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Saturday, May 13, 2017

"GCR, Segregating Prosperity By Our Belief" - One Who Knows - 3.1.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 2:20 PM EST on March 1, 2017

Re-posted (5-13-17) by request of One Who Knows. ~ Dinar Chronicles

GCR, Segregating Prosperity By Our Belief

After reading a post from someone in Alaska who talked to a Wealth manager that played dumb about the GCR (Link Below), I realized that it was not only needed to protect the GCR, but it was an important part of keeping Dinarland Segregated. When I starting thinking about this more, I realized that we have ALL been automatically segregated into 4 different "Levels" based on Our Beliefs. The more we believe, the more we get, and the less we believe, the less we get. As it turns out, it is better to believe than not.

Bankers Who Play Dumb

Bankers who know what is going on are in a VERY precarious position. They have been trained TO PLAY DUMB. The LAST thing they need is to have themselves recorded or quoted by Name on the internet verifying that the RV is real! They MUST NEVER reveal this top, World Secret, until they are permitted to do so.

This was accomplished in the old days by keeping the front line people and even the Wealth Managers in the dark, where they really didn't know anything. That was so easy because they were just being truthful when they said that they didn't exchange the Iraqi Dinar and that any RV rumors we false.

However, times have changed because we are so close. So those who used to claim that there was no such thing as an RV, and really believed it, now must claim the same thing still, but now they are ACTING dumb instead, because they really do know it is true.

So when I hear stories of Wealth Managers or bank operators saying they know nothing about any RV, it doesn't surprise me in the least. It would be stupid and irresponsible for them to reveal the World's biggest secret prematurely. Not to mention their name would be plastered all over the net as validating and proving the RV is real, and that is NOT allowed at this very critical time.

We ARE Special

It is not my place to say who should have currencies and become rich overnight, and who should not. That is the Domain of the Universe. But, I can summarize who WILL get rich and who will NOT. Those who believe in great things happening for them, will have found out about these currencies and are most likely holding them now, despite the criticism they face for doing so. Those who are cynical, and don't believe in the benevolence of the Universe, or that something like this could ever happen for them, don't have these currencies and criticize those who do. Their one and ONLY justification is that there is NO OFFICIAL PROOF that it is true, and that is a blessing in itself.


This once in a lifetime exchange opportunity is for the Believers and Dreamers among us, and NOT the skeptics, cynics, and disbelievers. I may have an attitude about the cynics, but I do believe the Dreamers and Believers are better suited to build and repair our World. Frankly the skeptics and cynics SHOULD NOT have that much power to influence others with their negativity. But it seems that is the plan keeps the money out of their hands anyway.

The Genius Segregation Plan

I can easily see that the overall plan is genius. The GCR is designed with a natural segregation of different levels of Belief and trust. Basically, the ones with the LEAST belief, get the LEAST (nothing), and those with the MOST belief get the MOST! Let's look at how this plays out.

No Belief (LEAST)

Those with no belief at all, have not bought currencies and in fact even criticize those who have them. They are the ones with the LEAST belief and in the end, they will be the ones who get the LEAST.

Some Belief

Those with some belief but are still not totally convinced are the ones who got the Iraqi Dinar. It is the easiest to believe because Iraq is on the same path as Kuwait, with war, depressed currency, and them after war, their currency comes back. Frankly, of all the currencies, it has the closest thing to Proof of any of them. However, it's return on investment is about the lowest of all the currencies changing value. Thus, SOME belief gets SOME reward.

More Belief

Those with MORE belief but are still not completely convinced are the ones who got the Vietnam Dong. The Iraqi Dinar is relatively easy to make a case for since it has the same path as the Kuwait Dinar. However, the Vietnam Dong has been depressed for a VERY LONG time and on the surface, doesn't look like it will be doing anything different anytime soon. It takes WAY MORE belief in this currency changing value than it takes to believe in the Iraqi Dinar. However, the return in value for the Dong is WAY MORE than the Dinar. Thus, those who have MORE Belief get MORE reward.

The Most Belief

Those with the MOST BELIEF in the benevolent changes in the World have gotten ZIM. It is the craziest of all the currencies that are revaluing, and thus requires the most belief. First it is out of circulation, and NOT a valid currency. While both the Dinar and the Dong are at least valid and circulating currencies, the ZIM is a dead currency and only sold as a Novelty item as a result. The other matter is that it has such crazy denominations and last, Zimbabwe has already issued their new currency and nothing has been said about the old, out of circulation, defunct currency. This takes the MOST BELIEF, and the Biggest Dreams, to hope that this currency will be redeemed, especially at the rates we are all hearing. However, as if in perfect design, those with the MOST BELIEF shall get the MOST reward.

Was This The Plan All Along?

The only question I have is "Was this planned like this all along, or did it just naturally come together in this way?" The more belief one has, the more they get, and the less they believe, the less they get. It seems like this is some sort of spiritual ratio. It seems like it is a natural way to segregate the believers and non believers, and each to the degree they are willing to believe. GENIUS!

Some Had The Belief But Not The Funds

Clearly there are some who had the high degree of Belief and Faith, but were unable to afford to buy the currency especially the ZIM as it escalated in price. While they may not get the initially large funding as those who had the ZIM, they will still attract whatever they need from those who could afford it. I know several people in this situation, and they already know that they will be funded to whatever amount they desire. Still it is belief and faith that creates and elicits prosperity. By contrast, I know several who laughed and made fun of those who are holding currency, and I doubt that they will attract the same level of funding. Frankly, even though we are Light Workers, I have already heard from many that those who tormented them over this GCR, will be receive just what they deserve.

The Matter Of Proof

So this brings us back to the Bankers who say they don't know anything about the GCR. Clearly if there is some sort of segregating going on, then actual PROOF, would thwart the whole plan. The greatest disbelievers and cynics among us would suddenly get currencies and have the money to spread their negative attitudes around our World. However, with NO PROOF, ONLY THE BELIEVERS get the money, and only the Believers, have the money to spread hope and belief throughout the World.

So aside from the obvious problem of too many people getting these currencies due to actual proof of the GCR, the lack of it helps segregate those who are best suited to their benevolent mission, and those who are not, are kept from this opportunity. Personally, I like this outcome, whether it was planned this way or it just organically happened this way.

Will the Bankers ever admit to this GCR? Only when it is time for them to do so, or if they are tricked into it or accidentally or let it slip. Otherwise it makes perfect sense that they play dumb for now. Not only should they play dumb to protect the integrity of the plan, but they are required to be quiet by the plan.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that in this new age of enlightenment and spiritual awakening, it seems that Belief is the key to great wealth and the responsibility that goes with it. For those who don't believe in the GCR, it is unlikely that they would believe in the Republic, NESARA or Disclosure either. Clearly, Believers are the corner stones of the New Age and have been segregated by the degree of their belief. Who can say if that was the plan of the Elders or a decree from a higher source? No matter which it is, it is clear that BELIEF is very important and that those who have the most belief in the GCR, will be the ones with the most belief in a Benevolent World, and 1000 years of peace and prosperity.

Clearly, belief is the foundation of Manifestation and as such, it is the most important ingredient to the changes we are looking for. It makes perfect sense that those who believe the most, be the ones who are empowered to do the most. No matter how you look at it, it is a Genius plan, and I am so glad to be a part of it.

May We All Have The Belief Necessary To Create A New World of Peace and Prosperity

Signed: One Who Knows

Reference Post:
"Wells Fargo in Alaska" by NeedToKnow - 3.1.17


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