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Monday, April 10, 2017

"A Few Cookies" - Mon. AM KTFA Thoughts/News


Re: Frank26's Sunday Night Video https://youtu.be/cycaE2T5zQg

Jay » April 10th, 2017

My interpretation of why we won't see 1.1 is because we don't watch the same CBI that Delta watches. That requires a membership as Frank has taught.

The rate that the CBI posts that we will see is a mkt value rate of the ENGLISH side of the site that we watch.

Sounds obvious, but I hope its sheds some light for the newbies. Oh Yeah. Imo.

Cole » April 10th, 2017

Frank the video was inspiring tonight.... might I say you left us a few cookies... yes whole cookies... imo... man of great generosity... i think everyone went into a food coma after that video... lots of recap, concepts to ponder, and new intel to dissect... sorry for the not so many comments... but I definitely had to watch it a few times before even having anything to say... impeccable job once again.

Oddly enough I'm kind of sad about the iqd chapter of our lives closing.... but trust me... the good DEFINITELY outweighs the bad lol....

May I point out some nuggets you left in that video? You gave us a math equation... 4 bil notes in circulation... 10k iqd average each note= 40t.... 11.5 billion iqd newly printed... in order to at least match the same amount in circulation the rate would have to be 3.5 usd to 1 iqd... not to mention the frozen assets and recovered stolen funds and the extra money from diversity in the Iraqi markets... imo this will be the worlds most expensive currency...

Another nugget I found was NO MORE AUDITS!! Audits completed tomorrow? Really?

You mean international audits? Oh ya..... TA DA FRANKIN DA.... audits to determine a rate... after the audit comes the RV imo...

Samson » April 10th, 2017

Council of Wasit announces disabled official working on Tuesday

10 mins ago

Wasit Provincial Council announced on Monday, disable official working in the province on Tuesday.

The President of the Council page on Facebook, a story seen by "Tomorrow 's Press", the "Council of Wasit announces disruption of the official working day on Tuesday on April 11 to mark the birth of Imam Ali , peace be upon him. LINK

Samson » April 10th, 2017

Dhi Qar: We have received benefits of 60 billion dinars to the farmers in 2016

2017/4/9 20:44

The chairman of the Agricultural Committee Council of Dhi Qar province, Rajah Disqualified, on Sunday, for the handover of 60 billion dinars for farmers accrued to them from the share of 2016, pointing out that this amount is equivalent to the gain of 77% of the share of the peasantry.

He Disqualified in a press statement followed the agency all of Iraq [where] that "silos Dhi Qar [Nasiriyah and Al - Rifai] delivered the peasants of the province of 60 billion dinars accrued to them from the share of the year 2016 , " noting that " the remaining owed by the Ministry of Commerce 15 billion dinars only dues last year "pointing out that" the amount distributed form 77% out of 100% meaning that the remaining 23%. "

He noted that "the Ministry of Commerce remaining 11 billion dinars Bzmtha accrued to the peasants of Dhi Qar of the year 2015".

He added that "achieved ratios of winter agricultural plan for the wheat crop last season and reached 98%, either outside the government 's plan stood at 46%.


Samson » April 10th, 2017

Iraq issued a statement on the ten advance salaries for employees

04/10/2017 - 12:00

It announced the Rafidain Bank , on Monday, that the granting of ten advance to the salaries of the ministries and state institutions are calculating the nominal salary of the employee with marital allowances and certificate.

The Information Office of the Bank said in a statement , "Economy News" received a copy of it that " the granting of ten advance salaries to the ministries and state institutions are calculating the nominal salary of an employee with a fixed allotment of the marital certificate should not exceed the advance of 10 million dinars."

The office , "added the bank to develop legal conditions for the granting of such advance staff to be a period of paid 5 years and equal monthly installments , " he said, adding that " the interest rate of 9% per annum is calculated on a straight declining and pay fixed installments with installments of the advance after a month from the date of grant.


Don961 » April 10th, 2017

Trade Bank is doing their part ... setting a good example for other banks to follow ... providing products and services to encourage the people to bring in that chunky money .. getting that currency circulating .. putting it to work for the benefit of the whole country .. imo

Samson » April 10th, 2017

Alheims for {morning}: Trade Bank of Iraq achieve the objectives of the reformist government

10th April, 2017

The first product deserve in the banking sector

In line with the directions of reform of the Iraqi economy through the development and promotion of productivity and financial sector and banking sectors, Director General of the Trade Bank of Iraq, Faisal Alheims stressed the progress in achieving the goals of the government through the introduction of new tools and products achieve financial liquidity to rotate the wheel of the economy.

And launched Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI), a product "deserve" for the first time in Iraq, in order to encourage citizens to deposit and saving the right ways in which the world followed, to keep the money from theft and loss in homes, as well as the entry of these funds the economic cycle in the country, what to achieve sustainable development in the medium and long term.

Products and tools to support said Alheims in a statement the"morning": "Trade Bank of Iraq works to promote competition in the banking sector and the introduction of new tools and products in support of this sector enhance its strength in the country, as well as giving a positive image to the international community."

Promised General Manager This product is a new idea stimulated citizen to deposit his money in the bank and the possibility of withdrawing at any time want to do, especially as the goals that operates the bank is credibility, transparency and mutual confidence, indicating that this product is the beginning of the road to open new horizons with citizens to seek to be trade Bank of Iraq in the first TBI launch such products, which are not inconsistent with the requirements and instructions of the Central Bank.

Expand the trust network Alheims noted the endeavor of his bank put products and tools similar to a certificate of deposit (deserve) a product ( an opportunity) addressed to the owners who own commercial property, not residential, as well as a new service is (jamaraat) targeting discerning customers of the Bank. He noted that these products and services geared to local beneficiaries and is helping to expand the network of trust between the public and the bank.

He pointed to rival other banks are going in the same direction and trying to provide products and services similar to services (TBI), returned them positive and healthy, will be reflected on the Iraqi economy in general banking sector, especially that Iraq is a large owner of the wealth of a country large population density, as it re -trust between the citizen and the banking sector, through the development of better services to the customer and offer.

The product idea (deserve) that the citizen deposit of 500 thousand dinars to enter into three withdrawals carried out by the bank in a transparent manner and under the supervision of oversight from the central bank, the monthly prize worth 10 million dinars certificates over the 15 days, and 40 million dinars for certificates that passed issuance 90 days, to enter the semi - annual withdrawn from , either the large annual withdrawals worth 100 million dinars for the certificates to be issued over 180 days.

The goals of economic reforms , said the Director - General said the bank has done a questionnaire to the extent accepted the idea deserve before putting them on the market, and record positive results, but the turnout audience exceeded the results of the questionnaire and expectations, and that the desire of the citizen experience of new banking products, having strengthened the bank 's public confidence in him, as well as change their desire to hoard money at home and deposited in the bank, and this is in line with the objectives of the government within the framework of economic reforms.

And achieved the Iraqi Trade Bank of $ 3 and a half billion dinars by nearly 7000 holder of the certificate of deposit (deserve), according Alheims, pointing out that the aim of the new products provide liquidity and investment for the intervention of the economic cycle, thus moving the wheel of the economy of the country, especially since the certificate deposit can not afford to pay an added benefit.

As for the product (opportunity), summarized the Director General as a loan to the owners of commercial real estate exclusively, the style granted and payment depends on the value of the TTM inside of the commercial real estate which is comparable to commercial financing , which depends on the profitability of the company , which is the source of payment, especially as the international banks have become based on future cash flows instead of collateral, indicating that this product is awaiting approval by the Central Bank, which is a supporter of the banks , the president of the country.




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