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Friday, April 21, 2017

"Dreams and Ideas for OWK" by Regina - 4.21.17

Entry Submitted by Regina at 1:20 PM EDT on April 21, 2017

Letter to the One Who Knows

For the site of sharing dreams and Ideas

First of all I like to express my gratitude to Patrick and the OHK for this wonderful service to bring all together so we all have a chance to fulfill our visions desires and missions. It is a tremendous service for all mankind and our beloved Mother Earth. Eternal blessings love and light for eternity

This is a wondrous moment of bliss and joy for me as right now what we experience has been my wish, my desire, my vision as well as my light work of re-creating and manifesting a “Global Light Paradise” on Earth sine I was youngster (www.golballightparadise.com under reconstruction in this moment). I had the privilege to be born as an awakened being with the power to resist any cabal teachings trying to shut down my direct contact to source and the light powers, the angelic realms and the light brother and sisters of outer space. So, I knew at the age of 16 already that I came to assist the planet to rise into the light again and all my life was only devoted to this purpose.

God sent me several times around the globe – first to work, to learn about other cultures and life styles to integrate them and to understand diversity in oneness, the second time to do my part of the global light work of planetary activation and healing, the third time to enter the financial world seeking huge amount of money for the projects given by source to be realized on earth. Well as I reached there I found out that it was to learn about corruption and how the world is forced to be what it is NOT, a prison of some few families, believing they own the world and all in on and around it. This was 20 years ago – I was ready to manifest a new world in love and light. I have been told that I am 20 to 30 years ahead of time and that I would have to wait (banks)

So, I felt a credit is not the right way and I entered the international business world and I made huge amount of money by big deals as God said I will have to reach the top of the financial world. I did, but of course I never got my earnings even declared as legal, clear and clean, as I would have changed the world. The Heaven-lies told me I had to learn, getting the money in my hands I would have been killed and I would get it millionfold at one moment. This moment has arrived and I am so excited.

My dreams always were to see every single human being happy, joyful with all opportunities to find their own talents and essence to create a harmonious world in peace and prosperity. To see every single animal in their original restored environment, without abuse of any kind. A paradise on earth with mankind knowing, that they all are made of light, being part of the one life and power of creation. All professions I learned, all skills and talents I developed were all just different aspects to understand our true multidimensional being, to become the whole of I need to be, to understand how the global shift has to happen, adding my part in working as one with source becoming a messenger of love, peace and change.

Here my ideas or better said my vision and heart desire has given me the perfect platform to develop my projects which were ready to go so long ago. They mostly have already presentations and are ready to go after some adjustments. Here are some I have been trained from the heavenly ones to manifest and to train all those who feel called to be a part of this department of the global train I can offer and add to change the world

Enlightened Healing: Crystalline Light Pyramid Healing Centers all over the globe: Accelerated Awakening and Healing in one, shifting any kind of disease into health even so called incurable ones. Guiding people to the root cause of disease they understand HOW they created their disease and learn how to shift it back to health – many healing miracles are happening this way very fast like Tuberculosis last state heal in 2 weeks and a half). All is possible. Offering classes with certification through the Matrix Light Academy. Stop the lie about cancer. There are 35 different natural ways to cure cancer. We could save so many lives with our natural Amazon Healing Juices the last 20 years – cancer has no chance as well as Diabetes and much more. In the healing Center there will be all kind of therapies – for more information please ask Patrick to communicate with me – it is one I all and all in one

As an enlightened Messenger I wish to heal and to teach the healers first, so they can understand the missing link to true healing the own self and apply it to their own clients, called Multidimensional Quantum Healing. I wish to share the gift of God to stop the lies of the medicine world killing masses of precious souls, so every human can begin to shine the own light. When all people are enlightened out planet will shine as a sun of life (Name of my Foundation), as we are the light and the love – just need to learn how to vibrate and to BE it. Programs available and ready to go. 2.) Golden Key Teachings are leading to a joyful healthy happy and prosper life, understanding cosmic eternal laws, the essence of life, individual life codes hidden within, finding the inner light and the own inner body mind – heart – soul – source connection and alignment, becoming and enlighten Galactic Human Being

Diamond Light Ascension Journeys will come along next year to open the portal of “Accelerated Awakening and Healing” for and understanding Multidimensional Quantum Healing and the power to stay healthy by self-control opening access to the own crystalline structure within, gaining power of the own cells = The power of spirit in action (The Power of Spirit my Brand)- We also will create a radio show – teachings for the new paradigm of light

Enlightened Teaching: Time to shift the education beyond belief and guide children to their inner essence and life mission instead feeding them with so much material that they get stressed out in early age. Joyful learning- as I could experience with my classes as collage and Univ. teacher – the most brutal kids change in short time and it is a blessing to see how they turn to the light and get all fantastic results. I wish to share the secrets of enlightened learning with teachers, so they know how to shift brutality in class rooms into love and joyful learning which makes teachers and students happy.

With my Foundation: Help street children to get homes and education, Street Elders as well, building facilities for abused miss-treated and violated children, help young raped girls who already are mothers to learn a profession, so they can have a normal and protected life (concept ready to go), Children in any kind of misery must be rescued (Ariel Sun of Life Foundation)

Animals: I always collected all kind of street animals – of course as feeling one with nature the environment is a huge mission. I wish to cut off all animal trials which are so brutal and unhuman as we never see what really is going on – worse as concentration camps, helping to build shelters of all kind and support those who already have a facility struggling for funding all around the globe, empowering them to do a more effective job. Bringing veterans and animals together in beautiful shelter homes, so the veterans get back to open again for love and care. Animals are so wonderful healers. Facilities with organic plantations for useful self-care with all kind of therapies helping them to let go the horrors of war finding back into a normal life.

Environment Water: wanting to save the world I as entered the technical world – we have waste water treatment plants for any kind of industry and municipal waters without environmental impact. Most of the projects are stuck or in a drawer waiting for credit lines that never came or stopped by corrupt authorities. So, with the funds Mother Earth will sing as the waters can be cleaned in high speed around the world without suppression from authorities.

Trash: The new technology of trash elimination has advanced so far that all can be taken in even all old trash deposits and shifted into Eco Products – the system is ready to go. Old tires and any kind of trash can be processed without environmental impact. My vision is to place the equipment’s at sites where people living from the trash, they can learn how to work in the system gain their money, can be co-owner and spiral out of poverty, no more kids and poor seeking in trash deposits in this beautiful world – get rid of plastic of any kind and learn how to life an environmental friendly life.

Organic Farming – Desire to heal the world eliminating poisoning food production and healthy food processing without any chemicals – ready to go with many farmers ready to produce

Many projects sitting in a waiting list also for reforestation, there is a tree growing up in 5 years to the size need for furniture – if cut it grows again from the same trunk and can be cut again 5 years later – a nice system to avoid cutting forests. University of environment protection teaching students to reach their highest goods as human beings one with nature and all life, in spiritual science and technological innovations, inventions in all sections for water, air, earth, energy and golden age technology. They learn to live with open hearts in respect for all life in any form.

Helping schools in misery and there are uncountable amounts in all third world countries, so if you are from such a place just communicate and help will be there

Construction: Source showed us raw material we can create water and fire proven bricks from and as well be used as organic basic for soil less food plantations to create fields of greens on desert soils for example

Finally, I dream of creating an own bank called: MATRIX WEALTH BANK – a giving bank for good projects that help all the above-mentioned ways to re-create a New Global Light Paradise in need of funding. As uncountable hearts and hands are need to do all the work my vision and desire always was to create a Network of Networks bringing them all together like the new hologram of light around the globe– interlink them all so information can flow freely around the world and work can be done much faster - later without even a need to travel as we are all over the world just informing each other what where is need. Isn´t that a glorious vision? Partnership of Light, spiraling the world out of financial dependencies

May all our dreams and visions come through with NESARA and all the ones who are ready to move on transforming the world into the paradise it has been at the beginning of time before the fall.

I am excited embracing the world, the planet with all life – universes and galaxies – all the heavenly ones as we are all working together for the one goal, becoming glorious light beings we all are and life as such. If you feel a heart call to communicate with me – my heart and arms are always open. If you wish to have more information about one specific part or project – feel free to ask, to offer, to participate – your questions will be answered

Dreaming our projects into reality needs devotion and there is so much do as well as we will integrate in many ways

We are so honored to be part of this moment….. millions of blessings

In One Love and One Light embracing the shift




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