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Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Getting Lost in the Weeds" by C40 - 4.27.17

Entry Submitted by Compassion4Others at 5:33 PM EDT on April 27, 2017

Dear TPAO,

I want to congratulate you on the kind and benevolent way you asked OWK’s your questions and made your points. We would all be well served if each of us could use the same tact.

"Re: TPAO Request For Relevance" - One Who Knows - 4.26.17

Each of our INTENT, if we are truly enlightened, should be to INFORM and EDUCATE rather than INSULT and CONDEMN.

I find it curious where angry people insult from there self projected 5D pedestals and TALK DOWN to the low vibrating 3D fools who are getting on their last nerve. Wow…..that takes some stones to act in direct OPPOSITION OF 5D LIGHT by using condescension and palpable anger to shout down people you disagree with.

Where is the benevolence……where is the 5D light?

The only way to help others in this FORUM and this LIFE…… is LOVE and LIGHT…..right?

Why are so many projecting anything and everything other than love and light?

Being right or thinking you are right does not matter. Lovingly sharing your insights is all that is expected of those in the light. Once you stray off that path, you are anything but of the Light.


Per your post above, you politely and kindly asked OWK to be CAREFUL and resolute in his discernment of how he gets his information and by whom he is getting said information.

How can that be construed as a bad thing to ask of someone that so many are counting on?

Many are hanging on OWK’s every word. Can’t we all ask for and hope that OWK will verify that his sources are of the light and are indeed god sent rather than from DARK ENTITIES who can trick anyone if they are not careful?

We are not there……we now know he is channeling his info and that others are passing info to him. So, asking OWK to double check and stay in the light so that he VERIFIES each message is benevolent and full of love is not asking too much…..is it?


For this entire year, people have seen my posts praising OWK for acting in a kind and benevolent manner as opposed to the often abrasive and divisive tactics employed by Yosef. 2 intel providers who seemed to be on the opposite end of the spectrum in how they bring "their truth" to the masses. OWK has been a life saver for many of us in this global transition.

Per the veracity of each poster or each guru, many have argued over FACTS. Is the INTEL valid or fraudulent? What I listen to and care about the most is INTENT.

Intent to divide with the angry and repetitive use of words that intentionally trigger people is not bringing TRUTH if you can convey your OPINION OF TRUTH with less inflammatory words.

It is simple.....be nice and share your truth whether you are a poster or a guru. Be definitive but be kind and benevolent so that your INTENT is beyond question.


However, recent posts over the past few weeks by OWK have become so angry and vengeful, I at first thought someone had stolen his identity and the “typing cat”.

I was shocked when the VOICE OF REASON for DC(OWK) started physically threatening people with incarceration and blockage from redeeming their currencies for voicing their opinions that differed from OWK's views.

But it didn’t stop there. Then, he went onto say that he "Looked forward to their demise and suffering". “What happened to OWK”, is what I thought?

I didn't know what was going on. I was at first concerned that OWK had taken on too much and found himself giving so much of his time and his self to help others that he was now lashing out because his efforts were being rejected or insulted.

I have been there and done that. It is a bitter pill to swallow when you make other peoples’ problems your own and then, they don't appreciate the sacrifice. No one works harder here on DC to help others......no one comes close to giving back like OWK.

In the past, I had seen many people take him to task and he handled each insult with kindness and benevolence. Each time he rose above it.

Cowboy down under and OWK were my heroes. I even posted that I wanted to be more like them and less like Yosef who never seems to apologize or show remorse for how his actions might impact others. He just calls it TRUTH and let’s everyone know is knowledge and actions are justified because he is on a higher level than the rest of us. It is his way or the highway, as TANK has learned all too well. I don't see benevolence in handling your interactions with others that.


Recently, each time OWK posts something, there is a difference in his tone.

In the past couple of weeks, there has been no patience and there is very little benevolence in his posts. There is only anger and vengeance with name calling and insults of others.......that I had never seen from him before.

The qualities I had praised him for and had taken Yosef to task about were no longer there. There was immediate judgment and threats for people who were scared of RFID chips or other understandable cabal based tactics. People were just asking questions……

Suddenly, OWK gave out a MANDATE that anyone posting SCARY THINGS that made people fearful would be arrested, put into a homeland facility with Cabal agents and refused the right to redeem their currency. What happened?


As a result of OWK’s aggressive and dark posts, people in DC started living in fear. Yes, fear.

Each poster had to think twice and carefully choose their words so as not to offend OWK?

Some responded and even apologized and asked for clarification for why he responded so belligerently and with such anger.

We were all wondering…….where did his benevolence go?

I personally asked myself, what benevolent being gave out the orders to OWK to go PICK UP Helena at her house and imprison her because she is afraid of RFID chips?

I wondered, who gave OWK or anyone else the right to JUDGE the intent of a scared woman who knows too well what the Cabal are capable and simply asked a question?

As each OWK post rolled across Dinarland, I just sat here with my mind blown.

My first reaction of my past, was to immediately lash out and take on THE BULLIES that were threatening others. But I decided to try something different. I just sat here day by day and continued to observe because I am sick and tired of “living in reaction”. You hurt me…..I hurt you. You insult me……I insult you. It never stops….it never ends.

Nothing good has ever come from that. So, I just sat here taking all the posts in and trying to calmly see the purpose in all of this. The more I watched the more silly each post of aggression and insult became. Enlightened Lightworkers acting like children……is all I saw. I had been a part of this and helped to perpetuate this with many of my past posts. I was judge and jury and it was my job to set people straight…..what a fool I have been!


As time moved on, after OWK had repeatedly threatened everyone in DC, others started to question OWK and his sources as well as his acting like it was his divine right to threaten and put people on his "PERSONAL HIT LIST." Where did this all come from?

I continued to watch and be blown away.

Next thing we knew, these negative attacks against OWK were followed up a few days later with what we were told was a written MANDATE from Grandfather telling us that anyone creating fear or doubt would be severely dealt with.


Now, we were all reading text that we assumed another human being had written that was the head of the whole RV/GCR and all of the military. We were told by OWK that Grandfather gave this letter to OWK to post on Dinarland.

Now OWK had brought in the back up to support his threats that we were all now put on notice. Wow......what happened to the benevolence of this event being directed by benevolent entities?

The summation I gathered from all of these warnings was that HELENA could be and would be sitting next to the Rothschild's in a detention facility if she posted one more time about RFID chips. Helena’s post about a Cabal activity she was concerned about was going to be equal PAIN and SUFFERING to the most MURDEROUS family that the earth has ever seen?

The poster with the handle of something like DA REALLUCKY1 who was really taking on the veracity of OWK would also be in prison right next to the Satanists and Child rapist Clintons and Bush's because he hurt OWK’s feelings and now been put on the “OWK hit list”?

Where is the benevolence in any of this?

Where did our leader go?


As correctly posted by many of the KIND SOULS that are the true LIGHTWORKERS in this forum, each of us needs to search for BENEVOLENCE in each post and each poster. We also have to be willing to forgive ……even if the apology never comes.

No 3D or “5D or beyond” entity can claim to be BENEVOLENT and at the same time THREATEN, INSULT and CONDEMN others because they think they are superior due to their past life as someone of historical importance. That is 3D thinking.....not 5D love of all thinking.

Aren’t we all equals……all from source…..playing our roles……incarnation by incarnation?

There should be no EGO in who we used to be in a past life…..right?


Rather than being mad at OWK, I am concerned for him and I will tell you why.

I believe this is a good man.

I believe that he believes every word he has posted.

I believe he is intent on being the last one on the boat and that he would do anything for any of us to make sure we are part of this blessing first.

I have always sensed that goodness in him.

However, I also believe he has lost his bearings. Something or someone has inflated his self worth to the point he has lost the ability to consider others and their role in this GCR. Good or bad, we all have a part to play.

As a result, we have all seen it and all wondered about it. The kind loving man that once lead us with BENEVOLENCE is no longer showing those same characteristics that caused him to become a leader in our community in the first place. I am worried about him and lost for words as to what is behind this noticeable change.

I am fearful that TPAO has made some very telling comments about the need for OWK to take a step back and review the BENEVOLENCE in what he believes his guides and other worldly contacts are demanding he share with us.

Are they truly benevolent?

Since they are not human and not visible…….he is dealing with HIGHER FORMS that he is trying to discern truth from. We all have to hope he is getting it right……or many good people will follow him to whatever lies ahead. I hope OWK takes that in…takes a deep breath…..doesn’t just shrug this off…and owns that responsibility that he has earned through his goodness and past deeds.

It is simple. If these are benevolent beings, they will have benevolent instructions that are full of LIGHT......not DARKNESS, THREATS and SEPARATION that spreads fear and chaos in Dinarland.

These negative elements that have shown up in his most recent posts sound just like CABAL RELIGIONS that are not of CHOICE and FREE WILL but of FORCE as a result of FEAR.

Do as we say or else!

Don’t dare to question our position, just do it!

That is not benevolence......that is the forming of a CULT!


In closing, I would like to offer a new insight I have gained as I sat back and watched this DC infighting go on. Is it possible DC has become a mirror of Political Debates of Dems vs Repubs?

Is it enlightened to tell someone else they are NOT enlightened?

Now the in thing to do in Dinarland is to accuse anyone that does not agree with you as being CABAL. Wow!

For a community that prides itself on referring to themselves as "enlightened lightworkers", I now wonder why each of us thinks it is our JOB to control actions of the other person we disagree with.


Why I am here and what I agreed to experience in my SOUL CONTRACT in this 3D experience is none of your business. For those doing wrong or generating fear, is it possible that is part of their SOUL CONTRACT to push those of us IN FEAR to break free from it?

If so, who are you to try to STOP THEM from acting the way they are?

They are here with a role to play. Stopping them from that role is interfering with their SOUL CONTRACT. That is not your place.


Do you believe YOU CHOSE THIS LIFE?

Is it possible your SOULS JOURNEY in this incarnation you are a GOOD PERSON that has incarnated to this earth to beat FEAR, or overcome ABUSE?

Or is it possible you incarnated to this earth as a BAD GUY who is a NEGATIVE FORCE that helps other souls overcome these same issues?

3D is not designed for PEACE and HARMONY………or this whole thing would be a waste of our time. We are here to be hurt to be tested in REAL TIME……earth time that is. No pain…..no Gain.

The idea that any of us can JUDGE others in this FORUM or in this LIFE is based on this 3D false perception of HERD MENTALITY. The idea that we all have to act like each other and if we don't we are bad and must change or face annihilation.

What if what we really are supposed to do is what OWK used to do better than all of us?

Love people who insult us unconditionally…..

What if that is what each of us are supposed to do when a Post on DC insults us or hurts our feelings?

How would this system of "SOULS coming to earth TO LEARN HANDS ON LESSONS" work if we all lived in harmony?

Harmony is for 5D…..not for 3D. Soul lessons through CHAOS is what 3D is for.

Cowboy gets it. Sierra gets it. I think Pat gets it.

Cowboy down Under posted that he is watching from the sidelines while EACH OF US TRY TO CHANGE THE OTHER PERSON with angry words and vengeance. These people are our examples or where we need to get to emotionally and spiritually as flawed 3D souls trying to ascend to 5D status. We know all of the answers but we keep FLUNKING OUR 3D TESTS.


Sierra has shown all of us how to behave and most of us have ignored her wisdom and benevolence in her posts. She has stated that we should bless the doubters and the agitators. Wow, what a concept?

She actually understands the need for CHAOS in this 3D world. It gives us a chance to be benevolent rather than malevolent.

She is actually using her belief system that we all are perfect.

We all are one.

And we all are here to help each other learn lessons.

So, rather than taking the 3D bait. What if we practice what you preach?

How many of us could take a test that lists all of these known facts of these 3D traps we experience on a daily basis and pass with flying colors and then, turn around and not apply any of what we know to our day to day actions?


I know I would be in trouble and that is what I am working on. I don't want to live in reaction.

I want to transform in my mind the reality that NEGATIVE actions towards me are only TESTS which is what they are.

They are not to harm me......nothing can harm me. I am eternal.

So, what am I afraid of?


So, why do I keep taking the bait and lashing out at people when I now know I NEED THESE TESTS to learn to be calm under fire.

To be benevolent rather than malevolent against my aggressors.

The truth of my existence and SOUL CONTRACTS have been staring me in the face all this time......and I could only see it by "sitting back" and watching others do what I have always done. Who would have known? I never would have seen it if I didn’t just SHUT THE HELL UP and listen, observe and think.

Trying to prove you are right is a FOOLS PARADISE that I have gotten myself lost in my entire life. I am exhausted. If you want to call OWK cabal, go ahead. If OWK wants to call Cobra Cabal, go ahead. Each of these individuals are ETERNAL. They are not right and they are not wrong. They are simply playing roles. My role is to love them. Discern truth and benevolence from them. But it is not for me to NAME THEM as good or bad. We are all playing a role. Each role is critical and necessary for CHAOS in this 3D mess we call life.

Each out of control angry person is no different than a stray dog that has been beaten and only knows pain and injury. That soul needs unconditional love. That love is the only thing that will reach that soul. They have had ANGER, JUDGEMENT and DISAPPROVAL. They don’t need more of the same. They need what Sierra and Cowboy down under offer. Love and compassion. It is that simple…….

So, from this point forward, I will try to reach out to those I disagree with in kindness from a place of understanding realizing I might have a SOUL CONTRACT with that person.

I might be here to show them love when all they know is hate.

To show them compassion when all they know is judgment.

What if all these years I have been attacking the very people I HAVE A SOUL CONTRACT WITH? If so, I have been screwing this thing up for way too long and I am sick of it.


So, I say this to all of you here. Take Cowboy's advice. Take a step back and try to see the bigger picture. Get out of the FIGHT and get above it. Look down from a higher place and see the mess we are creating without meaning to.

Stop trying to PROVE your point.....because that may have nothing to do with why that PERSON incarnated here in the first place.


Most importantly and ironically, how many of us believe that GAIA is moving or has already moved into 5D and continues moving deeper and deeper into the Photon Belt where her vibration is GUARANTEED TO CONTINUE TO INCREASE?

If you personally believe this one simple truth......what are we worried about?

Lower vibration forms like the Cabal can not and will not survive in the higher vibration of 5D earth?


So, if you think anyone in this forum is Cabal, who cares. They are toast....with all of the other lower vibration beings that inhabit this earth. They will be gone and only people in the heart will be left here.

If that 1 truth is a reality, all of our worries and negative posts on this forum have been a complete waste of time and energy.

If Earth ascends to 5D we can say goodbye to the Cabal.....negative posts…..threats of Detention Camps. It all goes away.

So, once again, can we put our ACTIONS where our BELIEFS are?

You are eternal…….your body is nothing more than a shell.
You are eternal…….you can not be injured!
You are eternal…….no one can threaten you because those threats are baseless!
You are eternal…….and should never live in fear!
You are eternal…….that is why the Cabal fears you!

Take that power and never let someone hold FEAR over you!

Forget the distraction of MONEY and remember why you are here!




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