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Sunday, March 26, 2017

"Zorra Call Re-Play & Transcript (3-25-2017)" - One Who Knows - 3.26.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 6:08 PM EDT on March 26, 2017

This Zorra Call Is a KEEPER. I highly recommend that everyone use the download link below, and keep a copy of this call on your computer for multiple listenings. Below are the highlights of this amazing call. The vibrations were so high and the information was so good! Here are the details:

This Zorra call was recorded on March 25, 2017. (2:36:00)

(7-25-2017 Call Link)


(7-25-2017 Call Download Link)

(All Replays)


Call Transcript / Index

Quazar (Jane):

@ 2:00

Zaraya (Billie):

@ 8:20 Describes his experience as a Space Craft (Scout Vessel) hovered over his & Jane's home for a few minutes. It felt wonderful and he expects it will later pick them up to take them "home."

Quazar (Jane):

@ 12:30 She explains how Zaraya changes places with Zorra. Their "Essence" switches bodies where Zaraya moves into Zorra's body where ever he is, and Zorra moves into Zarra's body to talk to us. Jane describes that change as it is happening.


As a side note: I spoke to Jane and Billie after the call. It turns out that when Billie went into Zorra's body he was riding/flying on a Pterodactyl. Yes, they still exist in Hollow Earth, and all of these large Dinosaurs who still live there, are plant eaters and friendly. Remember, this is a much higher, more evolved dimension/frequency of existence. When we finally get to visit Hollow Earth, it is going to be an amazing experience to say the least!


Zorra introduces himself. He lives in Hollow Earth. The Earth and all other planets, including the sun, are Hollow inside and have life inside them. He also explains how Volcanoes work.

The sun is not hot, and is only light with a holographic illusion of fire for protection reasons. If you were in the right (high) vibration, you could visit those who live in the sun, but not until then.

ETs may live next door to you, or work in government. All governments have "Galactic Beings who work there." They are here to help us evolve to all we can be as Gods, and Goddesses.

To see Star Ships, look into a lake at night and the reflected lights are ships, as stars will not reflect.

The HUGE Star Ship "The New Jerusalem" is Sananda's Ship, and it is parked in front of Venous. It looks like the planet, but it is a Star ship.

@ 26:30 The GCR and "Disclosure" can happen either one before the other, or both at the same time. The RV is happening at different locations around the World as we speak.

The GCR has been delayed so long, that it is now happening at the time that Disclosure was supposed to happen. That is why they may go at the same time. This speeds up the FULL ascension of the entire Planet including everything that lives here.

Lorrain Eldridge:

@ 33:00 She talks about here special workshop. Soul Travel, Out of the Body.

Note: It sounds very interesting and may be worth checking out. I am not transcribing this part, so just go to this time mark to hear about it. (One Who Knows)

Here is the information on the program:

Lorraine Eldridge and Beyond Alpha has been popular and have had more requests. With that being said, we are happy to help bring "Beyond Alpha" again to our family. Below is the information about the upcoming sessions in April. Hurry and register because the deadline is March 31st! She will guide you each step of the way to begin and learn how to move beyond 3-4D mind. Enjoy the journey!

Starts on April 4th, 2017 Special Price: $33

Email: Eldridge.Lorraine@Gmail.com

Register here for Beyond Alpha via Paypal at:

One Who Knows:

@ 37:00 How to be sure that you will ascend in the 5d Timeline and NOT the 3d timeline.

Summery (More detail on the recording):

You choose the Reality (Time-Line) you want, by choosing what you focus on and think about. You have to be a Vibrational match to the timeline you want to be in. Being pre-occupied with things that are going wrong, and experiencing fear and worry, will create a reality around you to is 3d, thus a choice has been made.

However, focusing on what is coming, peace, love and joy, creates a reality around you of a much higher vibration, thus you have chosen the 5d Timeline.


@ 43:00 Zorra recommends spending time in Nature, becoming one with nature, will raise your vibration to a 5d level. He gave many example of people healing themselves of terrible diseases by "grounding" themselves in nature. Spend time in parks and on the beach. There are even several "Portals" in Central Park in NY City. Protect nature, including the ants, spiders, and all forms of nature. Become one with nature. Every creature has a right to live just as you do.

Note: There is quite a bit of great information on taking advantage of Nature's power to heal and raise your vibration. I Highly recommend listening to this part. (One Who Knows)

Peter Sterling:

@ 53:00 He has an amazing story of how he learned to leave his body and commune with the angels and how they led him to create beautiful music with a Harp. The resulting music has been said to open your 3rd eye, heal, draw the presence of angels, and may other amazing things. 

Note: There is quite a bit of great information on his story and he even plays one of his special healing songs on the call. I Highly recommend listening to this part. (One Who Knows)

@ 1:19:00 He plays one of his Harp songs

@ 1:31:00 Question from caller who saw an angel during the harp music song.

Note: I received a message from one of my contacts that knew who the Angel was. The name of the Angel was: Archaeia (Are-kay-ah) Hope

As a point of information: Archaeia means a "Female" Arch Angel. It is the oldest version of that word. Archeia was used up to 3,000 years ago, and today Archaea is the most common term for "Female Arch Angel." (One Who Knows)

Here is His contact information to order his powerful healing music and his amazing book: www.HarpMagic.com

One Who Knows:

@ 1:39:00 GCR intel: VERY BIG things are in the works and about to happen. It will be very public and will shake the World, and it is coming very shortly. (Not the GCR, that is a separate event.) They could come together. It will prove you right about what is going on in the World.

RV is in process just waiting for it to become public. First wave redeemers (internet & email people) will get the highest rates (Call ASAP). Once it is announced on TV, the second wave, the rates will still be the higher rates, but not as high. The third wave redeemers who wait until after the exchange centers are closed, will get just screen rates.


@ 1:48:30 How to raise your vibration. Use "Grounding" like they did in "Haynes Alaska." He tells the story of how different people were cured by making complete contact with the ground with your body.

Note: There is quite a bit of great information on taking advantage of Nature's power by using "Grounding" to heal your body and raise your vibration. I Highly recommend listening to this part. (One Who Knows)

Be "Harmonious" with everyone and nature as well to raise your vibration. Send out "Harmony" to the World. He conducted a Unified Harmony sending exercise with all the callers together. This was very powerful!

Questions & Answers

Q - RV: It could happen at any minute & is happening now in other places in the World.

@ 2:05:20 Q: How do you find where "Portals" are on Earth? Zorra Gives a step by step procedure to find where Portals may be in your area. Portals are secret doorways to Inner and Hollow Earth.

@ 2:08:25 Q: Tax question on the RV. One Who Knows answers this question that there shouldn't be any taxes on your Exchange, and most likely no tax on your interest either. We will wait and see.

Zorra adds that the Federal Reserve and IRS "Were" owned by England and so they are no longer going to be as before. They will be gone, if not gone already. You are now under "Republic Rule!" Thank God!

@ 2:13:30 Q: Want a printed copy of the Induction Process. It will be put on the web site later.

@ 2:16:25 Q: What is the "Job Position" of Prime Creator, and Source? Zorra: Source is at the top, then Prime Creator, then Father-Mother God, then Zorra & Saraiya, then lesser Gods after that.

@ 2:18:50 Q: What happens when the healing ships cause people to grow back their missing legs in example? It will happen in a safe, but surprising way, instantly for all. Most will think it is a miracle and be shocked, but it will not be dangerous.


@ 2:22:40 Zorra explains exactly how to do the Vortex Purification Method step by step. He steps your through an exercise to demonstrate how powerful this technique is. Use this purification technique on liquids, food, fruits and most any and everything. It improves the taste and takes out bad elements. After the demonstration, there were testimonials from people who experienced the change in flavor of their water and fruits.

Vortex Purification Method
Northern Hemisphere
(Above The Equator)

Vortex Purification Method
Southern Hemisphere
(Below The Equator)


If You are interested in getting the Free Book & Audio Book:

How To Use Your God Power®

The Free Download Links are on this post:

"Zorra (2-4-17) Re-Play Links & Free Book Offer" - One Who Knows - 2.4.17


Please feel free to share this information with others who are interested in Zorra's messages, Intel, Disclosure, & Healing.

Signed: One Who Knows


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