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Sunday, April 30, 2017

"Break in Pattern" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Backdoc


GFulcher66 » April 30th, 2017

One exciting thing to me that is a break in pattern is that QUIET is everywhere on what is taking place, just not rv related but all that T is accomplishing... DB mentioned IPO and that is the norm for them to get very quiet before the final profit is rolled out!

RE: Upstart said (Post #153) IN THE LAST HOUR :

Exclusive News - News reporter now:

Daesh withdrew from Al-Nouri mosque following the progress of the Iraqi forces

LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVyYkl8PwpM

Live report at 15:07 hrs in Iraq April 30th

Publication date is March 30th. More evidence that this thing is already done ?

BACKDOC » April 30th, 2017


Libertyu78 » April 30th, 2017

Awesome. However, it begs the question, why did Abadi hold back the announcement he said he would do. It's probably not because it's not done if they were this close a month ago. I think they are obviously controlling the timing of information getting released. But he gave himself a schedule and then broke it. And this article would suggest it's not because there's more to do. So what did happen? What are we missing?

Toledobound » April 30th, 2017

Possibly the 3 day news lag? Maybe we will hear of it by Tues. or Wed.

Jay » April 30th, 2017

Imo. They are going through the process of 1000. 1. Citizen education. 32 + million peeps, it takes time. So for the video to be a month old tells me the citizens are the process, script and Time Framed. Imo.

EdW » April 30th, 2017

I guess with only a 1week extension on the debt ceiling we'll see something soon ….exciting times for sure!

Tommy17 » April 30th, 2017

I think Abadi and Trump are ready to get this thing started. But the timing has to perfect imo

HappyGolfer » April 30th, 2017

Backdoc im not sure if this is a correct idea in thinking about the dong being a better bang for your buck. I heard this in chat a few times not sure I agree. The rial has always looked good for a better return than the dong. If you don't mind my asking what is your thoughts on this matter.

BACKDOC » April 30th, 2017


Cole » April 30th, 2017

Frank do you think Iraq will launch e-tender on May 1? Aka 4 hours from now... if so, they need a rate... imo...

We have not seen anything so far denying the May 1 e-tender date. (Edinar/LD/RV)

Could they push it back to May 5? Hmmmmm that would be very interesting... but if they have the al-Nouri Mosque today... what will we see tomorrow?....... hmmmmmm

Don961 » April 30th, 2017

Rapid progress of Iraqi forces in Mosul .. and Aldoaash falling lying on

30/04/2017 11:05 | Number of readings: 324

Press direction / follow-up

Iraqi forces advanced towards the area around the Al-Nouri Mosque in Mosul from the axis of a new door rod dairy amid missile strike also announced the killing of thirty elements of the terrorist group Daesh.

He criticized the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to adopt some politicians for propaganda terrorist group Daesh, promote and weaken the morale of the Iraqi armed forces.


Official snipers "Daesh" killed near Mosul mosque Nouri Ayman

30/04/2017 06:29 | Number of readings: 74

Direction Press

The so-called security forces killed by snipers in the official criminal gangs Daesh near the Great Mosque of Al-Nouri.

He said a news source, said federal police forces managed to kill the criminal Alguenasian official named Abu Omar al-Libi.

The source added that the security forces are progressing significantly towards Al-Nouri mosque to free him from the grip of Daesh criminal. jh


Upstart » April 30th, 2017

You just can't trust the media.

Well, most of the time anyway

Let's just try to understand what is going on. We all know that Daesh have to be defeated and that is now a certainty.

The military campaign to re-take Mosul commenced on 16th October and has seemingly dragged on in slow motion at times.

There have been numerous occasions where media reports have clearly been repeats, leading you to question the chronological accuracy at the very least.

When a village is reported captured and you know that was already reported a week or more prior, you have to go hmmmm.

Here is the bit where you might choose to call me a conspiracy theorist, but stay with me.

This is a sort of review of things we've already covered and I think you will recognise some of this.

Firstly, if you look beyond our western media, you will find stories that put the whole account of what is happening on its head. In an earlier message I did say that I believed that Mosul was largely abandoned by Daesh in the early stages.

They are believed to have slipped across into Syria, which explained how they were able to surprise Syrian forces and take Palmyra for a second time. Figuring out how and why involves going down some rabbit holes and I'm not going to do that here.

The Daesh resistance we have seen on the media as Mosul is taken has been by a relatively small 'stay behind' force who pop up from their tunnels and shoot & scoot. They set IED's and remotely detonate them. This sort of fighting in urban areas is slow and potentially very costly for the attacker.

With this in mind, the following video, published Nov 21st, will make a lot of sense to you. Read this description, then watch it....

A car is travelling down the left (East) bank of the river into Mosul. Note the lack of daesh, not even at the sentry post under the motorway junction. They continue and turn left at a crossroads into a neighborhood. As they turn, you will see the new Grand Mosque on the left. This is the modern mosque which was under construction before the 2003 invasion.

It is unfinished, but has allegedly been used as a weapons store by Daesh. If you watch the video and then take a look on google earth, you can easily identify their route. Again, I point out... There is absolutely no sign of Daesh.

Iraqi Intelligence in Mosul (Subtitled in English)

Next video is from Al AAn Arabic Tv. It is filmed in Western Mosul and the reporter is on a roof, with the camera zooming in to the Al Nouri Mosque. The mosque is very distinctive, due to its leaning old minaret tower. Notice how eerily empty and quiet the streets are. No sign of life, but that area is clearly under the control of the good guys. ​

This video was released on April 8th. I have to suspect that what we are seeing is far more advanced than the media is telling us. Bear in mind the effective range of a high powered sniper rifle with telescopic sights, then look at them zooming the camera to the mosque

I do not believe for one minute that they would stand in such an exposed position for so long if it was in the enemy field of fire. So, I deduce that the area between the camera and the mosque is sterile. Take a look for yourself :

Advancing to Nouri Grand Mosque, Mosul

(Notes posted by the news channel: organization # Daesh in Zndjeli neighborhood near the mosque # Nouri great center of the right side of # Mosul .

Showed exclusive footage from the top "News Now" the courtyard of the Great Nouri Mosque , where he gave him Daesh Abu Bakr , the leader of # Baghdadi his famous speech in 2014 and the absence of this region of Daesh fighters showed as are some of the streets of the region 'supply lines trapped in the surrounding neighborhoods of this mosque and a beacon # humpback in the right side of Mosul.)

So, they are reporting about the area around the mosque being empty and no signs of Daesh. That certainly fits my theory. Not only that, but it seems to suggest a report being filed from the courtyard of the Al Nuri Mosque !!!!!

I said how eerily quiet the place seemed. Agree? Well, here's another one to ponder. It seems to back up my views about the place being eerily quiet. I'm fast coming to the conclusion that a lot more civilians have left than has been reported. Watch the aerial surveillance footage:

Footage: Area empty of Daesh

Are you getting the impression that this news channel know what's really going on ? You might like this next video.

Check the title: Daesh ends where it began

On the same date they published that prophetic item, they also posted this one Closer to Al Nouri Mosque There's only a little bit of footage, but the film was taken from a point much further forward than the report in the video released April 8th, some three days earlier.

About a week ago, a friend brought my attention to this video on the (UK) Daily Mail website: Iraqi flags on poles throughout Mosul

We have to bear in mind that even once an area is taken, there is a long 'editing' process. Every male is interrogated and identity verified. Everyone is interviewed in a quest to identify Daesh members trying to evade capture by pretending to be local civilians. Also, considerable efforts are required to clear any IED's. Then there are the tunnels !

There has been a great deal of expectation concerning the expected announcement of victory in Mosul. The Al Nouri Mosque is symbolic of the so-called caliphate which was declared there by Baghdadi in 2014. I am totally convinced that they are following a scripted timeline and we are about to witness the final act.

Today, I decided to dig for more nuggets and I found the following video, published by the same news channel on march 30th. I almost fell off my seat ! In my excitement I manged to read it as todays date. However, the fact that it is a month old is the confirmation of my theory about this whole pantomime.

The title speaks for itself and makes sense of the reports on subsequent days that I have posted above.

Daesh withdrew from Al Nouri Mosque

Exclusive News - News reporter now: # fighters Daesh withdrew from Al-Nouri mosque following the progress of the Iraqi forces !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone still thinking there's a delay ? No, there isn't, there is a plan.

Frank26 » April 30th, 2017




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