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Monday, February 20, 2017

Guest Posts Regarding Humanitarian Projects for February 2017

"The Next Big Step is here" - Guest Post by One Who Believes

Imagine your great ideas, spreading throughout the World in every country and town. This is the next step. After the Funds, come the Ideas, then comes the action. Let us utilize this information resource by both sharing our ideas there, and then implementing as many of them as we can.

Thank You Patrick for setting up this great Community Resource for us all to Help The World in the most efficient way we can. After the Money, Ideas for Projects is the MOST IMPORTANT THING WE COULD HAVE AND SHARE. I for one, am Very Grateful for this wonderful resource. My wish is that people are able to find enough ideas to match the funds they have available.


Just post your ideas here on Dinar Chronicles by sending an email with your Ideas and plans to: UniversalOm432Hz@gmail.com Then we can all see them.


Humanitarian Project Ideas for the Month of February 2017

Entry Submitted by Larry Billings at 5:31 AM EST on February 1, 2017

I'd like to adopt my city. Start by putting water filtration systems in people's home.. I won't be able to keep a lot of people working on this project. Also getting free electric devices install on people's homes.. this to would have a big labor force. Buying land and building homes for the homeless.. and teaching them how to grow their own food.. and becoming self-sufficient... creating good communities in stable environment.. there's a lot of pollution in Louisiana... and I already have a lot of good people behind me
. Thank you have a blessed day..

Larry Billings

Entry Submitted by Sai Srinivas at 8:47 AM EST on February 1, 2017

Light of love to you Masters.

This is sai srinivas pydikondala (osho sai) from veeravasaram, west godavari district, andhrapradesh, India.

My idea for humanitarian projects is that "we have to build water projects to make alkaline water any supply it to all humans on earth.

I have no money or any zim currencies with me. If any light workers will do this project i will work with them as a team member representing my whole country. Now I am teaching meditation classes for free in the name "galactic light beings"


Entry Submitted by Orgonite76 at 8:49 AM EST on February 1, 2017


Do you know anything about this company.


They produce fully Electric Pick up Trucks made in America and it seems to me that they are struggling on getting funding.

The company is run by Dr. Brookes Agnew a scientist who was planning a trip to hollow earth in a Russian Nuclear Ice Breaker.

Dr Agnew is the creator of the Condor Electric Truck.

I would love to see a Micro Camper Version of one of these with Solar Panels on the roof charging the lithium ion batteries.

Not sure if Dr. Agnew knows about Zim or the GCR RV.

I have plenty of Zim and would love to help them with funding for the truck and new electric car models. All American made with local labour !

I am based in Edinburgh -Scotland


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:24 AM EST on February 1, 2017

There is a fantastic, state of the art Equine center in our area for sale and we want to buy it and turn it into a school for potential equine rescue workers and handlers and horse rehabilitators. I know this will be an awesome project. There is also a 62 acre horse recreational grounds nearby, close as the owners passed away. We plan to rejuvenate the property with people, community equine events, pony and horse clubs and other equine related services as well as a horse wellness center. In addition, we will begin planning and then build a state of the art Equine and Large Animal Hospital and Veterinary Educational Center.

Entry Submitted by Carol & David at 9:24 AM EST on February 1, 2017

Consolidating EFFORTS & IDEAS FOR LARGE AND SMALL projects (when feasible)

If we qualify for ASTRO funding, we would like to buy or help to buy, and renovate or build a Central location, with the design in mind for something else, when humanitarian will be no longer needed; with linked satellite centers in and off this planet. Where people involved in large and small can get or redistribute, planes, trains, helicopters, all kinds of large and small machinery’ They can get or receive tech. support, teachers, mechanics; central location for those needing work, or wanting to help, even if they may have disabilities or retired and want to help in some way. FURNISH all necessary materials,( for homes, airports, sanitation, water, roads, hospitals, clinics, pharmacy’s, clothing, food, ( BETTER FARMING, everything necessary) Education from K to Doctorate. So all can improve and self sufficient, This idea is not refined , but hopefully can understand. Love, Carol & DAVID j

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:09 AM EST on February 1, 2017

I have recently began working in the field of holistic health. While I am excited about all I am learning I quickly realized that with all the options out there someone who just wants to feel better can get lost in trying to figure out what treatments/supplements they need. I want to make holistic healthcare easy for people. I would love to set up centers where people can go to learn about holistic health-all of it. I would like to have one area where people can see practitioners naturopathic doctor, chiropractic, reflexology, massage therapy, Accupuncture and I would like to have an MD as well that understands what these alternative therapies can help with, that way people feel more comfortable with trying something new. I'm a reflexologist now and I have many clients that would have never tried this if their MD had not suggested it. There could be a store that sold natural remedies and organic produce. There could be a gym area that offered classes on yoga meditation, tai chi, all kinds of classes on wellness. We could also bring in speakers to teach people about all different types of natural wellness. Another thing I would love for people to learn about is organic gardening. This center would ideally be on a organic farm where people can learn about growing organic produce. We could also offer a service where we could install an organic garden in their yard and we could have crews that service their gardens weekly for a monthly fee. I have talked to many people about this and LOTS of people would love to have a garden but they just don't have the time to maintain it. These centers would create jobs and promote all types of natural health and wellness. I'm assuming that these centers will have to make their own money at least for a couple years but if not I would love to be able to offer all this for free but that all depends on how things globally play out.

My husband and I have owned our own Landscaping business for the past 15 years. In doing that we have done everything from running a garden center with a retail store to mid sized construction projects. I already have contacts with many practitioners and companies that could help with this project in many ways.

I have been thinking about this project for a while and I feel like it is just SO important for people to have. I'm am so excited about the opportunities that the universe is offering us!! Please let me know if you have any questions

Entry Submitted by Patrick Anfinson at 11:46 AM EST on February 1, 2017

Hello, I have friends who live in Zimbabwe visiting me here in the U.S. They were born there and have a good perspective of what is going on in their country.

It is absolutely deplorable living conditions, absolutely horrible. A 95% unemployment. It goes on and on, the crisis they are living with.

Here many of us are using the Zim so we can finance projects world wide. I am suggesting that ALL Zim holders plan on donating a portion of their monies to help the people in Zimbabwe. It's the right thing to do, seeing how we are using their currency for the good of humanity.

I have a 501 C-3 here in the U.S. formed five years ago. The mission statement:

" To provide human and economic assistance to the people of Ghana and the continent of Africa."

I have a company registered in Ghana, Africa (Growth Cycle Africa) set up to receive funds and implement projects throughout Africa.

The company is owned 51% by Ghanaians. The Chairman Board of Directors is Professor Dr. Edward Ayensu.

You can read more about him by visiting his personal website:

Whatever interest there may be in what I have communicated I can be contacted at patanfinson@hotmail.com or call me at 702 824-5546.


Patrick Anfinson

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 5:43 PM EST on February 1, 2017

A few more plans which I intend to include in my humanitarian projects:

- Helping the patients at the hospitals who are in dire need of money for intiation of the cures , irrespective ofclasss creed color or from any strata of society.
- helping out handicraft groups of people in the villages , Tribal areas viz weavers, potters, cane furniture manufactures, Carpenters, cobblers. blacksmiths, stone cutters, Plumbers etc who through generations are doing the works and with no improvements in their lives .
-seek and enable through provisioning the defeciency any group of people are facing at any place of villages , Hamlets, Localities , towns, Tribal areas etc viz health care dispensaries, Milk kiosks, Transportation ,bus stands, Recreational halls, Establishing self help haats(markets) so that people can sell their wares without people moving out to big cities.
- Create infrastructure for the needy people at the village level at all places of my state. Expanding up to country then neighbouring countries
- Once enabled through exchange the first few years I will go slow ensuring the system is set up in right way and the deliverables are seen in existence in concrete form by my team AND ONCE THE die is cast I intend taking up planned projects full throttle; Needless to say: The first and foremost is filling my cup and my team members cup so that there is no distraction from any quater once we take up projects at full throttle To share with humanity the abundance blessed with on the earth.

Good times for all
God speed
God bless us all.

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 6:51 PM EST on February 1, 2017

Hello everyone my focus is cleaning up freshwater Great Lakes and contributaries. I live in between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario in New York. Many industries that are polluting need to be dealt with. Cities water treatment plants needs to remove harmful chemicals not add them and have laws in place for water purity. Replenish the fish,help the endangered species. Go to India and help those people they really need the help and clean up their water and improve their lives. Will be calling you, Sai Srinivas Team Member ! So glad you submitted your thoughts! Ask and you shall receive,many blessings to all ! fishbait07@aol.com

Entry Submitted by Chelis at 1:17 AM EST on February 2, 2017

Love and compassion

My name is Jose Luis Mexican living in Ca. For over 24 years and I would like to share this experience with all of you.

1.5 years ago (approx) in a ayahuasca journey my friend give me "santa Maria" that's organic cannabis from your own garden.

I only use "marihuana" two times when I was a teenager (15-16 year old) now I'm sober for over 11years now and that was my first awakening since then I'm involved in service donating blood, organizations, AA retreats, Hospice, volunteering, helping others in any way possible etc. But this experience 1.5 year ago changes my life again

First: I fight with my mind it was very difficult for me to stop my thoughts and at the same time my heartbeats was very intense and fast and feel like "I going to die" the only way to calm myself was by taking a deep breath and put an intention: inhale LOVE then hold it (the most the better) then exhale COMPASSION.

The magic came when I was holding my breath because my mind has no other choice other than to be quiet then I noticed my mind changes I had nice thoughts then I start to communicate with myself my higher self.

Then my friends tell me to meditate in the bath (I only take a bath like 3 times in my life and never meditate ) also they tell me to use essential oils and magnesium salt and I did so I practice my personal meditation with love and compassion and get to know Creator he said that it was really easy to contact him and tell me that I need to tell people or make a book.

Since then I teach my simple and humble meditation to my friends and look like it works.
If anyone like to try this meditation please do so and let me know if it works for you or help me to spread the word.

P.D. I'm working on my book

Sincerely with love and compassion


Entry Submitted by William R. Smith at 11:50 AM EST on February 2, 2017

International Investment Trust, Gary, I listen to you allot and don't know if this is what you had in mind, but am interested in helping my community. I believe that I already sent in info on what I'd like to do with some friends of mine. If that info didn't get to them, then I guess This is my only hope to get through. My friends have a farm and we talked about doing this before ,but couldn't figure where to get help for the startup. We were thinking on something on the order of Michial Tillingers,UBUNTA community plan. They have two greenhouses and I have studied up on Hydroponic systems for gardening. Raising fish and veges in some units and others for plant starupsETC>the other part would be planting fruit trees there plus in city parks, Beery bushes strawberry ETC.If this is your plan to help us out and give me a shout. Keep up the good work and pray for us all out here trying to survive on what God gave us. We have a business name if that helps...

Sincerely William R. Smith and friends.

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:47 PM EST on February 2, 2017

For the last 2 years I have attended a Metaphysical Conference in Michigan and have met some brilliant heart based people who have great respect for the earth and all life on her. At this conference I have met people who have been working for years on innovative natural ways to heal the earth and improve our health through natural healing, using frequency, sacred geometry, herbal remedies and more. I would love to fund these projects can't wait to get started.

Love & Light : )

Entry Submitted by Sharon at 8:10 AM EST on February 3, 2017

My project is to open healing centers to heal humanity from all the poisons we have been subjected to. The use of healing machines, tachyon chambers, Reiki, massage, physical therapy. I would have dieticians on site and offer classes on food preparation and how to grow your own food. I would offer classes on herbs for healing and helping people with substance abuse, offering different healing modalities. I am very grateful for the opportunity to help humanity in these ways and i know it would be a great success. Thank you, Sharon

Entry Submitted by Peter at 3:00 PM EST on February 3, 2017


The best way to meet the future is to inovate and to implement your idea’s in new work and products.

Every country has university’s with people brimming with idea’s.

Give them (finance) a challenge competition and help the winner’s to realise their dream’s.

Its fun fort hem and for the watchers to see these projects grow.

Sincerely Peter

Entry Submitted by Lise Dorion at 8:04 AM EST on February 4, 2017

Hello to you! I hope you will be able to read me in French? I wanted to share my plans with you! 1 Buy a Human Relations Centre and integrated energy therapy ..... 2 Buy agricultural land in my area for growing soybeans, wheat, but ........ 3 Open a foundation for my little godson and for all children suffering from dyspraxia disease and for parents who need to come seeking help in collaboration specialist ........ 4, financial assistance coming to the Foundation children of the equator which was founded by the sisters of mercy, which helps the young single mother and young relatives in difficulty and their children to the educational grade level and need essential ......... 5 for Elder Affairs, I have my brother who went to war and is spokesperson live link to provide the necessary assistance to the former Affairs ....... 6, Helping my son from his entreprisse to build house new energy-saving generation .......... 7, Giving financial support several organizations like Coral Guardian protection of the Marine environment, Équiterre, electronic waste, participate in the evolution of new transport technology, Buy a farm animal protection, because my niece is studying to be vet ......... for now here is my project and want God I have no other and I want to participate and many people involved in the evolution of planet earth NESARA. In palisir to hear from you ... Yours truly Lise Dorion.

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:15 AM EST on February 5, 2017

Self Sustaining Communities all over the globe - Overall Plan of my vision:

It would be a dream come true to be a full time philanthropists. I want to help the entire world. The first plans I have put together, were to combat the issues I see in my immediate area, but that is not the only place I want to help, that is just the best place for me to start. I want to expand my efforts from that point, reaching across the globe. I don't know the state of affairs on the global scales, but in the future, if I'm able to travel abroad to assist others with my plans, that too, is on my dream list. I don't think I'm able to completely comprehend the amount of currency I will be getting for these exchanges, but the funding would be used for these purposes. My plans start with manufacturing tiny homes (on site or in a warehouse) and placing these in small pockets of self sustaining communities. If I have the funds to make this a free venture for all, then that is how I will do this, but still pay those who are doing the work. My teams will construct the tiny houses, set up gardens, set up alternative energy sources such as solar and wind, develop rain collector systems attached to each home as well as a large fish hatchery (which makes highly nutrient water naturally) and connect them to hydroponic farms, large and small scale, depending on the number of caretakers of the ssc (self sustaining community) lot. The lots will have tiny homes, each integrated with solar panels and wind turbines for energy, water collector systems for water storage, and a large community center which will have a large kitchen (indoor and outdoor), dining, laundrey, and rec room for the lot community to use. It will allow for food storage (which they will be taught how to do). Those are the plans for the more permanent placed communities. The other side of the coin is to build tiny homes as primary or extra homes, but gives people the opportunity to own their home, be able to move it about and travel if it's their desire to do so. The interested party can place an order, we build it to spec, and sell it to them. I will also erect a solar panel company, focusing on solar energy, wind energy, hydronponic farming, small animal farming, and other innovative solutions. If I have the funds to do this without having to charge anyone, then I will push forward in that manner. If I am subjected to a set amount of income, it will take me longer, but I could make this into an entreprenual experience rather than philantropy. It just depends on how all this rolls out. But, this is my overall view of what I want to do. If I have to approach this with a "business" mindset, that too is a gift I have. I understand people, I understand how it is to live in today's society, and this gives me an edge on any plans I might roll out. If I had to, I would pay my crews to build the tiny houses and we would finance them out to those who could buy them, they would own their own in less than a year, as they are not that expensive to build or sell. If that route is necessary, I have plans to make that happen, along with creating my own alternative energy company to help people transition from total grid to having alternative on their homes. The company would also be responsible for outfitting the tiny houses with alt energy and will also travel the globe to bring alt energy to places it isn't already. I have plenty of people ready, able, and are knowledgable to this endeavor. I just want to get people in the tiny communities and houses, to use them, and to know what it means to have something tangible that no one can take away. This gives the people a home of their own. The first self sustaining community, when its complete, will attract people naturally. The environment will be set up to be landscaped beautifully, serene, quiet, calm, and allow people some peace. They will maintain the gardens and any other "fixes" that may arise. I hope to have the first community built and completed within the first few weeks of this windfall of funding. I plan to do this around the globe if possible. This allows people to have a 'launch' pad to start out from, not being in debt to anyone. Once debt is eliminated from someone, they tend to get a new sense of their life's purpose and can pursue those passions unhindered. They can contribute to the world at large if they want. I cannot wait for the day to see my idea in full operation and already have people waiting for this to happen. They wish to help erect this first community, some wish to reside in it, and that is all that I would need to accomplish this first goal. Once people see how simple and easy it could be, their worries, woes, and concerns will fade and they will be able to focus their attention on their own contribution to the world, I see many joining our efforts, creating lasting jobs for as long as we're able to do this. I plan to add to the teams and make them grow. There will be jobs for many and it will continually grow, adding more jobs, especially when it comes to to erect many at one time. I gladly welcome all to our teams as I see them all coming on board to do for others what has been done for them. That's what I see in the younger generation. They are beautiful souls with hearts that are larger than life, they just need some guidance and direction. Most of them have had to live lives with parents who weren't very parental, left many of them to themselves and alone in the world without any direction, which contributes to a society that isn't good for anyone. I wish to help guide these young people into a life of abundance and prosperity, which they learn and earn. I believe thoroughly in 'each one reach one and teach one'. I can't wait to get started!!! This is my vision if there is no other more innovative technologies available right now to the common man. This is my plan if nothing changes on the technology field that effects the common person. Common means the average, every day person who has not had access to higher techs. Once the hidden techs are released, I will take it all in consideration as to what will be done differently. But today, for what is available that I am aware of, this is the plan.


Entry Submitted by Kathleen Sheldon at 9:52 AM EST on February 7, 2017

Hello I am an original partner with a team from Houston involved in the creating of a green building, water and land remediation matrix - humanitarian as well.

I personally have been very busy in my day to day small business establishing though do have in works my own plans which I deem not only humanitarian for many struggling with homelessness but also for cities of each state.

The beauty of two of these plans is that they will be regenerating though the startup and marketing will be weighty, when the marketing takes it's affect within each city, state and territory the structure of the endevour will be greatly anticipated for the restoration of flailing infrastructure. I already have dba's, domains and am currently working on business structure.

Being as I have been relying upon this associate with a plan I had been involved with, we have not been communicating which is why I am seeking suggestions as to whom would be most favorable towards my endevours that exchange will be most favourable for the success of them.

I do have currency in dinar, dong and zim. I do hope that you will be able to offer direction or consulting or anything towards my efforts in the above.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Kathleen Sheldon
LJL Design, llc

I am on Linkedin

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 11:16 AM EST on February 7, 2017

The closing down of slaughter houses and public humane societies will leave thousands of animals un cared for. Funds could be delivered to farmers and those which have a lot of land to place them. Funds for more growth of Hemp production to house and feed the animals, those people which have the know how, to build and other funds to farmers to keep provided feed for them all. Animals from slaughter houses such as sheep, cows, chickens etc. So many homeless cats, dogs, horses etc given to those which might have it in their soul/heart to take on all animals, across our country, in each state. I, myself would purchase much land and produce homing facilities for every such animal.
Love sent forth to our Animal Kingdom

Entry Submitted by Carmen Holsapple at 12:57 PM EST on February 7, 2017

My idea is to have a place where I could provide a home for homeless horses, cats, and other animals. Also O know of 1/2 dozen people that have no family and they are very poor. My husband is dying of cancer, so I dont know if the healing will get to him in time. My grandkids who are 23 are both disabled. We took them in when they were 10 weeks old and adopted them. they a highly functional and love animals and nature. I would love to have a large piece of property with a waterfall, room for the animals and a large garden for growing our own food and a beautiful flower garden as well. eventually I would have to hire a vet and someone to help with the animals and gardens. the only problem is im 71 and have health issues, I would need healing because I want to be very involved with this work. my place would be a heaven for all. we would live in small residences made of all natural building materals.

carmen holsapple

Entry Submitted by Dan at 10:00 PM EST on February 12, 2017

Finding out that most of my ideas are probably too big to make great progress individually - so, as a first idea, how about interest to do this??

Wanted to cleanup the Gulf of most of the polution caused by Deepwater Horizon oil platform blowup and Corexit chemical addition. Found out that there is no likely way to make this happen, no matter what is tried. Yes some improvement, but no magic bullet. Mismanagement by all is ongoing. So, how about this...

Zim holders coordinate, ask for maximum Sovreign rates, and buy up ownership of major oil companies. Then, push for discontinuing unproven cleanup of oil polution (example) Corexit type chemicals that most likely are doing more harm than good. Next, promote non hydrocarbon fuel use for transportation. Anyone thinking

that this change should be, ie. electric vehicles, is not up on technology... Investigate what Tesla was recommendating, with electricity produced where and when needed - no storage required. So, maybe electric vehicles, but no central power plants or batteries needed.

As "oil" is needed less, deep water drilling, and attendant problems including pipelines, will decrease. Yes I've many other tech ideas and would love to "fly" on the moon. See The Menace From Earth copyrite 1959 by Robert A Heinlein as a starter.

Really, really waiting for release of those 6000 "secret" patents...

Ready for Star Trek type experiences anyone? "Beam me up Scotty", Dan

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 8:34 AM EST on February 13, 2017

A few more thoughts to be materialised into reality:-
(i) Foremost I would certainly feel lucky if I am able to help osho sai from andhra ( india). Rest be assured sai srinivas I will make efforts to meet you, I had read your project idea and will contribute whatever it takes to make your dream a reality.

(ii) I shall make an effort to enable up coming amature singers , musicians And help them to establish themselves. As music is the soul of my country india the more the music the more the healing. open music clubs , encourage people to adopt music as hobby add incentives for youth taking music in vocational training.

(iii) Enable tribal hamlets in eastern part of my country with all basic necessities infrastructurewise. Viz road networks , Proper houses, network of canals to avoid flooding in rainy season , Repair and restoration of bridges, Constructions of new bridges at remote locations etc ofcourse all through their panchayats, block elders, Mandal officers, public participation , only financial provisioning and deliverables will be monitored by my team.

(iv) I aim to help the para military, Military(all the three arms) Territorial and regional forces personnel through their women welfare associations what all facilities they feel shortage in respective zones and make them good for a better campus life with best ameneties so that personnel serving their motherland at far flung zones away from homelands feel comfortable and at home particularly in northeastern sector of India.

Entry Submitted by Chudo at 10:02 AM EST on February 13, 2017

I would love to have some Canadian Partners so that we can cover Canadian problems together. Maybe work with Trudeau to reach the people that need help the most before helping others ( the hungry, the homeless). It would also be really wonderful to have partners in manufacturing, farming and construction projects in each of our provinces. Thank you for all you do Patrick , this wouldn't be possible without you. We love you dearly and appreciate you so much. Chudo

PS - this is a message for One Who Knows. We purchased three of your books at a conference last year. They disappeared somewhere on our trip back into Canada. I believe I sent you pictures of The Dance of the Ellinin, if possible can you contact me so we can replace the books. Your card was in the books, so we don't have your site either. Love and appreciation Chudo.

Entry Submitted by Jesus Fernandez at 11:29 AM EST on February 13, 2017

Good morning my real name is Jesus Fernandez i live in miami Florida. I have several projects in mind one is the removal of exotic invasive vegetations that are harmful for the environment and wild life this project will employ media,county and citie biologist tree extraction companies, chemical companies that manufacture garlon this is a chemical that kills of trees . some dead trees can be left standing so birds can have area to perch. Please keep in mind this program can employ over 1500 for a period of 20 years for this affects 70% of florida .please google florida holly or brasillian pepper and you will find that this tree smothers orther florida natives and it seeds kill off birds squirrel and other animals.


Rebuild homed affected by blasting

Here in miami mining companies are blasting to extract materials faster to make concrete and or create fill for higher elevations many homes are structurally affected i have pictures to prove but im not computer savy ive reached out to many for help like Gary larrabee, gallactic friends ect i have a broad knoledge in many field's but little in computer my number is 7863553520 Jesus fernandez my step dad was an engineer/ architect.


Safe haven

In an event of catastrophe create multiple rv parks with controlled environmental green house aquaponics tilapia farms power by solar energy self sustainable energy .

Entry Submitted by Crystal Kishayinew at 5:29 PM EST on February 13, 2017

Good day my name Is Crystal Kishayinew, from the Northern Territories known as Canada, I am a devoted humanitarian for peace and the healing of our nation's, And I would like to open up a school of spiritual learning specifically for our YOUTH within the culture they honor to further in turn teach others worldwide like an exchange program for a week for all our youth up become the teachers to all nations and also for our Artisan's around the world and universal to be to roots to implement this school then in turn the students because the master teachers for the next youth and the Artisan's become the grand masters and elder councils as the bearers of all decisions they must hear not to make for anyone, this is just an out line-out what I have picked to write here and am still for matting it, to where this school will eliminate all destruct of spiritual growth spiritually and of course physically, most importantly to build this school as like an Artist in Residency, (buy, purchase land large enough for the school, agricultural land, and apartments style buildings and cabins, and I mean build as environmentally friendly and even clay style roofs etc, I would prefer to purchase land for this school of spiritual learning the the Valley in British Columbia, Canada, I currently live in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada. Thank you and I look forward to your response to my project for humanity.

Entry Submitted by Kellie White at 7:37 PM EST on February 13, 2017

We have no way of knowing what new technologies will be available to us from the galactics and inner earth friends, so its difficult to say exactly what I want to do. However, I am willing to create the manufacturing necessary to create and distribute these new technologies to the public, which may include free energy devices, health body pods to assess and heal the human body and replicators.

Along the line of healthcare, depending on the body pod assessor/healer (my words for it), create replicateable health centers worldwide where people can have access to free healthcare, dental care, alternative care without the red tape and no pre-existing medical conditions exclusions. Depending on technologies it may be necessary to start a super affordable nonprofit insurance policy that is possibly only $10 a month per person(free for anyone who can't afford to pay) to help pay for the generous Dr.s, nurses, staff and practitioner salaries. Many countries have shown us the way already, and I have a Kaiser administrator who could provide valuable experience and input.

Help save our remaining elephants, providing more personnel, equipment and satellite technology to assist in monitoring poacher activity. Work with African government to free up the underground mass reserves of water, creating lakes for both human and animal needs.

Create earth friendly earth houses (such as the designs by architect Michael Reynolds` "Earth Ships"), that utilizes recycled materials, roof rain collection innovations, indoor food gardens, solar and alternative power, natural septic systems and more. Design temporary earth homes for the homeless and create communities around a central community center, offering arts, training of all kinds, community garden and introduction to bartering/trading with one another. Everyone living there can give something of themselves. It could be cooking, cleaning, offering whatever classes they would like to share from their life experiences, reading to children, etc...whatever they can do. This contributes to the whole of the community. There could be a community board where all can contribute. My husband is a general building contractor and a commercial project manager for multi million dollar projects. I have experience in multiple sales positions, technical recruitment, real estate, advertising, comfortably interfacing with all levels of staff and management personnel.

Invest in hemp production. Please see link for detailed info on the many uses.

Some benefits include food, textiles, paper, fabric, construction and fuel oil. This would provide thousands of ongoing jobs.

I plan on hiring the professional personnel and can-doers I will need to accomplish all these fun and ambitious goals, as well as contribute to other humanitarian projects.

In love and light,

Kellie White

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 7:00 PM EST on February 15, 2017


With the money that I receive I plan on helping out as many people I can. I will start by donating money to the republic of the united states, every dollar thast donated will have a copy of the tranaction and sen t in as proof that the money was spent on a worth while venture. I will also be traveling around and visit ing with different people and organizations who also needs help and once again everything will have a c opy and sent in as proof of the tranactions. I will also be helping out friends and family members who are in desperate need of help, setting up fina ncial planning and or starting up bussiness. I will also be looking at the many different charitys to see w hich one are leget and donating funds to these organizations. I will also be donateing money to fix infras tructur. I do plan on spending money on my self and family, I would like to by a ranch and raise live stock. and p lant crops that will help feed america, I would also like to start my own bussiness to help stemulate the econemy, most of the money that I donate will be used to stimulate the american economey, and everyt hing will have a receipt and sent in to show how the money was spent and where the money was spent and for how much. A majority of the money will be spent on infrustructure, restoring old water lines revitilizing urban areas , replacing natural gas lines, and updating the power grid, and to research to help find better ways to us e our resources, I will also be replanting trees in areas that have been devistated by drout. 90 % of the money will be spent and 10% of the money will be put into a trust account for my family an d if the my family is all gone before the money is spent, the remaining money will be returned to the eld ers. This concludes my bussiness plan if anyone has any question I can be contacted by email at macat68113@yahoo.com Thanks and GOD Bless the elders.

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 7:38 PM EST on February 15, 2017

In the name of Jesus and God the creator I would like to help all the children who were stolen kidnapped around the world to reconnect with their families through DNA technology, God is great amen

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:00 PM EST on February 17, 2017

Clean Water Operation

With the moneythat I receiveI plan on helping out as many people that I can. I will start by donating money to the republic of the united states, ever dollar thats donated will have a copy of any and all transactions as proop that the money was spent on a worth while venture. I will also be traveljng around visiting with different people and organizations who ard in need of help and once again there will be a copy of any and all financially transactions. I will also be helping out friends and family members who are in need of help.i will also be donating money to leget charitys. I do plan on money on myself, I want to buy a ranch and raise cattle, plant trees, plant crops.

I will also be spending money on the infrastructure of city and towns, new roads bridges, replacing old water lines, and updating sewage plants, electerical grids. Iwould also like fund research on better ways to use our resources. This concludes my humanatarian project, thanks for listening.

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 11:16 PM EST on February 17, 2017

Solar Power Homes

Neighborhood Gardens that don't charge currency but instead logs hours and number of family members

This not only gives good healthy nutrition, it provides exercise and brings families together.

Music classes for children and young adults, primarily, but anyone can join in and learn.

These are but a few things God has put on my heart.

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 5:20 AM EST on February 18, 2017

(Translated to English from French)

bonjour.le slogant.la confiance.cest Lacle stability of financial instability that now wants mmenera Mortet ladestruction the rigor of the herd in lavenir.mon projet.j have a form.,. my wife owns an agricultural 7ha we want to invest .

building an institute under The direction of the foundation keshstyle as laville of barie italy .... you saver according to statistics our country is going through a moral crisis on all the areas principally made the education lafondationkesh this is why we will support pourattraper decenes 2 perdues1la health education in the era of new technology namely electricity training student s in all optionsnous girls will have their internship .Arrangement the larestauration transportation for recreation sports build a health center this is very important so the total degradation in area .this my dream to buy an expensive computeur healing our great groin neil kee nan to use it to the worker class is no fixed domicle

.lagrande besone this is leaunotre group benlkhir Driss father Nemmaoui najia mother BEnl lkhir..omar his wife benlkhir salwa omar has fonctionaire health in communications.l
the humor synchronocite name kheir enarab wants dir abundance Nemmaoui means prosperity god with us aloha

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:10 AM EST on February 18, 2017

I would like to post my vision for a global network as outlined below.


The mission of GAIA is to form grandmother's circles known as the "Circle" locally which would be connected to all others regionally, nationally, and globally. The Circle will recruit grandmothers, mothers and others to serve who have the passion for their community and it's inhabitants.

The local grandmother circle would serve in their rightful place as the Matriarchs of the community. As S.Kelley Harrell wrote of the Matriach -“She was the cook, the hostess, the comforter, and the keeper of all the mysterious secrets for how to do just about everything.”

These women are the keepers of knowledge in a community. They know who needs help, who is being abused, who is likely to commit a crime, who has addiction issues, etc. They also know if the people entrusted with policies and their enforcement are honest and transparent. They know if the education available in their community is adequate to serve the community and it's people. They know if their environment is safe and health care is adequate. They also know who is alone, afraid or has mental health issues.

They are also a powerhouse of love and comfort as well have the fortitude to chastise where necessary. While many times a parent will chastise from a place of obligation, frustration or anger a grandmother will chastise from a place of learning and love. And a grandmother will protect her own with the fierceness of a dragon guarding it's hoarde.

GAIA's primary focus will be for the children. These are the next generations that will usher in a new world of abundance, health and peace. They must be taught love and respect for their environment and others. They must be healed of the traumas of the world. They need to see the world with new eyes. For far too long the children of this world has suffered at the hands of maleviolent leaders and from those that should have been their protectors. And avenues of redress were non existant as the enforcers were also the predators. Too many have experienced the horrors of war and emotional/physical/sexual abuse. A child is the responsibility of the entire community and the Circle will ensure and enhance this ideal.

A secondary focus will be to address those suffering from trauma. Trauma and PTSD are suffered because of a variety of factors. War, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, natural disasters, financial hardships and many others. The effects from trauma can be long lasting and can have detrimental effects in all aspects of a person's life. As the world changes the effects of trauma have to be mitigated and treated. Even abundance does not change the effects trauma has on a person as evidenced by the many studies that have been conducted on lottery winners. Some people will be newly traumatized as the truths that been hidden for ages come into the light. The rock of their beliefs may be shaken to the core and they will be unsteady and shaken. GAIA will be there like a grandmother's arms to help them find steady ground. GAIA and it's network with all humanitarian projects will identify, treat and assist victims of trauma to breathe anew and live a life that benefits the Earth and all her inhabitants.

GAIA will form a global network that each local circle can draw from and be connected to. When a need is identified the circle can access the global network for local, regional, national and global resources. We will all be learning as well as helping each other. The circle will also have the capability to come together to produce income for themselves and the initiative. They can offer micro loans to assist those in the community to  create a venture to create jobs in the community.

They will foster conditions for peace that have lasting impact teaching others how to live in harmony with the environment and all it's inhabitants. They will also monitor local environmental conditions to ensure healthy sustainability for the community.

GAIA will also set up a database of all humanitarian, environmental, financial, health/wellness, animal, and other organizations and groups focused on assisting those in need so that when a need is identified the resources are found quickly and efficiently. So often when a need is identified it is comprised of many facets. Much research, calls and time is needed to effectively address the issue or issues. The database will have access to all contact information for any and all organizations offering assistance on any level or need. Local Circles will also contribute to the database as local resources are discovered. The database will comprised of local, regional, national and global resources and contacts.

GAIA will assist the Circle in preparing a Community Needs and Resources Assessment(CNR) which will identify a triage of needs enabling the Circle to get started quickly and efficiently addressing the most critical needs first. The CNR will also identify the resources or lack of in the community and through  the database GAIA will connect and assist organizations who focus on these needs to set up or ameliorate current resources in the community. GAIA will also assist in setting up a base of operations, equipment, and training. GAIA will provide a setup and operations outline and assistance in recruiting members for the circle that serve out of love, compassion and passion for humanitarian work.

The Circle will be an invaluable resource for organizations or projects entering a community. GAIA can help with their initial assessments, contacts and resources. The Circle will also be able to monitor these organizations or projects to ensure they are a beneficial asset to the community and not

GAIA will also offer governance, program and adminstrative support and guidance and financial managment assistance. Each Circle's financial records will be transparent and may access the financial records of the Central Circle. There is no one in this project above the other. As such we are all accountable to each other. As each Circle will look different because of cultural and societal norms GAIA will morph into a Circle that mirrors their respective Circle.

GAIA's goal is to promote a world with peace, harmony, health, abundance and love.

Entry Submitted by Michael at 11:39 AM EST on February 18, 2017

Hi everyone! Love and Light to All! What about Zimbabwe? I live in America and yes I am concerned about our great nation and I will be one of the humanitarians helping to fix things up. Now the reason I say "What about Zimbabwe" is this, IMHO Zimbabwe needs to be one of the first priority nations. The reason why is because they are the nation funding the largest part of all humanitarian projects so I say we return those blessings by all of us chipping in time or money to get them going. They have a 80% unemployment rate and I am sure poverty is at almost 80% also ( they are a rich country problem is the riches are still in the ground) I just believe they should be a top priority, without them we would be relying on another country to provide us with the money. I welcome any and all that want to work side by side with me and start brainstorming any and all ideas to get there country up and running properly. I can be reached at Ldnightwind@Yahoo.com. Thank you all for your time, I am proud and honored to be on earth at this time with you all! LOVE AND LIGHT! Michael

Entry Submitted by Benjamin at 9:15 AM EST on February 20, 2017


My name is benjamin guy, i live in Ezanville 95460 (near paris France). I'm a taxi driver. i had a sort of burnout recently. i want to quit my activity and want to move where the weather conditions are a little better and where there is no traffic jam... i'm separating with my ex girlfriend (12 years of common life). I believe its a KEY moment in my life.

I don't know exactly what you mean by humanitarian project, but here's one that would please me to achieve.

You probably heard of Neil Keenan.

A few month ago, he talked about a healing computer that could heal people by re alining their energy vibration. The "patient" just hold 2 copper handles and you "run" the computer program... and it tell's you what actions to take in order to "fix" the problem


The project i nourrish is as follow :

I need to perfectionate myself in magnetism.. (i practise magnetism for 3 years now but i need to fullfil my knowledge (how to prepare a room, how to prepare a patient, how to clean myself after a energy healing session, and so on))

once i'm ready, i'd like to open a healing center in France. providing, energy healing session, magnetism session (humans and animals) computer healing and all types of techniques (Reiki, energetics massages...). i will need to associate with some people because i'm not qualified for reiki and massage

I'd like to attend a "formation/training" on how to teach kids to develop their "third eye" pineal gland just like this wonderful teatcher named Nicola in england does.

I had her on the phone and the training last 4 days..

On a appris à ces enfants à ouvrir leur troisième œil et à lire avec les yeux bandés | Stop Mensonges

French web site but the video is in english.. in case you want to look at it..

It's just incredibly wonderfull what she does with these kids.. they can read, play on school ground and do scholar activities with their eyes blinfolded..

I recently had a regression hypnose done on me.. and i'm definatly oriented towards energies...

Well.. don't know if you can really do anything to help.. but like we say here (who doesn't try, doesn't get)

Best regards.




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