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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

"Your Openness is Your Best Friend" by One in Gratitude - 3.12.17

Entry Submitted by One in Gratitude at 7:17 PM EST on March 12, 2017

Re-posted (6-20-17) by request of a reader. ~ Dinar Chronicles
Your Openness is Your Best Friend
3/12 /2017 From “One in Gratitude”

It is only when we open to learning that we learn. It is only when we open to loving that we love. It is only when we open to giving that we give. It is only when we open to receiving that we receive.

By the corrected use of our free will, we choose to be open and able to expand our consciousness rather than choosing to be closed and unable to expand. Free will is highly respected by God’s Spirit that acts as a gentle tractor beam guiding us home at the exact pace we are open to. It sees you as a perfect image of God, knows you will return, and it’s in no rush because the only sense of time is a shared sense of the amount of time you choose to take to open to it …so you can be gently guided home. Where we are, is within an illusion that generates a material state of dualism where all things have opposite polarities and degrees of miniscule differences that seem to separate them while, in reality, all is always one.

Examples of dualistic opposites are hot and cold, left and right, up and down, beginning and ending, love and fear, truth and illusion, light and dark etc... Home is the etheric state of unity with Source in stillness, from which we came. Our Conscious, loving, creative, vibrant, energetic Source is God. In God, there is no polarity, no difference, no separation, no illusion and all exists in infinite Oneness where all paradox finds solution.

What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is, among other things, coming to the realization that all is one. From this realization we now see the collective as the self when we once saw only a separate yourself and had no concept of a unified collective. We now see God as everything in sight where we once saw God as something separate and aside from all else including yourself.

With this realization we can now own our divinity and perceive the world from a renewed perspective. We now realize that one can't lie to another without lying to the self, one can't steal from another without stealing from the self, one can't manipulate another without manipulating the self or affect one without affecting all because all is one just as one is all. One who becomes enlightened isn’t any holier than anyone; everyone becomes holistic once they become enlightened. See the word holistic as whole-istic and realize how holiness comes from the holistic perspective of oneness, holistic perspective is enlightenment and they’re borne of the realization of oneness.

This realization of universal unity is transformative in effect. It causes us to extend love and passion once reserved for a false, ego-generated snese of self, into true love and compassion for all we see. This is deliverance out of fear from an illusion of a separated self into love from a unifying realization of oneness.

How Are All Things One?

If God was once alone before creating all we see, everything then must be God, what else could it be?

If we can agree that there can only be one Source and all things are created by that Source, we’ll start from there and ask: How was the creation of all things accomplished if God was all there was before deciding to create all things?

All material things are composed of their discreet parts and we call the building blocks of material things molecules and their smallest parts, we call particles. What is common to all particles is that they are all under vibration and vibration is the fingerprint of energy since all energy has frequency / vibration. Any particle when brought to a high enough vibration or frequency becomes a wave of light. Quantum physics uses the Double Slit experiment to illustrate how, in the absence of an observer, particles act like waves.

Link to short video: Dr. Quantum - Double Slit Experiment

Since God is all there is and has no building materials but himself to create with, the material world must be made of what God is made of. I believe God is conscious intelligent, loving and energetic in nature and uses part of himself to generate the material by swirling energy at the zero point into the illusion of a solid physical world. Consider one energy under various vibrations causing every element we see on the periodic table to take molecular form. Imagine all elements being variously vibrated into what we see as the building blocks of the physical world while on a more primal and spiritual level, all things are always one.

Purpose of Life

We come into this material world with a split brain: the open seeker in the right hemisphere and the skeptical scientist in the left. From this dualistic split brain we perform the task of perceiving, and measuring all things in polarity against their polar opposites and see all the degrees that separate what we see as desirable and undesirable in all things we experience. From this, we come to fully understand ourselves and learn from experiences what meanings go with each experience and value them accordingly. Only once we know what we want from what we don’t want can we ever be filled with joy and that is God’s plan for us. I believe this reality we currently perceive, is of the densest, most difficult of our existences where we come to know our desires. Until we know what our desires are, we can’t fulfill them and this is what we learn in this school we call life. I believe that ultimate fulfillment is the purpose for experiencing it.

Material vs. Spiritual Reality

God is our Source and all things in the material world are of God. We are spirit on a mortal ride and not the other way around. If we can agree on these points, that makes THIS the illusion and unity in God, where we came from, our home and true reality. We, as conscious infinite images of God, exist eternally as spirit spread out across all planes and moments as now revealed by quantum Physics. We choose to forget all that in order to be under an illusion of separation supported by our mind generated egos. All this, for the purpose of receiving the great opportunity to rediscover the self by aligning our free will with the will of God.

Benefits of Gaining a Holistic Perspective

We are not our bodies. Our bodies are only the vehicles we use to navigate within this illusion. Spirit/thought is the real part of the experience and physical/action is the illusion. With wise discernment rooted in experience, we begin to see this dualistic dichotomy and choose to live out of the real and no longer out of illusions. We also use our free will to choose what we find desirable over what we find undesirable.

When we experience life from a holistic perspective of unity shared among all things, we perceive it through a loving lens of limitless compassion for all of creation and our self-centered will is replaced with universal will that always chooses whatever is in the best interest of all. When we misalign our gift of will from universal/spirit will, we create chaos. When we realign our gift of will with spirit will, we create harmony. In Chaos, we create the state of emotional /spiritual suffering that fearfully manifests physical unwellness resulting in disease. In harmony, we return to our birthright which is the state of joy which is spiritual wellness and lovingly manifests physical wellness.

The World of God and The World of Man Are Separate

When Jesus said: "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's" he speaks to this idea that the material world of man and the ethereal world of God are different. The human condition of our forgetting reality along with the etheric realm we always exist in makes them separate. With that said: it stands to reason that the aspects of those realms would be different as well.

To differentiate the etheric, holographic and infinite nature of God’s realm from the finite nature of the material realms, consider this analogy: If I have two gold bars and I give you one, we each only have one bar. If I realize two ideas and I share them with you, we both have two. Spiritual concepts, being of an infinite source can be divided yet never diminished while material things of this finite creation are diminished by their division.

How Meaning Gives Spiritual Value to Material Things

Because we are spiritual in our essence, ethereal or spiritual attributes are real and have real value where material things are part of the illusion and have no value until we give meaning to them. Meaning acts as a bridge between the ethereal and material realms when we consciously apply our gift of free will choice and growing discernment to find meanings for material things. For instance: If you save a cork from a wine bottle you opened on the night of your wedding, it is only because of the meaning you and your spouse give it that it now has a spiritual value. Another example might be a motorhome that means freedom, new faces, new places and new experiences of spiritual value.

How We Receive

We receive material things with an open hand and we receive spiritual things with an open heart. Heart is to spirit what the hand is to the body. We open our hand to receive material things, and our heart to spiritual concepts we are ready, willing and able to spiritually receive. Only when our hand or heart is open can we receive anything we want.

All Levels of Enlightenment Are Equally Honorable

We are all beings becoming. If you would, imagine a spiritual path of ascension that has one hundred steps to full enlightenment, there is an aspect of our self from other lives for each step on the path. Each of us is in the same here and now, but expressing an aspect of our self from a different step along our path. In the timeframe and place we now share, some brought a lesser experienced aspect of themselves and some brought a more experienced aspect to the same timeframe, but all our aspects from beginning to complete, exist across all time and space.

All levels of enlightenment are to be honored equally because it is in the journey that we find ourselves so all steps of the journey are unified in potential and spiritually, of equal value. Only when those expressing a more experienced aspect of themselves were open to sharing that experience with those that are open to gaining that wisdom, has anything of real value ever been shared.

In Conclusion:

All is one and enlightenment is in the realization of oneness when we’re open to it. Only in openness can we open our hands or our hearts to give or receive anything we want. This is why openness is your best friend and remember: It is only by virtue of your openness to this love wave from God that Dinarland could have ever found you.

May your heart, like the lotus, open to all your truest desires in the moment you discover them.

With unconditional Love,

Michael Timpa
One in Gratitude



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