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Monday, May 22, 2017

"How To Be Confident" - One Who Knows - 2.13.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 3:45 PM EST on February 13, 2017

Re-posted (5-22-17) by request of One Who Knows. ~ Dinar Chronicles

How To Be Confident

Creating Reality requires "Confidence" which leads to Expectation, and then culminates in a Manifestation. In short, If you don't have Confidence in getting what you want, you don't expect it either, and without expectation, it will fail more times than not. The Universe REQUIRES you to A) Identify What you Want, B) It must Matter, and C) you MUST expect it as well. Expectation means that there is nothing keeping your manifestation from happening. There is NO Resistance or Blockage.

Frankly, if you Don't EXPECT it, why should the Universe Manifest it? Can you imagine how crazy it would be in a Universe that just Manifests Un-Expected things? Instead the Universe and the Manifestation process is designed to Manifest what you want and EXPECT and nothing more or less. It is a Universe of Deliberate Creations that are Expected.

The power of Expectation can be seen so easily with Prayer and Placebos. If you pray to God and fail to expect him to answer, you have nothing, but if you do EXPECT him to answer, miracles are the result. Likewise, if you take the placebo, but do not expect it to work, it does not. But, on the other hand, you could take a sugar pill (Placebo) with no medicinal qualities at all, and whatever you EXPECT it to do, be it Cure Cancer, make you lose weight, stop your head ache, or whatever else, it does. Expectation is the last step in the process and actually STARTS the Manifestation.

How Do You "Get" To Expectation?

Now we are getting to the point of this post. Expectation is "Measured" in Confidence. The higher your confidence in the Manifestation, the more you expect it. This means that Doubt creates very little if any Expectation while Certainty elicits VERY HIGH Expectation. Clearly, Confidence is the place where we need to focus our efforts to improve our Manifesting Ability.

There Are 4 "Types" of Confidence

While High Confidence can be Reached by any one type alone, it is usually a combination of different types together. The 4 types of Confidence, in NO particular order of importance are: Faith, Decision (Determination), Reasoning and Evidence. Each of these different types can be used to reach high enough Confidence alone to launch a Manifestation. They can also be used all together (Illustration Above), but that is not common. However, they are often grouped in one of two different pairs. I will cover this after we first learn about each of these types.

High Confidence By: Evidence

Confidence by "Evidence" is king in the 3d World we live in. Clearly, if you have Proof that something can be done, or has been done before, then that is Evidence that the Manifestation can happen and most likely will. Having Evidence and Proof leads to Confidence very easily.

Benefit: The Greatest benefit of Evidence is that it is black and white. That is, it is certain because the evidence leaves no doubt as to whether or not this can manifest and succeed. In example, exchanging currency at a high rate is certain when you call the bank and they tell you the rate is on their screens and to come in and exchange. That leads to High Confidence and thus High Expectation.

Drawback: The big drawback of relying on Evidence for your Confidence is that your manifestations are limited to what has been done before. When there is evidence, it has happened before and thus is not a big change in your Reality. The biggest and most profound manifestations were NEVER based on evidence, because these things had never been done before. Confidence by Evidence is NOT the basis of Manifestations that are very advanced and new, or so different than current reality, that there is NO evidence or proof it can happen or work. Therefore Confidence by Evidence is limited to mostly re-creating what has been created and already proved before.

High Confidence By: Reasoning

Confidence by "Reasoning" is based on logical deductions and speculation as to the possibilities of it manifesting. This Confidence type is based on what is "Reasonable" based on past performances, or similar experiences. This type of Confidence asks the question "Does this make sense? Is this reasonable?" Confidence comes from reasoning based on various examples or already known information.

Benefit: The Greatest benefit of Confidence by "Reasoning" is that you can usually make a case for success or manifestation based on other experiences or information. You can literally build your confidence by bringing together several bits of information to reach confidence and thus expectation.

Drawback: The big drawback of Confidence by "Reasoning" is similar to Confidence by Evidence. Your manifestations are limited to what makes sense and/or is reasonable based on already known information. However, some of the greatest innovations, inventions, and successes did NOT make sense at all. They were not reasonable and in fact sounded CRAZY, and yet they were true, possible, and actually manifested in the end. Like Confidence by Evidence, Confidence by Reasoning is limited in scope to be slightly more advanced and/or different that what is already known. After all, when you base any creation on what is Reasonable according to what you already know, then you are as limited as the limitation of what you already know. No more, and no less.

High Confidence By: Faith

Confidence by Faith is the most expansive of all the types. It does not rely on Evidence, and it does not have to make sense. Because it has NO Restrictions, you can move mountains if you have the Faith that you can. Importantly, Faith, like all the other types of Confidence is just a Means to an end. It is just a bridge to Expectation. Once you are at expectation no matter how you got there, you have initiated the Manifesting process. Faith is Blind in that it doesn't matter the evidence against it, it matters not if it is reasonable and makes any sense or not. It is simply the Belief and Confidence in the outcome/manifestation anyway. Faith is generally hands off manifesting. It is more of a let go, and let it happen point of view.

Benefit: The Greatest benefit of Confidence by Faith is that you are virtually unlimited in your ability to manifest amazing and great things. Some of the greatest "Miracles" and creations were achieved with Confidence by Faith. These are things that no one else thought were possible because they have never been done before or they were so outlandish that it was thought to be crazy. But was it? This type of Confidence is best for the greatest advances, changes, and miracles because it initiates Expectation and thus Manifestation, WITHOUT ANY PROOF OR REASON.

Drawback: The big drawback of Confidence by Faith is that it requires you to expect what you want when the whole World doubts you. You have no evidence or reason to support your expectation and thus MUST be confident in the design of the Universe. You must know without doubt, that the Universe will MANIFEST ANYTHING YOU WISH AND EXPECT. Once you know that you don’t need Evidence or Reason, you may manifest miracles & great creations at will.

High Confidence By: Decision/Determination

Confidence by Decision/Determination is generally know as Will Power. Since you have the right to manifest anything you want, at any time you want, by simply expecting it, then it is just a matter of "Deciding" to manifest it. Confidence by Decision/Determination is a lot like Confidence by Faith since it does not rely on Evidence or Reason to get to Expectation. You have heard of those who were "Determined" to get something done or accomplished when the odds and evidence were against them, and yet they succeeded anyway. Determination can be described as having blinders on where you cannot, or better yet, will not look at the evidence and reasons why it won't work. You have quite literally "DECIDED" that it will work/happen, and by the design of the Universe, it does. Remember that the Universe will manifest whatever you Expect, and so if despite the evidence against you, you still expect it anyway, you shall have it. That is your right as a Human Being. It is your Power to exert your will to manifest what you want. It doesn't say that you many exert your Will, if the evidence and reason support it, or if the conditions are right for it. It says that you have "Free" will, to Freely, without restriction (no Need for evidence and reason), exert your will (manifest) what you please. Determination is different than Faith, in that it tends to be more Hands on type manifesting. Determination is often associated with hard work and great effort. Importantly, this need not be. You can just DECIDE (Determine) that "it will all work out" and leave it at that. Note: Work and effort are NOT requirements for manifestation, NEVER ARE, and NEVER WERE.

Benefit: The Greatest benefit of Confidence by Decision/Determination is that like Confidence by Faith, it is unrestricted and unlimited. Your manifestation doesn't have to make sense or be supported by evidence or reason. Frankly, if you truly Understood the Function and Design of the Universe, you could snap your fingers and EXPECT a pile of cash to appear at your feet. As you advance in your learning, you will realize that you can accomplish and have ANYTHING you DECIDE, or are DETERMINED to have. There are no restrictions by the Universe as you were given FREE WILL to do and create as you please.

Drawback: The big drawback of Confidence by Decision/Determination is that you have to rely on your "Knowing" that you can have whatever you want. It is so easy when you have evidence and reasoning, but it is so limiting in what you can create. Confidence by Determination requires that you truly understand what FREE WILL means. You have to embrace your unlimited nature as a God-Creator being. That your very nature is to create at will. While this is the most powerful type of Creation and is virtually unlimited, it is hardly used except in desperation. People who have to no reason to believe in their survival or success, in the face of overwhelming odds against them, become Determined to succeed anyway, and they do. If only people would realize that this type of Confidence, should be used as often as possible and their lives would improve greatly. It is just a matter of being Determined (Decided) that you will get everything you want and live the life of your dreams no matter what the circumstances are.

High Confidence By: Combination of Evidence & Reasoning

Often the confidence types are used in combination. One of the most used combinations are Confidence by Evidence and Confidence by Reasoning. Typically, you have some evidence that gets you close to Confidence and then you supplement it with Reasoning from there to reach total confidence. The thought process is something like this: You have evidence that this has been done before, like the Currency Rates were changed in certain country, and now you are reasoning if it was done before in a certain country, then it makes sense (Is Reasonable) that it would be done for another country in the same way. This combination is some evidence with some reasoning to get to confidence.

Benefit: The Greatest benefit of Confidence by Evidence and Confidence by Reasoning is that you can get to confidence by using the best of both types. You have the best evidence for it, which gets you close to full confidence, but then you add some logical reasoning and then you are confident. Often you may not have evidence of this exact situation, but you can stretch the value of the evidence you have with some reasonable logic, and you get to the confidence you need to move forward and expect to succeed. Using the two together is especially good if you don't have enough evidence alone or you don't have enough Reasoning alone. You can combine what you have of each to achieve your required confidence level.

Drawback: The big drawback of Confidence by Evidence and Confidence by Reasoning are that they are limited to what has been, or what makes sense. Often the GREATEST inventions and successes are those that were completely new in every way. There was no evidence or reason that it could be done. That which is considered Impossible will NEVER be accomplished by Evidence and Reasoning. So while manifestations and successes can be accomplished easily using confidence buy Evidence and Reasoning, they will NEVER be HUGE Break throughs or very far from where we are already.

High Confidence By: Combination of Faith & Decision/Determination

Confidence reached by a combination of Faith and Determination is a very powerful mix. Both of these types do NOT rely on Evidence or Reason to succeed. They both rely on confidence in the Function of the Universe and the power of Determination. While Faith is more of a Hands-Off Confident Expectation and Decision/Determination is more likely Hands on, the two together creates a powerful duo. In our 3d World, action is natural and frankly, what we came here for, so it is natural to be taking some action toward your manifestation and successes. But when you have confidence in your actions and Determination and then add Faith on top of that, to cover the rest, you can reach total confidence easily. Some of the World's greatest creations, successes and accomplishments were the result of Determination (Decided-ness) and Faith. That makes an unstoppable combination. It doesn't care if the evidence is against it, or that it is not reasonable and doesn't make sense, it still succeeds anyway. Remember: The Universe does NOT require favorable evidence, or reason to manifest anything. ALL that is required is CONFIDENCE and EXPECTATION.

Benefit: The Greatest benefit of a combination of Confidence by Faith and Confidence by Decision/Determination is that it is the closest to God-Like Creations. We are creators, and we have Free Will to create whatever we want. Faith and Determination is as close to Free Will creating and manifesting as you can get. It is unlimited and unrestricted. It uses both Determined actions and Faith non-actions alike to create a powerful combination of Confidence and Expectation.

Drawback: The big drawback of a combination of Confidence by Faith and Confidence by Decision/Determination is you have to rely on your own Knowing. You don't have the easy Evidence and Reason to get to confidence. It is a bit harder if you are not used to going out on a limb. While it is not the easiest path to Confidence, it is the most powerful way of creating manifestations and success. With learning and understanding you will realize that the Universe does NOT require Your Success to be Reasonable or even make sense. It only matters that you want it and expect it. Once you learn to keep an eye on what you want, and stop looking at the lack of evidence and reason, you will quickly become a very powerful creator. You will create the most amazing things at will, just as you were "Meant" to do with your Free Will.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that matters of evidence and reason are not problems or stumbling blocks to the Universe. They are your blockages alone. Once you release the need for Evidence and Reason, your creations will soar and manifest abundantly. Your need for Evidence and reason to support your Confidence, are your issues alone, as they matter not to the Universe. For those who require evidence and reason, will NEVER move a mountain as it has never been done before and makes no sense. However for those who do not rely on what has been done before, and are not restricted by what makes sense, moving mountains will be the smallest of their accomplishments. For without limitations and restrictions, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that can be imagined can be accomplished. That is the nature of your FREE WILL, your are FREE to WILL anything you like.

The limitations of Evidence and reason are learned and not natural to the Creator Beings that we are. These are "Governors" and were taught to us to keep us down, and keep our creations limited and restricted. Our need for evidence and reason keeps us in check and manageable. We are taught what is true, and then we limit our own creations to what makes sense based on "that" truth. It is an invisible boundary as powerful and strong as a mile high wall that is a mile thick. We limit our own creations based on our ignorance.

However, if you realize you are creator beings with Free (Unrestricted/Unlimited) Will, you will be Fearless, Ultra-Confident, and Un-Stoppable. THAT IS YOUR TRUE NATURE. Embrace your God-Given Powers to create what you like at will. Recognize that you have NO LIMITATIONS IMPOSED BY GOD. As Jesus said, "These things and more shall you do." Embrace the Creator God within you, and cast off the need for evidence or reason, for they matter not. You are unlimited by design. Be Unlimited! So Be It.

May You Have Confidence In ALL You Do, and Expect Everything You Want.

Signed: One Who Knows


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