and killed their children?

Remember what Abadi told you.

We are WAY PAST the Monetary Reform!

Do we need more laws, kill more ISIS? No!

We need to get the Grand Old Mosque back.

Let them tell you … they are at 100% by the end of this month.

Humiliation is serious for any culture of people.

Baghdadi spit in the faces of the Iraqi citizens by planting his flag in the Grand Old Mosque.

By the end of the month Abadi? That’s what he said.

Is that moveable? Could be.

When you see the Grand Old Mosque liberated … does that mean the MR will travel at the speed of light? Yes.

How many of you’re a Catholic?

How would you feel if ISIS took over the Vatican and killed the Pope and implemented by force their new religion on you?

Would you want the masses to go to their mass?


Whether by military or by God … respect needs to be returned.

The CREDIT RATING … B+ will NOT change until they change the value their currency.

The “power that be” would not be DEMANDING Iraq to do things IF they were not ready.

BTW – in our Teams opinions ... the IMF and the World Bank they do not care about Mosul or the Grand Old Mosque. They are DEMANDING the reforms!

Mosul is being slow-walked … and until 2 weeks ago we didn’t fully understand that.

IMO – Abadi has a time-frame for this liberation of Mosul.

Remember the end of April.

Abadi will capitulate … maybe by tomorrow.

The CBI and the IMF worked all of the 5 days.

Try to understand why a loaf of bread went from 7 to 1.50.

Our Teams seek something tomorrow … from Abadi.

Parliament worked when others shut-down.

I believe that the Grand Old Mosque is paramount.

You’ve heard that 93% is completed … and the maps are outdated.

If the steps are done to retake the Grand Old Mosque – they’ve done a very good job!

The number that they give you about Daesh (dead) – those are way off. They are recycling old articles.

12 areas left of jungle warfare? No … I believe it’s down to 6.

The IMF and the World Bank don’t care at all about the Grand Old Mosque --- but Iraq does!

These meetings between the IMF and the World Bank were very clear.
PULL THE TRIGGER, DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Think about that … this is the first time we are DEMANDING IT!!!!!!!!!

Right after the DC meetings … (just like in Iraq’s pattern) … they returned home and began to move very fast.

Abadi has to move faster now!

So what about the 27, 28, 29th … there was a reason why Delta gave a count down. We’re not giving you a date … just a time-frame of when the DEMANDS are expected.

Abadi gave you the 30th.

Iraq’s grace period has ENDED!


It is so crystal clear as to where we are at with this monetary reform.

Again, we don’t have any files for May.

The FINANCIALS is lifting the 3 zeros from their exchange rate.

COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We’re not behind … and we’re not being lied too.

We are in a beautiful position!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iraq, Abadi … don’t pass this target date.

PULL THE DAMN TRIGGER that we now DEMAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They don’t need any more laws, or banking structures.

Demands must be met.

We used to guess when Abadi’s time line would be.

Now … we are looking at the IMF and World Banks timeline!

Iraq … don’t be like the buffalo with Wild Bill … the guy who nearly wiped out the Buffalo species.

You gotta move Iraq!

In Iraq … they are even late for their own funeral.

The IMF and the World Bank is in control … and they wouldn’t DEMAND it IF it wasn’t done and ready.

We just need to see what happens this week … maybe even with a few days … I’m not giving you a date … just something to look forward to.

Files for MAY … who cares? They are revaluing their currency – in my opinion.

The 28th of this month … is in the middle of those sets of numbers.

The 28th is our study.

Don’t worry now … if we do go into May … I don’t believe it will be deep May. For those who said … “oh no, May?” – GROW-UP!!!!!!

It’s all in the same time frame family.

Iraq’s airline is doing international travel … coming this Thursday.

When the IMF and the World Bank DEMANDS … I believe they will obey.

Decisions were made in DC by the PTB … and they were told to EXECUTE!

They are to PROCEED with their monetary reform.


You can also title it “DEMAND” – because they are literally being forced.

5 days … to go international … then they can tell us about the Mosque.

Iraq asked for loans when they came to DC.

In our FINAL ARTICLES … they were told to do the reforms INTERNATIONALLY and INTERNALLY.

They can’t say the word RV.

This article is the mother of all articles … it is the GRAND-DADDY … because it is the Grand Old Mosque … declaring that Baghdadi is no longer there.

Mosul, Security, Stability, Baghdadi <<< all old news.

The NEW NEWS is for Iraq to enter the INTERNATIONAL world.

No more UNFAIR TRADE … and President Trump was talking to you Iraq!

God only knows when they will actually raise the value … but I don’t believe that Iraq is going to miss this time.

Don’t worry about the articles about Mosul – they are all OLD.

If stability and security was an issue … Iraq’s finance minister wouldn’t travel to DC.

PULL THE TRIGGER!!!! And then we can talk about more ways to help you Iraq.

Abadi … don’t you want to get reelected?

RV … maybe by the end of this month <<< IMO.

“What are you worried about?”

The WORLD BANK supports the direction of Iraq.

This week must is fall into place.

The article that talked about DEMAND … there is no denying what you see.

One mirage will soon be touchable. It’s over!

Finally … National Reconciliation … (sorry, audio broke-up here).

I sincerely pray and hope you enjoyed your conference call.

By the way … Republicans like a low capital gains tax.

CC ended in prayer/shofar

Thanks to thank our Admins. Please if you see any negativity – get rid of it. Thanks to everyone here at KTFA. We appreciate your time, talents and efforts!

Now some info about WalkingStick

WalkingStick is a wonderful retired Marine. He is a career-man … and no-nonsense kind of guy. He sent me a text … and we haven’t heard from him a while.

The last time I heard from him was April 16th when he said “Frank, I will try and make time tomorrow. There’s a lot going on, and a lot more going on this coming week.”

That’s the week that I disappeared and went to DC to go and watch it.

At 7:03 pm EST this evening … just as we were getting ready to start our CC, WS text me and said the following …

“Hope all is well Frank. Have to keep this short. We lost an associate over there the day after we last spoke. As of now, it is unknown his whereabouts. Following day we lost a very close friend of many years. A highly distinguished Vietnam Vet. We are staying close to assist in any way, but I’ll get with you when I have a window, because I have a lot to share … but give me a few days.”

I responded back and told him … “HOOAH! Yes Sir! I pray. I stand fast waiting for your call. I miss you. I’m on the CC right now.”

He said … “Thank you … Real quick, there is nothing out that they are reading or posting that is even close to what reality is … Its beyond good. You can tell them I said that ….”

I responded … “By your permission … I share that with our family that loves and misses you. Be strong as the Marine that you are. I miss you, call me when the window allows.”

Prayer warriors and everyone else – please extend your prayers to WS friends.

I will be back on Wednesday for our CC.

I wanted to blow you out of the water tonight.

I hope you can swim!

PLAYBACK LINK: https://fccdl.in/tOrIRbPHy



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