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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Erasmus of America: How the CIA Stole Virtually from All Bank Accounts


C.I.A. trying to sabotage and bLOCK this report!

I released a national report (The Scorpion's Sting"should also be a copy in F.B.I. files) years ago how C.I.A. stole from virtually all electronically controlled bank accounts in America. Having had around $2,000 stolen from a commercial bank account of mine and seeing how crooked a bank became to cover for the stolen money so I never got it backed, I realized that banks would cover for C.I.A. theft of money from their customer bank accounts as they did not know who stole the money and did not want to get accused for it. A more extreme example a woman in Roanoke, VA had $50,000 electronically stolen from her account and even with records for the stolen money, she never got the $50,000 back as the bank used every con tactic so she could not get a legal investigation into the theft of $50,000 from her bank account. I had 40% of $10 million left to me in a will because I once befriended the illegitimate son of a wealthy man in another state and in gratitude for having helped him I was listed in this will. But the $10 million was stolen by a clique with the bank and I had an attorney who was an ex-F.B.I. agent and as he said. they all lied so well including a state judge who also had access to all this money, this former F.B.I. agent turned private attorney said all he could collect on was 40% of $1,500.00 out of one fund left. I said don't bother as the attorney fees would have eaten up that $400 or so. Another person mentioned in the will for also 40% if still alive can confirm this story is quite true.

Based upon this background, I can understand how banks will try to desperately cover if money disappears from customer accounts with them. And C.I.A. knowing this reality with banks in America, set up a C.I.A. scheme how to steal from nearly all bank accounts in America and never get caught. C.I.A. knew how to effectively electronically hack any electronic bank account in America.
Someone who had worked with C.I.A. hacking of American electronic bank accounts contacted my intelligence setup in America long ago. We received his testimony and I like to say "We" because that means if a Congressional committee wants to investigate this account we can tell them where to look for this one-time C.I.A. hacker who driven by conscience had to tell how C.I.A. electronically hacked virtually all or nearly all bank accounts in America. If banks still ran on paper records, then C.I.A. could not have used their bank hacking system to steal regularly money from nearly all bank accounts in America. And I think that C.I.A. could not have stolen from bank accounts across America if the banks also dealt heavily in currency deposits and not just electronic money passed on by bank computer systems. The C.I.A. hacking system ran as follows. You had C.I.A. hackers on computer systems have access to apparently all bank accounts in America both personal and commercial.They would visit maybe 15 million bank accounts in a sequence to more bank accounts and visit them up to maybe even several times a month. They had special bank accounts heavy in money and if they judged they could get away with it they would hit them once in a while for a large amount such as the Roanoke woman who had $50,000 stolen from her personal account and never got it back from the bank. They would hit millions of bank accounts weekly and take out small amounts even 25 cents to one dollar or several dollars. The money added up good and C.I.A. hackers were paid good in tax free income each week. And C.I.A. got funds for "Black Budget" funds which supplemented the money received from Congress for funding C.I.A. with. They also handled mass drug deals in America, but that is another story and not covered by the deserter from the C.I.A. hacker teams who worked weekly at their bank thefts of your electronic money.

If you ever noticed that your bank account seemed to be 25 cents to one dollar less than you thought it was, you let it slide and ignore the small difference in money from what you thought you had. You assumed that you had made a small bookkeeping error with your account. From a separate source, I understood that C.I.A. was given the codes for federal reserve bank computers and paid out to federal judges and select members of Congress bribe money for covering for C.I.A. and carried out corruptions of law as C.I.A. wanted. This bribe money used to be called a forex fund which paid out to key people a regular monthly income which just seemed to never fail to pay out regularly. These were apparently all currently run operations of C.I.A. for apparently some length of time. C.I.A. had secret deals with newspapers and other news media for control of reporting and news slates that C.I.A. wanted as national policy for control of the American people by control of what news and slant of news the American people were allowed to hear. 

C.I.A. tried to hack and sabotage some of my national reports. I warned you that I was a deadly person to mess with and you did not want to tangle with me. You thought that I was bluffing, but I have a hunch you now have the message heard loud and clear "Don' tread on me!" as they said back in the days of the American Revolution. Should I tell the F.B.I. how you murdered J. Edgar Hoover and made it look like death by natural causes? Or other officials for the F.B.I. you later murdered by "natural causes" who had covered for you when you murdered President Kennedy under orders of the two Rockefeller banking brothers(Nelson and David) who are now dead. Would you like for me to tell your enemies where your C.I.A. files are listing what personnel of C.I.A. murdered PRESIDENT KENNEDY? You may not know where you have these files, but I DO KNOW! I was not and am not an amateur in military intelligence. Used to be the Director of the A.C.I.A. in Wash., D.C. and start backed by Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Pentagon. So secret even the President was not "in the loop."
Have you got the message now stay out of my email, national reports, business records, etc.? Or do I have to release a second round of stunning scandals of C.I.A. to teach you to not mess with me?!! You told Muslim terrorists how to annihilate America among other things!

People, send this report all over America! Time to expose the traitors in the government!

Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America, April 1 - I MADE YOU A FOOL INSTEAD OF YOU ME! www.fastboomamericaneconomy.com fastboomamericaneconomy.com@gmail.com P.S. My proposed Omni Law shown on my website sets up ten civil tribunes copied from ancient Roman law who will investigate legal material like the above and have authority to arrest the guilty in government if criminals and traitors are operating out of the government as their base of operations. Also, hold national referendums when the people want it to force the government to follow the will of the people for government to be the servant of the people instead of their intended master.
I will be one of the first ten civil tribunes in America and I will scare the daylights out of criminals and traitors within the federal government. I know how to investigate like a professional operator in military intelligence and I am totally honest which scares the daylights out of Washington corruption.
Americans: Pass this report all across America. Also, if you can, financially back this fight for a reformed government by putting in loan money into the Omni Law Loan Program shown on our website. You should be paid back later on and much profit with it at that time! 
C.I.A., what made you think that I would be a pushover for you when I spent eleven calendar years in military academies which led to a heavy military intelligence background and with a mother who had been rated by I.Q. test to be the most brilliant child in American history up to then and you think that I will be dumb for you to fight with a background like that? You certainly are a fool for April Fool Day!

I studied under six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe and have a proposal for national referendum how to make the federal government tax-free and potentially forever if you can keep the corrupt out of Congress and the federal agencies. Of wild factors in economic science the Czarist Government of Russia was pioneering the first tax-free government in the world and had to be overthrown before this went too far. So American bankers financed the Communist Revolution in 1917 while they still could! According to a State Dept. report Russia under Czarist economics of a evolving tax-free government and super free enterprise was going to make Russia the industrial leader of the world and twice as rich as America by 1970! As a banker explained to a Congressional committee, the bankers had to overthrow the Czarist government then which under free enterprise was going to replace America as industrial leader of the world and so placed the Communists into power in Russia in order to sabotage the national economy of Russia so they would not industrially replace America as leader of the world. And President Wilson worked with the Wall Street bankers including the Rockefellers and Rothschild front bankers for the overthrow of the Czarist national economy while still vulnerable to international intervention by Wash., D.C., etc.

www.fastboomamericaneconomy.com fastboomamericaneconomy.com@gmail.com If any problems with PayPal buttons, can send in loan payments made out to NIFI and say for "Omni Law." Mail to NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 Canadians, etc. You may back us as our economic answers are also going to boom your national economies as well! We have answers for the world economy and not just American economy. However, we will fast boom America! Give us your email so we may send receipts for money received and put you on our email list!



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