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Monday, February 20, 2017

"Open Letter To: Illuminati Transgender Victims" - One Who Knows - 2.20.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 4:19 PM EST on February 20, 2017

Open Letter To: Illuminati Transgender Victims

I had a recent conversation with a Highly Advanced Being who is quite aware of the changes that are coming to our Planet Earth. We discussed may different matters relating to our new financial system, new governments, and immanent dangers, which by the way THERE ARE NONE, and the great healings that will be coming after disclosure. I realized that the return to perfect health for all, based on DNA, would have a great effect on those who are Physically altered Transgender people, especially the Illuminati Transgendered Victims. I posed this question and got a great answer.

While there have been many different types of Illuminati victims, those of you who were changed at birth and had NO CHOICE on the matter, are still burdened by living a life as a "Gender" opposite of your true nature. For those of you to whom this applies, I have VERY GOOD NEWS, you will soon be returned to your natural sexual orientation. But it is complicated...


For those who were not aware of this "Issue," it is common knowledge that at the highest levels of our Governments, Entertainment industries and even in Sports, the children of these Illuminati Parents are routinely forced to have sex change operations at a young age if not just after birth, to the opposite sex. Boys are changed into girls and Girls into boys and they must live and keep that secret for their entire lives. Often when they Marry, the "Man" was born a Female, and the Woman, was born a Male. They FAKE pregnancy so that they can adopt children as their own without raising suspicion. This is a closely guarded secret that keeps the Illuminati in control. While I want to be sensitive to these unfortunate Victims, I will offer a couple of links to Video sites that talk about this issue. Remember, these people are the VICTIMS and have been forced to make the best of a bad situation. We don't want to make fun of them... Just imagine if this happen to you.

Here are Video Sites That Have Noticed This Trend:


It Starts With "Disclosure"

This is NOT the disclosure that a Transgender should fear, your secret is still safe. It is the Governments of the World revealing once and for all that there is Life throughout the Universe and that we are being helped by Benevolent ETs, for lack of a better word. This World Wide Disclosure will both Disclose the rampant corruption that has plagued our World for centuries, and the Disclosure of our true nature and place in the Universe. We are to meet our brothers and sisters from distant star systems as well as those who live within our Earth and have remained hidden from us the surface population for safety reasons, all of these years. There is so much I could tell you about this DISCLOSURE EVENT, but it is NOT the focus of this post. What is important about this World-Wide Disclosure is that it sets the stage for HUGE advances in Health, Technologies and Free Energy, to name a few.

Disclosure Brings Healing

Once we have been introduced to these highly advanced civilizations from other parts of the Universe, they will make available their advanced healing technologies. Frankly, much of this technology has been available all along, but held back from us by our evil and corrupt leaders who kept it for themselves. This means that very soon after the announcement is made, there will be healing vessels that will land and immediately begin treating and healing those of us who are sick or injured in some way. All diseases, deformed bodies, missing limbs will be cured and returned to perfect health. Yes, missing arms and legs, and even removed internal organs will all grow back, in perfect health, just like a salamander grows its tail back when it has been broken off.

The Way It Works

While I don’t have all the details of exactly how the healing technology works, I have been told generally what to expect. The way I understand it is that a Healing "Pulse" will be transmitted, from many different locations I assume, that will cover the entire Planet. This Healing Frequency causes our Bodies to reactivate our DNA Healing ability so that our bodies become enabled to self repair themselves. I guess it is a latent ability we have, but one that has been rendered dormant buy the evil powers that used to control us. In the same way that a cut on your arm repairs itself, so your body can and will begin to repair and replace every single malformation and injury. I am not clear whether this will happen "Instantly" or over time. There will no longer be a need for hospitals or medicine after this happens. This is great news for the World and I look forward to this event, for all those who need the healing. However, there is a slight issue where healing may cause more problems than it solves...

Transgender Operations

While most people will be looking forward to these repairs and healings, those who have had Transgender Surgeries (Tannnies), will suddenly be returned to their original gender from birth. Those who have had "Things" taken off, and other "Things" repositioned etc, will find that it will all be returned to their original biological function. This will be a huge issue for both those who chose to change sexual orientations and those who were forced into a different sexual orientation at birth. I realized this HUGE potential problem for these people and so I asked "What are they (Trannies/Transgenders) going to do when this happens?"

Transgenders Will Have A Choice

The answer I got was very benevolent and showed great compassion. Those who by choice and by force who are currently in a Transgender state, Physically Altered in some way, will be given a choice in their healing. They may return to fully functioning Beings in the original Gender of their birth, or become fully functioning beings in the new gender they now live as, or they may even become both at the same time. It is easy to understand being one sex or the other, but being both is really special. I'm not sure how that will work exactly, although I have a few ideas. None the less, it is important to know that option is available.

Clearly, those who intentionally chose to change genders will be pleased to stay as their new gender with full capability as that sex. However, those who have been living as one or the other because of what others have done to them, will have a very confusing choice to make. Do they go back to their original sex and change how they appear to their friends and society, or do they stay with what they have known, and pretended to be, all these years? That is going to be a hard choice to make. That is one reason that I am posting this information now, so that those who will be making this choice later, have a long time to think about it.

Those who choose to be both, will have a pretty wild experience to say the least. It may be wild to us now, but by then, we may already be aware of it as a society and accept it as normal. Who knows? Suffice to say, that these Transgender individuals will have a life altering choice ahead of them as our World heals from the evils that have befallen us all these centuries.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we are ALL going to experience healing in whatever way we need it. Those who are missing limbs or internal parts will have them again and fully functional. All diseases will be cured and never appear again on our Planet. While all this healing is a good thing, some of us will be making choices as to what sexuality we will become permanently, and functionally, I might add. To some it will be a blessing, to others it will be a very hard choice to make and one that has lifelong consequences. We should all be kind and understand what has been done to these people against their will. It is high time that they are able to be who they were born to be, or be complete and functional in their new gender identity. As far as those who choose both, the unity of both Male and Female energies in one being, will be very special. Who knows they may have the greatest advantage of all. But in the end, we are all Human Beings, living with and loving each other as we love our selves. May we all learn to love and accept those who are different than we are, and recognize that we are all equally Loved in God's eyes.

May We All Get Everything We Want and Live The Lives We Dream Of

Signed: One Who Knows

Special Note: I give my full permission and specifically request, that this post be shared anywhere and everywhere, so that it may reach those who most need to hear this message and know about this coming healing and change. After all, we are our brother's and sister's keepers.


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