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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Personal and Collective Karma by Pine Cone

Creator sees us as, only Light getting brighter, and Immortal Love energy is real Light shining through our fear contaminants to project what’s not Love, and not Light out onto a screen in our Play of Consciousness. Images are not real, and never have been, or, ever will be real, so whether personal soul Karma, or Collective Oversoul Karma, nothing is, but shadows to forgive, as ourselves.

Everything(images) is/are always changing right in front of us, just like Creator sees Light getting brighter, so all our history is, not only elite-written mind-control lies, but isn’t any more real than we think we are, either. Images are a gift from Creator Light shining for us to learn to live Loved again, and these images give us glimpses of what’s hidden inside, that disappear as soon as we let Creator shine our Personal, and Collective Light, so as these shadows disappear, so do we, along with the illusion of linear Time.

We dig up the very Gold, that Creator co-creates through us as survival-fear Quanta, and we argue about historical illusions, as if facts, when nothing is, but fear Quanta, that Creator co-creates through us, from whatever we expect to find, where we look-see right out in front of us, when we receive these images to forgive, as ourselves. Cops co-create their own expectations, so as long as they deny their self-judgement from child abuse, there will be a continual longer, and longer line of criminals abused as children too, as if the cops are the trauma contaminants always expecting, and co-creating Dark fear Quanta mirrors of themselves. Cops and Criminals are soul-mirrors, until one of them stops fearing mirrors of their own self-judgmental expectations.

Judges Judge Criminals right into prisons, yet their isn’t one criminal, that doesn’t judge others before they violate ‘their’ victims, in the same way they, both were violated when children. Men, with female-Karma are self-judgement mirror images from the same shame-level of the women, who have male-Karma to Atone, through forgiveness, and none of these examples are any more real than after the lights coming on after a Movie, from Creator’s more Loving perspective.

Higher education is Cabal mind-control to pay, more money to those who make believe they know what’s what, yet those that are owned by Warring governments are, already Blackmailed into co-creating weapons for continual Dark energy Wars, much like we humans weaponize our children, from the moment we begin their complicit mind-control to make sure no child-light gets brighter in Karmic Heaven’s biggest ‘millstone around our Karmic necks’ disappointment.

Light is real, and Light is Immortal Love at its essence, so even Gods and Goddesses of, so called ‘his herstories' are no more real than anything image-visible we can see, because we don’t see with our eyes; everything we see comes from Light shining images through unreal fear contaminants, on ever-changing healing-ONENESS gifted-Karmic Atonement movie screens. Earth is a non-gender image too, and movies themselves, are, just more linear-time images we ‘expect’ to see with our fear-contaminated Trauma-base Karmic mind-control projector minds.

When we argue with our mirror-images, we are spitting in the eye of Creator, so while we fight with each other over ‘nothing’, but our own fear-image mirrors we are co-creating whole new generations of Karmic-spite, over, and over, and over, again, and again, and again in ‘this’ timeline, as well as parallel timelines we will get to see as accumulating perspective matured negative elementals coming back to haunt us, even more viral in overwhelming violations opening portals to receive heavy-duty deadly force-guidance from, as many virulent divisive contaminants as we can stand.

There is, no “Law of attraction”, or “Opposites attract” ideas, because where we pretend ‘likes’, or ‘opposites’ attract each other, we, really co-create each other as perfect images of each other from the dark-inside out, so we, only see our contaminant images, just like we hide inside from forgotten Personal and denied Collective Karma. If Three complete ass holes have triggered me by 10:00 in the morning, it’s time to go home and look at the denied ass hole in the mirror, that didn’t ‘attract’ ass holes, but I, myself appeared in their mirrors too, so no one is free from (his herstory, or her history), (Men or women), (cops or criminals), and especially malignant narcissistic (Judges or Prisoners).

We understand on the surface-denial level of ‘unawareness’ that the FBI protects Banks from Bank Robber mirrors, but the Bankers are the realer Bank Robbers, so the FBI and the Banks work together to rob all of ‘our’ money, without any Law-enforcement to protect ‘us’ from both Mafia Mirror Mobster linear time hood Goonie-bird self-judgers in the prison bars of, all their child-abuse collective-Karmic toxic-shame. The federal DEA protects the Bush-CIA Drug line from all the other hoods, that try to go out on their own, so think about what the government, really does when all Bureaucracy is Satanic, so no separate terrorist cell knows they are, really all meant to commit genocide, and child rape/murder/cannibalism.

If we can see how many government employees are expecting trouble from the general population for killing us, and eating our children, and cops are all slave-catchers in the first intentioned place, then there is more Personal and Collective Karma than meets the sleeping sheeple eye, it would seem to our best Movie producers, en masse-mirror double-ass assassination Fear-Quanta unholy Hairy Dark. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then you have met yourself in your own Karmic old home movie, that needs more forgiving. Another word rhymes here, but I can’t think of it right now; can you Duck, you-mirror Duck?

Love Listening Notes:

Everything we see is, more personal than we realize, and old ‘Time’ mirror-roles fool us at first, but there’s a whole lot more to learn about ourselves, inside, than outside can provide us, all at once, unless we want to ducking die of Mafia Mirror Mobster linear time hood Goonie-bird bureaucratic overload.

“It sucks to be you” can take on a whole lot deeper ONENESS meaning, and marriage of mirror projectors would, never know what’s, really going on, even after divorce, but I’ll bet their children would know, if we would just Listen when we want to hear, without a judge-mirror-prisoner’s gender-bigoted deaf ear?

I think this little-understood ONENESS phenomenon of ours deserves a lot more scrutiny, and discernment, and especially those, that act like they already know more than anyone else, while they haven’t heard the POP yet themselves, when their unforgiven head POPS out of their own unholy-shadow hairy-image mortal-portal, so full of projected-mirror Patsy-contaminants.

Pine Cone’s Karmic Time-Sister
Stop the Clock; I Wanna Get off



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