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Friday, March 31, 2017

Guest Posts Regarding Humanitarian Projects for March 2017

"The Next Big Step is here" - Guest Post by One Who Believes

Imagine your great ideas, spreading throughout the World in every country and town. This is the next step. After the Funds, come the Ideas, then comes the action. Let us utilize this information resource by both sharing our ideas there, and then implementing as many of them as we can.

Thank You Patrick for setting up this great Community Resource for us all to Help The World in the most efficient way we can. After the Money, Ideas for Projects is the MOST IMPORTANT THING WE COULD HAVE AND SHARE. I for one, am Very Grateful for this wonderful resource. My wish is that people are able to find enough ideas to match the funds they have available.


Just post your ideas here on Dinar Chronicles by sending an email with your Ideas and plans to: UniversalOm432Hz@gmail.com Then we can all see them.


Humanitarian Project Ideas for the Month of March 2017

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 3:28 AM EST on March N/A, 2017


LIGHT OF LOVE TO ALL. As per the “DIVINE PLAN” of “PRIME CREATOR” as a light worker I am in the part of his Divine plan.

So I wish to do some of my missions of this last life as human on earth as a part of restoring mother EARTH and reawakening humanity to its divinity.

As a part of it I had 2(two) notes of “ZIMBABWE DOLLAR” of “100 TRILLION DOLLAR” denomination with a series of “AA” of 2008 year. This “BOND” is a blessing from the COSMOS to me to start my “HUMANITARIAN PROJECT”. My inner heart guided me to take the following “HUMANITARIAN PROJECT” that are my soul mission.

Construction of Pyramids.

Cosmic University.

Alkaline water supply plant.



The word “Pyramid”, can be split in two parts – these are ‘pyra‘and ‘mid‘. ‘Pyra‘means fire and ‘Mid‘indicates a position in the centre or in the ‘middle’, When energy is focused, it gets stronger and its strength doubles or triples. If the strength is increased further, then fire emerges. So, to get the maximum energy from the pyramid, we have to sit in the middle of this fire i.e. pyra + mid. For the focusing energy to be maximum, a pyramid should be aligned towards the true North – South at an angle of 51° 51’ 51’’. Pyramids can be built with any material. The angle should be proper, i.e. 51° 51′ 51″. In a normal room the walls are at 90°. If these walls are bent to 51° 51′ 51″, it will become a Pyramid. Let the material be any thing, it is fine. We can place a crystal on the top of the Pyramid (under the roof), to increase its energy. If we go to other worlds by ‘astral travel’, we can see wonderful Pyramids. There are so many worlds and higher technologies. But, in every world there is Pyramid technology.

I wish to construct pyramids, merkabas and other likewise constructions using sacred geometry in the required areas where we can raise the energy of mother earth (sopheria) by the energy of those technologies. Also let the humanity be openly go into the pyramid and meditate there to raise their frequencies and make astral travel to communicate with our galactic brothers and sisters from higher realms.

I wish to help the people with money that are willing to construct pyramids but can not do it by the lack of money, by that they can construct them with that money. By that we can make the beautiful lands of star Gaia as before in the civilization of Lumeria.


I wish to build a university named “COSMIC UNIVERSITY”.

It consists of all the branches of 64 arts, science and technology, medical, astral projection, past life regression teaching, meditation, time travel, levitation etc.

We can visualize this as the reflection of “TAKSHASILA UNIVERSITY” from the ancient India. The education, food, accommodation facilities to the staff and students are free of cost.

The buildings are in the shape of pyramid, merkabas, and other sacred geometry. The electricity supply, transport for this university are arranged by using “PLASMA REACTOR”, other technologies of KESHE FOUNDATION and “TESLA TECHNOLOGIES” of Nicholas Tesla. The class rooms, libraries, other rooms and entrances are fully digitalized.

After the arrival of our Galactic brothers and sisters of light (BIG EVENT) to here we can upgrade all the branches of study with the upgraded education and technologies of higher realms. With the teachings of our Galactic brothers and sisters of light we can make our HUMAN as Higher Universe Man. So that we can travel beyond galaxies and bring far knowledge from there and make our Gaia as a Cosmic Library. So that anyone from any other galaxy can come here and learn all the higher knowledge.

So I named this university as “COSMIC UNIVERSITY”.


An Alkaline environment nurtures healthy blood cells and increases overall immunity. It easily penetrates our body at a cellular level, thus hydrates the body better.

Ionized Alkaline water restores alkanity and flushes out acidic toxins from the body. It has high oxygen levels and delivers nutrients to your body cells more efficiently.

So I wish to construct alkaline water project along the vast sea shore of India, so that the sea water can be converted into alkaline water and that should be supplied to humanity in that area by pipe lines. So that the humanity who lives there use this water and get high nutrient to their body cells and live a healthier life.

After the arrival of our Galactic Brothers and Sisters of Light, they clean all the sea water so that the nutrients also increase. Then the humanity is more beneficial by that. There is no lack of sea water, so that there will be no lack of the water to humanity for all their uses.

By these three humanitarian projects we can generate so many jobs such that alkaline water makers for alkaline water project, jobs in construction field for all these projects such as engineers, plumbers, masons, planners, architects, and workers.

University will create the jobs such as lecturers, office staff, coaches for games, teachers those are experts in 64 arts, healers etc. The technologies used here are echo friendly and boost the energies of humanity along with mother earth.


Entry Submitted by RawVegan13 at 3:28 AM EST on March N/A, 2017


I am a ZIM holder based in Edinburgh - Scotland. I hold a substantial amount of ZIM and a fair bit of VNN.

Pretty lonely in my neck of the woods as not many people here have heard of the GCR RV.

Once I redeem my currency I would like to be a part of your private forum.

I have been a raw food vegan for over 10 years now so my main passion is helping people achieve health through raw living and organic foods, fermented foods, foraging, growing their own food by creating their own gardens / orchards, detoxification and holistic healing.

My plan is to set up a huge chain of health food shops and raw food cafes to provide people with the healthiest and best foods on the planet.

I want to acquire vast expanses of land for planting fruit trees and growing the finest organic vegetables.

I want to help re mineralize our soils and clean up the environment by planting hundreds of thousands of trees.

I want to help create jobs by setting up organic and bio dynamic farms to supply the local people with the very finest organic produce.

I love the idea of growing fruits and vegetables in geodesic domes especially in windy and rainy Scotland.

I want to set up holistic healing and retreat centres where people can come and learn about holistic healing, detoxification and the power of raw living foods.

I want to help clean up the environment by investing heavily in exotic free energy technologies, advanced recycling technologies and advanced water purification technologies.

I love the idea of running vehicles on water fuel / HHO Gas and want to invest heavily in bringing this technology to market.

I love the idea of running cars on electricity and would love the idea of helping a small EV company in America run by Dr. Brooks Agnew a scientist who is the creator of the "Condor" All Electric truck. My goal would be to help them bring innovative and affordable electric vehicles to the market worldwide, thereby helping to eliminate our dependance on fossil fuels thereby cleaning up our planet.

I want to help end animal cruelty on our planet by helping to set up animal sanctuaries.

I want to grow lots of hemp so we can produce extremely healing CBD oil products and also produce hemp paper, hemp clothing and hempcrete for building purposes.

Thankyou :)

RawVegan13 (I have posted on DC as Orgonite76) ______________________________________________________

Entry Submitted by Valerie at 7:29 PM EST on March 8, 2017

Distributing Spirulina

Spirulina is said to be the number one superfood. It is high in protein and has a complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals. You can live on it alone, and it has amazing healing properties.

Spirulina is an ideal food item to distribute to people who are malnourished as well as those interested in peak health. It is relatively simple and inexpensive to produce and is ecologically sustainable. It does not need to be refrigerated and has a shelf life of up to ten years.

While Spirulina has been used for thousands of years, it was brought to the attention of the Western world in earlier decades by Christopher Hills. His extensive biography on Wikipedia shows the years he spent in research. He collaborating with people all over the world to determine the best type to grow, efficient methods of doing so and the health benefits provided.

There is a small company in California that is using network marketing to sell this optimum strain of Spirulina. It has three times the potency of the healing pigment phycocyanin as any other brand, and is free of heavy metals. This is important because approximately seventy percent of the Spirulina currently on the market is very high in lead. It would be great to see this company expand and to have other companies started as well. You can view their website at newphoenixrising.com/Valerie.

Thanks very much!


Entry Submitted by Pat at 2:07 AM EST on March 9, 2017


The following departments in my projected nonprofit company give a general summary of my pursuits. However, I will highlight just a couple here in more detail.

We have too many unwanted unconditional lovers in the world that need help. I will create regional Animal Centers that will give free vet benefits, boarding, training, but most importantly house homeless pets that will be put in a special training program. We too often have senior citizens in Nursing Home facilities that are just emotionally "existing". We will assign a trainer for each Nursing home facility to provide trained dogs and cats to "roam" the facility during the day. Providing love and affection to residents in the facility. This gives a home to homeless pets, and love to too often lonely seniors.

Homeless need a dignified nice place to live while getting on their feet. In the Pacific Northwest, we have a shortage of affordable rentals. We would like to convert RV parks into Tiny Home Villages. We would hire many contractors to build the mobile tiny homes and they be placed in the RV Village. Each village will also have its own store for immediate food needs provide for free that stock healthy organic food. Other supplemental programs will be also be provided on sight while homeless gain training and opportunities to transition to the working force.

Here are my other company departments for a general idea of what we will pursue for global humanitarian projects.

-food banks, homeless, real estate development,, organic greenhouses, infrastructure, education etc.

-wildlife protection, free veterinary services, pet resorts, shelters, Nursing home pet program etc.

-clean water, food, community development, schooling, medical, etc.

-New Paradigm Wellness Institutes, mental and physical, advanced technology disease control, etc.

-Spiritual enlightenment development

-Focus on Veterans wellbeing, both physical and mental.

–manufacturing and distributing advanced technology to benefit mankind.

- Develop new business adventures for us, and/or approve and supervise external solicited ideas.

-Clean the Earth through advanced technology and proactive efforts.


Entry Submitted by Kathy at 12:48 AM EST on March 10, 2017

Is everyone aware of the laboratories here in the USA that are experimenting on animals? They use mostly dogs, some cats and rabbits. The pain they put these animals through is unreal. And the poor puppies born there don't have a chance. I will use every penny I have to shut these and the puppy mills down. Anybody that can help please contact me. A group could probably do more. kathye4973@gmail.com Thanks

Entry Submitted by Daughter of Terra at 11:03 PM EST on March 11, 2017

Food For Thought- Free or very low cost organic fruits and vegatables to Urban areas in NYC and beyond. After procurement of Farm land to harvest organic crops. All surplus will be shipped to countries in need.

Amethyst- Etching our new path in history via art. Reflective transitioning for positive self expressing to assist in healing from the pain.

Clear Culinary - Teaching Urban America to cook without using animals to support our new holistic lifestyle and assist in better health and well being.

Boys to Men...Men to leaders. Empowerment, Mentorship. Building stronger communities and families. Educational aspects are Interest based. Student age range 7yrs to 70yrs.

Girls to Women...Women to mothers. Same as above but also including feminine empowerment. Circle of Sisters building, learning, loving and sharing. Responsibility and Respectability.

Smart Homes- Homeless Erasing Programs. Not just offering shelter but self esteem building. Support systems. Employment and Self Sustainability.

-Daughter of Terra

Entry Submitted by Tammy Leonard at 9:21 AM EST on March 16, 2017

Blessed Be Beautiful Family,

What a glorious time We Live. The shifts of realities happening right before our very HuMan eyes. Wow!!!

It was April 1, 2015 when I was overcome by a business plan that could potentially balance "lack" energy with "prosperity" energy in The HuMan Mind for the purpose of transcending the exchange system and drawing forth the Abundant Being. The plan poured out of me during the 30-day window as I articulated the ideas. I've been sitting passionless and in the void with this idea since May 1, 2015... Timing is everything and I write this as a testament to my Greatest Self that, I Am Ready Now.

The idea is built around an income generator whose sole purpose is to put money, hopefully a lot of money, in peoples pockets each month. It begins by joining the Love Evolution community and participating with its generator. The generator is what is called a "forced matrix". It doesn't care who, when, where, or how...only that you are there each month, ready to give, to receive, and then to bestow without expectations after personal needs have been met....and then generously share the personal income just as freely as the money found its way to them.

The online community is where shared ideas to better lives in communities by removing financial pressure are discussed. On going communication with members will encourage the act of giving and where it can make the most difference in their personal family and community. Additionally, humanitarian projects will be discussed and listed and funded monthly by Love Evolution and the member community.

Community members will come to understand the money as manna...to be used and then given away knowing more will come the following month. This breaks the idea of hoarding cash for the future, dissolving fear based thoughts of survival.

By becoming a very generous giver, the lack energy is neutralized and an abundant being attitude is easily adopted. We become more compassionate, more unconditional with our love. When the energy on Earth is that of Abundant Being, we will no longer need the exchange system. Money will have finally lost its luster and we will have decided it is an unnecessary step to further manifest Our Vision.

I Am Grateful for the RV. It gives me enough cashflow to make this income generator possible in the United States. I am happy to share the idea with others interested in launching in their own country and whose energetic resonance is of efficient efficacy . If there are others in the United States who would like to learn more about this idea and perhaps work with me, please email: Tammy.LoveEvolution@gmail.com.

Living in the Light of Love,
Tammy Leonard

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 5:34 PM EST on March 17, 2017

Hue-wo-man Projects

I enjoyed reading the other projects, and I have similar ideas.

I think every hue-man, woman, child deserves freedom, water, food, and a safe place to live and sleep. Opportunities for all. I am a strong believer in hemp and CBD oils, herbs homeopathy.

Being a Zim holder, my heart first goes to Zimbabwe, and I believe all this wealth the reset is creating, should go back to the country, but I did come up with some ideas for all, no one excluded. These are not in any order of preference.

. We need a World-wide Department of Compassion. Where people know they can get what they need, food, home etc. This could a central hub in each community that connects people to people. Services, offers etc. If your leaving a country for whatever reason, a place to go for if needed. (Boat people) If you are experiencing some sort of abuse, family, child, drug whatever, you can go there and get help and be free from it.

. Art School in Cuba was built by Pablo Pascio, back in the day, it was never completed. but was a great place for artists of all kinds. Later some tried to refurbish and ran out of money, now its just neglected. I would love to be part of it even tho I know absolutely nothing about this kind of thing, but I can carry water, and I am very creative.

After the success of this one, build more around the world with the locals of the communities.

. Water projects are on going and I’d like to donate to this and also help in putting them in Zimbabwe and around the World where needed. Along with library’s, containing of course, the truth. I plan on going to Zimbabwe and seeing for myself what I can donate, or help other companies come to Zimbabwe and build what they need.

. Chicago has many run down communities as other states in America, These could be community gardens, art schools, homes. etc. As we will probably not need as many businesses that will eventually be restructured, or dissolved into something better. My heart is big for the homeless, as I was also one. This does not have to happen.

. Fund all go-fund projects.

. Nursing homes need healing thru sound music, whatever is out there, food etc. hemp.

. Single parents, and children, I believe they should get to stay home with their children. Parents should not have to miss those important years of their children by going to a 9-5 job for some company that really is not making a difference for the whole of humanity. but our children are once 5, and never 5 again. Don’t miss any of it.

. Child abuse, I am working on a bigger plan here, but I’m sure a lot of this will dissolve as people are getting their survival needs met. Once we all learn what has been going on, the “people” will be able to protect their children from harm. I believe the child abuse is a result of “us” having to work more, the pressure, the stress. Once people don’t have to work for surveying they would rather be home with children. They are our future, and we have to make sure they get every opportunity to develop to best for their future.

. Joe Dispensa , Heartmath project has a method of healing thru meditation and they can watch it on the brain. This needs to be taught for the vets, nursing homes drug re-hab, and prisons. Along with other new technology healing.

. I saw someone wanted a retreats for vets, I think that was a great idea. At the military bases, they have so much land that will no longer be needed for military. I was wanting this to be for all, I want one where there is housing, like a hotel on base for people to come, and speakers from Kryon, Abraham, Mooji, Deepak Chopera etc. to come speak for a week and the people who follow them will come stay at the hotel. With spas, water, pools, relaxing environment with vegetarian meals and whatever we need. If we build it, they will come.

. I had a friend long ago who wanted money for a horse property to help troubled teens. Each would have a horse and take care of it and learn thru love. I would like to help donate money for this.

. For myself, I would like to have a farm with small homes on it for my family and possibly others. The garden, green house, recycled everything.

. If we are going to continue schools, of course the content must be changed and the schools should have a school garden, where every child is taught the how to. Where the student orders the seeds, to planting compost, harvest, cooking, nutrients, herbs everything about it, canning, cooking etc. There would be no need for outside food if its all grown there and the students to be involved. The schools could take on a new way, like the trade schools. Young children know what they like, just ask them.

. I’m sure I have more written down, but for now, this will be a contribution to the project.

Entry Submitted by Alexandra Bernardez at 1:54 PM EST on March 31, 2017

OM Shanti Peace Aloha Namaste! The Heroes / Sheroes On this Website
Can Help as Ground Team with a Smooth Loving Transition
Along with Dr. Greer and Disclosure Ascension Centers

Thank You for sharing a Link to The Below Websites!!!

Alexandra Bernardez

Enjoy VIP Friend and Family Spa Vacations

Love Seeds Bloom

​​Landline 928.284.1200 ext 1472​​​​
Text / Mobile Phone 808.800.9755

Please Note in order to spend more quality time in Nature and with friends and family I check email on Gratitude Fridays anything urgent please call or text me, Thank You and God Bless U


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