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Thursday, April 13, 2017

KTFA CC Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman for Wed. 4-12-17


FrostyTheSnowman » April 12th, 2017

Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Wednesday, April 12, 2017.

The last time we were together, Monday night, we brought you a trunk-load of information.
Thanks to Frosty for the instant “cliff-notes” and AggieDad for the hours that he spends on the notes.

We appreciate their volunteer efforts!

Thanks for DELTA for joining us – please take time to thank him as well.

ELECTRICITY in Iraq … I believe that their intentions are to fix the electricity problems in Iraq and lower the cost – just like the cell phone companies (Zain & Sim).

Note to the individual who made a mockery of my staff … I get very defensive. Rarely about me.

I was offended today by the word Toman.

President Trump is tough – but very brilliant.

He made billions in his own way.

I was going to talk to you about the VND … but my Teams want me to spend a little bit of time on Iran.

When Obama was in charge of the White House – he removed some of Iran’s sanctions. This angered many leaders. They questioned his intentions.

Obama gave Iran some “hope” – but that was a big mistake … because it made them cocky … they thought they got away with their nuclear ambitions … and started to take advantage of their currency situation.

President Trump then comes into the picture and says to Iran … we need for you to STOP … respect borders of other countries and improve the value of your currency.

Iran was told they need to go back to the old ways … and for Iran to start calling their currency the Toman.

The Iranian Rial right now is 32,000 Rial to 1 USD.

There must be a change to the Toman.

If Iran doesn’t comply … sanctions will be put back on them.

God must have sent Donald Trump … because the one he replaced did not even believe in God.

For every 32,000 Rial … you will now see the Toman. They will lift the ZERO … which will make it 3,200 Rial … which is about 2,300 Tomans to 1 USD.

This is dropping ONE ZERO … or they are going to … IF … they want to play in the game. If not, they can sit on the bench.

No you don’t burn your Rials that you have right now – you will convert them.

This is a RE-DENOMINATION … it is a LOP.

You see … last year, I introduced Iraq and Iran as Siamese twins … because Iran was following along about lifting the value of their currency.

Iran … what is your inflation? It is ridiculous.

This is why they are no longer Siamese twins.

The Rial has to go in a different direction.

There is very little inflation in Iraq … because the IMF told them what to do.

Iran is trying President Trump … Iran is challenging the USA.

The more stubborn they become … more sanctions will come upon Iran.

With the Toman … President Trump might be willing to do business with Iran – quickly … instantly … IF they cooperate and so what is asked of them.

This is a brilliant thing for a businessman to do.

If they want war … they will get it … BUT Iran doesn’t want war … NOT with the USA! They better conform.

If you want to invest in the Iranian currency … wait until after the change of the Toman … it would be like 3,000 to 1.

If you have Rials … you will just convert them into Tomans.

Please don’t throw your hands up in the air thinking all is lost because they have Rials.
Now let’s move on.

I wish to apologize to all of you. I made a post on the forum about the SPREAD about the IQD when we go to exchange it.

I made a horrible mistake … I said it would be like 25%. That was a mistake.


Please get a financial advisor … and have them advise you about the spread. I believe that the spread in the Middle East will be lower … but unless you have BILLIONS or TRILLIONS of dinars – it wouldn’t be worth the risk or the trip.

I would prefer that you WALK to a bank near you (that will exchange) – give things a little time. Let the “dust” settle … and perhaps the numbers of the spread will not be so “emotional.”

The idea of belonging to a group – what I meant by that was perhaps going in together to the bank.

Example: if you had 10 M and your friend had 10 M dinars … well that makes 20M to take into your bank. That might warrant you a better spread number.

If members of our forum want to try and assemble to work that out, I’m ok with that … BUT … if you do … please communicate through PM’s. You welcome to make a simple post on our forum to communicate the general areas that you live in … but work the details out ONLY through PM’s. Just be safe, be smart and only communicate through PM’s.

Pretend that the IQD revalued … and let’s pick a number … like $2.00.

If the IQD came out at $2.00

If we went to a bank … and we took in 1 Million IQD’s the bank would tell you what their spread is.

Typically, a bank spread might be between 2-3% … at the highest … maybe 7 to 10%.

So … let’s think high for this example … say 10%.

RV @ $2.00 and if you paid a 10% spread … let’s consider the capital gains (which you won’t pay at the bank). But let’s put everything on the table.

2 Million IQD (1 Million IQD x $2.00 = $2,000,000).

What percentage would TAXES be? Capital gains tax … what do we know if you held your currency for 1 year and 1 day?

If they had an RV of $2.00 … and bank spread was 10% … and if you have your receipt that you held your IQD for 1 year AND 1 day … that would be around 15% … IMO.

So 10% (spread) PLUS 15% (capital gains tax) = 25%. See that?

The 25% I was talking about INCLUDES BOTH (spread + capital gains).

So if you take the $2.00 x 25% = .50 cents

Again … these are just examples.

What are you going to get for every IQD you turn into the bank?

$2.00 RV - .50 cents = $1.50 per IQD <<< that is the rate that you are going to get AFTER you have paid the spread at the bank and the taxes to Uncle Sam … IMO. Again, that’s if you held your currency (and have a receipt to prove it) for over 1 year + 1 day. Again, IMO.

What happens if you’ve only had your currency for a month, or two month, six months or under a year?

More than likely … under one year … you might be somewhere between 35 and 40%. IMO.

That’s like 50%.

After the RV … I’m not going to help you. You’ll need to get a TAX LAWYER as quickly as you can!

Be a good steward of your investment.

Consider this … President Trump hasn’t release the new tax code YET … and maybe … just maybe he will institute a lower tax rate for our circumstances … so that the exchanging STAYS IN AMERICA! Remember, this is a business deal!

Here’s another example …

The 25% that I told you included 2 things.

Do you have any Kuwait dinars? No.

As a student … you should know about many currencies around the world.

The Kuwait dinar. If you exchange the Kuwait dinar for an American Dollar … do you know what the spread is?

IMO … it’s like 20-25%. Right now? Still today, April 12, 2017? A 25% spread? Yes family.
CITI bank is the worst for Kuwait dinar spreads.

Wells Fargo … they are pretty high too.

The Euro … if you take the Euro into a bank … the spread is like 7-8% spread in London.

You know why?

Because there is less for a demand for the EURO right now.

The demand and the spread run parallel.

At the start of the exchange … the spread will be higher.

Ding-Dong. Ding-Dong.

“Hi China … can I come in?”

The last time a President of the USA went to China … they made him get off the back of the plane.

For President Trump … they will roll out the red-carpet.

China … would you like to have dinner?

China … I strongly recommend that you have dinner with Mr. Trump.

Guess who’s coming to dinner family?
Frank26: Join me on a little trip … and I hope I make my point.

As you know family … the air strike in Syria was serious.

One in seven of Syria’s airports were hit.

This was a “shot-across-the-bow.”

Who did President Trump get the attention of?

Remember, this strike has nothing to do with the monetary reform.

Who did this impact?

This sent a message to Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

The USA just crossed the border … and knocked out chemical warfare materials that had been sold to Syria by other … “uh hum” … countries.

North Korea … has been put on notice.

Russia got quite the message, wouldn’t you agree family?

A door was OPEN WIDE … and we didn’t have to do much to do it.

This will make American’s life substantially improve.

President Trump is extremely different.

He says, “God bless America and God bless the world!”

I’ve never heard a president say that before.

IMO – this is why my Team saw HUGE amounts of MONEY go from East to West to West. We talked about this on Monday.

When those large volume move from China to the USA and then to London … this money went to the USA first. Do you know the probability of that? President is very business savvy. He loves America – thank God for that!

President Trump had dinner with China on that night that he informed them that he ordered the bombing of Syria. That took a lot of guts!

Iran – get the message? Want more sanctions?

China – “bring down your China wall!”

President Trump wants everyone to get closer … let’s all work together … let’s make money … let’s have a great business relationships.

You do not share a meal with someone over BAD NEWS! That’s business 101!!!!!!!!!!

Now China comes out and says … “ok … we’ll do business with you.”

President Trump says that he will NOT brand China as a currency manipulator … and that the Greenback was getting strong.”

COME ON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was the goal and plan that President Trump has been trying to accomplish.

President Trump BARTERS CHINA in TRADE in EXCHAGE for SOLVING the problems with NORTH KOREA.

The DINNER and SYRIA was to build a RELATIONSHIP!



These are things you’ve never seen in your lifetime!

Fire that once rained down on Syria … cause other nations to “straighten up”

Everyone salivates for Iraq.

I have a huge report on area code 242.

This action (bombing Syria) had an impact on the price of oil.

JJonesMX made a post … Frosty illustrated … POST #318 … look at the power and influence of Iraq. This is why Iraq is the prettiest girl. Link

Yes … this event happened in January 2017 – not the event that is happening now … but realize, January 16th … what happened.

The Gov of the CBI declared a delay (for Mosul).

The meetings now … are a mirror image of what happened in January.

Yesterday … IN MY OPINION … HUGE good and service, contracts were PAID-OFF!!!!!!!!!!!
MONSTROUS sized PAID-OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I already gave you my opinion about those and the rates.

As you know from Monday’s CC … the phone company … two of them … they reduced the price of their services (Zain and Sims).

This is an indicator … and there will be MORE.

Here’s two more. AsiaCell is also lowering their charges. 1 minute for 1 dinar. Do you see any 1 dinars?

Something is happening.

Also … and airline in Iraq is lowering the price of their tickets.

Electricity says the same thing … trying to lower prices.

Five areas … slashing prices.

When a company slashes prices … doesn’t that tell you something?

Charging 1 dinar? HOW? Electronically? (Not right now)

There will be a 1 Dinar when the lower denoms come out and 1 dinar coin (brown in color) … and a Fil … these things are coming.

IMO … President Trump is going to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN … and the rest of the WORLD … a WORLD of PROSPERITY.

He is looking at things on a GLOBAL SCALE.

Trump … in like 2.5 months has done more traveling than Obama did in 8 years.

Syria could rebuild that airport in no time … but it was the MESSAGE that needed to be sent … AMERICA IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that will give you and I PROSPERITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the next 15 minutes … let’s take a few questions.

QUESTION – What about the VND?

ANSWER – Looking strong.

QUESTION – Are we still looking good for this month?

ANSWER -- yes … I’m not give you a date … but the MR is looking extremely good in this month of April. OH YES … they could do this … stay in constant prayer. Pray for President Trump. East, West, West. East if financially neck-deep in with Iraq.

QUESTION – In country rate?

ANSWER – it’s not on the CBI spreadsheet … IMO … the rate will show when it’s international. It’s possible for them to move from 1,000 to 1 to 1 to 1 <<< in country. You will see things on Forex … not the CBI website.

QUESTION – What about the Zim? Will it be a player?

ANSWER – the Zim is a joke … we offered it as a novelty currency … it’s a joke. The bonds? We are backing the Zim only because of military reasons. The government is imploded. We are carrying them on our shoulders. Two years down the road … sure … it’s possible. Look at the VND … it exploded in power because of our relationship with them.

QUESTION – When will new rates from phone companies go into effect?

ANSWER – I can’t image they would do all of this for nothing.

QUESTION – What about the rate showing?

ANSWER – I don’t think you’ll see 1 to 1. When it leaves the borders of Iraq … IMO … I believe it will be higher than $1 … maybe like the area code.

QUESTION – Can we continue to meet up after the dinar RV’s as in Bible studies, etc?

ANSWER – yes, of course. We won’t be analyzing other currencies. We will be working the four-corners of the world to serve in God’s kingdom.

QUESTION – How many dogwood trees will bloom in April.

ANSWER – Two contract periods … 90 days and 30 days … and I told you … yesterday, one of those was paid-off.

I hope you liked tonight’s conference call.

I’ve worked my heart out to bring you tonight cc.

Reminder … we will NOT be having any conference calls next week.

CC ended in prayer/shofar

PLAYBACK LINK: https://fccdl.in/l8KqDhtcz



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