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Monday, March 6, 2017

"What We Are Looking For" - One Who Knows - 3.6.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 9:28 PM EST on March 6, 2017

What We Are Looking For

Frankly, this whole GCR event and experience comes down to what we are looking for right now, and that is OFFICIAL EXCHANGE INSTRUCTIONS. I remember back in the beginning, it was a question if the RV was real, then it was which currencies were or were not going to be in the basket. Then for a short period of time there was discussion of what was going to be in the second basket of currencies, but that is long over now. We know there will be a GCR, which currencies are in the basket, and that it is about to happen any time now. At this point, we already have the currencies in our possession and have prepared so much that we just might be over prepared.

Related But Separate

In related topics, we have the Republic, NESARA/GESARA, and soon full Disclosure. However these are separate topics and we do not have to concern ourselves with them now. Frankly, they will take care of themselves. Someone is going to be president, bla, bla, bla, NESARA/GESARA will become activated, then there will be new elections, yada, yada, yada, and then the big Disclosure will happen and all that entails. But, as important as all these things are, they don't need our help to happen. Frankly, they will happen perfectly all on their own. So, as not to sound insensitive about them, they require NO action on my part. They are someone else's work and job. As interesting as they are, my attention is on something else, that DOES INVOLVE ME IN A BIG WAY.

My/Our Action Is Next

All this being said there is only one thing I am looking for, and it is the only thing that matters at this point, and that is the OFFICIAL Instructions for our Private Exchange appointments. That requires our direct participation and specific action from each of us individually. The big question on a lot of people's minds is what we are supposed to do and how will we know for sure. I get this question all the time in my email box, especially for folks who are in other countries.

It Is Secret Now, But Not For Long

We get information from those who have contacts in the banks, that tell us what it will be like to exchange and what to do. I have no doubt that it is mostly true and accurate information for the most part. However, it is still "hear-say" and NOT OFFICIAL. That is the problem at this point in time. This whole GCR event is a World-Wide Secret for very good reasons that we can easily figure out for ourselves, and other reasons that we don't know, and may never know.

We call up the Bankers and they lie to our faces, telling us that there is no GCR or they don’t and won't handle the currencies we hold, but they have to lie. I don't care if you call every day, they will lie to you every time. Frankly, that is a good thing for us because if it got out to the regular public about the GCR and the Banks confirmed it was true, there might be a rush on the banks and it might mess up the World-Wide plan. The reason we haven't gotten those OFFICIAL instructions yet, is because they would be proof of the GCR as well, and thus they will NEVER come to us until this GCR is no longer a World secret. So, they have to lie about it, because it is a Secret right now, but not for long.

Why We Get Special Treatment/Rates & The General Public Does Not

For a long time I tried to understand why we were going to be treated so differently than the public, since we were going to exchange after it became Public Officially throughout the World. Of course the answer was so simple. The reason we were going to get special treatment and rates even after it went Public for the Whole World, was because we are the ones who hold these first basket currencies. Duh!

The regular public won't have these currencies and they won't be able to get them either since the rates will have already gone way up. So whom ever got the currencies BEFORE they changed value and the new rates became public knowledge, gets to exchange them at high rates. We will be getting super high rates and special exchange arrangements because we hold the special currencies that are extra valuable.

That is why there is no problem with exchanging us AFTER it Publicly Re-Values, because we are still separated (Segregated) from the rest of the World who does not have these currencies.

When It Is No Longer Secret

Once it goes public and the GCR is live World Wide, there will be no need to keep it secret anymore. When you call the banks, not only will they admit to the GCR, but they will beg you to come into their branches to exchange your currencies with them. At that point, if a person calls the bank who does not have these currencies, they will be informed of the street rates just like you would be informed about the street rates on the Euro, the Canadian Dollar, or the Mexico peso today. If you want to go to Zimbabwe for example, you will need some of their money for when you get there, and the rate will be $2 USN for $1 ZIM. That's all there is to it.

However, some of us will be Holding Trillions of ZIM and will want to convert it to USN money, or whatever country you are in. That is where it will be a big deal for those who hold huge amounts of these special currencies. There will be NO MORE LYING from the Banks or other financial institutions. This once in the History of the World, secret will be over.

No More Guessing About 800#s

Needless to say, there will be no more guessing about the 800#s, or what the exchange procedures will be. We will get VERY OFFICIAL AND COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS ON EXACTLY WHAT TO DO. Gurus with special contacts will no longer be needed. The Banks and the Authors of the Plan (AOP) will reach out to every Intel Provider, and Intel Website that they TRUST, with the complete information package. It will have the special numbers to call, or it will say to call the main banks and set the appointments through them. It will also have special instructions for ZIM holders and large volume currency holders as well.

Most importantly, EVERY BANK IN THE WORLD wants your money in their Bank. For this reason, there will be information on what numbers to call for different countries, and any special instructions you need in your specific country. There will most likely be a special information web-page on the Bank websites with exchange instructions for first basket currencies. When this goes live World-Wide, the information you want will be readily available EVERYWHERE!

Exchange Window Of Time

While it is easy to segregate us currency holders from the non currency holding public, they don't want to stretch this exchange process out any longer than is necessary. That is one reason why the OFFICIAL information is going to be so easy to get, because they want you to know what to do and then get it done quickly. THEY DO NOT WANT YOU TO BE CONFUSED. For every day that the offsite exchange process goes on, is another day that the sleeping public can find out what they missed out on. The quicker they get these offsite exchange centers shut down the better.

Remember that this is a HUGELY benevolent program and process. They understand that you may not be able to get an appointment right away due to things like travel between countries, or illness, or some other personal reason. This is not a problem. Just call as soon as possible to "Get In The System" and set your appointment as soon as you can. Later you can change it to sooner or later depending on your changing circumstances.

If I understand the process, there will be a first number to call, even if it is the bank itself, then they will set the appointment and probably give you a contact number for that offsite exchange center. Thus, when the intake system gets shut down, you will already be in contact with and exchange center and still get to exchange there. Of course, when we get the OFFICIAL information, it will clear this question up for us.

First Wave

If you are reading this post, you will most likely be in the First wave of Exchangers. You will find out that it has happened and see the information everywhere on the net. There will be countless stories of appointments and exchanges. You will read the OFFICIAL Instructions and follow them exactly and before you know it you will be already done exchanging. Be sure to let others, who have these currencies, know it is go time. Once this first wave of exchangers get done, it will be time to tell the World about it. This will start the second wave.

Second Wave

When the World is told about this amazing new Gold Backed standard that covers the whole World, it will be the biggest news ever. It will affect every country's imports and exports and their financial stability. It will be the only thing the news will be talking about for weeks to come. This will be the time that the rest of the first basket currency holders should figure out that it is time to get those Dinars out of the sock drawer and exchange them for a profit. This will be the second wave of exchangers as they will be calling the banks, and exploring the web to find out what to do. Naturally, the information will be easily available for all to find. Once this second wave of exchangers starts to slow down to a trickle, whatever that amount is, the special exchange system will begin shutting down. I am sure that the special exchange information and Banks web pages will be removed as well. They will have done their jobs by bringing in Trillions of dollars into the Banking system and funding upcoming Humanitarian Projects all over the World. They will become history.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that while the GCR is secret now, the Banks will lie about it, and no OFFICIAL information will be available, But, that will all change very soon. As soon as the GCR kicks off and becomes live World-Wide, the Banks will welcome you with open arms and the OFFICIAL EXCHANGE INFORMATION will be everywhere. No matter what country you are in, there will be information available for you, telling you exactly what to do.

From what I can tell, there will be two waves of exchanges. The first to go will be those that can be reached by the internet and perhaps by email. You will be first just because you can be reached easily. Once the Internet people have mostly exchanged, there will be a TV announcement about the Gold Backed currencies and that will be the clue for the rest of the first basket currency holders to get to the exchange centers. Even if they don't get the hint, and they miss the offsite exchange centers, they will still be able to exchange their currencies at the street rates for a while to come. How long that will be, we will find out then.

As a side note, it is my understanding that when the USN becomes official and available in the banks, the USD (Fed Notes) you have will be exchangeable to USN (Republic Money) on a $1 to $1 basis. It is my understanding that there will be NO LOSS of value in that conversion.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Knows


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