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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

"A Float is Coming" - Wed. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


MadeeandLyndee » April 19th, 2017

WOW, now there are two other countries that plan to float their currency in the very near future. Will Iraq be the third? We know how Frank likes things in 3's. I pray it is so.

Frank26 » April 19th, 2017


Jay » April 19th, 2017

Imo. They will be AFTER IRAQ. And are part of the 40 countries that Trump mentioned about a month ago.

This IS happening Family. Imo. Proof everywhere. I also feel the tax cuts for the USA have been delayed to do this RV first. For the time it would take to revamp our taxes would be a UUUUUUUGE DELAY. TRUMP DOESNT WANT THAT..IMO IMO.

Don961 » April 19th, 2017

Tunisia resort to partially float the dinar to absorb the pain of its economy

April 19, 2017 in the Media Center comments on Tunisia resort to float the dinar partially to absorb the pain of a closed economy

The Tunisian government confirmed the sincerity of the expectations that accompanied the debate in economic circles over the last period, when revealed yesterday, it plans to partially float the dinar after pressure from the International Monetary Fund to reform its economy deteriorating.

He said Finance Minister Lamia yardman said that "the central bank will reduce its interventions to reduce the value of the dinar gradually, but it will not be allowed to plunge a large local currency, as happened in Egypt when the float was the pound."

She explained during an interview with local private Radio Express Av.am to reduce the value of the dinar against the global currency will gradually, but did not say when it will take the step that came too late, as economists say.

He visited Tunisia Monetary Fund mission last week, to determine the extent of the completion of the reforms undertaken by the government to release the second installment estimated $ 350 million of the total loan of $ 2.9 billion.

It revealed a government document presented to the IMF got "Arabs," a copy of which was that "there is an intention to change the pattern of intervention in relation to the amendment of the dinar exchange rate against foreign currencies, and its willingness to re-drafting of the dinar exchange law against foreign currencies."

It is assumed to raise the central bank, in charge of monetary policy in the country, his hand from the local currency in part to leave her full freedom to move, according to the law of supply and demand in the foreign exchange market.

Although the move is inevitable, but there is fear about a possible sudden and large dinar sliding Such a move would cause a lot of negative repercussions on the country's crippled economy, where prices will rise completely without limiting the prices of goods supplied.

Read More Here: http://rawabetcenter.com/archives/44862

Don961 » April 19th, 2017

Morocco plans to start floating the dirham in June

April 19, 2017 in the Media Center comments on Morocco plans to start the dirham float in June closed

Rabat - Morocco plans to start editing the dirham exchange rate of the process by June and set a tight timetable for the float, which is a major part of the economic liberalization program was agreed upon with international creditors.

The governor of the Central Bank of Morocco jeweler Abdul Latif told Reuters yesterday that "access to the full exchange rate flexibility may take 15 years."

The jeweler had indicated last June that the local currency reform will begin in early 2017, without specifying the actions that will be required so.

Morocco and worked, the largest importer of energy in North Africa, to work with the IMF to liberalize its currency with the public finances of the country reinforce the support of the decline in world oil prices.

Late last year, the government said that the first steps towards the liberalization of the exchange rate will be taken in the second half of 2017, but the jeweler hinted at an early start.

The Governor of the Bank of Morocco during a conference of Arab finance ministers in the capital, Rabat, "We will begin the first phase of liberalization DRAM in the second quarter ... I can not say how much it will take each stage, it depends on the market."

The current exchange rate of the dirham pegged to a basket of the euro constitutes 60 percent of the weight of the dollar and 40 percent.

The move sparked a debate among economists floatation, who split between the big welcome prospects that can be opened by the Moroccan economy, and between afraid of the repercussions of the decision on the economy and the purchasing power of citizens.

He ruled out the economic expert Tayeb Oaas, who runs a financial consulting office, to have the Moroccan decision to float the currency, any negative repercussions on the local economy.

Abdul Latif jeweler: We will start in the dirham exchange rate liberalization process by June next

He said that "the consequences will not be significant because the economic indicators in the development of good now, allowing this level of openness to trade on the Moroccan currency," stressing that the country's economy could greatly benefit from the flotation because of the great competitiveness.

The flotation is based on the dirham project a gradual transition towards more flexible in order to enhance the competitiveness of Morocco's economy and its ability to cope with external shocks drainage system.

The International Monetary Fund confirms that the Moroccan financial sector is structured in solid and that the risks to financial stability remain limited and is likely that the value of the dirham will not fall immediately after the float.

The head of the IMF mission to Morocco, Nicolas Blanchet last December, said that "the dirham will not fall immediately after the adoption of the Central Bank of a flexible exchange rate regime because the reform will be gradual and do not expect fluctuations, because all the necessary conditions for a smooth transition are available."

Read More Here: http://rawabetcenter.com/archives/44868

Frank26 » April 19th, 2017

What did TEAM CHAT teach You last night?

Aggiedad77 » April 19th, 2017

Hmmmm.......that a float is coming.....that mucho $$$$'s are moving......that a certain Foreign Reserve is swelling......that Frank is a happy camper......do I go on....am I warm Aloha Randy

FaithPrevails » April 19th, 2017

I have a question in our studies do we have any details on the typical time a country takes to go from 1000 to one to new rate?

Second does Iraq have to hide it 3 days or could a variance be granted to Prom Queen. Great job Doodles and Randy

highlyFavored » April 19th, 2017

Not sure if your second question got answered yet? Delta did say on last Monday's CC that when the CBI does show a rate they will have 24 hrs to let other banks know they are changing their rate. Delta also said that they will either do it after or before banking hours. Hope this helps.

Aggiedad77 » April 19th, 2017

Article: Abadi in Mosul to inspect the conduct of military operations

Abadi up to Mosul to inspect and how about make an announcement based on his findings....go ahead say it Abadi....TA-FREAKIN'-DA......what that F26 dude says......where's my cookie now......no cookie yet Abadi.....on a roll....

Go ahead and tell us about your reserves......and what is coming next.....what you and the IMF are setting up.....it's ok to jump the gun a little....we know you want to do it.....LOL Aloha Randy

Don961 » April 19th, 2017

Abadi in Mosul to inspect the conduct of military operations

Ali Rasouli April 19, 2017 BAGHDAD - The Journal News

Lose the Prime Minister, General Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi, Wednesday, the conduct of military operations in the city of Mosul, the Nineveh province.

Abadi said the Office, in a statement, "Journal News", received a copy of it that "the Prime Minister, General Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi, arrived this morning, to the city of Mosul, the Nineveh province."

The statement added that "Abadi's visit to the connector, is to inspect the pieces are coming, Nineveh operations, which participate in the battle to liberate Ayman al-Mosul forces."

The joint security forces continue, the process of editing aspects in the right coast of the connector, the center warned civilians and taking into account, at the time of the terrorist organization Daesh continues its losses and defeats its ranks before offering troops liberated.




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