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Thursday, March 9, 2017

"Understanding Zim Money & The Future" - One Who Knows - 3.9.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 12:30 PM EST on March 9, 2017

Understanding Zim Money & The Future

I have been getting a lot of questions about what rate should be asked for and how the Bank will oversee your projects and check on you. Additionally, I want to cover how money fits into the long term vision/plan for our Ascension (Raising Your Vibration). It is going to be a good read, enjoy! (In Joy)

Exchange Rate vs. Bank Oversight

I understand that the money given for the Historic Bonds (Not Zim), and the Prosperity Packages (Not NESARA/GESARA Money), DO HAVE OVERSIGHT to make sure that the money is being used properly. I don't know the details, but it seems that they do have some conditions and must do what they are supposed to do.

In Contrast, it is my understanding that in regard to currency exchanges and the extra money offered for Projects, that there will be NO BANK OVERSIGHT over your projects and plans. You are free to do your projects or not. In short, no one will be checking up on you to see if you really did all the projects that you said you would do.

You Are "Trusted"

The only chance the Bank/Elders have to insure that the projects get completed, is by listening to your presentation at the time of your exchange. If you sound like someone who really wants to help Humanity, and you already have some ideas in mind, they will offer you the extra high rates and TRUST you to follow through with your plans. You are quite literally entrusted to become the financial ambassadors of the new age, on behalf of the Elders who have collected and protected this money for thousands of years.

It Is Your Energy That Matters

Anyone can be made to do projects at the risk of losing their money. There is no "Light" present under those conditions. Trust empowers the Light within. When doing the projects is your passion, what you want to do, and in your Heart to do, you are shining Brightly. That "Light" cannot be bought. It can be nourished and supported, but in the end, it is there or it is not. A "Light Worker" by definition is one who Holds the "Light" in all they do, think and say. They thrive on service to others and spread Love and Light in all they do. They DO NOT NEED OVERSIGHT. They can hardly be held back as it is. Their work is both their passion and their Joy. That is the Energy "Signature" of a Light Worker and their Energy "Lifts The Universe."

Light Workers Wanted

Light Workers have had hardship and pain themselves, but it hasn't broken them, it has Made them instead. They have compassion and Love for their fellow Humans, Nature and Even Earth herself. It is that unquenchable Love that sustains the Light they have within. The currency revaluation was a natural way up/out for those who had suffered greatly. BUT, NOT ALL WHO SUFFER BECOME LIGHT WORKERS, far from it.

It is the hope and faith that separates those who have succumbed to life's hardships, and those who believed it would work out. Many have fallen by the wayside and lost their currency in one way or another because they lost faith. It is those who had the faith in these currencies that are here today. The Faithful are still here and will soon be redeeming their currency and changing the World as a result.

What ZIM Rate Can You Get?

First, let's get real. If you have just one $100T ZIM, even at the rate of $2, you will never spend it all. Should you ask for more? Sure! Ask for the amount that feels right for you whatever that might be. Will it be $2, or $120,000 per Zim? You should know, that the Bank is going to want to give you as much as you ask for. The key word is "want." They will do their best to "Detect Your Light," and Feel your energy. But, I truly expect that most of us will get what we ask for. But what Rate should you ask for?

What Rate Will You Ask For?

First, don't base it on what you think you can spend, because you most likely won’t be able to spend it all at the $2 rate, much less anything higher. So, that is NOT the measure of what you should get. What Rate "Empowers" you? What rate feels like the "Big Move" that will change the World? Frankly, if you know you will never spend it all, then the amount you get is more about the statement you are making to yourself and the World. Go Big, Feel Big, Do Big Things! But, with the ZIM, even the $2 rate is Big. So, whatever you get is more about the feeling of what you have done and are going to be doing, and not whether or not you can and will actually spend it all, because you will not be able to.

As a side note, going for the higher rates will help the bank have more money in their system, especially if you don’t spend it all, and you can't. You can try, but, in the end there will be plenty left and that is perfectly O.K.

What NOT To Do

Whatever you do, DO NOT make up projects or ask for way more than you really want just to have more money. That has the potential to take you down over time. When you get the big money rates because you have big ideas and what to change the World, that is legitimate. Your "Heart" was congruent with your request. However, if you are fraudulently (Incongruent with your Heart's Desires), telling the Bankers about big projects that you have no intention of following through on, just to get a higher rate, it will haunt you later. You will have hundreds if not thousands of Trillions of dollars in your account, and the thrill of having that money will fade quickly. With the NDA, you won’t really be able to brag about it, or speak about it to anyone. It will remain your secret wealth that HAS NO MERIT, USE, OR REASON FOR BEING. One day, you will feel the weight of your lack of personal integrity. All that money and just horded in true Cabal fashion.

The Day The Money Dies

There will come a day when money is dead. It will be a time when there is nothing to buy anymore, and everyone has more money than they will ever need. You won't be able to give it away anymore. To be clear, EVERYONE who has ZIM, will still have gobs of money in the bank paying interest at that time. That is not the issue as that will be a fact. The issue, is that the ones who asked for more money when they knew they were just going to keep it, will have more than anyone else, and there will be no prize or joy for that. It will be worth-less, and of no use to anyone. What a waste.

The Difference Is "Intention"

Those who got more money and really wanted to spend it, experienced great joy doing the best they could, dispersing the money in ways that gave them great joy, were on the Light Worker path. Sure they had money left over, but that is NOT the point. Maybe they got the extra money just in case there were more things to do, that they had not thought of yet. Maybe they got extra money and what they were planning did not need as much money as they thought, or other Light Workers got the job done first and in the end it was already done. Or it could be thousands of reasons why they still have huge amounts of money that is left, but that doesn't matter, they intended to do good things with it and they did what they could. That is a great life of joy and great intention(s). This is a very High Vibrational state to be in.

However, for those who got the higher rates, but did NOT intend to follow through on the plans they told the Banker, they will have a tougher road. They will have a pang of guilt as others are out spending money and having fun in joyful service to others while they just sit there with their fat bank accounts. It won't be a long time that money is of any use, and whatever is not spent during that time, will become useless the day that money dies. At that time it will be too late to use the money to bring joy and comfort to others. After all, that is the true "Gift," not the money. The gift is your ability (Empowerment by money) to get as much joy as you can for yourself and others doing great works. When that window of opportunity for the joyous use of money passes by, it will forever be gone. Those who did not use their money to create joy for themselves and others through their good works, will have missed a great opportunity to raise their own vibrations.

What Are Some Good Reasons-Intentions For A Higher Rate?

Sure you can get VERY HIGH rates, but what Intentions would support them? Of course, your "pet" projects, the ones that give you the most joy to even think about, head the list. Then, whatever you can and will do in one town, "Intend" to do in every town, in every state, in every country. Whatever you "Intend" to do this year, do next year, and every year, for 100 years or more. What new technologies with there be... Who knows? "Intend" to have plenty of money to create, manufacture, and distribute these new products for free, to your community and the World. Sure, there are a certain number of light Workers like yourself that had the foresight and faith to get this money for these great Humanitarian works, but how many more Light Workers will there be? "Intend" to have extra money to fund newly awakened souls who are wanting to do Humanitarian Projects. What about all the youngsters who are growing up and will become the next generation of Light Workers? Who will fund them now that the once in a lifetime currency revaluation is over? Yes, of course it will be you, because you planned for it ahead of time.

The big take away here is that since we don’t know what the future needs are, from where we stand now, we should get more now, while the getting is good, so that we will be capable of doing whatever is needed later. Will you actually get all this done? Probably not, but all that matters is that you intended to, and planned for it, just in case you could.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you can get just about whatever rate you want, as long as it seems you should have it. It is better to ask for a high rate with great intentions, and not get them done, than it is to ask for a high rate with false intentions and not get them done. One is a High Vibration Light Worker and the Other is a False Light Worker. But in the end, the day that money dies, those who created the most joy with their money, wins, and those who created the least, will suffer in regret. In short, DREAM and PLAN as big as possible. Ask for a rate that makes sense to your BIG PLANS and BIG INTENTIONS. Whether or not you end up getting everything done, doesn't matter, because you probably won't.

If you are not called to this kind of work, and doing Humanitarian work is not really interesting to you, that is no problem. There are plenty of us to do what needs to be done. However, if this is you, a non-Humanitarian, don't feel bad about it, just get whatever the Highest "Regular" currency rate is for your currency and be at peace. Do go for the $2 rate on the Zim, as that is the "Screen Rate For The Informed." The super low rate at the other banks is the "Screen Rate For The Ignorant," those who don't know what is going on. Even though you might not plan on doing Humanitarian projects, you deserve to get a very good rate, such as the $2/zim, because you are following the process and are well informed. And... Who knows, you might just decide to get involved in some projects later.... It is fun, and very satisfying to the soul.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows


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