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Friday, March 31, 2017

"GCR there is no Hazard" by Benjamin - 3.31.17

Entry Submitted by Benjamin at 9:38 PM EDT on March 31, 2017

April 1st.

To all of my fellow benefactors..

This is probably the fourth or fifth time I ever post something on a Web site.. im usually pretty discreet.. and I'd rather lesson than speak, mostly when I don't control a subject.. but i felt like I needed to post my thoughts on this website.

I live in France near Paris north suburban, I'm a taxi driver. The first time I heard of DC was through another website that had a link to come here..

The article (back a year and a half ago, talked about RV and GCR.. I was already familiar with nesara and gesara for about 2 years back at the time.. I told myself :

there is no hazard in life.. this is the missing part I needed to get the global picture..sort of.

I didn't really understood what the RV and GCR really implied back then so i read a few articles about it but without being really convinced.. so, With no much hope of getting any answers, I emailed to patrick a few questions... Not only i got my answers, but i got them pretty quickly.. Today, thanks to him, i'm ready to exchange. I go to the airport pretty often for professionnal purposes and got myself some dongs at the exchange office and i got some zims on e-bay.

The greatest part of all that is that i spended a lot of money during my life playing the national lottery... telling myself ... if I win... i will do this and that... i will also do this.. and i won't forget that... 10-20% for me and my close relatives, and the rest for others... But guess what... i never won anything... and here comes this opportunity... the gretest opportunity of an entire life... and now, i'm asking myself how i'm going to divide that huge amount of money. what percentage ? ... (personnal / humanitarian) ... here is the big question... just like all of you, i want to have my ex "wife" to be safe for the rest of her life.. with our 2 daughters.. my parents, my close friends... and most of the people that i know... how much can i "keep" for personnal use and mostly ... am I being too selfish doing so?? the answer is that as long as I GIVE, that's all that matters. everyone will set his priorities.. I wrote a list of projects TO DO when we will get the official start.

The big question is : is this real ? is this a hoax ?? there are a lot of FACTS on the web so you can forge your own opinions. I know it's not easy.. website 1, your read obama is an undercover guy, paul ryan is the POTUS, trump "works in accordance with him, website 2 you read trump is trying to take down Paul Ryan, the russian are garhering troops and are getting ready to nuke the planet, website 3 russian controls the ukranian issue, gcr will be in 2025 until this or that happens, website 4, etc etc etc... We have learn to think rationnaly since we where born... in some sort of a matrix world... with money, profit, greed, competition and on and on... the infos/intel are crossing each other and it's all confused.. Do your homework and sort out all of that.. open your mind and get rid of all these barriers.. Like OWK said, so many people died and suffered so we can be here today.. We get the very best part of this whole event... the summum.. we get the opportunity to show what humanity can do... those who are watching us from above (living or not) are counting on US.. they hope we will be worth THEIR sacrifice... Let's not deceive them...

The entire universe will benefit from this... All of you be ready.. it's coming.. and i personnaly believe it is ok to divide your currency into personnal and humanitarian. after all, it's human..

I saw a list of bank account's (a link was in an article posted here http://alcuinbramerton.blogspot.fr/2016/05/the-white-spiritual-boy-off-ledger.html), where there is about 300 bank accounts with so much zero's on it that the sum is unpronounceable... there is one bank account with 54 zero's..... that's only one bank accountn out of 300. I read the article on Neil Keenan web site.. i got the source on this website.. that's how it connects for me.. get info from different places and put them together... it takes a while sometimes but the essential is to get to destination... and my destination was to be on this starting line.. with all of you.. let's say we are 7.4 billions of humans.. (9 zeros).. even if we each have 1 trillion (12 zero's), then the sum has only 21 zero's behind it... there is some margin... I've been "fighting" darkness for 9 years now..(I only took my red pill 9 years ago) to my little level.. I try to open peoples mind in my taxi.. 90% of my customer think i'm a little crazy but i still put a little seed in their head so when IT comes (the full disclosure), they will tell themselves... Hum... i already heard this info before... it doesn't matter if they don't remember where from... all that matters is that they won't be so chocked... 

This is what I want to tell you... all of us are not here by mistake.. before our reincarnation, we decided to be part of the benediction that is coming... we all have been part of the fight against darkness for a long time.. most of you know corey goode, David Wilcock, Benjamin fulford and cobra just to name a few.. When I'm not on the road, i magnetise people that are in relative pain.. (at least, i try) and since I have been dealing with energy for a while, I will tell you this Sometimes, when I read an article, it vibrates inside of me.. chills go from top to botom.. i'm sure some of you already experienced that feeling.. that tells me there is something good/true with the article.. and 8 out of 10 times, when I read articles from "the one who knows" for example, there is a lot of vibrations.. and a few other post from some other people also gave me the chills... so my point is that the fact that all of us ended up here, all together on this website is a choice that we agreed on before reincarnating in the body you see in the mirror every morning. 

Are we the choosen ones ? i don't know..that might be a little pretencious... are we the lucky ones ? that suits me better..

We are on the edge of changing this world like it probably never has been before. When you read A news/info/intel... always use your discernment... (even this one). remember that your ego is here to make you confuse.. the vibration is a direct feeling from above.. the ego has no time in perturbing that feeling.. so pay attention to when it vibrates...

By the way, if anyone knows why we still get chemtrails on our heads.. plz answer me.. we still allow one of the worst thing for us to happen.. i don't understand.. 

Is the black knight satellite that got taken down recently was keeping us from using our pineal gland?




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