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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

To The New Paradigm Stewardship On 2/28

To The New Paradigm Stewardship: Invitation : 
Organization, Strategy, Prototype Project Implementation -
Expanding All Stewardship For Effective Global Success ........

(Image: A view of the Earth from space with some sort of a cloud above it emitting blue energy waves upon the Earth.)

Many Thanks & Much Gratitude To:
Yosef, The Mu Crew, One Who Believes, Veritas & All The New Paradigm Stewardship:
Hello To The New Paradigm Stewardship, The 'Chosen Ones', & All The Great Humanitarian Contributors Who Are Awaiting This Unprecedented Opportunity To Generate The Most Significant Humanitarian Projects & Job Creation Plans To The Benefit Of All :
We Cannot THANK YOU Enough, Dear Yosef, The Mu Crew, VERITAS, One Who Believes,
The Real Truth Team, Bruce's Team, Etheric Blue, and Hundreds of You For ALL That You
Have Contributed To This Incredible FORUM With A Very Special & Exceptional THANKS
To Patrick of Dinar Chronicles For Making This All Possible. ~
We are almost there and have almost arrived at the Beginning of Our New Paradigm
Stewardship Into Sustainable Philanthropy. We have been watching everything and
everyone and every single article and post on Dinar Chronicles for over a year and
have been quietly and privately putting together the vitally necessary Private Venue
Private FORUM that is going to be absolutely critical and necessary for ALL Of Us ~
To Be Able To Successfully & Effectively " Pull This Off " ~ This New Paradigm
Stewardship Endeavor Ahead. Just think back across all the Articles and great
Posts related to thoughts and suggestions on HOW Are We Ever Going To Truly
Get ORGANIZED Enough So That We " Chosen Ones " Can Effectively Really Do
The Best Job In The World At Developing and Implementing ALL The Humanitarian
Projects and Job Creation Projects Necessary To Transform Our Entire Earth Into
What It Should BE ? Not to mention make The Elders & AIIB Truly Pleased & Proud
Of Us & Those Troublesome NDA's & Their Performance & Compliance Clauses ~
Happily Granting Us All Unlimited Project Funds Forever! Well .... Here Goes .....
Everyone ~ We Are Looking For 'A Few Good Men' ~ In Fact, We Are Looking For
A Very Highly Special " Council Of The Light Stewardship " Of Advanced & Very
Exceptional, Highly Spiritual & Highly Educated, Innately Intelligent Light Beings !!
We Are Also Looking For Teams & Teams & Teams Of People So That We Can Truly
Really " Pull This Off " & Ramp Up Over Time To As Much As ONE Billion Sustainable
'Organically Integrated' Occupations In The Next 20 Years ~ So That Voila ~ We Really
Do ACCOMPLISH The Transformation Of This Insanely Messed Up Earth ~ Into An ~
Incredible Place Of ........ All That We Have Been Dreaming About For So Very Long :-)
Okay ..... We have been reading our minds and hearts out -!!- here on the incredible
Dinar Chronicles for a long time and the volumes of input and much of it, highly
intelligent and thoughtful is invaluable and MUST BE harnessed into an effective
and organized PRIVATE FORUM of teams of people who can TRULY implement this
Stewardship & Philanthropy into a system that EXPANDS effectively into large realms
of people and terrain. We won't repeat here the volumes of great Project Ideas and the
very concerned and intelligent comments and posts about HOW to achieve all of this
- successfully - 'without this being a disorganized free for all' - of " Chosen One ZIM
Holders " - scrambling to figure out how to effectively 'Save The Planet One Project
& Area' at a time and from SCRATCH !! We Already Have a Research & Development
Team that has Generated HUNDREDS of Great Project Ideas & Outlines READY To GO
That Could Accomplish Extremely Effective Prototype Expansion At Global Capacity !!
What Is The Most Imperative - IS NOW - That WE DO NOT Just Donate to Existing
Charities and Foundations - and that - MOST of ALL - That We DO NOT Fund The
Dark Side OR - The Cabal - Or ANY Of The - TOXIC - Unhealthy, Non-Integrated,
Un-Sustainable, Non-Organic Projects - That Are NOT Systemically Integrated For
The Best Interests Of The People, Animals & Our Entire Environment. So very many
of The Project Ideas posted here on Dinar Chronicles are so well thought out, intelligent
and creative that these great Project Ideas just MUST BE Developed & Implemented into
PROTOTYPES that are highly organized, effective, successful and then structured to
where they are CAPABLE of adding 2nd, 3rd, 4th layers of duplicate staff to be able to
then OPEN yet another ~ Duplicate Prototype Project ~ area after area ~ city after city ~
country after country all Custom Designed for each area & each culture of people's needs.
If you really think about some 25,000 ZIM Holders, and thousands more Currency
Holders, all TRYING to Fund worthwhile Humanitarian Projects and Job Creation
Endeavors ONLY from their own family and small realm of current friends and local
contacts - THIS IS - not only going to be a ~ Disorganized Mess ~ But It Is Going
To Take DECADES & Far Too Long ~ To Have The Capacity To Actually Effectively
Transform Our World & On An International Level Into What We Are All Dreaming
About ~ Hoping & Wishing For ~ & Sincerely Desiring To Accomplish. And........
Come On Everyone ~ This Is Far Too Important & We Cannot Mess This Up Or FAIL ~
No Way ~ !!! ~ Everyone Reading Yosef's Greatest Hits For All This Time & All The
Other GREAT Posts by One Who Believes ~ The Wisdom & Patient & Strategic
Longing Of VERITAS ~ And ALL The Others We Could List For Pages ~ We MUST DO
This RIGHT !! We Must Perform To The Highest Standards & We Must SHOW The Elders
/ AIIB / BOC/ HSBC/-(?WF?)-/ AD Wealth Managers That WE ARE THE NEW PARADIGM
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Of Transforming Our World.
We Also Have Waiting In The Wings ~ The Very Best In The World ~ The Technology
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Massive Global Level. !! YES... All Health Issues of Non Wellness CAN BE Remedied
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Of-The-Art Quantum Frequency Technology, Quantum Bio-Tuning, Advanced Nutrition,
Immune Regeneration, Digestive & Endocrine Full Detox & Regeneration & When All
Of These Are Done Properly ~ Voila ~ The Most Amazing Anti-Aging & Regeneration
Of The Human Body & Animals & Even The Terrain & Plant Life & Ocean Life CAN BE
RESTORED To Complete Wellness !! So Even Those with 'Vision Issues & Mother's
with 'Tremors & Crohn's Disorders' CAN BE Made Completely Well Again. ( Hello :-)
So We ALL KNOW What We CAN DO With THIS !! ~ So Let's Join Forces & Then
Coordinate Efforts & 'Disappear Into The Private Venue' So That WE CAN Accomplish
THIS In The Very Best & Wisest & Most Efficient & Spectacular Manner As Is Truly
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Everyone's Individual & Community Needs As We Go Along. ~ !! ~
So Everyone.... It's TIME To Join Forces & GET ORGANIZED. We Need A Very High
Level Executive Team of People ~ Who Can Act As Managing Directors Over ~ What
MUST NOW BE Accomplished To Benefit All Of Our Inherent Success. Everything Is
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Strategic ORGANIZATION ~ So That ALL Of Our Great Projects Are Developed &
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At The Wisest & Most Effective Sustainable Levels. Nobody Ever Said That This Was
Going To Be Easy, Thus Yosef's Wise Comments and Very Consistent Concern That
We Are NOW ~ About To Inherit ~ " A Herculean Burden " ~ As ~ " Chosen Ones &
ZIM Holders " Being Given These Massive Sovereign Rates & NDA's with Structured
Payout & Performance & Compliance Clauses. There Are NOW A Lot Of Us ~ . ~
Perhaps [ 144,000 ] Currency Holders WHO Really ARE " Chosen Ones " & So The
Very REAL Burden On Us To Perform Expeditiously ~ On All Of Our Humanitarian
Projects & Job Creation Endeavors Is Highly Serious & Very Seriously HUGE.
And For ALL Of You Reading This With Your 'Thinking Caps' Fully ON ~ You Get ~
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So For Now ~ ON This Very Public & Awesome ~ FORUM ~ The One & Only &
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Together CAN BEGIN This Great & Unprecedented New Paradigm Stewardship
& Humanitarian Philanthropic Life Ahead. Remember, The Elders and The NPTB
and The Universal Creator and GOD and The Ascension Shift Are Watching ~
All Of Us ~ & ~ It Is NOW Up To Us ~ To BE The Change That We Want To See.
Thank You ALL Here On ~ Dinar Chronicles ~ For All Of Your Valued Contributions
& Time & Energy & Thought & Positive Consciousness & For Your Co-Creative ~
Humanitarian Project Ideas & Job Creation Endeavors & Plans & For All Of Your
Co-Creative Dreams To Come True !! For It Is Just Ahead Of Us ~ As We Build ~
Together ~ A New Paradigm For Humanity & A New Legacy Of Our Heritages !! ~
We ARE Connected To Some Of The Most Significant & Most Spiritual TRUE
Humanitarians In The World ~ We ARE The People Of The Light ~ & We Look
Forward Greatly & With Immense Gratitude & Appreciation For All Of YOU &
For All Of Our Work Together Ahead. We Will All Find Each Other In The Right
Divine Time & Pattern & For The Right Purpose. It's Been A Long, Long, Long,
Long Road & Finally, Now... We Are Just At The BEGINNING Of A New Life ~
A New Renaissance ~ And A Whole New Paradigm Ahead. ~
We Look Forward Greatly To ALL Who Have Read This & Truly Understand ~
How Important This -IS- To Please Respond, Send Us A Letter, With Whatever
Details You'd Like To Share ~ That We Will Value Greatly & We Will Respond ~
To You In The Right Pattern Of Priority ~ So That We Can Develop & Build ~
Together In Unity ~ Our Council Of The Light Stewardship ~ Ahead. ~
Thank You All So Much ~
In Gratitude & Service ~
In Humanitarian Stewardship ~
In Sustainable Philanthropy ~ &
In The Healing Light For The World ~
Godspeed Ahead ~
The Guardian
Managing Director
New Paradigm Stewardship Foundations
Private Venue Instructions To Follow :-)

Yes... Imagine This 'Herculean' Task Ahead Of Us.... Orchestrating The Very Best,
Most Effective, Wisest, Most Integrated, Most Appropriate To The Needs Of Each
Area, Situation, Circumstance.... Truly Providing Strategic, Successful, Systemic,
All Encompassing & Compassionate : ~ Humanitarian Project & Job Creation ~ :
On A Global & International Level For The Betterment Of Mankind Everywhere !!
This IS Going To BE - This IS Going To Take - A Massive Organization Feat Of :
Great Skill, Databases, Software & Encrypted Private Internet Intelligence.....
Imagine Coordinating Millions Of People Into Such Effective Success &.....
Remember..... It MUST All Be Done = Privately = All For High Security Reasons ~
As Our People & Projects & Plans Cannot Be Compromised by The Dark Side !!!
Please Realize The Sheer Magnitude Of All Of THIS & KNOW ~ There Are Many 
Good People Working Behind The Scenes To Make This Happen As Our Time & 
Energy & Expertise Allows All Of This ~ To BE Done With The Utmost Of High
Intelligence Skill, Advanced Technology & The Massive Organization & Vast
Coordination That This Is Going To Take !! 
So, Welcome Everyone.... To A New Paradigm & Journey Of A Lifetime Ahead....
We Are 'The Chosen Ones'.... The True Humanitarians Who Were BORN For This !!
We Have Lived Our Whole Lives.... For The Power & The Blessings Of NOW !!
To Bring Our Entire World.... Into A Sustainable & Abundant Life Ahead ~
Filled With Wellness, Light, Love, Rewarding Unity, Peace & Happiness....
Get Ready.... Be Present In The Here & Now ~ BE Positive Consciousness ~
We Are Almost There.... So BE Ready To Build Our Dreams Come True.....
Thank YOU ~ ALL ~ To The New Paradigm Stewardship ~ !! ~ ........ >>> 

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 2-28-17

Thank you PinkRoses for sending your notes. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call. We didn’t think we would be here tonight. If anything it suppose to have been a pre-recorded celebration call. I want everybody that wants to be able to watch the President Trump’s speech tonight.

Bruce: Concerning the President’s speech tonight. We are believing from what I understand the President himself may make a reference of the liberation of Mosul. It has been liberated, and they have had major success in that. Iraq is rocking and rolling now. I also believe there will be some description of a tax plan, description of a replacement of Obama care, and also a couple of surprises in his speech tonight. I don’t know what they are. We will have to see what they are.

Bruce: What has been happening in Iraq? They have a new rate which is on their Qi cards/debit cards. Yesterday they started to pay not only the back pay at new rates, but also started paying a lot of other people in situations in Iraq upward of $4.25 and maybe somewhere close to $5. That would be a great international rate of the Iraqi dinar. They have been paid and that started yesterday and paid a lot more than just to the pensioners. This happened Saturday in Iraq, very significant.

Bruce: Saturday Iraq began to offer brand new Iraqi sovereign bonds were for sale. This was a one trillion dollar bond offering. In some situations people were buying bonds in excess of $300 million and $350 million dollars worth several times in that first day on Saturday. This offer was to go to 23 different countries. Five or six countries took advantage of it that day such as France, Germany, Russia, and some people here in the United States took advantage of it too. I don’t know what other countries it was offered to. That was a cool offer. What is significant about this is notice it was a sovereign bond offering. That means Iraq has their sovereignty back. They are sovereign and good to go. It was offered internationally so they have an international known rate available for their Iraqi dinar and it is priced into their bond offering. That is big news. That is the most significant news to prove Iraq was back doing business internationally. We can be happy for Iraq with that.

Bruce: Also we have heard that the testing that was done yesterday on the Iraqi stock exchange ISX. There was 12 hours testing yesterday that went without a hitch. No problems, smooth sailing. We understand as result of the positive testing, that Iraq is to open their stock exchange, ISX, Wednesday morning at 9am Baghdad time. That is 1am EST or midnight tonight CST. That is pretty close were we are. We understand that could be significant as far the timing of what it is we are looking for. I can’t tell you anything definitive about timing, but that is a very positive thing to take place at 1am EST with the opening of the ISX.

Bruce: Also about Iraq we know about the liberation of Mosul. We know about the Reconciliation Act was to pass Sunday or Monday. That is a way to have Iraq come together as a country instead of being divided in 3 regions. Iraq will be under one government in Baghdad, and it would unite Iraq. A very positive thing to moving forward as far as the reconciliation. This was something that had to be signed off by the IMF, UN, the United States government, and I don’t know if anyone else was suppose to sign off also. That has been handled. That doesn’t totally affect us on the timing of the RV, but a good thing to know.

Bruce: Also that occurred on Sunday was the Amnesty law went through. We talked about the Amnesty law forever. It has finally passed as well. That is a good thing. Iraq has the rate. We are looking for the rate change to occur on the CBI web site pretty soon. I don’t think they will put that rate on until this thing is ready to pop. That is pretty much Iraq now

Bruce: Let’s move onto what else been happening. We understand the redemption centers which we want to welcome anybody listening in the redemption centers of Wells Fargo, and HSBC. There are 6,800 redemption centers in North America. We understand that they are on active status now. We understand they are to go on engage status tonight at in the 11:30pm EST range. That is the time we are looking for in terms of the new status of engage. When they are on engage status that is go time, under way for it to happen. We will see if that happens.

Bruce: A Couple hours after the redemption centers go to engage status our understanding is all the ZIM platforms will pay out tonight at 1:30am EST. When ZIM platforms pay out, I have heard I can’t confirm it that Prosperity Packages started to go out, and I heard they will start to go out tonight a little later. I don’t know what it is. They may have already started. Things are moving along very nicely. I would say we are in the best shape we ever have been in for this to go through based on the information we have heard so far. We know everything pretty much is in high preparation mode in out west, and everybody is in position to get started.

Bruce: We know the groups are about to be completely hydrated and made liquid. Those were prepaid same thing. A lot of that was to have taken place yesterday and it looks like it carried over today. A lot that had been on hold for them should have release with these platforms paying out. A lot of people that have accounts were on hold on them, should have that hold released here pretty shortly based on these platforms paying out. A lot of people that were waiting for funds to come in for humanitarian funds for example, are about to receive those as well. We are in position to have a shot gun start. We are right there, looking forward to that. 

Bruce: We are hearing good things about rates. I don’t have rates to give you tonight.
I am hearing the ZIM has been moving up a little bit. The non NDA screen rate for the ZIM is in really good shape. You have the ability to negotiate a rate much higher for the ZIM. We have a project for the Big Call that we plan to do called Rebuild America. That is starting in the United States to adopt a city, town, community based on the size you want to work with. Beginning with that I am looking for 5,000 listeners on the Big Call to give us 100 cities on each of our 50 states to rebuild that could mean infrastructure, roads, highways, bridges, and over passes. Number of areas of infrastructure such as railways. Maybe enough funds to build a Maglev Railway. There are opportunities for that. 
Bruce: Don't sell yourself short in terms of asking for a high rate for the ZIM because you could use that money for a lot of projects. I am not going to ask for money from any of you. We want to partner throughout the United States in the various areas throughout the country. You pick a city or town you want to work in, and we will have a blue print of what we want to do in main street USA. We have that concept and want to do it in areas such as Des Moines, Chicago, Miami, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Memphis. Also coal country such as in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, SW Virginia, etc. We want to make sure they have good quality housing, education, and jobs. There are people in that area of the country that are kind of too proud to ask for help. We are going to volunteer to help them. Medical, housing, clinics, a lot of medical issues they need help with. Too, other parts of the country such as Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. There are a lot of areas we can help in, and I am not even scratching the surface.

Bruce: Please don’t be bashful to ask for a private negotiated rate on the ZIM. Get way above that non NDA rate if you can if you want to be part of what we are doing. I am going to ask for a very good rate. I have a lot of projects I want to do. That doesn’t include the Veterans Retreat, ministries, farming, aqua culture, all we want to do on farming perspective and concept of having resources that we need, food we need, to be able to grow what we need to grow, aquaponics, and a quite a bit of information and technology we will put forward and talk more in the future.

Bruce: I think we are in good shape. We may or may not have a call on Thursday. If we do get this before Thursday we will have a pre-recorded call. Otherwise we will have a Thursday night call as we normally would. You should check and verify whether we will have a call or not by going to our Big Call website: thebigcall.net. If we have a pre-recorded celebration call the information will be on the front page.

Bruce: If you like to send an email to Sue, to give her a get well message and prayer. She will appreciate it. Send it to the email: happynewyou@successways.com.

Bruce: We are in really good shape. There may be some hidden clues in the speech or maybe something following the speech tonight. Maybe look for a Steven Mnuchin and a Christine Legarde speech that was to be aired pre-recorded talking about the gold standard we are going back to and our new currency. That might get aired after the speech tonight. The Present may have a clue to those concepts in his speech tonight.

Bruce: Stay in faith what is coming. You got good Intel perspective. I feel really good where we are. Stay positive for it, and believe it coming through for it. I want to thank everybody for tuning in to the Big Call. Our international listeners all over as in South and Central America, Africa, Far East, Iraq, Jordan, etc. Look forward to widen and broaden our international reach in the coming days. Stay tuned. We will take time off after the blessing comes in. We will touch bases with you after the celebration call. We will let you know our new plans for a new website, etc. Hang in there, appreciate everybody, stay tuned see what will happen.

Bruce: Go back and hear the speech that President had to say to the nation. Thank you all for coming in tonight. Goodnight Everybody.



President Trump Hits the Reset Button

President Donald Trump’s first address to Congress is an attempt to stabilize his administration and improve his standing with the public. | Getty

Trump hits the reset button

The president's hope-infused address before Congress was the most unifying moment of his divisive and chaotic first 39 days in office.


02/28/17 08:51 PM EST

Updated 02/28/17 11:09 PM EST

For 60 minutes and 14 seconds Tuesday night, President Donald Trump abandoned the dark rhetoric and narrow vision that have long defined his politics and offered an aspirational vision stocked with bold promises for the country in his first address before a joint session of Congress.

While Trump still offered some charged language — including his use of the term “radical Islamic terrorism” — the speech was notably less confrontational than his “American carnage” inaugural address. It was, in fact, by far the most unifying moment of his divisive and chaotic first 39 days in office.

Reading almost exclusively from prepared remarks on a teleprompter, the president pledged to provide “massive” tax relief for the middle class, extinguish the “vile enemy” that is ISIS, and rebuild America's military.

Not an official "State of the Union" address, Trump’s first speech to Congress was an attempt to stabilize his administration and improve his standing with the public, which views Trump more unfavorably than any other president after only a month in office. Beyond showcasing a more presidential posture to the largest national television audience he's had since his inauguration, Trump also sought to set out some shared goals for the Congress that will largely determine the nature and scope of his eventual accomplishments.

“Think of the marvels we can achieve if we simply set free the dreams of our people. The time for small thinking is over. The time for trivial fights is behind us," said Trump, who attacked the media on the second day of his presidency for what he saw as biased reports about the crowd size at his inauguration.

After such a rocky first five weeks, Trump needed to present himself to members of Congress, many of whom have recently been met by anti-Trump mobs at town hall meetings, as a reasonable collaborative partner as they begin a long legislative journey. He spoke not of past grievances, but of a future full of opportunity. For an hour at least, beefs gave way to bright banalities.

For the most part, the president's specific policy prescriptions were as broad and vague as they were sweeping and ambitious. Trump called on Congress to repeal and replace Obamacare with reforms that “expand choice, increase access, lower costs, and at the same time, provide better healthcare.” He laid out a broad outline of what an alternative would look like, but steered clear of specifics that could jam up negotiations among congressional Republicans.

He also declared that his administration is ready to work with both Republicans and Democrats to improve childcare, invest in women’s health, promote clean air and water, and to strengthen America’s infrastructure.

Trump, who has stoked racial division with his brand of white identity politics, began his address with a nod to African-American history month and by recognizing that “work still remains” for the country to achieve its founding ideals. He also condemned a recent spate of anti-Semitic attacks targeting Jewish Community Centers and cemeteries. “While we may be a nation divided on policies, we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil,” Trump said.

He avoided any criticism of the media, a hobby horse he has ridden hard over his first weeks in office. But, his remarks still included some of the partisan vitriol reminiscent of his campaign.

Trump implored Congress to act "to save Americans from this imploding Obamacare disaster," despite the significant increase in the number of Americans in favor of the landmark healthcare law that has insured an additional 20 million Americans. Unease is growing among congressional Republicans about the difficulty of following through on years of political promises to roll back the program.

"Mandating every American to buy government-approved health insurance was never the right solution for America," Trump said. "The way to make health insurance available to everyone is to lower the cost of health insurance, and that is what we will do."

A spokesman for House Speaker Paul Ryan cheered Trump's remark that the government "should help Americans purchase their own coverage, through the use of tax credits and expanded Health Savings Accounts" as a sign the White House and GOP congressional leaders are on the same page.

Although he didn't say it as bluntly, Trump continued to speak about the supposed mess he inherited upon taking offices, citing lost manufacturing jobs, factory closures, the 43 million Americans on food stamps, a ballooning trade deficit and "a series of tragic foreign policy disasters."

Trump also touted the accomplishments of his first five weeks in office, highlighting executive orders related to trade, energy development and immigration and claiming credit for a rise in the stock market and a new, more advantageous deal to build a new generation of F-35 jet fighters – even though the contract was negotiated before he took office.

Vowing to keep his campaign promises to the American people, Trump reiterated his pledge to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, despite skepticism among Republicans and Democrats in Congress that the project is worth its $25 billion-plus price tag.

Trump also claimed his revamped travel ban, likely to be signed on Wednesday, will keep the nation safe. "We cannot allow a beachhead of terrorism to form inside America," Trump said. "We cannot allow our nation to become a sanctuary for extremists."

After a robust discussion in the days leading up to Tuesday night's speech, Trump ignored pleas from his newly appointed national security adviser H.R. McMaster to avoid the term "radical Islamic terrorism," stating each word with added emphasis as he said he is "taking strong measures to protect our nation from radical...Islamic...terrorism."

Trump on Tuesday night also outlined his administration's budget proposal and what he described as "one of the largest increases in national defense spending in American history."

Republicans and Democrats in Congress have already signaled that the Trump budget, which also includes drastic cuts to the Department of State and Environmental Protection Agency budgets, is dead on arrival.

And after campaigning as an anti-immigration hard-liner, Trump issued a call for lawmakers to come together on immigration reform.

“I believe that real and positive immigration reform is possible,” Trump said.

But even as Trump urged lawmakers to come together, he cloaked his characteristic demagoguery on immigration issues in genuine concern and empathy for three invited guests seated in the gallery, all of whom have seen their loved ones, in the president's words, "viciously gunned down by an illegal immigrant with a criminal record."

In perhaps the most emotional and unexpected moment of the speech, Trump welcomed the widow of Navy SEAL Ryan Owens, who died in a controversial raid in Yemen.

"I just spoke to General Mattis, just now, who reconfirmed that, and I quote, 'Ryan was a part of a highly successful raid that generated large amounts of vital intelligence that will lead to many more victories in the future against our enemy'," Trump said.

In the moment, any lingering questions about whether the highly risky operation, approved by Trump's new defense secretary, were swallowed up in the poignancy of the moment, as applause rose in the House chamber and the television cameras focused in on Carryn Owens' tear-streaked face.

"Ryan's legacy is etched into eternity," Trump said as the applause continued. "Thank you. Thank you."

In one of his few ad-libs of the night, Trump said that "Ryan is looking down right now, you know that, and is very happy because I think he just broke a record," seemingly a reference to the length of the ovation.

Source: Politico

"Nothing Left" by GK - 2.28.17

Entry Submitted by GK at 11:06 PM EST on February 28, 2017

was a leftist liberal democrat for 42 years. And even though it was a Bush Cheney Republican neoconservative administration in 2001 when the towers collapsed and so did my delusional perceptions of right and left boxes of beliefs.

that shock, jump-started the idea that I as a leftist had believed every emotionally charged lie and ran with that ball as programmed... And with the help of the internet I was allowed thousands of ideas the TV refused to give me. Ideas that showed me the con artistry of social engineering and how it relied on emotional reactionary impulse.

Although the right wing can react in impulsive ways also...At its core is the idea less government is better. That an individual left to pull himself up by his bootstraps was a better belief than a coddling nanny state.

That does not excuse the hypocrisy of good old boy cronyism either. But tonight Trump hit some solid line drives. And thank God the witch Hillary was not in this timeline. I am very optimistic about decency and justice making a comeback because decent men and women of all parties, religions and countries have also had the same awakening that we had to stop being played by emotional con artistry and actively hold criminal evil accountable.

Some of the oldest lies are still being sustained but we are better off than we were under Obama, Clinton and Bush because while they were playing us many of us were arming ourselves with the truth.

Con artists and predators thrive on the gullible. Trump has to be very careful about sustaining the old lies such as NATO forces and Israel's slick self serving monopolies and manipulations.

Emotional reactions are the first mistake.

Demand truth and proof and justice.

I hope Trump doesn't forget how important this is to the art of a fair deal.


KTFA CC Notes by Aggiedad77 for Monday 2-27-17


Aggiedad77 » February 28th, 2017

Your CC notes from Monday Night Family.....enjoy. Aloha Randy.

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes for Monday 02-27-2017

Frank26: Let’s walk into the discussion for tonight of our investment the Iraqi dinar.

The last time we were together on Wednesday we told you that we thought we were about two weeks away from having Mosul…and I told you that Friday, two days later, that it would be one week, so therefore we needed another week IMO….so that week takes into this coming Friday….

We will be about two weeks from when I told you we needed two weeks of Mosul actually being liberated and announced to the world….so there is your little time frame….because someone asked me on TEAM Chat….well Frank what time frame are we studying now….the two weeks we are waiting for Mosul to be liberated…..oh you mean once we have Mosul liberated we have the RV….

NO….don’t take it to those extremes….it is a continual study…..it is a lava flow I’ve told you….we look at the progressions of the process and we are impressed with what we see…..but to say BOOM ok we now have Mosul….ok Frank says as soon as we have Mosul we will have the RV….stop that….that is the pressure that builds on the back of my neck….there is a stress point there that creates a lot of carbon dioxide and causes us to yawn as a reflexive action to expel it….but it also causes your shoulders and back to stress and start to hurt….no doubt…..

Stop stressing me out by asking for a date….stop stressing me out by looking for a date on our forum….and especially something like me blinking four times don’t stretch that to mean it’s four days we are going to have the RV…..what we have and what I have shared with you with the greatest of encouragement is that the moment we have Mosul….the Monetary Reform will come forth a lot faster…..a lot quicker than what you are experiencing right now.

Good God I believe in my heart…..by the way this whole conference call is in my opinion….is it not…..unfortunately this whole conference call.

Yes Mosul is almost done….it is not a laughing matter it is a study matter….What we know about Mosul I am sure not going to tell you….what we do is we try to explain to you what is seen in the articles, in those silly maps…we’ve advanced this far yesterday now look at the next map we’ve advanced this much farther…..no one is going to show you really where they have advanced to….and those maps are so old they are like ancient Greek mythology…..and for you to have the desperation to go by every little inch they give you….that is propaganda….that is the media trying to make a buck to sell their advertising.

Someone posted just now….”what is left to be liberated”…..the west is not as big as the east….that is true I told you that….and there is a lot of desert out there….that is true we talked about that too.

Well our time frame study is taking us into this Friday and if it needs to go into the weekend so be it…..so what if we get to see that Mosul is announced as liberated.

Now the last time we were together DELTA had found an article and you saw it….remember the article where Abadi and a bunch of people were sitting at this long table and they had their heads down and someone posted and said wow they really look studious….yeah they were very studious because what they were doing….like we told you last week they were making final decisions….on what….on their reforms….oh but Frank you have said that over and over again many times before….yeah I have….

And this one article told you that we have made a decision….it didn’t say we were making a decision did it…..no…it said very clearly that we….the GOI….has nothing to do with Parliament now….and you do know the difference between the two of them right….and you do know how important it is that the GOI got together and made a final decision on what…well what did it say…..on their Economic and Financial Reforms….for what reasons….to open their economy and to move forward….wow.

Well the next thing you know Abadi is talking to Germany and telling them to come on in….he’s talking to the whole international world….please come on in…..feel comfortable that we got Mosul….ahhh….he didn’t say that did he….no….not in those words…that is why this whole CC is IMO…..I really feel that Mosul is very close to be announced and that is why we told you two weeks and that is where we are at.

Now someone also pointed out to me….Frank the articles said they would be ready in 72 hours and Frank you also said to us that they would be saying something in about 72 hours….no….oh there is Frank backtracking….no….I told you very clearly and that is why I am starting out with this CC and the opening thing I am telling you is what….that I told you Family in about two weeks….the article Family told you in about 72 hours….now a lot of little light bulbs are coming on above your heads as you realize….oh that is right…..shoot…..yeah….when you are drowning it doesn’t matter who rescues you…..you try to drown them too….when you are desperate for information it doesn’t matter what it said or talks to you about….you only hear what you want to hear.

Now are you ready for this…..it turns out on TEAM Chat we talked about it and one of my TEAM members from DELTA’s TEAM told us, no Frank that is a mistake….what do you mean that was a mistake….the article was translated incorrectly….you are kidding me….what did it say…..the article simply explained to you what the first 72 hours of the campaign was about….you are kidding me….no that is right….interesting…and then a lot of you jumped on it and said it would be done in 72 hours….I’m not going to lie to you….I jumped on it too…..I thought it was 72 hours that they would then tell us more….but I never that….I told you the next day on Monday when we saw that article….Tuesday I didn’t say anything….Wednesday I said Family I think in “about” two weeks we will find out about Mosul being liberated.

Now a lot of things have come out….but Frank you made a post the next day, Thursday, 48 hours….and you thought it was part of that 72….no Family you see what we were looking at during that time was something different….something that you don’t know about….and tonight I will share it with you….there are only two major things I will present to you…and hope to be done in the next 25 minutes…..and they are powerful….we always bring you things that the internet is not thinking about….then I ask you to think about it and take it to God in prayer.

So in 48 hours we were looking for something to happen…it did…here I’ll give you a clue right now so that when we get to it in our studies tonight you will remember….I’m looking upward.

Now during that same time frame as Thursday, Friday, and Saturday came by there was an article that came out…..it was very powerful….in fact I have asked WalkingStick to bring out all 10 articles….and he posted it but once again it was just stepped over….and I’m not blaming anyone…but if you don’t know what it means I ‘m not blaming anyone….but on Friday’s TEAM Chat we did talk about it….and Family what it is…an article came out and it said….we are at “proper” of Mosul….does anyone know what proper means…have you ever heard of the proper of San Francisco…the proper of New York….do you know what proper means….that article was huge….in fact it was down to 24 hours for us to see something after that article came out….proper is the center of the city….the metropolis, the inner city….the articles came out and there were 10 of them and if you are interested I will tell you what post tonight….but doggone it you missed it. We are at the proper of Mosul….that is the same as saying we are at the center of Mosul.

So much is happening inside of Mosul and Abadi told everyone last week come on in….that is a lot of confidence….it is almost as if he’s saying to them we’ve reached the center of Mosul…and if they have Family….according to those articles all 10 them….well then Family we have control of the city.

Now this meeting….this article where they all looked studious….what did DELTA label it….he labeled it BINGO….he said….Frank they have made a decision of their Economic and Financial issues….Allak back in January he came out and he said….well you know the deletion of the 000’s from our exchange rate we decided to postpone it…and Family they did….and the next thing you know you see is these guys having their meeting and they said…..well ahh yeah we’ve made a decision…..they didn’t say they were thinking about it….or we are studying it….or we are considering it….no they said….yeah we’ve made a decision…and the next thing you know Abadi goes out and says to everybody we are open for business….does anyone want to come in….and he says this while Mosul was not fully liberated yet….but was said to have been proper….maybe that is what he told those at the Security Conference in Germany.

So much has happened….so much happened in the first three days by the way….in those first three days your primary target….and this whole CC is IMO….their primary target was the airport….and we suggested the last time we were together….why…..because it is a military base Family….and to get the military base within the first day should have screamed something to you….they now have an airport where they can quickly move and do what much faster….what do you do at an airport…planes take off and land don’t they….ok we will talk about that in a little bit more depth in just a minute.

Mosul as we’ve been telling you Family is important…..we don’t know exactly for what…..but jiminy crickets may I suggest that Mosul is important for airport….what does Mosul give you….Security and Stability….how do you get Security and Stability by removing DAASH and terrorism….and did we get rid of it in the GOI and CBI….you better believe it…..remember last week an article came out last week with Dr. Shabibi showing all his criticisms towards Maliki….and how he destroyed the country….the government and the CBI….and the threats upon Dr. Shabibi.

All of a sudden you see another article don’t you….if you are interested it is on page 2 of yesterday’s thread….what does it show….a person that took all of the details that available that are against Maliki that Dr. Shabibi wanted to point out and he laid them out point by point….that is article 2 do you think that is a coincidence.

Terrorism in the GOI and CBI are well under control IMO….now terrorism in Mosul….not yet…do we have the center….we have the proper….so what is going on….and by the way this meeting where they made their final decisions…it was a week ago this last Thursday by the way…the GOI was there…the CBI….the COM…..Abadi’s advisors, the ministers were there…everybody that was important to make these kinds of decisions…and that is why DELTA called it BINGO….they made their final decisions on their Economic and Financial Reforms…..here we go….you see they were not working on what rate shall we come out at….when shall we do this….no….they were making decisions IMO on their Economic and Financial Reforms because Mosul is about to be announced to the world….this BINGO article I don’t know if you will go back and look at it…I don’t know if you are that studious that you kept it but I need to hit it hard with you.

Iraq is no longer a closed economy….it is open to the world Family….and now it needs international investors…and those international investors need Security and Stability and an international rate in order to come in and really do business with Iraq….to get their money into the banks of Iraq….to get their machinery and people into Iraq….and I believe that is the big campaign that has been occurring over the last few days under the leadership of Abadi….they made a decision on their economic and financial status…..all of these negotiations that we’ve talked about I believe that the comfort of Mosul being so close now is what has allowed this to be so bold….and invite others to come in and invest in the country.

Now this airport….once it was captured….IMO it opened the door….Mosul was important for something….we feel it was important for this airport…did you know we are building seven bases in Iraq….seven count them….where else do we have seven bases in a country…..you can’t figure this out yet….we aren’t going anywhere and terrorism knows this….and the whole international world knows this…and they are salivating about it…..they are excited about it….and Abadi went out and told them we’ve made a final decision about it and we are so close to showing you this….Security and Stability…..we’ve got seven American bases for the love of Security…..no one will mess with us….come in….well we are waiting for you to have an international rate….to increase the value of your currency…what do you think we are doing.

Family I’ve told you there is an embassy there in the Green Zone and that we are building another one….do you know it costs $1.5 trillion dollars….did you know that….for what…for things that are none of our business I suppose…..I tell you for what….for good fiber optics…you can’t tap into that….the Security and Stability that is being brought into this country is unprecedented and unseen anywhere….it is even making me jealous for our country.

Mohammed Amir comes out in the same time frame and says we are about 1 kilometer from the government complex in Mosul….really….is that proper….yes that would be proper Mosul yes.

Commander of the troops what have you gotten….we’ve gotten a lot of the buildings back….like the police building, the government center, the media building….yeah our REACT team has done a wonderful job…everyone that is helping us is doing a wonderful job and causing us to move along really fast…in fact we were about 2 kilometers out but now only 1 kilometer out…what will they tell you by Friday.

Family we told you that their “final assault”…..please add that into your equation….we told you it started when…..last Sunday….well no….well Sunday night they got the airport….well yeah….well what do you mean no….wasn’t that the start of the final assault….well it is actually the second phase of the final assault but they didn’t tell you that….this CC is IMO….they are far more advanced than you realize Family.

Now in that same time frame since we have last talked….last Wednesday…they came out and said we have discovered a new oil field of over 300 billion barrels of oil….you see that is old news…the internet took it as something dramatic….oh my look what they got….look what they discovered….now they are going to probably add that to their reserves….no I’m sorry…that is old news….it is actually about a year old…

The 300 billion barrels…yeah….and can you imagine what else they have discovered since a year ago they haven’t told you about….Family that is only about 1/5….about 20% of what they have actually found….I think this was an accident that was leaked out…..I don’t think this information should have come out….you see IMO those 300 billion barrels have already been used in their calculations….the internet thought it was new and thought maybe this will be a delay because now they will do more calculations to be part of deals they are doing…no….no IMO all of these barrels of oil have been calculated…and by the way the price of those barrels of oil was set a long time ago…and it was used for Basel III.

What I am reading here is about Barzani talking with Turkey where they are commending him for declaring peace in Mosul and it goes on and on…but I am not interested in talking more about that.

So back to the airport….it is a military base now…it is strategically important now….it is important to cut off the terrorists….it is important to save time to get to Syria….it is an airport now being used as a military base…..we have seven military bases and two gigantic embassies….and the reason why is to show the rest of the world we are forever and ever, permanently…if anything we are growing logarithmically….45,000 troops….no…no make it like 125,000 troops….in fact since we were last with you they actually took it up to about 75,000 didn’t they….you saw the article.

The battle plan has changed IMO only because our troops don’t really know how many ISIS people are left….so the jungle warfare starts out by going door to door and they have advanced in these tunneled areas and covered street very well….this tactic that DAASH is using with the canvas cover over the streets is a tactic they used in east Mosul…it is nothing new….their command is falling apart…they are actually committing suicide because they don’t want the women soldiers of Iraq to kill them….you saw an article today where there is a lady who believes there is a $1 million dollar reward for her because it is believed that she has killed over 100 DAASH people….yeah they would rather commit suicide on their own.

So a lot has happened since I have last been with you last Wednesday….and another important thing….that I have already mentioned but will not go into it a bit deeper…..Dr. Shabibi has another article out where he condemns Maliki…..and I’m here to tell you there will be even more….and for those of you who have been on a campaign….we want Maliki dead…..why….because it will help us with the Monetary Reform….you think….it’s just one of the moving parts….there are so many parts to this Monetary Reform….and the fact that they are all moving and flowing things in a positive direction….that is what is good…..not that oh look we predicted a date….we predicted a rate…..the process….the lava flow that is what is good…..now you’ve seen two and the second one was long and detailed about Dr. Shabibi complaining about Maliki….you are going to see more from Dr. Shabibi and about Maliki….we told you at the end Dr. Shabibi would make a speech to you….and yes…yes….these articles are old but they are being packed with a lot of contemporary statements.

You should read this and study this and understand that Security is coming in many ways….and we the US of A are planting the flag so deep….no one is going to move us…and the international world wants to see this, read this, and know this.

Also we told you there would be some article come out that would talk about the Iraqi dinar being used in country….they are coming….I promise you.

Yes the battle is ugly, I promise you….it is also decisive…it is rather quick and it is bloody….but it is progressing and much quicker than anyone anticipated.

Now another thing happened over the weekend….what did I tell you last Monday and Wednesday….and no one has talked to you about it before, but now the internet wants to talk all about it….Family….when you get Mosul you are going to get a little bonus….I use keywords with you to remember….Family when you do finally have Mosul given to you free and liberated you are going to get a little bonus….now what was that bonus I told you….what was that extra little dessert you would get….Raqqa….or as Doodlebug says Raqqa-BOOM….

Now I would like for you to understand that IMO Raqqa and Mosul are one….and Family that airport was very important….now why is Raqqa so important…..oh Frank can I ask a question….yes of course what is it…..Frank now that it looks like we are going into Raqqa well that is just going to slow down the Monetary Reform, now they are just going to milk the cow a little longer, and this is going to go into more weeks for us and the next thing you know we need another two weeks to have Raqqa secured…..NO….are you sure Frank….IMO I tell you no…..ok….and I am very adamant about that Family…I don’t see it that way.

Our advancement in Mosul is all the way up to those bridges…and you see the videos they are posted on our forum….you can go check them out on YouTube of all the videos that out there about the advancement in Mosul….now this bridge….I believe IMO once we cross it and get over it that will be the end of the liberation process of Mosul….I really think we have them so cornered and so trapped….this thing is really coming to an end.

With what Dr. Shabibi did with that second article that came out with all of the details that are in it….he and whoever is putting those articles are spilling more and more beans….and IMO we will see more against Maliki for a reason….it is not a coincidence….it is for a good reason….even Iran is running away from Maliki….because a lot of these reports you are about to read and have already read include Iran….yes Maliki and some of his party members were in cahoots with Iran and they are the ones that stole money from Iraq and they sent it to Iranian officials….oh really who….what….no we don’t know him….who Maliki….no we never heard of him says Iran…..

Well Maliki is now saying….he is now bragging to some of the people who listen….when I was the Prime Minister I was the best Prime Minister Iraq ever had…..oh ok Maliki what else do you have to say…..well Iran was actually providing me with money and military equipment so that I could fight terrorism in Iraq….no….and that is why Iran is running away from you sir…..because of these two articles and more information that came out last year in the report from the ICC and in fact more information that is about to be poured out is going to make Iran look pretty guilty….

And Iran is actually working with those who are making deals to bring a lot of things into Iraq…..electricity….equipment for their refineries….because Iraq is just burning off its gas…..so yeah Iran is now doing business but now in a legal way….in a fair way….on equal terms….you know what I am saying Maliki…..so the information is coming out that you…you sir along with your goons stole a lot of Iraq’s money….and you sent it to Iran and that is why Iran is backing off from you.

Frank26: 300 billion barrels…..they haven’t even told you about the rest, we believe that is only 20% of what they have discovered and not announced….because they are protecting it from terrorism…from Maliki as a good example.

Now this airport that we got….what did we do the following day…..well in 72 hours they said they were going to tell us more…..no…no that was a mistranslation….oh yeah so the 72 hours was a report on what they did the first 3 days…and you think in about 2 weeks they will tell us the rest of the second phase of where we are at….that is correct….well that is very encouraging for the international world isn’t it….that is so correct.
Frank26: Now Family speaking of that word internationalism…will you sit next to me on my blue couch…..bring your pencil and your pad with you….I want you to help me present this next subject to you….I want you to help me name 10 things that proves Iraq is stepping on international ground…..let me take you about halfway through Family.

IBAN: Every bank in Iraq has IBAN numbers….that is what allows them to transfer money out and back in with no problem.

SWIFT CODES: Once again, these code numbers are part of the international banking world. The 3 Musketeers talk to you about block chain, but I am not going to include it in my list because I do not talk about it….and Iraq is not talking about block chain so neither am I.

MASTERCARD: Yes, and for that matter VISA but I will stick with MasterCard….they are all over the place in Iraq….that is an international card ok.

Chapter VII: Chapter VII is IMO 90% gone and we are going to talk about Chapter VII tonight….the other 10% of Chapter VII they still have on them concerns their financial structure….raise the doggone value of your currency and we will lift Chapter VII….well we are almost done….raise the value and you will get the IMF loans and you will get Chapter VII released….you go that….ok.

NO PROGRAM RATE ON CBI SPREADSHEET: That is a little blatant….it is about to be for over 2 months.

THE AUCTIONS ARE CONTROLLING THE MCP: You can see this….this is impressive….can you see that this country is literally international.

IRAQI STOCK EXCHANGE: They got a lot of laws about the ISD and they even said….yeah we are going to go international at the end of 2016…..no you didn’t….yeah I know…..well we are going to go at the start of 2017….well no you haven’t….yeah I know….we are waiting….for what….same thing you are waiting for a new rate to be able to do this internationally…..we go the laws but we need that new rate.

WTO HAS ASKED IRAQ TO JOIN THEM: That is just another way to spell internationalism.
WARKA BANK: They have finally caught up with all the other Iraqi banks….and right now if you go to their website they tell you….don’t look at me…..why not….just don’t look at me….obviously IMO they are preparing their website for something that might have to do with the new rate.

BONDS: International bonds for that matter….two of them.

Now I just gave you 10 reasons why Iraq is international….may I now give you the 11th reason.

INTERNATIONAL AIR STRIKE INTO SYRIA: Completed over the weekend…this has not happened….Iraq bombed another country…and we allowed it…you cannot get any more international than that…..Mosul fell very fast….faster IMO than was calculated to the point where we got the airport and now we are going door to door to clear wherever they are trapped….and on top of that look al-Baghdadi….what about him….he’s running….get his butt…where is he running….there is only one place he’s backed up….he’s going across the border to Syria….

Iraq the US would like to go bomb him….do you mind…..yes we do mind…..you mind….yes we want to do it…..ok go ahead and take the planes we gave you….go ahead and take the intel and the marking and targeting that we gave you….you know where he is at….yes we do…this is a personal thing….yes it is….you are supposed to get full credit anyway right….yes we are…..go ahead and cross your borders with your weapons and show the world you are going to go after al-Baghdadi….they did and they blew the heck out of him…although this guy has more lives than a Cheshire cat….and more smiles too….

They hit his area and he was injured to the point where they amputated his leg…yeah you saw the article….and I am here to tell you IMO that article is correct….dear God this is a country that is still under Chapter VII but only 10% of that belongs to the fact that they haven’t raised their rate yet…to an international rate….the rest of Chapter VII has been removed to the point where they can cross their border for the first time ever and show the international world you can do this…and by the way we got your back….

And the world will know that because we are building our seven bases and two embassies….we make a good team don’t we….yes we do….we are not the infidels they claimed we were…..no you are not…..even Iran is working with us…this is beyond huge Family this is monstrous….and you need to understand the value of the Iraqi army crossing their border to go after al-Baghdadi….and to strike him.

Ring-ding-ding…..hello who is this….this is Abadi I am here with the US of A….is this the President of Syria….yes it is what do you want….we want to cross your border….what for….we are after al-Baghdadi….we have told the rest of the world we will not let him get away….we want to show the world we will get him….and we are going to air strike him to the point we kill him….okey-dokey sounds good with me…..

Syria wants to show the rest of the world and the Middle East that we are working with everyone and doing all we can to get rid of terrorism…and if we allow al-Baghdadi to sit there in our city of Raqqa he is just going to sit there and grow and recruit and the cancer will continue to grow and they will eventually go back across the border into Iraq and try another assault….no…and there is only one reason Family why the Iraqi Air Force went into Syria on this air strike and not the US….and the one reason is that Iraq wants to get al-Baghdadi…and the Syrian President said….no worries….you see it is the right of Iraq more than it is the right of the US or the coalition.

One commander came out right after this and said that we have about 75% of Mosul done….no sir you are about one click away…..you are standing on Mosul proper sir and you are standing on sacred ground to bring Security and Stability back to your nation…and ISIS is melting away and destroying itself…..I used a word one time that surprised a lot of folks it is called phagocytosis….that is what DAASH is doing to itself….it is when a cell turns into like a cancer cell….a cell that eats itself from within…DAASH is using phagocytosis….they are using kids, families, animals, dogs to throw up to the front lines…but the world needs Security and Stability….they don’t need for al-Baghdadi to run across the border and to contaminate another area and to grow and multiply and continue what they are doing.

We have named 10 different things to prove that Iraq is of international status Family and number 11 is the crème de la crème…it is the cherry on top of Mount Everest….Mosul is proper and if you want to read 10 articles that tell you about it….please go to yesterday’s thread and you will see 10 articles that talk about the condition of Mosul…..WalkingStick post 278….and in fact look at post 279 al-Baghdadi ran to Syria and we bombed the daylights out of Syria and he was so badly injured they had to amputate his leg….we shouldn’t laugh about this but God fortifies us from evil.

Mosul and Raqqa IMO is for military bases Family…..seven of them…..oh snap….so we are not going anywhere we stay in Iraq forever….in order to keep Security and Stability and to keep terrorism away….because we are so deeply invested as a country in the country of Iraq….and because we like fighting our battles outside of our borders….in someone else’s backyard.

Dr. Shabibi’s article #2 was for a reason I told you Family….now I think that might be enough to talk about that.

I want to talk to you about the Warka site….it looks like it is a big thing….exciting doesn’t it….but here is what I want you to know….yes they have blocked their website….because IMO they are working on the SWIFT Code and a new software that will allow them to deal with international stuff like the IBAN….they are utilizing the time right now to get themselves ready….

Warka is just a small bank….the only reason you know anything about Warka is that most of our American troops created Warka in the Green Zone because that was the only bank that was there…it was just a small little room that turned into a bigger bank….because of soldiers cashing their checks there and sending their money home….I do think they loading up their software…..they are doing what other banks have already done, they are just lagging behind…..kind of like the ATM machines…..we are putting the software in them now…..alright go ahead.

If you remember Rafadain Bank very clearly and we have the article….look we have these ATM machines but we can’t do anything with them until the CBI lifts the 000’s from our exchange rate…that could have been one of our 10 things about being international….Abadi must finish Mosul and the terrorism that is scaring people not to come into Iraq….terrorism scares the daylights out of people….and values go down….things change….

Look do you remember when they knocked down our twin towers…what happened t our economy….did it go up….did the markets explode…no…our dollar went down…..our economy went down….we suffered greatly….our debt climbed tremendously….the value of the United States was eroded because our twin towers were knocked down….our Security and Stability was weakened…and so was that of the investors….

So Abadi must finish Mosul….and what they did to go across the border in their new nationalism….their new sovereignty is good….and I am afraid if they don’t get this done they will have those sanctions put back on and I’m afraid that the threats that Donald Trump made against them will become a reality….they can brag all they want…..oh we found another 300 billion barrels….they can brag all they want…but it won’t do any good until the liberate Mosul and get the Security and Stability to have the comfort to lift the value of their currency….because terrorism destroyed their economy

Family……Economic Reform….Monetary Reform….NRL all these things are waiting for the terrorism to end in Mosul…..then Iraq can become an economic BOOM….and not too far afterwards….their currency will go up in value to become international….I strongly believe that…the military side is just not ready to tell you they are done Family….but I would venture to say they are very close to being down, or almost done….or are done….because Abadi is begging the international world to come in and do business with them….but you don’t see anyone breaking down the gates except for Germany….all the others in the Long Line….the LL….they are waiting for the war on their soil to end…and the best example that I could give you was that of the twin towers.

Let’s wrap up tonight with some discussion on the bonds….Number 10 on our list which was BONDS…and then Number 11 the INTERNATIONAL AIR STRIKE….which is the most profound thing…..I want to tell you that someone called me and asked…did you see someone gave them permission to sell international bonds….but no they didn’t…..did I get your attention by the way…no…no Frank listen to me the US is backing them….they are letting Iraq sell international bonds Frank….international bonds….no they are not…..

Frank listen to me I am worried….well first of all you are ignorant of something that is causing you to worry….you are wrong….Frank they are selling international bonds….don’t you understand….if they want to Iraq will just continue to sell bonds and give me a loan, I don’t need to raise value of my currency…it’s just like the pretty girl in town that you call them Frank….well that pretty girl has a boyfriend who has a roll of money…and anytime she needs money the boyfriend just gives it to Iraq….so the girlfriend says there is no need for me to get a job…no….no…no you are wrong…and the internet….well somebody is wrong…and I don’t want my forum to be wrong.

Family they are not selling international bonds…you see Family last year Iraq asked the US for money….and the US said no….well the IMF doesn’t want to lend us….you know they were going to loan us a lot of money….but they say one of the stipulations is that we have to improve our financial conditions….they want us to raise the value of our currency…and you know Mosul is not ready….so how are we going to make it…..

I will tell you what says the United States of America….we will give you two bonds…and they are going to become international bonds…you understand that….now these bonds you are going to use them to bridge from this month into next month…ok you can cover some of your budget deficit if you need to…if you need to have a little aid to your people you can use some of the money for that….

If you need to help displaced people from these cities go ahead and do that….and we will….we will back these bonds….I mean it is us…the United States of America….I tell you what…USAID….you guys mind getting involved….would you help in backing these bonds….oh sure….it’s a good investment isn’t it….of course it is….just don’t talk about it….ok Iraq here is what we are going to do….and this is what they told them last year around the 4th quarter of 2016….

You are students….you know all of these things…..when Iraq approached the US last year when they were getting no support from the IMF and USAID agreed to back the bonds….how about for 5 years….ok….how about for 2.14%....ok….and we will give them to you as C-Bonds….coupon bonds is what they really are….therefore they will be international bond is that ok with you….ok…oh and by the way they will actually be under the classification of Euro-bonds…ok….and Family it has nothing to do with Europe or the UK….if you are a student of bonds you will understand what I just said…..how much are they giving them….well the first one is $1billion dollars….ok…

This was all done last year….the first one was already given to them…..it was….when….in January…it was an international….a sovereign international market bond that we set them up with….we want to keep their budget going….we just want to keep the momentum going….we the USA have invested everything into this country….but and we are going to back the bonds….and we are giving them a second bond…another bond….yes….another $1 billion that will be issued in March….oh yeah that is right….last year you guys said you were going to issue two bonds to them for a total of $2 billion dollars…that is right.

Now for those of you who are out there complaining oh look they are giving them more money…..oh gee whiz they are giving them more money….now they are not going to have the incentive to raise the value of their currency…..oh golly gee whiz…..ok the only thing I have to say to you…and I can’t believe how many of you texted me or emailed me or called me with this little complaint….how can you call me and ask me something like that……how can you not be a student….you don’t seem to understand.

Here do this with me….you ready…because this is what I did with them on the phone….take a deep breath…now exhale it….in that amount of time you just spent those $2 billion in bonds…..first of all you thought they were going to sell international bonds and make money for the GOI…wrong….second of all you think these two little measly $2 billion dollar bonds is going to keep them from raising the value of their currency….wrong…..it is used up quicker than you can inhale and exhale….it is to get them by the liberation of Mosul IMO….

This whole CC is IMO….it is to help their economy…it is to help their humanitarian efforts….it is to assist them…that is all there are no delays…it is to bridge their budget deficit and in aiding people…those who are displaced…..there are no delays…this $2 billion in USD is chump change…TINK called it Trump Change….you know darn well who approved it…it’s not like we are giving them $100 billion USD….all we are giving is $1 billion….they said that is it…that is it…..ok….get over Mosul…liberate it…then raise the value of your currency…and that is how the international world is going to come into you.

We are bridging them from Mosul to Syria….from January to February…whatever you want to call it…..in order to keep up with our deep investment in this country Family….we want a heck of a return and it includes their Monetary Reform…this little chump change is being used for various reasons….and they will never really tell you what the money was used for by the way…maybe someday they will…maybe someday they will but they will not tell you all….or the reason why…the first bonds were in January and the next will be in March….that bridges this first quarter that we are talking about….they are 2022 bonds….5 years at 2.14%...they will be able to pay that back at the blink of an eye.

Would you like to study these bonds Family…..my TEAMS would like to give you another gift like we gave you before….I’m going to give you a link and you are going to find out that at the bottom of the screen at this link you are going to see the country’s currency and the rate of all these countries and you are going to see the Iraqi dinar and you are going to see the USD in there and down at the bottom you are going to see something entitled Daily Indices….

Look at that….look at the relationship of the bonds between Iraq and the US…and by the way at the very top of that page there is a section called “Outstanding Bond Issue Notes”….it has an accumulative amount of some $300 billion dollars on there….but underneath that is another line that says “Currencies Under Sovereignty….

We found that to be very interesting….what is that line doing there….here is the website….em.cbonds.com/countries/Iraqi-bond…..or go to cbonds.com and navigate your way to Iraq…..you can really learn a lot about these bonds and what is going on…and feel comfortable that no they are not giving them a bailout…no they are not giving them a copout….no this is not a chance for them to take advantage and not raise the value of their currency…especially after you see an international bombing that occurred across their border….for the specific reason to show the international world they can bring Stability and Security into their country…and not allow it to spread into other countries….especially around their borders…

That is why the President of Turkey commended and said bravo you are doing good in Iraq Abadi….yeah whatever…that is why you see the Syrians giving the tip of the hat and saying come on in and please get rid of them…that is why you see Iran doing almost supernatural things of honesty….all honor and glory to our Heavenly Father.

And where you thought we were wrong in the 72 hours, I just didn’t explain it all to you and I am sorry but I am busy….and when you saw the 48 hours and you thought we subtracted 24 from 72….no…we were waiting for the air strike to occur in 48 hours.

Dismissed with a prayer.

"Looking Pretty Chummy" - RV Thought (While We Wait) - 2.28.17

"Trump's Speech" - ZAP - The Office of POOFness - 2.28.17

From: "The Office of Poofness" <2goforth@humanus.ca>
Date: Tue, February 28, 2017 7:10 pm

Zap Says

Hi All,

Everybody is waiting for the “big” announcement tonight from the Trumpster that the RV/GCR is on. Do not be disappointed when it does not come. The matrix funds have been released, and the RV and GCR are underway quietly in the background, but an announcement right now is premature I was told, so do not be disappointed. Just know it is underway. This came from upstairs for me to say right now before this speech.

On our side, we have received news about an hour ago that the final compliance check will finish tomorrow. It started yesterday, and it was a bit more than they thought in respect of time required, but no flags came up in these 2 days so all is good. No flags means everything is on track for our release, but it is late.

Because it is late, I ask for 3 people to be helped and keep them alive and in shelter and food. I have gone to my extent and gave them my rent money to fill the holes but I have nothing more to give. I am stuck and I just pray the landlord will be compassionate tomorrow on my birthday and give me a bit more time. They need help, I can hang a bit more, and things are bright.

So when tonight comes along and Trump does his speech, do not be surprised that “the” announcement did not quite make it, but also know that all is well and the matrix funds have been released and the redemptions and exchanges are started. We are in the last mile there. Much thanks and much Love.

Love and Light

in Our service



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With Much Gratitude and Appreciation, Susan

Love and Kisses,

"The Office of Poofness"

ZAP, Susan and Staff

"Re: What To Do Next" - One Who Knows - 2.28.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 8:38 PM EST on February 28, 2017

RE: What To Do Next

Thank you Sunny Boy for your thoughts on this matter in your post:

"Suggestion to One Who Knows" by Sunny Boy - 2.28.17

However, I have it on VERY GOOD AUTHORITY that everything we want to know and need to know for a successful exchange will be available in the Information Package being given to the Intel providers. In short, don't worry, It's All Good.

It will be simple, easy and quick. They want us to get exchanged as soon as possible and they ONLY way that happens is if we are well informed and know EXACTLY what to do next.... And we will! The clock is ticking and our time draws near.

Signed: One Who Knows


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