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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

"GCR Questions and Answers (Good Ones) Part 4" - One Who Knows - 4.18.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 12:24 PM EDT on April 18, 2017

GCR Questions & Answers (Good Ones) Part 4

Post/Question: (35)

"For OWK"

Entry Submitted by Tee at 6:57 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

I read all your posts on DC. Am I included in your personal contact list you made reference too on your Q&A? If not, how can I be included on your list?




Tee, I "Get" VERY strongly that you are already on an Early Segment Contact List.

Remember that if you bought currency by mail, or at the Bank, or at a Physical Currency Dealer or an internet Currency Dealer, they already know who you are.

"Things" are already moving.... If you know what I mean!

Tick Toc, Time Is Near....

Post/Question: (36)

"OWK, We Must be Driving you Nuts"

Entry Submitted by Christine at 6:39 AM EDT on April 18, 2017


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all that you and Patrick do for us in this community, it is so appreciated. I'll get to the point as I know you have many many enquiries.

I'm from UK and up til now I've kept a low profile because I wish to help humanity as anonymously as I can, for many reasons but mostly for my childrens' safety when this GCR rolls out.

There's no one talking about the GCR/RV in UK, Dinar Chronicles is my only source of info so I check in daily and have for a while now and am content to trust the process.

But, I now have a small request, please will you put me on your Segment email list?

I bought my currency from an HSBC branch in UK, but they didn't take any contact details so I can't expect them to email me so I rang HSBC in London today.

It took an hour, as I was passed from dept to supervisor and back again, yet still I couldn't get to anyone who had a clue what I was talking about, they could only offer a screen rate which is the same that it's been for the last few years.

They had no idea what I was on about, it's like I'm on a different planet!

I'm assuming in UK there's no where near as many currency holders as in US, and as I have Dong, I'm thinking maybe its a different system here whereby the banks have no idea about this and the only route to some kind of 'secret separate first basket currency exchange unit' is the #800 coming to us via "segments".

I'm confident that I'm not in a list or group due to my low profile, although I'm on Patricks email list for this site.

So please, OWK, you seem to be the reliable source of info, would you kindly include me in your segment group list? Patrick will have my email address from this post and his "Intel" email list, I would be really grateful if he would pass it to you.

Many blessings to you and all on DC, may you all bring the change this world so desperately needs.

Christine x



Christine, Someone will let you know, Remember that there are many ways that someone can be notified. Yes, it could be where you bought the currency, but it could also be a friend that lets you know when they find out.

Realize that the NPTB and The Elders have had years and years and more years to figure this out, and have planned for EVERYTHING. For me, every time I hear more about the plan, I realize it is genius. So don’t worry, you will not be left behind. No matter what, when the number hits the net, I am quite sure that it will also be on Bank websites at that time.

This Segment Plan is an "EARLY" contact plan. It is rolling out, which means it is not Done "Starting" yet. When it is, it will be on the net and on bank websites and you will have no problem finding the information you are looking for. All that being said, I have high confidence you will be notified before it is posted on the net.

BTW, a personal story. I had a conversation with a certain person and tried my best to tell them about the GCR, etc, and they acted like I was nuts. Later I found out that this certain person knew all about it and had currency themselves, it is just that they are instructed to "Act Like They Have No Idea What you are talking about." It is so much easier than denying it. When you realize they are "Clueless" you don't press them and stop asking. But, in reality they know exactly what you are talking about, but THEY CAN NOT VALIDATE IT IN ANY WAY. Frankly, their job is on the line if they do. So, after this hits the net and is Finished "Rolling Out," you will have a VERY DIFFERENT experience when you call the Bank.

Post/Question: (37)

"Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted by Peter Kasaj at 6:20 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

I have few thousand 100trilion zim banknotes.

I dont want take sov.rates.

Im actualy not greedy and I want take the lowest rate 2usd times 100trilion so it will be few thousand quadrilions usd.I heard that all usd money created are higher as empire state building(just 100trilion)


I will force them to print it in 100dollar notes(I will be mercyfull and I will not let them to print in 1dollar notes-actualy Im going green with that) so I will build whole cities with bunches of money instead of bricks.

Hopefully there will be no fire and water there.

So my question is if I will be allowed to buy whole America and build these paper cities

Peter Kasaj



Peter, you are ahead of your time. Yes, there will come a time when money will no longer be useful for anything else. Some might frame a bill or two on the wall, as a keepsake of when money meant something. But, you are really thinking out of the box. It would be fun and interesting to build a Money house, after all paper does make great insulation. Of course that "Time" is not yet, but I can see that you are a "Futurist" and one day your plan will make sense. BTW, don't tell anyone how much currency you have, not even me.

Post/Question: (38)

"Re: Segments"

Entry Submitted by Rainbow at 5:49 AM EDT on April 18, 2017


Have just read One Who Knows post on Intel about "Segments" - GCR/RV Overview - Sunday - April 16, 2017

Dear One Who Knows

Have purchased a few 100TZim from a private seller plus a friend purchased for me and l payed this friend back as no credit card here in Australia and was wondering how we can receive the #800numbers. Also how do the friends and family that we have gifted too receive notification on the exchange. Looking forward to your reply.

Many thanks for your Intel on our prosperity for all our brothers and sisters.




Yes, those who purchased currency directly will be on an early call segment list, but when they get the notification, they should let you know as well. That is the Genius of the Segment plan, as it reaches out to Giftees, and people like you who did not buy your currency directly. Clearly, the person who bought it for you will get notification and should let you know as well. In short, anyone who gifted currency to another person, or helped them get currency like in your case, should pass on the information when they get it. Easy!

Post/Question: (39)

"Question to OWK"

Entry Submitted by Peter Kasaj at 5:18 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

Regarding this article:

"My Two Constants..." by Anonymous1 - 4.17.17

Im littlebit confused here because I also heard at least 2 versions of RV process.

1. version
Hidden RV - it will look like it never happened supported by article upper and also it was said in one of Intel posts(I didnt found it back but I remmember it(that grandfather ordered RV happend to look like it never happened)

World wide exchanges,supported by military bases and external exange centers and through banks.With dinarland going first because they paid attention so they have special privilege just because they paid attention on public website for all to see and be bilion trilion quadrilioner times zilion.

So my question is which version is going to play out hiden Rv with hiden gold or other assets backing or public version with 20 000 000 zilionares which if they will ask for sov.rates will be super total Usd quanifilioners or I dont know how many Zim holders are up there.

Peter Kasaj



Good question. Yes ther have been many versions of the RV Roll Out and most of them have been used and are being used right now. In short there are many "Phases" of this plan, and each of these Phases handles a different situation.

I remember the "Friends and Family" Phase back in the day, that netted in the Whales and locked them into low rates such as Zim at .03 with 6 zeros off. Dinarland thought that they were getting ripped off and forgotten, when it was just the oposit. The 1% were getting "Handled" by the NPTB and didn't even realize it. I Love It!

Yes, of course there was the Quiet exchange process that no one would know about. Did you know that it is going on now? Yep, that is what I call "Quiet." In fact it is the Segments plan that you are talking about. Did you read Yosef's post that said it has been going sinde the 13th? Now you know...

The "Public" phase will be when it hits the net. However, most of us will have already exchanged by that time. Those who weren't able to be notified, will be able to get the information at that time.

As far as Dinarland being "Special," it turns out that Special means "Contactable." Hear this: ANYONE AND EVERYONE WHO HAS FIRST BASKET CURRENCIES ARE ENTITLED TO GET THE HIGHER RATES AND SPECIAL PROGRAMS. The only thing that makes us special, is that we are paying attention to the net, and have emails addresses so that we can be contacted. We will be the ones who will find out when to go and what to do. Everyone else in the World who has these currencies in their sock drawer, will never know that anything "special" ever happened. One day, they will hear some announcement on TV and will wander into a bank and get screen-street-rates for their currency and be very happy about it. In this case Paying attention REALLY pays very well. Thanks for your question.

Post/Question: (40)

"Question on the Segments GCR Roll-Out Plan"

Entry Submitted by Jay Coolie at 2:10 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

Dear One Who Knows.

RE: "Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan" - One Who Knows - 4.16.17

Thank you all the way for your previous information provided.

I am an old-stuffs collector, so I also hold zim. The main point is I just walked in and bought my collection at the shop but not by net. So I think there is no info from me that can collect by the “Super Computer”. So how can I be contacted. What can I do to get on the bus.

Besides, I live in Hong Kong. Is “the Segments” just go in USA or Worldwide? Can I have the chance to take this cake? Please give me an advice.

Very appreciate with your job. Thank You all IDC family, thank you OWK.

Jay Coolie



Jay, in your case, you might be right. You might not be on an early contact list. BTW, The segment plan is a World-Wide plan. But I wouldn't count the Super Duper Computer (Technical Term) out just yet. It wouldn't surprise me that you do get contacted by someone with the Exchange information.

However, no matter what, it will hit the net, and when it does it will be on the Bank websites as well. So, you can't miss out. If you don’t get on the bus at the first stop "Early Notifications," you will definitely get on the bus at the next stop "Posted on the net and Bank websites." It doesn't matter which stop you get on the bus, just that you did get on the bus.

Unfortunately, there will be many who have no idea that there is a bus, much less how to get on it. But, I have no doubt that you will get on that bus to "High Rate Exchange Station," and successfully embark on your new Life experience.

Post/Question: (41)

"OWK Plea"

Entry Submitted by Peter Kasaj at 6:48 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

OWK and others light workers can you help me manifest this RV?
I propose to have meditation on that so we will manifest that.

I love you all ,staying in positive vibrations ,comming to 5D and to light
All love to Zorraland

Peter Kasaj



Nice thoughts Peter. Thank you for that.

Post/Question: (42)

"OWK, You are my Favorite"

Entry Submitted by Peter Kasaj at 6:31 AM EDT on April 18, 2017

Keep it going Im really enjoying this.

Signed Peter Kasaj



Thank You Peter, You definitely keep it "Interesting"


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows



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