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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

"3rd Time Posting Until I Get a Response" by C40 - 4.5.17

Entry Submitted by Compassion4Others at 11:32 AM EDT on April 5, 2017

Post #3 - POSTED ON 4-5-2017

This is the 3rd day in a row posting this video and asking these questions to Guru's.

OWK can you please reply and give us your take on this video and its contents and the questions below?


Feeding the Dragon Pt 1: The China Connection and Global Spying Grid – Trump Connection(updated)


Post #2 - POSTED ON 4-4-2017

Hello Dinarland,

I have yet to have any GURU address these Videos or topics.....so, I guess I will keep posting them until someone does....lol

As a backdrop, COBRA recently stated that the CABAL has 2 factions that are fighting against each other. They are the Clinton/Bush/Rockefellers vs the Trump/Jesuits. What we see on our TV's is not dems vs repubs in the mainstream media......it is the flunkies(dems) that work for C/B/R's trying to argue against and take out the flunkies(repubs) that work for T/J's.


I have often disagreed with Yosef but not because his intel never turns out to be correct. Getting intel wrong is just a reality here in DC.

I support and protect kind, loving people like OWK, even if I sometimes question his posts.....However, I turn into a different person when exposed to bullies or people who insult others in a demeaning or condescending manner.

So, what I have had issue with in regards to Yosef has been his tone and insults of those he does not like, while he forgives others JUST AT BAD as those he HATES. Sanctimonious one moment, full of kindness and forgiveness for the sins of Obama and other Cabal agents and then WAM, he attacks Transgendered people, Caucasians and tells us trump is a woman and a pedophile.....lol Isn't that what all of the CABAL are.....murderers and pedophiles? You either forgive them all or....you judge them all. You can't have it both ways.

With that comedy aside, Yosef has always said Trump was Cabal. It has been documented that Trumps mother was a Kazarian Jew and we also know he is supported by the Jesuits now and in all of his financial dealings for decades. His ties run deep with deep staters and he has surrounded his current government with Cabal players. So, Yosef is right. Trump is Cabal........but he beats the hell out of the other CABAL CHOICE, Hillary Clinton and her C/B/R group which is why I voted for Trump. However, Yosef says Trump is only playing a role to get amnesty......so we shall see if that works out or not.


With that said, back to the post below and these videos. These videos indicate that the CABALhave been working with the CHINESE GOVT(because they hold our debt- which is the Cabals debt) to sell off our Country and its infrastructure bit by bit over the next 30 years. Does ANYONE really think this happened by accident or it was planned to bring us to where we are now?

The videos are very detailed and show that the CABAL has been selling our natural assets to RUSSIA and CHINA....these videos are.not filled with the speculation and guessing found here in DC.

As you will see, the videos are very detailed which show exactly what the CABAL has been doing behind our backs with the CHINESE. When I say the CABAL, I think they(both factions) are all in on it but now fighting for position.

As you will see in the video, this is happening at the highest levels with TRUMP and people like ELAINE CHAO RIGHT NOW because TRUMP WON THE ELECTION. If Clinton had won, the DEMS and their CABAL leaders would be selling the US off bit by bit as well.......


A post yesterday from a gentlemen stated the same thing, he stated that THE ELDERS appear to be wanting the same control that the CABAL currently has over all of us.

I personally, welcome ANY GROUP over the current Cabal but as this poster stated, what is being proposed her in DC with the CHINESE ELDERS still sounds CABAL LIKE......and all we can do is hope they are benevolent.

Which begs the question, if the Galactics are going to be revealed in full disclosure after THE EVENT and Gaia is going to ascend to a perfect 5th dimensional world without the Cabal and bad guys, why would we need to have someone in control of our lives, infrastructure and communications?

Watch the videos and you tell me.......if this makes sense?

What I hope for is that THE CHINESE ELDERS are not in alignment with the CHINESE GOVT. Yosef says that President Xi is working for the dragon families. If that is the case, you will see why that is concerning based on what the current COMMUNIST CHINESE GOVT is attempting to do with our infrastructure.


Please don't respond and tell me this is a DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN and I need to stop thinking in my low vibraton 3D mindset. God gave me the ability to think.....and deduce.....so, forgive me for doing that. As you will see, these activities have been going on for years and are still a reality in the Trump Administration.

I think we would all like to know that THE ELDERS are aware of these activities and they have an explanation of whether they support this and if so, why. If not, cool. Let us know that too.

In closing, the question has to be asked, "Are we seeing the CABAL BEING TAKEN DOWN or are we seeing 1 CABAL GROUP taking down the other CABAL GROUP?"

.....which still leaves us with a WINNING CABAL GROUP that is simply under new OWNERSHIP.....with new names, new location and a new identity?

Let the discerning begin.....lol



Post #1 - POSTED ON 4-3-2017

For One Who Knows,

Per your post that you have direct connections to the Chinese Elders, can you please confirm that the CHINESE ELDERS are in COMPLETE opposition to the CABAL TACTICS found in these Videos at the link below.

Yoseph has posted that President Xi is part of the Dragon Family which I assume(Maybe incorrectly) means the Communist Party President is working with the Chinese Elders.

"Twice" - Geopolitical Overview - Sunday - April 2, 2017

After watching these videos, one has to assume that the CHINESE GOVT is working with the Cabal and in the process of creating a CHINESE NEW WORLD ORDER that takes over ownership of our domestic infrastructure.

This is not fear of the unknown or something dreamed up......these Videos detail a very real path towards this reality with step by step details that have been taking place worldwide. Trump and Congress just passed several bills and signed several Executive Orders that make me now seriously doubt Trump and the Chinese Govt.

Why would Trump sign away our online viewing habits and rights to INTEL COMPANIES per these videos ?

Why would he sign a EO that SECRETLY allows foreign Countries to buy US assets, land and infrastructure?

Why would Trump bring in Elaine Chao(Mitch McConnell's Wife) as Transportation Secretary due to her families background and connections to China that are detailed in the first video?

These Videos create much doubt and concern.

My hope is that you can confirm that THE CHINESE ELDERS are NOT going to allow any of what is mentioned in these videos to occur.

Your input will be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,



Feeding the Dragon Pt 1: The China Connection and Global Spying Grid – Trump Connection(updated)

Feeding the Dragon Pt. 2, China’s Global Takeover Through Corporation Control Over the Masses



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