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Friday, February 10, 2017

"Viva Le Revolution" - Cowboy Down Under - 2.10.17

Entry Submitted by Cowboy Down Under at 1:11 AM EST on February 10, 2017

When our eyes first connected it was like some kind of magic. He was seated way up high, in his monster truck, parked in front of a little internet cafe in southern chile, I was on a computer in front of the window. He waved when he saw me, like he had not seen me in a hundred years, I waved back. It took a second and you could tell we both realized at the same time that we had not met each other, at least in this lifetime. He drove off and I went back to my research on past life regression therapy.  

Later that night I went to a very cool concert at a Osho meditation center, that a  lady friend of mine lived at. The guy preforming had all these old ancient musical instruments that he used to make the most amazing sounds into music. From the very first song, I fell into a deep trance and in a second I was in the steppes of southern Russia, now known as Ukraine. I was huddled around a small, buried in the ground fire. My three brothers were there with me, I recognized each of them as my three brothers in this lifetime, a bit like Dorothy's, Tinman, Scarecrow and Lion. We were eating and talking about how tomorrow, we would raid a village nearby, because Peter The Great, our boss, had got a message that a traitor to his attempt to overthrow the Government was living there and needed, as Peter had put it, to be removed from his head. The song ended and another one began and there I was as a small child living in Hiroshima, Japan with my mother and my grandfather. My japanese father had gone to fight the Americans in the war and my grandfather and I were headed into Hiroshima to get some supplies. Turned out to be the day the bomb dropped, but that a story for another day, Next song I was sitting at the feet of Leonardo Da Vinci, I was mixing his paint, as he and his prize student painted, Song ended and so did that vision, next song/next vision, I was in Chile living in the land of the Mapuche, I was a small boy running through the mountains. 

When the concert was over and I came back to earth, I opened my eyes and there sitting next to me was the big guy, from the big truck, he put his hand out, "Humberto Tasso, man you have been in some deep trance there, where did you go?" When I heard his name I smiled because I had just finished writing my book H.E.A.L. (Heal Earth And Life) and Humberto Tasso, his wife Alexa and thier little boy Leonardo were some of the main characters in it. I told him what happened in my trance and he laughed "I knew I recognized you sitting in that internet cafe today, man do we got a lot of catching up to do."  The guy playing the instruments just brushed it off when I told him what happened, he said "That Happened to people all the time when I play theses ancient instruments."

Over the next few years Humberto and I became great friends, we spent hours and hours helping each other remember our past lives. The first time I picked up my guitar and he his harmonica we played like we had played together for a million years. Humberto lived as close as you could get to the active volcano, that sits above Pucon. His house was grandfathered in and allowed to stay there, even though he was in the direct line of the flow of lava, if the volcano ever erupted. He used the crushed volcanic rock that surrounded his house to lay a base down for the amazing paintings he made. His specialty was doing past life readings on his clients and then painting a portrait of them, as they were in past lives, like in the painting above.

You can see some of his amazing work on his website. My favorite is the one with the VW bug in it because, my father always said, every hippie should have one.


Hunbertos house was filled with books on Leonardo and Peter the Great, he told me I was Leonardo's son and he was his prize student and he said the master would get mad at us because we would go out all the time drinking wine and wooing women. He said he had the same dream I did several times of looking at my hands covered in many different colors of paint. He also said he knew he was a General in Peter's army and I knew for sure he was in that painting in the sugar Czar's palace I had seen.

OK, I hear ya back there "Cowboy, nice story and all but what does this have to do with our money, I mean where the RV in it."

Well all this came to me when I read this line in Goldenboy post. By the way brother, thanks the great post. 

Comte De Saint Germain – Uncle Sam!

Saint Germain has had many prominent incarnations in which his service to humanity was exemplary. He is most well-known as Saint Joseph the father of Yeshua (Jesus), though we also served lifetimes as a high priest in Atlantis, the Prophet Samuel, Plato, Saint Alban, Merlin the Magician (yes, he was truly a real figure), Roger Bacon, Christopher Columbus, Leonardo Da Vinci, Francis Bacon (who co-wrote the works of Shakespeare – but that is a subject of another post!), and finally Comte De Saint Germain.


I realized that I do believe many of us have spent some time in the presents of Saint Germain in our past lives and guess what, I think he has brought us all back here now to help him, get this done! I know he was there with Peter the Great and I was there with him and Yeshua, as well, I just know it and don't even get me started about Merlin and the round table, OMG, I just took a look at the painting I put above and who's in Humbertos work, little Merlin, sitting on the floor with his wand, in all his glory to come. Goosebumps, Angles present!

"Viva le Revolution!"

You know how they say it's crazy everybody remember themselves in past lives as being a something great and not as say a slug or something like that. Maybe, just maybe, we were all there, with Saint Germain throughout the years as the great masters and we have returned to this time, to do this thing, together. Goosebumps!

Man am I excited because if this is the crowd I get to kick the butts of the cabal diablo rat bastards ass with, bring it on! Merlin, you take the big guy!

Cowboy Abun-Dancing with the Masters, YOU

P.S. If you would like a free e-copy of the book to meet Humbertos little Angel, Leonardo, he gives a great lesson about love. Just drop me a line at fundyourluckyday@yahoo.com

The painting below Humberto did for me, it is featured in the ending of the book and has my father's face in it, notice the bag of gems on the table, given to me to be used to H.E.A.L. (Heal Earth And Life) 

Do You Believe In Magic? Well if you don't you might want to start because you're living in it right NOW!



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