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Saturday, April 8, 2017

"6 Questions and 6 Answers" - One Who Knows - 4.8.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 8:00 PM EDT on April 8, 2017

6 Questions & 6 Answers

I got 6 more questions and gave 6 answers:

Post/Question 1

"Which ZIM Specifically"

Entry Submitted by Quandary at 10:33 AM EDT on April 8, 2017

Can OWK or other appropriate person please define which Zimbabwe currency (eg. ZWD, ZWL, etc.) is being muted as having applicable sovereign / personally negotiated rates available on redemption?

Thank you.




Don't worry about what the Currency code letters are, or mean.. You just hand them your Trillion, Billion, million, or thousand dollar Zim Bonds or the Bearer Checks, and tell them the rate you want.

By the way I got 100% confirmation that the Bearer Checks will be honored as well, and as it turns out, that was always the plan all along.

Post/Question 2

"Simple Remarque for OWK (Why not 'c' instead of 'C'?)"

Entry Submitted by One Who Feels More Than Fine at 5:49 AM EDT on April 8, 2017

Beloved One Who Knows while reading you is a great way to raise our vibration supporting us in our Ascension there is only one thing i don't resonate with in your posts and this is why do you mention ' cabal 'with a big C?

Sooner done than said it will be a past memory and I FEEL YOU KNOW THIS.


One Who Feels More Than Fine.



I use a capital C for cabal, since it is a "Name" of sorts. If it were just a group, I would not say "Group," I would say group. Frankly I like labeling them with that name as it fits them so well. By the way you would NEVER hear me calling them the "dark nobility" as they want to be called.

Post/Question 3

"Will I be able to Exchange my ZIMs?"

Entry Submitted by One Who Is Broke at 7:46 PM EDT on April 7, 2017

Hello Everyone!

I've been following this page for less than one month ago, I am new to all this, however I used to trade forex, so getting the idea was not really that complicated. I see we are really close, but I am afraid I won't be able to do the exchange, I purchased a couple of Zim notes, and they were going to be sent to my country (South America) via USPS... Well USPS did their job and sent it to the postal office in my country, however my Postal office hasn't done their job, they told me that it could take up to 2 months to deliver it to me... I got pissed off so much, at this point I am in hard finacial situation, buying one note and overnight it or use another carrier is not an option... I am trying to get my notes ASAP(Hopefully for this week), I will try to cordinate with them but I really now know how they work and how pathetic they are... If the RV happens and I dont get my Zims on time, I will be out... I guess? Dont think a HSBC will wait for it....

AGAIN if some of you think.. Oh boy, it is only $20 bucks for X notes, $10 shipping you can buy them and use a differenet courier... Well, being poor in any big country must not be good, think about being it in a 3rd World Country... Im not ashamed to recognize I am poor, I do work but I am not getting a paycheck until the end of the month... What if this happens now?

Any thoughts or comments/suggestion will be appreciate it,

One Who Is Broke



If this starts before you get your currency, call HSBC and tell them you have currency in route. Talk to some sort of manager and be sure you are noted by someone as calling in time, but waiting for your currency. #1) There will be a number of days to exchange anyway, and #2) People who have issues such as travel, medical problems or other problems likes yours may set later appointment dates for a time that you can make it to the appointment. Just call Early.

Remember, this is no longer the Cabal, it is good people who want to help you get your money in their bank. Expect to get it in time, and if not, then just work with the Bank to exchange it when you do get it.

By the way, I wouldn't be surprised if someone who reads this post holds a Zim note for you in case you never get yours. There are a lot of people on this site that have way more zim than they could possible use. When the rate was 3 cents with 6 zeros taken off, it made sense, but now at the new high rates, the amount they have is over kill. Expect things to work out and they will.

Post/Question 4

"Question for One Who Knows"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 8:16 PM EDT on April 7, 2017

Dear OWK, got some questions I hope you can answer:

For the ones living outside the US, how will the exchange process will work regarding first basket currencies? Will we get the 1:1 rate for zim or it changes according to each country currency?

Also for the ones of us wanting to do humanitarian projects in another country. Will we have to do a regular currency exchange after our appointment our can the bank do something at the time of our main appointment?

I got my humanitarian projects already planned with the amount of funds required over a certain period of time, is this important at the exchange process? and should I include this in my presentation and ask for the "final rate" required to complete such projects or just exchange my currencies normally?

Thanks for all you do :)



First the $1 to $1 on the Zim was an "In country" rate in Zimbabwe for the lower denominations. In the US, the rate will be over $2/zim without NDA and way higher than that with and NDA.

However, the rate will be slightly different in every country since the currencies rates are different to start with. In example whatever the exchange rate is to go from Zim to USN will be one rate, the rate to go from ZIM to Canadian Dollar, would be slightly different, and the rate to go from the Mexican Peso would be even different than that. The reason is that those three currencies are NOT 1 to 1, so the rates will be different naturally.

You will do all of your exchanging on your first appointment. When you walk out, you will have NO more first basked currencies. Also, it is in that first appointment that you will talk about your projects and ask for the higher rates if you want/need them. Tell them and show them if you like what you have in mind to do with the extra "Gift" money.

On your second appointment, you will be meeting with your Wealth Manager and figuring out what you want to do will all your money and what would be the best ways to set up your different trusts for different things. This will be a relationship you will have for years if not the rest of your life.

When the GCR starts, every country in the World will have exchange instructions that are easy to find and easy to follow. When it starts, see what you can find on line and in the blogs and if you don't get the answers you are looking for, then call the biggest bank in your country to get the instructions. Easy as that.

Post/Question 5

"False Flag and Question of Soul" by One Of The Light - 4.7.17

Entry Submitted by One Of The Light at 3:19 PM EDT on April 7, 2017

Hello Family, I have been keeping up with the events as they unfold, although I understand the reason that we need distractions for this to have cover and I understand the false flags however picturing children supposedly no longer living and everything that goes with that, all of the negative emotions of people caring and loving people with hearts open.

I don't understand why in order to deliver this blessing this world has to threaten to go to war war III before this can be delivered that is what I don't understand.

Please OWK can you help me to understand how such benevolent beings Grandfather the Elders the Galactic's St. Germain and so many others would have to go this far in order to bring this blessing forward I'm sorry I can't see, I need help.

So many people that are not yet awake are so in fear and hopelessness right now and I'm feeling for them I need Benevolent Enlightenment so that I can help them through this time.

One Of The Light



First, it is most likely that this "Fake" attack, was using old video from some other time for the news broadcasts. No one was actually hurt. On the matter of being graphic, these are the final moves of the good guys and the people who are not a wake yet, need a bit more "Shocking" news to get them to start paying attention. Shocking videos can be very effective to make that happen. Also, remember, the next BIG MOVE is to make people call for another change in government so that the Republic has an easier path to become public and take over the old USA Inc. So in that regard, you aint seen nothing yet!!!!

Post/Question 6

"To One Who Knows" by One In The Media - 4.8.17

Entry Submitted by One In The Media at 1:30 PM EDT on April 8, 2017

I have been in TV news for 27 years, and have worked at the highest levels from network to local. I keep reading about cabal manipulation of the news, but I have never personally seen this in action. I have never seen, or heard from my colleagues, about this supposed delivery of fake news. However, I am not conceded enough to believe that I know everything that happens in this business. So, my message is this to One Who Knows: If you are truly in contact with the entities in charge of this RV game, let them know that there are Lightworkers in TV News that are willing to help! Because, let’s face it, the sleeping public is used to getting the “real info” from TV. If some big truth bomb is going to go out, it will have to go through the mainstream media. Put us in the game coach!

One In The Media



Stand by, your time is about to arrive. The good guys KNOW EVERYTHING. In this regard, they already know who you are and that you are "innocent" and not a co creator of the evil agenda. You will be called on to "Take Over" very soon. The big show is about to begin, and your wish is about to be granted.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows



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