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Saturday, April 15, 2017

"Banking on Bankers" by GK - 4.14.17

Entry Submitted by GK at 4:54 PM EDT on April 14, 2017

I want to further explain the Sumerian Swindle. The author is unknown but I know what many are thinking.

If a person agrees to a loan then they are agreeing to pay interest, and there is nothing wrong with bankers making money.

In Sumeria, 6000 plus years ago, there was a point where all the agricultural efforts that fed the townspeople came about through the idea if one farmer had a bad harvest his neighbor picked up the slack and over time this cooperation always meant everyone worked, contributed, were fed, seeds were provided, structures built communally but voluntarily... Common decency and common sense dictated what was best for everyone.

Then a swindler came to town and he began loaning seeds, or tools or goats in exchange for two goats later, or other bartered surpulses. So the immediate change to the agricultural community was that that swindler (business man) began to stockpile and horde the materials of society while the lender lost everything from land to daughters.

The swindler created institutions including storing gold (Goldsmiths) and offering receipts that was essentially fiat paper currency. Since no one came back to check on or audit gold supplies these swindlers helped their friends and families by giving them receipts for gold they did not have. The Haves were born, the suckers multiplied, poverty, hunger, homelessness, disease, ghettos, crime was born.

Banking as the King of capitalism was born. And of course taxation to further the imbalance as a tool of control.

IF the goal had always been providing for everyone, empowering the worker and the family and solid communities the original premise could have taken form as a bank that was there as a public utility. Like a road is a public utility.

Money storage and lending could have been the main purpose of a bank serving as a utility to facilitate all other products and services. Not for profit but to make sure all other free enterprise had prosperity for the community as the goal.

But instead a few swindlers soaked the many dry and part of that game was creating busts and booms, recessions and depressions and buying up what the little guy forfeited by not being able to keep up.

We have a world where 3rd world parents end up selling their children. How can a system like that be allowed to stand for centuries?

Or where people were (are) sold into slavery.

This was empowered by the ruthless money masters and as the previous article alludes to it as being fraud. Well one may argue every person involved in the lending had their eyes wide open and if we are being honest with ourselves, which pirates don't do, the lending institution always knew that the deal they struck wasn't to help others but to help themselves.

One cannot borrow themselves into the black. Borrower always servant to lender for perpetuity.

And step by step the banks enacted new con artistry to the bag of tricks like funding spies to foment war then lending to both sides and being the major financiers of weapons.

Will we as the species called humanity ever realize we have to adapt a system that does not allow for predators to feed off the masses but the masses to protect systems that empower labor, civil societies, and commerce that facilitates necessity as goods and services, like carpentry, and plumbing and other forms of skilled trade that needs a currency to exchange to make the free enterprise run for quality of life, not a lop sided vicious game.

To achieve this, banking needs to be the road free enterprise runs on.... NOT LENDER dominant but borrower dominant in that USURY is virtually abolished. That the bank that keeps the money safe and convenient is there to facilitate society.

We are told that this global currency reset is about that but no one has explained a real plan to change it. The SDR, and gold backed and resource backed currencies still have the very same cut throat families in place... or jockeying for position.

Microchips are to contain all commerce and health records and transhumanism patents are flourishing as people are to be melded with technology and genetic manipulation as if God or nature didn't already create amazing beings who have always proven their extraordinary gifts on this extraordinary planet.

It still looks like counterfeit ideas are trying hard to replace God and nature just as it has been for 6000 years or more...

The reason your friends and family refuse to buy into this reset is because it is quite absurd. Sure we can argue jubilee and reset, and good guys and all sorts of rationalizations but honestly, it's like tying balloons to an airplane that no longer flies.

If this is indeed going forward then yes, I would rather be part of having currency that will have value at the right moment in history, but that does not erase an intelligent rational objective overview of holding reality accountable. Insisting we not be naive, or gullible or part of a problem and not a solution, to be just as bad as the families that profitted off of slaves and dead soldiers.

And tantamount to that end is knowing who what when where and how of past, present and future and that is the reality that a few sacrifical lambs may end up under the bus, while the usual suspects change names to still thrive in secret fraternities of control.

Is the planet big enough for blood ritualists to slide back into the dark underground and regroup? If we the currency holders are aware of all this because we were able to see that the ped network, 911, bohemian grove, secret societies weren't conspiracy lunacy but in actuality well documented fact, that led us to being investors... shouldn't we then be the leaders who insist our sudden wealth does not distract us from justice that needs to be done. And that it cannot be achieved by allowing the Sumerian swindle to return under a new coat of paint.

It's the system stupid...

...although a system is only as good as the integrity of the people who are its administrators. A fox in charge of a hen house will always be well fed.

Yes we are told over and over good guys and God and grandfathers are marching bad guys into oblivion but seriously... the process needs way more transparency.

That would mean an entire week of TV that explains the truth behind the twin towers collapse. Do any of you think we are going to see that?

That would be justice.

But I for one highly doubt it, unless it's a re-write to frame patsies... Like it has always been.

I thought you said the global currency reset would never go past Halloween...
and by the way a rat just crawled into your pocket. And the bus is coming. Go RV.



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