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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"The Anti-Christ" - Anxious to Begin - 1.11.17

Entry Submitted by Anxious to Begin at 6:50 PM EST on January 11, 2017

The Anti-Christ

Oh what a stretch this is. This new way of looking at things as they really are, will cause rumblings in the very core of our belief systems. As the new debt free, slave-less society becomes our new reality, there are new reality thoughts that are worth considering as we move into a more spiritually oriented existence based on love.

LOVE is what we really are, literally.

Each atom in our body has electrons that spin around a nucleus at a phenomenal speed. Centrifugal force would send the electron off into space, but the energy we call love, holds the electron into its orbit and produces the functional basic structure of nature in all of physicality.

As our bodies have gone through the changes of life and have opened up our senses and thought processes to a newness of life, so will the truths of the so called spiritual realms, open us up to the reality of who we are. Keep your arms and legs inside as the false immature beliefs that have served our lives so far, begin to mature into the natural (Spiritual) ways of living in harmony with the heavenly realms and with each other. God is not really Spirituality, God is Natural and so are His laws.

As above, so below. And conversely, as below, so above.

If you don’t believe this axiom, then you won’t believe what comes next. Sorry for those who want to continue their belief in the cabbage patch version of reality. However, what is coming requires us to know new, mature truths that have not been taught to us so far.

So who are we?

Yeshua Ben Yosef, the one the Bible calls, Jesus, claimed he was, “the Christ” and indeed he was. What does that mean? What is Christ? And as His brothers and Sisters, why don’t we call ourselves, “the Christ,” as well? What in our collective beliefs gives us the notion that we cannot be like unto Him. ”Greater things than I have done, shall ye do.” Why don’t we connect that dot? Who taught us that we cannot do what he has done? Why? Why!! Why, have those who interpret the Bible as the sacred word of God, deny that we can be like unto the Savior Himself, our older brother, when He has told us that we can do even greater things than He has done? Did Jesus really tell us the truth or is he lying? Who are these false prophets to interpret the word of God and deny us our divinity? What purpose are they trying to fulfil, and who put them up to this? That is the real question!!!

The Anti-Christ is patriarchal in nature and is opposed to women. Most religions of the world are metastasized with strong opposition that puts women down. This is a true indication of the Anti-Christ agenda imposed upon mankind over the generations of time. They called Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ beloved companion, a whore, while allowing, Mother Mary to become a highly venerated position in the Church. The caved into the pressure so they made her a Saint. Either saint or whore but never a part of the Priesthood. That was never taught by Jesus-he would not have tolerated it.

So what about the Godhead or Holy Trinity.

The Godhead or Trinity, consists of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost or Spirit. What is a Father by himself that has a son without the Mother? That defies the human logic. (And don’t call it a mystery because we are supposed to seek out and know the mysteries-that is what life is about). The Holy Trinity is comprised of the Father, the Mother, and the Son. We call the Mother, the Holy Ghost or the Comforter, because that is Her energy. We call the offspring of Mother and Father God, the Son, symbolic of all God’s children, male and female. That is who we are. That is our divine heritage. Is that so hard to believe that one should deny it? Why would one hold onto the Cabal perpetrated beliefs that deny who the Sacred Family of God really is? The truth is right in front of us. Why do we not connect the dots? Could it be that we were purposefully taught not to from the beginning? Hmmmmm!

Let us continue.

The, “Christ,” is the collective of the Son(s) of God. When Jesus says that he is the, “only begotten of the Father,” he is referring to the collective Oneness of all of the children of God, as part of the Godhead or the Holy Trinity. Jesus is one of us, our older brother. In this declaration statement, there is no separation of the children of God because they are all One – are all, “the Christ.” That makes sense! When will we claim that we are, “the Christ?” When do we all stand up and claim to all the world with one voice that we are collectively and individually, “the Christ?” – as did Jesus. Jesus knew he was the Christ, and He knows we are the, “the Christ.” So why do we adhere to the Anti-Christ belief that holds us separated from Jesus and from our other brothers and sisters - from who we are? That is the opposition in all things that is taught in the Bible and interpreted by those who know not of the Anti-Christ agenda.

Can you accept that you are an individual, an individuation of the Divine Oneness that is called, “the Christ?” Jesus knew that to fulfill his mission, he would need to claim His Christ heritage and then live this truth and be an example of that Divinity to the world. He did not come to the world as the Messiah to free the Jews from the Romans, He came to the world to free us from the Anti-Christ, which is the belief perpetrated on the children of God by the Annunaki. That is a belief that we are not who we really are. A belief that has kept us as slaves to the Cabal, the Annunaki, who are the real, “Anti-Christ,” perpetrators.”

Many levels deep.

The Anti-Christ is not a person, although it could be represented by a person, it is the BELIEF SYSTEM that keeps us from claiming our rightful heritage as the sons and daughters of a Loving Father and Mother God. You are the Christ, an individuation of the Oneness of God’s beloved children. The Cabal know that we are the Christ. When are we going to learn and believe that, we are the Christ, and that, we are the rightful heirs of our loving God parents? When we do, we will be FREE.

Maybe this thought will take some time to sink in and believe. If those who translated the records we call the Bible had not had a Cabal agenda we would have the true translation and our study of the bible would unfold the sacred truths we seek after. But the truth is that the Bible, as we have it, was translated by the Cabalist who did have an Anti-Christ agenda and so we are all trying to interpret and argue about what we think the Word of God really is.

If we as a Human Species, did not know who we are, then we could be and would be controlled by this Anti –Christ belief that has permeated our existence. Did the Cabal, the Anti-Christ, know what they were doing? I believe they knew exactly what they were doing. And that’s what the Anti-Christ does – act in opposition to the Christ, the Sons and Daughters of the living God.

The Cabbage Patch version of the Family of God is morphing into the reality of who we are, where we came from and what lays in store for us as children of God, creating worlds without end. As we mature, we are throwing off the shackles of the false beliefs that have entrapped us and made us small and of little consequence. No more will Satan, the Cabal, have their way with us!!! We are taking our place as we lift up the Children of God, the Christ amongst us, to embrace the freedoms of the ‘Christ Consciousness.”

I vote that we take this Anti-Christ belief system and put up on the cross and Crucify it, by blowing out their flame of belief, and then, Resurrect the knowledge that we are the living Christ by lighting our light as a beacon on the hill. And then, as the sons and daughters of the living God, we can know our truth and seek after the Ascension into eternal life, to be home with our God parents. This is the sacred Family of God –as above so below. This is our heritage. This is the Universal Gospel, taught to us by our beloved, Jesus, The Christ.

I let this truth be so, and so, in my life, it is my truth.

We are the ones we have been waiting for, now let’s get to work.

Anxious to Begin



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