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Saturday, April 29, 2017

"Hands Across the World..." by Gentle Earth Woman - 4.29.17

Entry Submitted by Gentle Earth Woman at 12:29 PM EDT on April 29, 2017

Dearest Grandfather, Grandmother, Elders, White Hats, Guru's, Teachers on Dinarland, Mods, Transcribers,the people who told me about this!!, Pastors who prayed: YOU ALL ARE SO AMAZING!!! I am so overwhelmed with gratitude to be participating in this. To be part of your family. I am humbly appreciative and I wish to only do the best for you, humanity, our animal friends, our oceans, our Earth Mother....Let me be an instrument of your peace... Thank you so much.

Dearest Friends and Family, I am so incredibly proud of the growth that I have witnessed in our entire Dinarian Community - "Currency World" as some said. If the GCR had happened a year ago, two years ago.... ad infinitum.... we would not have been ready. I thought I was ready one year ago. Nahhhhh, nowhere near ready. Are you really ready to handle large sums of money, or you hope you are? If you are not ready, you better get some helpers quickly!!

BULLY's: Since I was a child I wanted to help others. One of my best friends was teased as a child - we were 6 or 7 and she had braces on her legs. Other children made fun of her and I remember trying to defend her even though I was afraid too. Where are the "Bully's" of the world? Are you ready to take them on? How many Bully's can we take on, can we teach them? Are they teachable? Can we change them? Example - trying to make sure that the Orphanages in Zimbabwe have enough food and resources for the children. Who are the Bully's we are going to encounter? Create an Action plan now on how to deal with them. There are those already doing it - certainly it would be more productive to initially join with them and learn the process. Be humble. Learn. Listen, Ask questions, research, research, research... Hire specialists to fix the earth (dirt) where you live. There is fungus that will do that. Hire specialist to help you with the Ocean, Lakes, or rivers near you. Hire friends and specialists who love animals and create sanctuaries.

We are going to need professional help for our Family Foundations in many career areas that we might not have encountered before. The surgeon doesn't wash the tools in the operating room. She doesn't have time for that. Everyone should have a SPECIALTY, and don't attempt the other areas. Find helpers for those things. I wouldn't know how to get large amounts of food, clothes, school books to orphanages in Zimbabwe. But I'll bet there are people who know that. The following is a brief list - some you might write down for your notebook - so you have job titles to search for. If you have never hired anyone before - HOLY MOLY, HIRE a Human Resource specialist. Hire someone to do the background checks. I plan on having my family being employed on the Family Foundation, then they can do projects and hire professional wonderful people. Kind of like a family tree. 1 or 2 at the top, then 4 at the next level down, then 20, etc. The children, ones younger than college - can be educationally trained for paths that the Family Foundation can benefit from. For cohesiveness. "Circle the wagons" keeps the Family Foundation strong. Then looking outward fighting the Bully's. My next layer of the Family Foundation will be those that aren't biological family, but are "FAMILY" none the less. We will have meetings for all of us, then there will be separate meetings for just the Family Foundation. PRO SUGGESTIONS FOR HELPERS: Realtor, - one for personal houses for the Foundation. A Realtor that specializes in Commercial for your projects? You will need a Bookkeeper, Accountant, Tax Attorney, FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT, a language tutor, translator if you go to another country and you don't speak the language. Social Worker (MA listening counselor as well as organizational help like Orphanage), Psychologist (Dr. of Psychology is a listening counselor with more authority, able to write reports for court, etc), Psychiatrist (prescribes meds, does not usually do lots of talk counseling as intensely as Psychologists do.) Gardener, Farmer, Orchardist, Landscaper, Greenhouse. Medical: Dr. Medical specialist, DO (Doctor of Osteopathy), Naturopath, Nurse Practitioner, etc. Architect - your architect will have to work with your Realtor, and your Builder. Will you need in house specialists in the areas you plan to help with? Veterans, country specialists who know the country as well as speak the language where you want to help? Who knows the state and the laws that you are trying to build the school in?

I am planning on building a Temple Grandin Autism Academy for Junior Senior high students. Am I an expert in autism? No. Have I ever built a school before? NO. But I will because I will HIRE those that are experts, and professionals in all the categories that falls under "autism". I will have a music specialist, several different kinds of medical professionals, an architect, a builder, someone to deal with permits, etc. You will definitely have an attorney, probably several that you can call. My first Temple Grandin Autism Academy will be in Northern Colorado, and now have a partner for the 2nd one in Colorado Springs area. Then we will branch out - 1 in each state eventually after we have the "pattern" down that works.

Don't try to do it all yourself:

Do not be too haughty, too much of a KNOW IT ALL - that you try to do it yourself, and not only fail (no big deal), but ruin the path of your future clients? That would be tragic. Your son that always drinks too much and you are worried about them driving - hire a driver. $50,000 year plus to hire a driver for peace of mind. Want the kids working hard on their homework? Hire a nanny to help you, and or a Nanny who can help with homework. Hire help, research, research, research... I also plan on hiring a well expert/ water expert for the Autism Academy. Give everyone you know a job. Hire them, make them feel wanted, loved and cared for. Let everyone contribute! Pay them WELL!!! Then teach your Family Foundation to then INSPIRE and TRAIN others to help other people too. Your goal, should you chose to accept it - is to create a "Family Tree" of sorts. We are creating family. We are all connected, we are all family. But now you want to INSPIRE others to TRAIN and love to help the next layer on your chart. I am attaching free "Family Tree" software that I found, so you have a visual of what I am talking about. Put yourself first :) then fill in those you know, or in your family who could be leaders and place them next. Then the rest of the family. Then a row of children to be trained into leadership. Then list other people you want to include - (The music teacher at your Grandkids school would be perfect to be the Music Teacher at the new academy right?) ((Oooopsie, I haven't told the Grandkids Public School teacher that I want to hire her to be the Music Teacher at the Autism School! Do you think she would like $1 mill a year salary? A house? A car? Hmmmm, perhaps. Who is around you in your life that is doing what GOD wants them to do? Who is inspiring in your life? Write their names down and include them in your plans.

Your Family Foundation Goal could be 50 family members on your Foundation. Your next goal could be to have 500 people that you are inspiring and training. That is only 10 to 20 each. PLEASE PLAN on INCLUDING the "Olders" and the YOUNGs in your family foundation. They have so much to offer. They don't have to be the "DO-ERS". But they can give ideas - and set goals!!

The next layer: I have a good friend who grew up in El Salvador. She is a counselor for a high school. She will be perfect to be in charge of the orphanages in El Salvador. ((ooops, I haven't told her yet. I wonder if $1 mill a year salary will make her happy?)) Then the next layer of people go out to each of 500 people to help train.... If we can all do that, it will be goosebumps. Indian Reservation help: Hire a native to help tell you what they need. DON'T ASSUME you know what the Orphans in Zimbabwe need, or what the Hopi tribe needs and wants. Family Tree Software: http://www.keyword-suggestions.com/YmxhbmsgZmFtaWx5IHRyZWU/. I like this one: https://www.template.net/business/family-tree-templates/family-tree/ Again, use this as a "VISUAL TOOL" to write the people and your plans down for your Exchangers, as well as a Visual Tool for yourself. Eventually you will be sharing this with your Family Foundation at your meeting, etc.

Plan on doing some GROUP WORK with your Family Foundation or your main group. Take them to a Caribbean island and hide the wifi until everyone is on the same page of goals. Hire a "REBIRTHER" or a "Hypnotist", Massage, to work with your family. You'll need to psychologist and psychiatrists too, lol. Take your Family Foundation members to a TONY ROBBINS EVENT. Have some goals, an event, a focus - a "TEACHING MOMENT" - so they know what to do. Take them to Joel Osteen, or whoeve inspires you!!! You won't be able to do it all. They won't be able to do it all.... Take the Family Foundation to several Indian Reservations. Take the Family Foundation to a 3rd world country to witness children eating from trash dumps, and sleeping on cardboard on the street. Find out how the disabled live in our country. Get on the same page with them!! Teach them your wisdom. If they dont' want to hear it, get a group that you call your Family Foundation to branch off of. Include your childhood, junior high, high school friends, church friends - those that are doing well in the world. Include those you admire. Reward them. :)

Many of us "Dinarians" are Reiki Masters. (amazing number of us). Many are Christians, Many others are Lightworkers....Name another genre - we have all been wanting to help others since we were little. We know we are different. Now we know that we are here for just such a moment as this.... Our intense lifetime/s of pain has helped hone us. WE are ready to help more. To be of service. Please don't judge others, Look at the Woman/Man in the Mirror, ... Reach out and hold the hands of others......Together we can all do this.... GO GET "EM!!! NO EXCUSES!! (Let those excuses go!!!)

Love and hugs and see you on the other side!! Gentle Earth Woman HANDS ACROSS AMERICA:






Heal the World:


Heal the Ocean: "Calypso", John Denver




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