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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 3-7-17

Thank you PinkRoses for sending your notes. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Bruce: Welcome to the Big Call. Those who have been with us for 6 years now I appreciate you. I started my 13th year on this ride. Didn’t think I go this far. However, from the perspective I have right now, yesterday, Monday, we were getting slammed with Intel. I had at least 20 pieces of Intel put together to a puzzle. It was looking so good for this to come in sometime last night or today or even by tonight. It is still not out of the realm if possibility to get this good news tonight, because everything that I have heard overview wise says from a perspective out west everything is done, everything is complete. The Pay Masters funds are there. Everyone has been paid from that perspective. We are just waiting for them to execute.

Bruce: I don’t know what it is going to take to make that happen right now. I am really at a lost where we are now and why it has not gone. I am not sure. Usually when I get Intel I have a pretty good feeling where we are, what is left to do, and why we are where we are. It all comes together and makes sense. Right now I am not as sure as to why we are not there yet. A little uncertain. Maybe that is a good thing. It was very quiet today overall. For a few days in a row it was quiet except for yesterday. It is strange.

Bruce: The only thing I can think is it may have to do with the announcement of the liberation of Mosul. I know Mosul is basically pretty clear right now. It is liberated. ISIS has been dealt with. We had a huge military effort not only form our Special Forces, but also from the Special Forces of 3 or 4 other countries that have worked and are continue to work in Iraq and now in Syria. They are setting up shop in Iraq with 6 different bases throughout the country of Iraq to work as Central Command to go from there and go around the rest of the Middle East and the world to eradicate that threat. You guys realized yesterday when the President made the announcement of with the new travel ban and the countries still on it; you noticed Iraq was not on it. Iraq was lifted off the travel ban because they have a more solid government. Also we have been working over there to encourage Iraq and get them back up and running. We think they are doing a wonderful job.

Bruce: Sunday the Iraqi dinar rate of $3.64 as an in country rate was published in the Gazette on Sunday. Our understanding was that sometime yesterday or today we would have a rate published and seen on the CBI website. I don’t know if it is there. I don’t think it is there yet or I would have heard. Iraq is ready to go. They have been paying people at the new rate on their smart cards, taking care of pension pay, and not back pay but other people throughout the country. Iraq is on their way.

Bruce: They hosted 58 people from 50 different countries in the IMF for a conference today. It was held by Barzani, Jeribodi (excuse me of not knowing how to spell name), Shabbi and the new head of the CBI, a lady over there all part of the conference. It was held in Kurdistan. I understand Abadi was down there in Mosul. You realize the two new flags they have in Iraq in addition the one gifted to them by China are ready to be flown on either side of Tigris River. Maybe that is symbolic. I don’t know if that occurred yet. Maybe it is all part of the celebration. I have to believe if you going to host 58 different individuals from the IMF and have them over there to partially to celebrate. Iraq is sovereign. They got their rate. They are done. We are looking for some kind of international explanation that they are back and doing business again international with the rate. We know they have been exchanging with 3 or 4 countries in the Middle East. That happened last Thursday. We are not waiting on Iraq except for an announcement of the liberation of Mosul. Maybe that is what we are waiting for.

Bruce: We heard Mnuchin, the Secretary of the Treasury, was to make an announcement about the new currency we have coming as well moving back to the gold standard. Who knows what other announcement might be along side of that. We thought it be aired tonight right before the Big Call. Then I was told that did not need to happen as yet. We think the public was to start on or about the 15th of this month. Maybe that be the date the UN Operational Rates would change and be in effect by the 15th. Maybe they have that announcement on the 14th close to the date of the 15th. My understanding is we don’t need that announcement to happen for us to go. That would give us a whole week, 7 or 8 days for us to go and get exchanges started before the public goes. We are right there were we should be in terms of timing.

Bruce: You may have seen about the rates I heard the rates early today or yesterday. Kind of coincide what the screen rates or non NDA rates would be pretty close what I have heard as well. That is not a surprise. It is all good. In terms of the timing for this, I heard several things a window of 24 to 48 hours situation. Then I heard we might need another 24 hours but that would take us to 10pm EST tonight. We are right there in a good place for that to occur

Bruce: I also heard from someone else that gave us a time frame that would give us a change in the redemption center status that would give us an engage status, a Go time, for us. I believe that time frame would take us through to mid afternoon tomorrow. We are really very close to what looks like the receipt of our blessing. Some are putting us exchanging 98 percent. Some put us possibly exchanging at almost 100 percent on Thursday. It is very good things to hear. It is right where we want to be.

Bruce: We know people have been called and told they would be receiving Prosperity Packages this week. That is this week to be receiving those Prosperity Packages. We know people have been notified and called that their funds sitting in their accounts that appear frozen, or have an admin hold, were to be released any day now this week. I think what is going to happen when one goes we all go. When those complete releases of those funds sitting there as SKR or frozen accounts with admin hold, when those get released I think that is our shot gun start so we can set our appointments.

Bruce: People are ready to go in groups. They have been called to be mobile so they can get in a situation to do their exchanges. We heard for example with HSBC with some of their premier customers that have large balances have been notified and called the last 2 weeks that they would be available to exchange their ZIM starting today. I don’t know if that happened or not. That was the word I had yesterday.

Bruce: We have heard that some major things happened just after midnight last night. One thing is HSBC is moving to acquire the last of the shares of Wells Fargo to be a complete full owner100 percent of Wells Fargo. Also HSBC is moving toward the full acquiring of Bank of America. That is in play. Also we hear they are moving to acquire Citi Bank as well. We are hearing some major things happening in the banking world.

Bruce: I have heard some other banks maybe in play, but not enough information on that. I know with Bank of America branches about 30 percent will become Merrill Lynch offices. The remaining branches that HSBC wants to designate as Branches will become HSBC branches. Image if that merger is completed which I believe it is, a lot of those Bank of America branches becoming HSBC branches. That is interesting and exciting. A lot has happened or took place a minute or two after midnight to put that deal through.

Bruce: Also 3 minutes after midnight business men from the United States could do business in Iraq and Iran. Things are moving and a lot is happening behind the scenes. Just heard to say exactly what is going on for us right now. It is amazing to go from Prosperity packages and release of funds into these accounts.

Bruce: We had another 21 zero tranche go through a few days ago. We hear the St. Germaine Trust is open again and funds moving from that trust. A lot of liquidity out there right now. A lot of liquidity in position for our exchanges, in position of the payout of the groups, the private groups. Everything is in position right now. I can’t think of anything left that needs to be done. We have a go ahead. We have an administration with President Trump who is in favor of this going and wants it to go now. We are ready. The President is ready. He has indicated it to go. I am excited about that.

Bruce: We had 170 – 180 attempts to release this under the previous administration and it was held up every single time. It was stopped every single time. It was not going to go under Obama. Wasn’t going to happen. It is a different game now. Our President knows all about this and has known about it for years and is ready for this to go for us. He knows about what we want to do in terms of rebuild America. The administration is aware of it and is in favor of it. I am excited about working with an administration on it.

Bruce: From an Intel point of view, we are ready. I believe everyone is ready. The banks are ready, and the redemption centers are ready. I can’t tell you why I don’t have an 800 number tonight to give you. I sure hope we can bring it to you with a pre-recorded celebration call between now and Thursday. That is what I am hoping. I know there is a lot I am leaving out probably, but you have the jest of it.

Bruce: We are excited. We are ready to get started. I am in the mood chopping at the bit, that starting gate, ready to just take off, ready to go. I think today was that kind of day for me. Because Intel was a little light coming in, and I am thinking where is it. We are ready to go. 13 years a long time to wait for this.

Bruce: There is one thing I wanted to mention when this information about Mosul is more or less made known internationally, when that announcement is made our understanding is our President Trump has invited the Prime Minister of Iraq to come to the United States this week for a visit. My understanding he is planning on coming. My understanding is he could come 14 hours after that announcement of the liberation of Mosul is made. It is something that has been planned. We look forward to him coming and meeting with our President.

Bruce: The other thing is when it comes to what it is we intend to do when it comes to the community, the Big Call, when I ask 5,000 of our listeners to help with the concept of Rebuild America, adopt a city, adopt a town, and adopt a community. We have 50 states in this country, and our plan is to have a listener in every state. Doesn’t mean you have to live in that state to adopt a city, town, community. To have the idea of 100 areas in each state to make a major difference in terms of building infrastructure, homes, housing, new schools, clinics, inner city, suburbs, etc. that is the concept. What we plan to do is make it easier for everybody, we not looking for people to donate money to this. We want this to be with your help of our teams to do in your own town, in your city, etc. We can do it.

Bruce: Also I came up with the idea that if Iraq can offer one trillion dollar sovereign bonds which they did, why we can’t do that. We don’t have to stop at a trillion. We can offer 10 trillion or more. We can buy those bonds. Here is the way we need to buy them. Those of us who will have a mother lode with HSBC, and Wells Fargo if you have a lot especially if you have ZIM, you have opportunity for the structure payouts to take place for 10, 20, 50 years. Say you have a 50 year project; you are going to make interest on that being paid every quarter. That turns into a lot of money for your projects. That is the whole idea of it. Sure you will have plenty of money for yourself.

Bruce: In terms of the projects, take a portion of that money you earn every quarter and do a re-purchase program where you are buying bonds, these infrastructure bonds I hope the administration is hearing about and partnering with our banks in offering these bonds to buy the infrastructure bonds buying them with the proceeds of interest made from accounts we have set up with our structure payouts. There will be a lot of money coming in every quarter. Where it could compound, it will be hard to use it all. It will give us an opportunity to purchase these bonds with those funds.

Bruce: The benefit is, yes we are partnering with our banks, but at the same time we don’t have to deplete the funds in the bank that are in the mother lode that is part of the structure payout, we don’t have to deplete those funds to buy these bonds. These bonds can be purchase form the proceeds from the mother lode account from the interest it will generate. It is a way we can do it. I am looking for the Administration to offer these bonds. I am just throwing out a number of 10 trillion, don’t stop t here. The liquidity is going to be much higher than that. I know it is.

Bruce: We have plenty to do with infrastructure with bridges, meglove railways, roads. Rebuild this country and re build it way better than it ever has been. I want to put this out there for those who may be listening from the administration to consider how to put this together. I know you have a lot more smarter people. If I could come up with this concept, just imagine what you can come up with something better with a leader we have now especially with the builder our President is. With the team he is working with, we can partner with them in rebuilding our country. Stop here? NO all over the world such as in Mexico, Central America, South America, Caribbean. A lot of the islands in the Caribbean need help. We can build housing systems that can last through hurricanes. We have that technology. We don t need to put up shacks. A lot of these islands get hit by the hurricanes every so many years. We can come in with housing that can survive these hurricanes. Be thinking about that too.

Bruce: Also Africa. We want to get everybody on an even playing field with food, with food production increase, pure drinking water, good sewage systems, and great housing. We want to give everybody education. The biggest thing we can do in this country and the world is to bring up the level of education around the world. Those coming out of college now without jobs, we can find jobs for them. We need to get back into mentoring, back into apprentenship.

Bruce: We got to have degree programs where people come out and can really go to a career. Not just a job, but a career. The college experience is wonderful, but college today is expensive.

We need to create ways for people to learn things they can use and benefit from. Take people’s desires what they really want to do and good at, and make that a career for them to work with. That is very important.

Bruce: I want to bring that little tidbit on Iraq. Maybe it is what we are waiting for is the final announcement of the take back of Mosul. I sure hope it comes soon because everything else is ready from what I can see.

Bruce: I want to thank all for listening to the Big Call tonight. All of our banking partners out there. A lot things happening in the banking world with ownership changes. We are looking to partner with you and redemption staff to be working with us. Especially those of us who have projects they want to bring, and they want to negotiate a rate that is much higher than the screen rate. The banks are ready to partner with us on these projects. If you have projects on your own, just be clear on what you intend to do with your projects. If you don’t have projects of your own, you can partner with us in Rebuild America.

Bruce: We are going to have a new portal, new website after receive the blessing. We will have a new site for you, a new portal to communicate and share ideas how we are going to make that project work. We are not shutting down the Big Call website: thebigcall.net. We are just transitioning

Bruce: If we get the 800 number we will put it out on: thebigcall.net. website as well as a pre-recorded call, about 15 minutes so all can listen to. We hope it happens before Thursday.
Thank you all for coming in. Thank you for your faithfulness, and your prayers, your praise reports, and we appreciate you very much. We love you and grateful for you. Looking forward to partnering with you many of you in our projects going forward as Veterans projects.
Look forward to some good news soon.




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