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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

"My Profound Gratitude to You, Leslie!" by Lucinda Dionysius - 2.21.17

Entry Submitted by Lucinda Dionysius at 5:03 PM EST on February 21, 2017

My Profound Gratitude to You, Leslie! Plus the Surprising Answer to Her Question; Pure Universe versus Corrupt Universe; our Ascension Dilemma; Fulford’s Post; and This is My Final Post.

By Lucinda Dionysius

Leslie's post:


I am overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude for your post! And it couldn't have come at a better time! I've read it many times for encouragement and enjoyment. This is my biggest wave of Positive Feedback from the Universe BY FAR! Thank you so much. I love you.

Leslie's question:

P.S. Lucinda, to your knowledge have Yeshua, Mary and Sophia been successful in their work with Yahweh and the demiurge?

I received the answer described below. But first, bear with me thru my simple analogy of our evolution back to Source as it pertains to the answer:

Imagine our evolution as though one is holding on to a smooth knot on a suspended, silky silver rope. Higher evolved versions of the same being are holding on to knots at spaced intervals representing each dimension in ascending order.

The rope starts near the surface of an immeasurable golden sphere representing a quintessential universe, and ends in the heart of the sphere wherein our true Creator resides in pure bliss and ecstasy.

Now imagine an infinite number of other silky silver ropes with beings attached to knots in the same manner fanning out through the golden sphere from surface to center. The silver rope symbolizes our continuous connection to Source at all points along our journey, keeping us safely tethered as we venture into our co-created worlds.

(Regarding Sacred Geometry, one can see how the “top down”, overlord pyramid (tetrahedron) system is the antithesis of the sphere where everyone has a direct connection to Source. The so-called Guardians secretly installed malware into the Divine Code, programming a tetrahedron inside the sphere of our universe which diminished our connection to Source.)

In a pure spherical universe, we begin our journey as 5th dimensional light beings near the surface of the golden sphere. The higher we evolve toward the exalted core, the closer the silver ropes become, and we "entwine" and merge into fewer but more powerful beings and ascend to the next higher realm until we reach our zenith in the heart of the sphere.

Beings in each realm cannot advance upward until the beings in the realm below them advance. This is written in the Divine Code and encourages Service to Others, i.e., our higher selves help our lower selves so both may advance.

In our hijacked universe, corrupted by the parasites, we cannot evolve and advance as we are endlessly recycled in the reincarnation trap. And consequently, we restrain ALL of our higher-realm selves from returning to Source.

And furthermore, our higher-selves are unable to communicate with us due to our mind-control, although some higher beings manage to break through. It's easy for us to establish the line of communication with our higher-selves, the other way around, as follows: 

First deny consent to humanity's enslavement by the parasites. Then tell your higher-selves that you are open for information and assistance that is in the highest good for all mankind.  Your knowledge will increase in amazing and unexpected ways.

When I pondered Leslie's perceptive question, and asked my higher-self for guidance along with Sophia, Mary Magdalene and Yeshua (actually I say "Ready for download" lol), a message emerged, directed to me, about myself specifically; not in words from a voice, but like recovering a long lost memory:

"Unite all of your fractal parts including those in your reincarnated lives where YOU, yourself, succumbed to the pressure of parasites, committing atrocities against humanity under forced mind-control."

Granted, this was not what I was expecting. That said, I felt the question was answered:  It is up to me to make the next move. They have done their part.

None of us know what we did in all of our innumerable past lives. We were not mind-wiped "for our own good", as the Channeled Ones insist.  

This is the parasites' greatest deception:

Deceive Earthlings into reincarnating countless times, thereby fracturing one's Spirit into less powerful units.  And, then mind-wipe us each time, so we will point the finger at each other, not realizing that we ourselves committed the same forced, mind-controlled atrocities in other timelines.

Much is at stake and it all depends on us.  Our higher-realm selves are at an impasse and cannot evolve nor help us evolve. They are firmly tied and anchored to us trapped in the 3D matrix.

We need all of our fractal parts to merge before we can ascend and thus release our higher selves.  This includes the darkest unknown parts of ourselves when we succumbed, in other lifetimes, to the duress of the parasites.

I'm not entirely clear on how to merge all fractal parts. But as stated in previous posts, I've already begun the effort by acknowledging that all of us are subjected to mind-control with varying intensity.  And, that the satanists deserve ascension.  Not so long ago, I was steaming angry at the satanists.

The satanists are the most severely mind-controlled of us all. They are in the millions.  And worldwide, they control most of the governments, corporations, banking operations and much more. They are blocking the RV on orders of the parasites.  I see this week’s post from Fulford discusses the satanists which is a good sign. 

If we invite them to come into the light with no punishment, and with the knowledge that we ourselves have succumbed to the parasites in one lifetime or another, then perhaps we can unite our splintered spirits and be whole enough to ascend.

Notice I say nothing about forgiveness. Forgiveness implies one willfully committed a harmful act against another. The satanists believe they have no choice but to follow the orders of their parasitic controllers, as they are threatened with even worse brutality against us if they refuse.

Furthermore, their unspeakable crimes were specifically designed by the parasites to cause us such revulsion that we would never considered amnesty, thereby keeping the parasites in control.

The RV is most definitely part of our Divine Plan. The funds will bring those in need relief and joy which will prepare them for Ascension.  In turn, this will cause our own vibration to soar upwardly, due to our service-to-others, bringing about our own Ascension.

I am stating here clearly: Our RV will not be released until the satanists are given amnesty so they--millions of them--can feel safe to come into the light. Our legal system cannot possibly prosecute this many people. Numerous arrests are occurring now which is necessary for disclosure.  The question is:  how will we react when the truth is revealed for all to see?  The ascension of humanity in ALL realms depends on the answer.

The Elders are parasites.  They had nothing to do with the creation of the GCR/RV and will continue to block it forever or until the matrix dissolves and they self-destruct due to lack of low frequency plasma siphoned from our souls.  We can expedite their extinction by bringing the satanists into the light per our amnesty, which would cut off the parasites’ food supply.

Our RV hinges on this alone.  Not the flashing screen rates; nor the Paris Agreement; nor geopolitical events.

I'm winding down to my last post.  I don't anticipate another post.  I have said all that needs to be said.

I will tweet or email Prez Trump with a message to give the satanists amnesty and invite them to come into the light.  He and Putin are well aware of the parasites and will know exactly what I'm talking about. They're prolly waiting for us to come forward with our offer.

I am confident I was led to my conclusion by my true Creator.  And, that he has a plan for my message of amnesty to be carried throughout the world.  I feel others will send the message of amnesty to world leaders as well.

We may wait weeks or years for the RV depending on how many participate.  You may vote in your heart as our Creator will acknowledge your intent.  And in turn, your intent will increase the power of our collective consciousness thus creating the quantum timeline for the RV release and our ascension.

After the satanists accept our offer, they will stop working for the parasites which will allow the RV to proceed. And General Dunford can safely release our funds.

While I anticipate this is my last post, I WILL post rebuttals, with GLEE AND JOY, to any posts attempting to discredit me.  I will use them to my full advantage. 

A few follow-up notes:

Yeshua/Jesus and Yahweh are NOT the same. Yeshua/Jesus is my hero and savior.  Yahweh is THE most powerful parasite; it controls all the other parasites, like the Dracos. The Dracos are evil shape-shifting thought-forms created by Yahweh to torment us.  They are not from another star system, but originated right here in the fourth dimension, as well as all other parasitic entities such as demons, greys, archons and most members of the Council of Worlds. (I see they change names so as to confuse us, i.e., The Council.)

The parasites and the satanists are NOT the same, although the parasites disguise themselves as human satanists and whatever else suits their agenda.  The mind-controlled human satanists have the God Spark (Spirit) which is our golden ticket to Ascension.  The parasites cannot ascend, as they do not have the God Spark, and they are furious about this.  They will hold on tightly to their mind-controlled human satanists to survive until our God Spark brothers and sisters wake up and feel safe to come into the light.

We do not need to know who are the parasites and who are the human satanists.  Our True Creator will do ALL the sorting. Also we need not feel compassion or forgiveness for the parasites--no more so than we would feel for a swarm of mosquitoes.

I love you all.

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Leslie's post:


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