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Monday, January 2, 2017

TNT RayRen's Showtime CC Notes by Adept1 1-2-17

(Notes by Adept1):

January 2, 2017

TNT Call notes 02-January-2016

Replay 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Happy New Year, everybody! This is the first call of 2017, and I want to share what I was wrestling with… record? Or not record all the things I’m hearing about 2017? I know others are recording right from the beginning and it will be posted all over the stratosphere, when there are things I am saying for the members. Then people harass TNT on FB, with their personal information online – how stupid can you be? So I’ll just record what it is okay to repeat…

Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Marvelous Monday, January 2, 2017, yours truly RayRen98, one more time on this side of the public release of the RV. It was a great holiday week, and now it’s time to get down to business. We really didn’t think we would still be here, on this side, what with the intel and activities taking place. However, we don’t have an actual time clock, so we’re still here, with the information pushing us ever forward. We didn’t go on the first, but… I report, you decide.

For the naysayers and nonbelievers, I am reporting what people are communicating to me. I can’t tell you it’s 100% fact until it takes place. I can only report information that has come to us, and you can come to your own conclusions. I give you straightforward information and then you can make your own decisions.

On Iraq’s side, no Budget in the Gazette as yet. We’ve been waiting 2-3 weeks for this to show up in the Gazette, based on what I was told. The only part that hasn’t held true is the timing on when it would be in the Gazette. We are also waiting to find out if what I was told would be in the Budget actually is. Some are reporting changes in value and some are not; when you have people in Iraq, saying what they have seen, you have to decide if you believe it or not. They have nothing to gain by sharing information with me, and they could lose their jobs, so why would they take the risk if they weren’t telling me something they believe is true? I wouldn’t risk my job over something unimportant or untrue. In some places, people are saying the lower denominations are NOT being widely distributed, but in other places we are told they are in the ATMs. I have been told that Abadi has blocked any Mosul news for the next 72 hours; I did see an article mentioned Mosul yesterday, and I don’t know when the 72 hours would be up.

On Iraqi television, they are talking about Da’esh being eliminated. That’s what the citizens are seeing/reading. We are hearing the citizens have discomfort about reforms not being completed by the first of the year – not fighting, just discomfort/rumblings. We’ll see how that develops, not that it will have a bearing on what we are looking for. I’ve also heard about a press conference saying that 2017 will be a great year.

I came across an article this morning supporting information I received yesterday, but we are still trying to cross-reference it from several directions. It’s about dropping the zeros from the currency over there. We got that information from high-level sources yesterday; of course, it being the holiday it was a challenge to call everyone in Iraq. It did refer to zeros being dropped and ATMs being loaded – maybe that was additional or maybe it referred to what we heard a few weeks ago. Anyway, they said that the zeros being dropped took place on the 31st of December. This is in-country – 25,000 dinar became 25 dollars. What might that mean? The value of the currency has to change so that the consumer can still buy the same goods and services. If the value of the currency increases, that should not bother us. There should also be a major price fix, so that what took 25,000 to buy now only costs 25 dinar to buy. Merchants would have to reprice all goods and services throughout the currency. Once I saw it in print, I thought, “I’m going with this.” The article says this happened on the 31st, so…

On the US side, we have a plethora of sources on the intel team and from members – people are reaching out with information and experiences. I could spend two hours just telling you what they have been telling me. Some of our trusted sources from three-letter agencies have been expanding on the information, and from that there is a good expect-ation for something this week. I don’t know if that is a full-blown release, or if that means “the final straw”, with some going this week and some going next week. The sources say look for something to happen Tuesday or Wednesday. I don’t know if that will be the full-blown RV or not. We have to wait until the banks open tomorrow, although some bank employees were called in yesterday, on 1. January and today, even though the banks are closed. Perhaps they are there to do the traditional end-of-year accounting, but they may be getting ready for us. Nothing wrong with wishful thinking!

I have learned that there is a ‘rhapsody’ database system that stems from the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) that all that banks use, I think. This database has been down since Friday, and we suspect this is for rate changes. We’ll see!

Naturally, we members of TNT want to go to the banks to exchange our currency. The most important thing to take place for that to happen is for the currency to be a viable currency being utilized by the US banks, because that is where we will exchange. That needed to take place, and of course we also want the rate to change. Last week, some banks were able to exchange IQD – they had the capability, for the first time in 13-14 years. We need that capability first, and then in addition we WANT the rate to change to something that is attractive to us. So… some were able to exchange, if they chose to, even if the rest of us chose not to because we want the rate to change first. Some of us have a plan or strategy for every situation, and some chose to exchange, even though it was at the program rate. Now we are waiting for it to be a good time to exchange. We have overcome many obstacles, and technically we were able to exchange before the end of the year. That was the Great Wall for us, and that wall is down. Now we are in position to choose whether to cross over where that wall stood.

Most of us are choosing not to, yet, but at least we have a choice, which we did not before. Nine banks and a credit union came to me and said that they are now dealing with the Iraqi dinar, even though the rate is unattractive. One bank that many of us have been waiting for, a bank that has denied any intention of buying or selling dinar EVER, but then of the nine banks that said yes, one of them informed one of our members that they get their dinar from that very bank that denies dealing in dinar. I’m just reporting here…

Questions from the TNT Forum

Q: My wife and I are both over 70 years old; will it be possible for us take our six children to the exchange? We are a blended family and there will be a total of eight of us; we gifted them dong as well as the ZIM

A: When I receive the 800 numbers, and you call to make your appointment, ask them – they’ll be responsible for those arrange-ments for you and your children.

Q: I wonder if there is a chance that this may be the beginning of another wait? The past has seen good opportunities for the R V to happen and well, here we wait.
A: I don’t know what you saw that makes you ask that question.

Q: I would like to know if banks in Canada are also buying and selling the dinars. You always talk about the US but you never mention Canada.
A: That is because the nine banks are in the US, although one of them does have connections in Canada. So I would assume Yes; you can call your local branches and ask if they deal in dinar or not. Ask in your vicinity, because I don’t think you would want to travel any distance to exchange at the lower program rate.

Q: have you confirmed the Gazette publication of the new rate for the Dinar being included in the 2017 budget that was supposed to initiated on Jan 1, 2017?
A: NO. The reports I have received have said it has not been published yet.

Q: Ray, you said to ask for MONTHLY interest on our deposit. Did you also mean COMPOUNDED monthly? [RR: Yes.] In your opinion, what is a RATE for a monthly interest that you believe is reasonable to agree on? I know the typical answer is “ask for the moon” and work backward, but what is a rate you will start with, and would be willing to agree to?
A: I intend to start with 50% and then see where we fall. Keep in mind that the rate may be contingent on what your back pocket is. I may ask for 50% interest compounded monthly and they may fall out of their chairs laughing, but you might have bigger pockets, and you may get what you ask for!

Q: We have been on any day status since September. We missed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Now it’s 2017. What makes us believe that the RV will be released shortly instead of being dragged out through 2017 like it has been in years before?
A: If my opening comments didn’t help you evaluate your status for 2017, I don’t know what you tell you.

Q: Do you see the default of Zimbabwe loans affecting or stopping the exchange of the Zim? A: No, I don’t see that having an effect, not from anything I’ve seen.

Q: Any announcements from the CBI?
A: No.

Q: Do you believe the Budget will be published this week?
A: I don’t know; my sources don’t control when it will show up. This week is better than any week. It’s likely that will happen.

Q: New Governor for the CBI?
A: I don’t know – they mention the CBI Governor but don’t mention a name.

Q: How will the Zim be exchanged?
A: I have no idea. Not one banking source has contacted me and said, “This is how we are doing the Zim.” Nobody seems sure how the UST or banks will handle the zim. If they don’t know, I certainly can’t tell you. If they ever tell me, I will jump on the forum and let you know.

Q: What is your definition of “Looking Good” because you have said that before and I seek to determine if you have levels of Good and are we at the highest one?
A: Looking Good means it’s all positive and we’re moving in the right direction. That doesn’t automatically mean “RV in the morning”. Just now we are looking ‘gooder than good’. That’s an official level now.

Q: Are the Chinese elders waiting for President Obama to leave office before releasing the RV?
A: I have no idea; they don’t talk to me. If anyone has the phone number for the Chinese elders, I will call them and try to find out.

Q: What is the most surprising thing that you have encountered on this journey?
A: The backstabbers who actually think they have me fooled, like I don’t know who they are.  
Q: Also, what is the most surprising information you’ve come across in the last 30 days or so?
A: I can’t tell you that one; I’ve shared as much as I can for the moment.

Q: Do you believe those in control of the RV have had pressure taken off of them now that the new year is here?
A: Some of you ask questions that – I don’t know if it’s your own question or something you read elsewhere – and sometimes those are things I just don’t think about.

Q: Have you been informed that we are in some sort of window for the RV?
A: No, no official notice, if that’s what you are asking. I have reported notification of Tuesday or Wednesday this week, but don’t know if that is a full RV or not.

Q: Will the dropping of the zeros affect the currency we hold OUTSIDE Iraq?
A: From day one, we have been told that there would not be an impact on what we hold, which has a pre-negotiated rate.

Q: Will our money be safer if we wait until Trump is in office on the 20th before we do our exchange?
A: Why? I don’t understand what you mean by ‘safer’. I don’t see the Inauguration or new President having anything to do with our exchange being ‘safe’.

Q: What can you take from Abadi’s 72 hour window
 A: This is too vague – what are you actually asking? Also, I don’t know when the 72 hours began.

Q: Have you heard anything about banks in Atlanta area?
A: There will be places to exchange.

Q + A Callers

865/404 caller: I know you like to share messages through songs – which in your repertoire best expresses how you see Iraq and this process right now?

RayRen: Luther Vandross: It’s Over Now, and Dirk Franklin’s This is It for when the time comes for you to do what you want to do.

[I had to leave the call here. Remaining callers and Closing Statement courtesy of Sunny’s Cliff Notes.]

New caller: Contract rates?

RayRen: I do not know if there will be contract rates for other currencies than the dinar. I will be asking for contract rates on every currency I own. If I’m going to sign an NDA for on, I might as well sign for them all. One member’s bankers told him there were contract rates on dinar and dong by both China and the US. My best bank sources cannot see any rates just now, they are all blocked.

New caller: How long till we actually go once you get the word?

RayRen: I can’t say. Another song is It’s Too Late To Turn Back Now. The initiation has begun. The process has begun. They are over halfway in it. To stop, to back up now, I can’t see it.

Next caller: A few calls ago you mentioned a caller that contacted you with rates and contract rates provided by a banker. Would you be able to share those rates with us?

RayRen: These are the rates he was given so they are not like I’m sharing with you my intel. It’s not my intel. It’s what his bank person gave him and he came on Open Mic and shared with us. It was in the $20’s and $30’s for the Dinar. And the Dong was in the $10-$14 range depending on whose contract you signed: US or China. Isn’t that something?! We shall see. Time will tell!

Closing Statement

We are for lack of a better word, any minute, any hour, any day starting tomorrow. Information has been coming in from banks, agencies, as it has been coming all of December. Banking people acknowledged they received notes and memos for this to go “by Christmas”. That did not materialize, but that is the information we were receiving. We didn’t lie to you. The banking people did not lie to us. Those were the expectations. People share what they expect to happen and other people share what they intend to do.

The reality is what really did happen. We are in the reality of this dinar currency being accepted in the US banks. Banks are openly saying that they now exchange (buy and sell) dinar – at unattractive rates, but they are doing it. That gives us the choice of when we want to go to exchange. But God, it has to be a tremendous relief to you to know you can go! Now, we are just waiting: waiting for the rate to be where we want it to be. Rest assured, I will let you know the rates, the banks, the 800 numbers, everything we can to help you end one journey and so you can embark on another. While we wait for that, I believe.,. (RayRen played I Believe.)

Ray: The sun is about to shine. There is a light at the end of this tunnel. It’s done!



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