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Saturday, April 1, 2017

"Being Prepared" by Anxious to Begin - 4.1.17

Entry Submitted by Anxious to Begin at 9:53 PM EDT on April 1, 2017

Money is THE Power that overcomes Debt Slavery!

Use it righteously !!!!!

Financial Freedom at any level of Society must be inviolable. It must also be sustainable, retain-able and endurable, and it must absolutely be an individuals right to make his/her own choice as to how it is used. This would mean that money put into the hands of the individual is done so without condition or manipulation. Just like when we get a check and we cash it in and use the money for what we want. Yet how do we do that responsibly for others?

With respect to an individual, being Free means: not bound: at liberty: not under arbitrary government control: unrestrained : unconstrained,.... Part of that could be read as: not being controlled by another Human being or entity. This would also include our freedoms under the constitution that reaffirms our inalienable rights that are enumerated in the Bill of Rights; the first Ten amendments to the Constitution.

Control over others can not be tolerated, regardless of who they are or what our perceived need for them may be. This sticks in the face of the Cabal and the societal belief systems they have created.

When we are married, the marriage ceremony often contains verbiage that requires the woman to subject herself to the will of the man as a supposed trade off for him supporting her and their family financially. Can this be deemed as a control mechanism that gives freedom to the husband to control the wife in defiance to her Constitutional, unalienable rights given to her by God as an individual. Is this a control mechanism inherent in any Cabal Organized Religions that we are going to continue to participate in, regardless of, and in defiance of those rights that are hers by birth as a daughter of God?

There will be a lot of soul searching and new thoughts that are required of our patriarchal society to conform to the higher laws associated with higher dimension vibrations. The question is this: are we ready to change. Are the religions we support and participate in going to change to the new ways of freedom for the individual. Is the man, any man, going to continue to exercise control over another, regardless of the consequences?

Why is this being posted on this Dinar Chronicle sight?

Money is Power. Money often comes into a person's life as a result of hard work, a gift, or other actions that give rise to a feeling that we are better than those less fortunate or less capable than ourselves. It also gives rise to the feeling that we are entitled to control others and dictate what they can do with the money we give to them. It also gives rise to the feelings of entitlement that we can break the higher code we should live by with impunity. Men do it with their wives, their children, their friends and associates, as well as the churches and charities we donate to with all kinds of strings attached so that we can feel good that we have done the right thing with our hard earned money. This thought process is supported by society and so we justify ourselves according to the social mores and participate in exercising control over others – and it is often, if not always, done unrighteously.

Consider this new definition for righteousness: the right use of energy. This is God's definition of righteousness. Money = energy.

If money is energy, and it is, and there is a right use available for it's use, and there is, then our responsibility is to find that use and perform our labors of love using the money in ways that conform to God's will, and, yes, that is our responsibility. Period. There is no exception. It is our stewardship given to us by God to spend or use this money in such a way that we do not violate any of God's laws even if we say we think we are coming from our hearts. We have to obey natural laws to be righteous in the use of this energy, we have to obey these laws in order to accomplish the good that we desire to do. There is no other way. If we don't use this money righteously then we will suffer personally and the potential good we could do will fall short of its intended use. Money used unrighteously put us in the category of the Cabal minions and we will find ourselves wondering why we have failed to accomplish our goals regardless of how magnanimous they were. It will not produce the joy in our lives that we thought it would. The house we bought for millions of dollars will not become a home for us. The cars we bought to impress others will not be a joy for us. It is that simple. Wait and see what happens if you don't agree with this, in beginning. You will in the end!

Yosef and others have said that we must surrender to God. Completely and entirely without holding back.

The question is what do we surrender, what is God's will that is so different than our will that we need to surrender?

The answer is very personal and requires all of your efforts to come to know what it is that you must surrender or give up.

It requires one to come to know God's laws or universal laws that are the basic laws that govern the Universe. Violation of these basic laws produces: unhappiness, chaos, lack of personal freedoms, divorce, given to exercise control over others unrighteously, wars. lack, not enough love, not enough food, lack of respect for others, lack of doing unto others as you would have others to do unto you, bad government, bad financial systems, greed, and this list goes on and on until one is exhausted. In other words what the Cabal has created for us. We are not taught these things as laws anywhere; in schools, churches or higher places of learning. It is exceptional that even our parents know of these laws as laws and those who know seldom teach them outside of religious teachings that are often

Are we really ready to get this money and use it righteously?

To some degree, we are ready. To a possibly greater degree we might not be. Do the Elders believe we are ready? Does God think we are ready? Do the ones that will push the “Go” button think we are ready? None of us really knows. None of us can predict what we will accomplish. We can get a vision or an idea of what and how we can get this recovery of humanity completed but like any truth that the future holds, we simply don't know. Are we collectively and individually holding up this gift that we will receive by our lack of understanding of the principles that govern the right use of this energy we call money? By what supposedly great authority do we tell the powers that be, that we are ready willing and able to do this work, so go ahead and push that darn “Go” button? Are we like the child on the floor putting on our temper tantrum trying to get what we want when in reality we have no clue what we are asking for or how to proceed?

Let us use each day that this gift is delayed, to further prepare our humanitarian projects with our desire to be in alignment with correct principles that will produce what we really and truly desire as the outcome of our humanitarian work. Let us rejoice in everyday we are delayed, so we can further prepare to do our work effectively and in aliment with universal law. It will take everything we have to be prepared for this work. Let God, Allah, Jehovah, Jesus, or whomever is your source of love personified, be our guide and our joy as we move forward in love for our brothers and sisters in this family of humanity. We are entitled to their guidance and love, we are all they have to do this work and with their help WE WILL SUCCEED. We are strong, we are united and we are doing the inside work to change ourselves and conform to the laws that govern our moving ahead and receiving our Gift.

So be our resolve each day our Gift is delayed to further prepare for our humanitarian work.

Anxious to Begin



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