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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

"The Big Money Question & Logic" - One Who Believes - 1.2.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 2:44 PM EST on January 2, 2017

Re-posted (5-3-17) by request of One Who Knows. ~ Dinar Chronicles

The Big Money Question & Logic

Big Money is part of the plan. By the time you finish reading this post, it will no longer be an issue for you. But first, and foremost, we need to get rid of Fear as it is the only power the Cabal have over you.

No Fear

My friends, I am just trying to keep your spirits up. The only weapon the bad guys have now, it to make you fear. That is why they create the fake attacks around the World just to make you worry. If they can get you to worry, you will use your own God Given Manifesting power against yourself and against the Blessing. In contrast, I want you to NOT WORRY. I want you to expect the best outcome in this new benevolent World.

The ZIM Question Is Moot

Frankly the zim question doesn't matter because you either have it or you don't, and if you do, you are going to take it to the exchange center and find out the truth. Interestingly the only Impact this new BAD NEWS intel has is fear. Fear is a weapon you use against yourself. But you have to be conned into it.

The ZIM Exchange Centers

Just an additional point on the Zim exchange centers. I understand that they are the only ones that take in the ZIM, but they will also exchange the other currencies as well if you have them. As far as I know, they have extra security and personnel that are especially trained to exchange the high value ZIM-Bond notes. Naturally, there are fewer of them and so you may have to travel a little farther to get to them. I expect that they will be on military bases where there is already extra high security.

Humanitarian Packages

Did you know that these Humanitarian Packages that you have been hearing about, and I know people who will be receiving them, are PURE GIFTS? All people had to do is sign up on a list to receive them. There were restrictions such as the majority of the money HAD to be used for Humanitarian projects, but that sounds Benevolent to me.

The Big Money Question

The Elders want to FLOOD the World with money to the point where it will no longer be coveted by design. It weans us off the CABAL control system. Frankly, you are going to run out of things to buy sooner than you will run out of money.

Point #1) If you are getting the huge money, it will be given to you in interest only payments. You will only get part of it in liquid cash, and the rest will go into a structured pay out program that only generates interest. That immediately reduces a huge amount of money to a large quarterly income instead. (Still more than you could spend)

Point #2) Very soon after we get our money, there will be a huge guaranteed income given to everyone in the US, Canada, and I think the World, but I'm not sure about that. So while you can help people now, if you act quickly, soon they will be able to help themselves. Fewer places to spend money on.

Point #3) Very soon after we get our money, income tax will be stopped and Mortgages, and Student loans and credit card debt will be forgiven. So if you don't offer to pay those off quickly, they will be gone all by themselves. Again even less to spend money on.

Point #3) We will have Disclosure very soon and with it will come Healing technologies that will bring every person on the Planet up to perfect health. Again, there will be less to spend money on because there will no longer be hospital and drug costs.

Point #4) Also after Disclosure, will come Free Energy technologies that will produce all the electricity you need for your home forever, all for free. Again, there will no longer be an energy cost every month for anyone on the Planet. Power plants will be shut down and stop polluting the Planet. Can't spend money here anymore...

Point #5) Also related to energy, we will all have electric cars that run for free and never need to be filled up. Additionally, coming technology will cause our aircraft to be weightless and no longer need fuel to fly from one place to another. These changes will greatly impact the environment and help our beloved Earth to heal and breathe again. Even less energy to pay for.

Point #6) Other technologies mentioned by Sheldon Nidle, will be what he calls "Personal Processors." These will produce food and things like the "Replicators" on Star Trek. He said it will even produce clothing, furniture and large things like that. Remember that our "Friends" in high places (Space) and under our feet (Hollow/Inner Earth) have been advancing for millions of years while we have been held back by our Cabal Masters. We have a lot of catching up to do. With this we no longer need to buy things either.

Point #7) It has been said that food can be produced so abundantly that every person on the planet will be well fed for very little costs. Add to this that food will also be able to be produced by these "Replicators" as well, and your food costs drop to nearly nothing. This drastically reduces the big expense of food.

Point #8) It has been said the in the near future that robots will do most of the manual labor building and making things for us. If you throw in the fact that they will run for free since electricity is free, which is the biggest expense, and the labor is free which is another big expense, and that the materials are mined by robots, and the like, the resulting products will be available at a greatly reduced cost.


What is the one thing that won’t be created by "Personal Processors?" Of course you know, Infra-Structure. I think that is why Bruce keeps mentioning it on his calls. It is the one thing that we as Humanitarians can do with our huge funds, that the individuals can't do with their high monthly income. The big city fixing projects, like roads, bridges, water supplies, etc. Yes we are going to help the homeless right away, but soon they will be on their own feet with their own income. Yes, we will work on the food supplies, but when the new technology arrives, that will he handled so easily that it is no longer a problem. It is the big environmental projects and the big infra-structure that is where we will be most needed in the long term.

That Begs The Question...

That begs the question: "How long will it take to fix the Earth and complete the infrastructure?" 50 years? I can't help but notice that in the beginning when we first heard about the structured pay outs, that they were going to be made over 100 years, and now they are no longer than 50?

Think About This:

In 50 years, with all this money all those types of projects will be completed. You will not able to spend any money on energy because it is all free. You will spend hardly anything on manufactured products that you produce with your own Personal Processor, or are mass produced by free working robots in factories. Your food cost will be next to nothing since the growing operations will be so abundant and you will have a food producing machine as well. Taxes? What taxes? Everybody will have a huge personal monthly income, which will be far greater than what they can spend it on. We will still be having huge quarterly interest payments with nothing to spend it on. Do you see what I am seeing?

Could The Cabal Money Prison Be Obsolete In 50 Years?

We worry about how much money is being poured into the World, but did you ever consider it had the purpose of making it obsolete? Money is the last Cabal control system. Frankly if my personal garden is producing huge amounts of food, I am not going to sell it to my neighbor because A) I don’t Need the money and B) Giving it to them is so much more satisfying in this new Love based World.

In 50 years from the Date The GCR starts:

In 50 years, there will be a HUGE MONEY BOMB that will hit the World. Every 50 year payout program will become fully Liquid no matter how much money is in the account. No more interest, the whole thing in cash. But what will you buy? For yourself or others? Most things including energy in every form, and as much food as you want, will be free or cost hardly anything. You will have no medical expense for hospitals or drugs because everyone is perfectly healthy. That will be the day that the Cabal invented Money Control system will be DEAD. Really DEAD. No more working to pay taxes, (No Taxes), no more working to pay for fuel, electricity, heating and cooling, (All Free Energy), No more working (Robots do the work for free now), No more expense to get from one place to another, since all transportation runs without cost. You can't give it to anyone, because they don’t need it either.

So What Is The Point?

So who cares how much money you get now? Not the Elders. They want you to feel so abundant, more abundant than you have ever felt. With this big money, you are being given the gift of helping others and making a difference. For the most part, the ones who will get this money, (The meek), are the ones who most need it for themselves and the ones who want to help others. We all know what it is like and now we get to be the heroes who save the day for others who are in our same position. We get the money first so we can save people before the big government guaranteed income programs kick in. It is all a game really SINCE WE WILL NEVER SPEND ALL THIS MONEY ANYWAY. We are the point where the flow of money begins and with our structured payout programs, that hydrating flood of money will continue flowing for 50 years, well past its usefulness.

Food For Thought

Do you think higher frequency beings, get paid for their work? In what? Time? Energy? USD? (Just kidding). Pay for work is a Cabal creation of control, and to learn lack. The best way to ruin that system of control and lack, is to flood the World with the very thing the Cabal said you had to work for. Causing lack to vanish, not only in experience but in thought as well. The Cabal made money scarce, and now there will be plenty. They made food scarce, and now there will be plenty. They made Health scarce and now everyone is perfectly healthy. They made energy scarce and now it is free in every way. They made safety a great concern and now Love, peace and prosperity is now the "Nature" of the World.

The Chosen Ones, Stewards of The "Fountains Of Abundance"

Do you really think that the Elders want to continue the Fear, lack, sacristy plan of the Cabal, or do you think that they want to FLOOD the World with so much money, that it is freed from the tyranny of Cabal control forever? We are the Chosen ones because we are still here, despite the Cabals best efforts to make us give up. We who hold ZIM, hold the "Fountains of Abundance" that will flood into this World continuously for the next 50 years until it is no longer needed.

Who Are Zim Holders?

We are the ones who bought a defunct currency when all others said it was stupid. We are the ones who are capable of holding onto a dream, with undying faith, no matter the storm of condemnation that surrounds us. We are the ones who are still holding on to it despite the Cabals best efforts to separate us from it. We are the ones who refused to give in to scams and instead stood firm in our conviction. We are chosen by our faith, to endure, to dream the impossible dream, to stand where others have fallen, to stand against the criticism and tricks of Cabal "Logic of Lack." We have proved our resolve, our faith, our endurance, and our fortitude. We have earned the right to be given charge of so much money, this benevolent "Fountain Of Abundance." We are the ones who have been chosen to hold the light as we hydrate this World with an ever flowing, abundance of everything that money can buy until the day comes that it is no longer needed. On that Day, the World will have become fully hydrated and Fully Free.

The Bottom Line

We are in uncharted waters. It is hard to understand the concept of abundance until we are abundant, and only then can we bring that to others. The Elders have given the entire World all the Gold they need to be free of the Cabal control. Now they are giving a select few, who have what it takes, huge amounts of money, a blank check, to hydrate the World in ways never before seen.

For those who say it doesn't make sense, think like the benevolent Elders who have given all they have in Gold to the entire World, don’t think like the Cabal, who would NEVER have given you a thing. For the only anti-dote to Cabal Taking, is the Abundant Giving, of prosperity, health, and peace. We are chosen to be the extended hand of the Benevolent Elders to give, as they have given, and help as they have helped, and to heal the World, as they have instructed and intended.

In closing, many of us have given in to Cabal logic, tricks and scams and no longer hold the Zim. No worries, your heart and efforts are still needed to help the World. There are plenty of us who are the care takers of "Fountains of Abundance," and you too shall be showered with their benevolent hydrating waters. Let us all realize that there is a change in the World. That abundance is the now the Nature of the World. Do not fear, for whatever is not a match to abundance, is not true. It is a Cabal lie meant to hold on to control they no longer have. Be strong. Be confident. Have Faith, that it is all working out and will be way better than you ever imagined.

May We All Be Worthy Of The Task Ahead Of Us

May We Stand Firm Against Those Who Mean Us Harm

May We Be Good Stewards Of These Fountains Of Abundance

May They Flow Freely and Unendingly, Until The World Is Whole Again.

May We All Get Everything We Want and Live The Lives Of Our Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes



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