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Monday, April 24, 2017

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Mon. Afternoon - 4.24.17

This is a compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Monday Afternoon, April 24, 2017. All guest posts that are more than 5 paragraphs in length, deemed important, contains images or is a response to another post will be considered it's own post.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. ~ Dinar Chronicles

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"Quick Question"

Entry Submitted by Mary at 5:03 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

To "one who knows" (the one where the cat is doing the typing)How will we get our contact's phone number to call if we don't know their phone number? When they email us and say please call us we have important information will they also include their phone number to call? The answer to this question will calm many people down from constantly worrying.

Many thanks to all the light workers out there. Thanking you in advance



"Reply to 800 Number Procedures"

Entry Submitted by Victor at 4:45 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

"800 Number Procedures?" by JWK - 4.24.17

You bring up a good point. I signed up for that email notification myself. But now I wonder if Patric is aware of the work he signed up for? If this is going down as OWK says, then Patrick could only do this correctly by sending out an e-mail asking for us to call him by phone , at which time he would give us the 800 number.

From your conversation it sounds like he just wants to forward the 800 # to us. Well that would kill stop us all by getting us disqualified. So unless he has staff to handle this new job he will be overwhelmed.

It looks like may be missed the point on the non-disclosure aspect of this? One would assume that if he gets the number, he will also have the instructions not to post it.


"SITREP Requested"

Entry Submitted by One Of The Light at 4:37 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

Hello Family, at this point in time I know and understand that there's been some type of delay but this message is for Yosef or OWK when can we expect some type of update from you guys on where we are.

One Of The Light

"Re: Bless the Negative Writers on DC"

Entry Submitted by maria at 4:22 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

"Bless the Negative Writers on DC" by Sierra - 4.24.17

Thank You Sierra...Blessed are they...and i thank them every moment...transmuting every negetive word into ~LoveLoveLove thy brother~...AmenAmenAmen...Done !
lovingly, maria

"Re: 800 Number Procedures?"

Entry Submitted by Angel of the North at 3:06 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

"800 Number Procedures?" by JWK - 4.24.17


My sentiment's exactly, and i live in the UK. We are so close now you could almost touch it, i can see panic setting in now around the world as many come to DC without subscribing just to get information on exchanging. So, what happens next?.

Angel of the North


"To OWK"

Entry Submitted by Peter Kasaj at 2:54 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

Plain and simple ,show any evidence or just shut ..

Peter Kasaj

"Oh be Quiet, Leenish!"

Entry Submitted by Coffeeone at 2:50 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

"Where is it Written?" by Leenish - 4.24.17

I can understand, why; you do not understand. When you have been in Dinarland 7 years or more then spout your distain. A little over a 1 year, huh? Whoopie!


"To Ice Cream Shoppe Boys"

Entry Submitted by Peter Kasaj at 2:49 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

"Chosen Few? Yeah I'm Talking to you" by The Ice Cream Shoppe Boys - 4.24.17

For those who dont know,this game is about this.Last puzzle piece,game over for OWK and minions which forsaked God for money and bowed and followed false gods and teachings.
I guess my sword of fire will have some work to do.

Count with me

Peter Kasaj

"RV Thoughts and Gods Will"

Entry Submitted by Gena at 2:45 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

Good Day Beautiful Light workers,

I was just reading all of the post's from today...and A thought came into my heart,
Words and thoughts are very powerful...so we find ourselves living what we are thinking most on. So what I am getting at is....I feel we have lost what this really is all about... We have been chosen by God to go and restore the balance the ...

(lack of ) across our beautiful Planet Gaia...and heal Gaia back to her pristine self....And become blessed for this great act of ~ LOVE IN ACTION ~ which we all posses deep within our heart and soul. I hear you, and understand ... when we plead with God to please allow this to happen...for we are all in great need ...But ...I think we must TRUST that GODS GOT THIS and we are all being taken care of ,no matter how things may seem...Let us please remember that this is about HUMANITY and GAIA 1st ....Be honored ... that we are Blessed beyond understanding...

In Love And Light And Service


"Question for Yosef, Tank or OWK"

Entry Submitted by CPA at 2:40 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

Quick question guys,

If Mike Pence is slated to return to the US tomorrow, Tuesday April 25th, then does that mean the GCR needs to occur before he can return?

Doesn't Nesara / Gesara need to be announced and the republic before Pence and Ryan can return to US?


"Current Happenings in South Africa"

Entry Submitted by Mayan Guy at 2:19 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

Thought to share a short take on current happenings in South Africa. Wish i could say all our media is this accurate, far from it. I was pleasantly surprised to see this on main stream news in SA last night.

"Bell Pottinger, the controversial financial public relations group representing the Gupta family’s main company Oakbay, has cut ties with their client – giving up a multi-million pound contract. The PR giant is accused of being at the forefront of a massive campaign to destabilise the country, in order to deflect attention from the Gupta family and allegations of their state capture. But who are they and what exactly did they do? John Webb reports."


I am another yourself

Mayan Guy

"Re: Chosen Few? Yeah I'm Talking to you"

Entry Submitted by Truly Blessed at 2:07 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

"Chosen Few? Yeah I'm Talking to you" by The Ice Cream Shoppe Boys - 4.24.17

Count me in! Not giving up ... No way!

Thanks for the rallying cry, Ice Cream Shoppe Boys!

Much love!
Truly Blessed

"1W's Response to Not Worth Reading (Seriously)"

Entry Submitted by Chudo at 1:34 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

"Re: Not Worth Reading (Seriously)" by 1W - 4.24.17

Holy smokes Richard, Hipponoymous thinks you're hiding behind a pseudo identity so no one knows who you truly are. So if that's true, you best go quickly to Zorra of Hollow Earth's site and remove your books and all the information you have provided there using your true name. LOL How did you ever get through reading that article, I sure couldn't. True light workers know the truth, it is in our hearts. We know what is true, we trust our heart minds and don't fall for all the fear-mongering and crazy propaganda. I believe it's called faith.

May the glory of God fill your hearts and Set You Free From Fear.


"Yosef... Tone of your Last Post is Much Appreciated"

Entry Submitted by AN at 12:05 PM EDT on April 24, 2017

Intel SITREP - GCR/RV Update - Monday - April 24, 2017


I really appreciate the tone of your last SITREP. I am sure I'm not the only one. That's all we ask. State that your findings and Intel contributions are speculation. That will help those who do not understand the concept of blogging/writing. Most take everything in a literal sense. This calms my soul and is proof of progress. Keep it up brother.

Peace and love,




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