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Monday, March 27, 2017

"The 4 Game Play Strategy" - One Who Knows - 3.6.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 12:52 PM EST on March 6, 2017

Re-posted (3-27-17) per request of One Who Knows. ~ Dinar Chronicles

The 4 Game Play Strategy

First ZOOM way out, even father, and look at where we are from that view point. So good, so VERY GOOD! All the banks have been taken from the Cabal. All the military has been taken from the Cabal and is completely under Republic control. All major underground bases and Cabal hiding places have been destroyed. Space is under control as well, no Cabal are going to escape off of the Planet. HUGE amounts of incriminating evidence has been accumulated on every major politician, news personality, and at the highest levels of corporations. This includes corruption, murder and pedophilia just to name a few topics. When the time is right, all will fall strategically like dominos, just like the World Trade Centers were taken down by a carefully planned implosion. It will be very organized and will happen like a series of dominos each falling in succession, one after the other. Strategies are already in place just waiting for "execution" time. All over the World Governments have already been toppled, and others have secret replacement Governments that are ready to take over, in the same way that we have our Restored Republic ready to take over. Agreements have been secretly signed and all countries are in agreement for the gold standard and everything that means. We have assistance from Hollow Earth, Inner Earth, and from our star families as well. So, in the big picture what is wrong? NOTHING! What is going right? EVERYTHING!!!!

The 4 Game Strategy

Now that we have zoomed back down into the middle of everything that is happening, it looks like turmoil, but, it is not. There are 4 "Games" going on, each with their own strategies, and we are privy to 2 of them. These four games are: The Public Game Play, The Internet Semi-Informed Game Play (This is where we are), The Bankers, Corporations and Governments Game Play, and the Elders and Galactic Game play. Importantly, since we are in the game ourselves, we can see the "Moves" but WE DON'T KNOW THE STRATEGY, how could we? Remembering that both the Good guys, and the bad guys are playing out their strategies at each of these levels of game play. We need to recognize that information & disinformation are deliberately targeted to each level of the game.

#1) The Public Game Play

The biggest game that is being played, is the Public perception and the strategy that involves. Clearly, the objective is to carefully maneuver the easily freaked out general public, through this process, without spooking them. They are being played by what they are told on TV, in the news, demonstrations etc. If you realize that they have to be frightened/disturbed just enough to get them to start questioning those in charge, but not so much that they move into fear. That is a delicate balance. Remember, they have been programmed very slowly for their entire life. So it will take time to deprogram them by Trump revealing the corruption in the elections, then the fake Media, and so forth. It is a very calculated, step by step, strategy to carefully cause the public to distrust the media, the politicians, and question everything. There are very few, if any Cabal at the public level. The Cabal know, just like we do, that what is being told to the General public on TV and in the news is NOT REAL. Just like us, they are not fooled by the Public show.

#2) The Internet Semi-Informed Game Play

We are in this game. We have a much better understanding of what is really going on and are able to handle more detailed information. At this level, the Cabal and bad actors, are in play. This makes our level much more interesting. How can the Good guys inform us what is REALLY going on, without the Cabal finding out as well? THEY CAN'T. This is your biggest clue as to what is going on at our level.

From now on, consider EVERYTHING you read on the net and hear from the Gurus, "Game Play." After all, do you really think that there is anything that we are being told that has not been "Allowed" for us to know or think? Of course not. However, before you get upset, would you rather know the EXACT truth, and alert the Cabal to take actions to stop it, or would you accept the Game play disinformation for the greater good? Yes, of course, as light workers, we would prefer the best strategy, for the best outcome, even if we are misinformed from time to time. I don't expect anyone of us Light Workers, to have the nerve to say that they want the exact truth anyway, even though it hurts the plan, and helps the Cabal. Know this: It is already going as fast as it can safely go.

This doesn't mean that EVERYTHING we get is untrue, as much of it is true. The point is that it is "ALL Game Play." When it serves the good guys to announce Cabal defeats, or other TRUE progress, for example, they will tell us as "a strategy" of letting the Cabal know they are losing. They may even let us know about the high rates, so the Cabal know what they are soon going to face to cause them fear. However, our exact progress may be greatly understated, or overstated, depending on what they want to "Communicate" to the Cabal.

Fear vs. Danger

As I have mentioned, I have been asked to let the disinformation be, without me countering it. I wrote about this as the 3rd Phase of the Light Worker's Journey, where there would be great amounts of disinformation and to just let it pass you by. Here is that post:

"4 Phases of the Light Worker's Journey" - One Who Knows - 2.26.17

I draw a distinction between the Fear mongering disinformation and the actually dangerous disinformation. The Fear mongering would be stories about Radiation, possible war, martial law, bla, bla, bla. This might scare you if you have not realized that all is well and NOTHING is going wrong nor can it. (If you are worried about these things, I will refer you to the very first paragraph in this post.)

There have been many who have been saying these fear based things lately, such as Zap, quoting the Cabal strong hold "VeteransToday" propaganda outlet. However, I "get" that he really does believe this and is actually trying to help, even though he is misinformed. While I am dispelling this here, I am not going to spend much time on it because I have been told that it is serving us in the bigger plan, to let this Fear Mongering Disinformation get out.

All that being said, while I won’t speak out against this type of disinformation, I will counter any disinformation that has the potential to cause you harm, such as sending your currency to someone, or burning it. I call these dangers, because they can actually harm you and that will not be allowed. For the record, hold on to your currency, and wait for the EXACT & OFFICIAL exchange instructions that WILL show up when it is time to go.

#3) The Bankers, Corporations and Governments Game Play

While we can see all the "Moves" being made in the Public Game, and all the moves being made in the Internet Game, this game remains secret to us. You can bet there is a HUGE amount of game play going on with the Corporations, Banks, and Elite. These include such things as threats of exposure, murder, arrests, informants, stings, etc. You can believe that they are being misinformed and tricked just as we are. The only difference is that their level is way more serious than ours or the public. As with all the levels of Game Play, all you need to know, is outlined in the first paragraph of this post. In short, the good guys are winning so substantially that there is no doubt how it will end.

#4) The Elders and Galactic Game play

This level is so high up that no one knows what they are doing. They are so calm, so strategic, and clearly know the outcome already. They want to bring about this change by our efforts, with the least amount of causalities. They could just zap all the Cabal into oblivion, but it is NOT just about "Winning," it is about HOW we win that matters. It is a step by step plan, and the end is certain.

There are several parts of the plan, including the Financial overhaul to a gold backed standard, the change of governments to a GESARA form, and the end to all hunger, poverty, and war, to name a few. It all leads to 1000 years of peace and prosperity, with advanced technology, perfect health, and freedom for all.

You have to realize that this plan has been created and is being overseen by those whose civilizations are millions of years more advanced than we are. While it seems so big to us, for them is must be like squashing an ant. We are the primitive civilization that is slated for corrections, and then HUGE advancement in a very short time frame. For the Elders and the Galactics, it is a done deal already. It is just unfolding into view for us, and the Cabal as well. The correction phase will be over very soon, and then it will be time for the HUGE advancement phase on Planet Earth. Be confident, we are in good hands and, for all intents and purposes it is already over, but we just can't see it yet.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is to realize that we are not only watching this game, we are part of it as well. EVERYTHING we read, hear, and see, is GAME PLAY, for the better. That doesn't mean that it is all untrue, it just means that all of it, true or not, has a purpose. Just let it play out and don't get worked up about it. The game is already won, but the final moves are still being played out.

It is like a giant chess game where pieces are being moved all around us. However, in a very short time, it will be checkmate for the bad guys. All the evidence will be in place for the arrests of the top Cabal players in government, media, and big corporations. When checkmate is announced, the implosions will begin, with domino after domino falling in perfect order, and there will be nothing that the Cabal can do to stop it. Like when they took down the World Trade Center, once the explosions started, it was already over. Once the first big name falls due to public exposure of corruption and pedophilia, they will all fall in quick succession. The final destruction of the Cabal will be unstoppable and all in public view. Just like it takes time to set up thousands of dominos before they all fall in sequence, so has all of these Cabal been set up during this time, and will be ready to fall when it is go time. Whenever you worry if all is well, just reread the top paragraph and know that our progress is unstoppable, and the outcome is certain.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams

Signed: One Who Knows



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