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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mountain Goat: Special Q&A Edition for January 11, 2017

Mountain Goat - Special Q&A Edition

January 11, 2017

Hi Everyone,

In my January 6th news letter I invited my readers to ask important questions of concerns over this investment. I do not do this often but I realized a need for it at this time, I requested only intelligent questions and questions not dealing with someone else’s info from other forums or conference calls from many of these “intel gurus”. These prohibited topics included NESARA, GCR and just plain lies.

I want to give thanks to GeorgeH for organizing this effort for me and taking care of all his friends in dinarland. I know it is frustrating to him too to help in getting the truth out to people, even if, as he has told me, he too has gotten kicked off many sites for telling the truth. People simply don’t want to hear the truth. Instead they like all the hype with this day to day RV stuff. Then when it doesn’t’ happen they go to yet another guru to get their fix and bash those they just left.

I am glad many of you decided to forward many good questions to me. I hope I can bring some clarity for you. Many of you are so brainwashed already you will probably not believe much of what I tell you today anyhow but I am trying to tell ONLY the TRUTH. It is up to you to believe or not. This part has nothing to do with me….lol….lol….

So here are my replies to your questions in italic RED imbedded within your questions. I hope this helps you.

As always my comments are in italic RED.

1/9/2017 06:34:01 pm

Hi Mnt Goat! Glad to see you!
Please, let me ask a few questions. (you were only allowed 1 question but I will forgive you and let you slide this time…lol…lol…)

1) Could you tell us why do you think they still have not launched the lower denoms?
(hello YRMALL glad to see you reading up on my information. Let me answer your first question. We have not yet see the lower denoms launched because the CBI is not yet ready to change the rate of the dinar. As you know the launching of the lower denoms will begin this process. They intend to launch only a few of the newer notes including the new 50, 100 and 250 dinar notes in EARLY 2017. They have not yet done this due to SECURITY reasons and needed investment and banking reforms. The CBI has told us this in many articles and I have talked to my CBI contact on this subject matter too. I keep getting from them that they need SECURITY and to put measures in the banking reforms to combat money laundering to terrorists and banking and political corruption. I was told that the CBI has the “green light” to go ahead as needed from the IMF anytime and they set a timeframe within the first quarter of 2017)

2) How much time it will take between the launch of the first round of ld`s and the second (lower lower denoms)? (there is no time limit. This will all be based on how quickly the international rate increases and investors flock to Iraq. In fact the pressure now is already building and they can not wait much longer. They are positioning themselves nicely so this could happen soon. They are only going to let the market drive the dinar for so long and sit back and watch what happens. I am told the CBI still plans on bringing it out at 1:1 or just slightly over or under par with the US dollar.)

3) I remember that you said some time ago that the HCL only makes sense with a new revalued rate prior or on the moment of the law approval - Sorry if i misinterpreted!. If so, do you still have this idea? Whats your pov on this topic? (yes I still believe this notion but remember there are many parts to the HCL. Many of these so called intel gurus only refer to the one part of paying out 17% to Kurdistan and think this is going directly to the citizens. First I want to address this part. It is not going to the citizens but rather the Kurdistan government for payment of their share of oil revenues so lets get this straight first of all. If there is any surplus left over out of the 17% it is up to the legislation in Kurdistan to allocate a payment directly to the people. 90% of these revenues is coming from oil and oil is coming from their region of the country so don’t you think they are entitled to the money? After all they also have to pay the oil companies running the oil extraction process. These are the oil salaries you keep reading about. The second part of the HCL is the part on how the entire oil industry will be run in Iraq from managing oil speculation to digging new wells to how export quotas will be handled/determined. Its all specified in the HCL.

Having said all this the official oil and gas law is so important for Iraq and the GOI as well as the US govt has said many times this law must be passed prior to going forward with Iraq. I still believe they will do this just prior to the RV as they will be fighting over this law as long as they could but they will simply have to give in and pass the law or no RV and they know it. Also we know now that the oil and gas law provisions for these future payments are in an annual budget for the VERY first time they are in the 2017 annual budget. So the law must now go to parliament soon when the budget is opened since it backs up and substantiates/justifies the budget amounts if they begin to spend it. Why do you think we keep reading recent articles about it? Why do they keep telling us that the oil and gas law is a high priority in the next session of parliament, which by the way just started yesterday. Don't you know by now its all interconnected?)

4) You said once that alak had delivered his resign, but he is still on the helmet of the cbi. Do iraq need a new cbi governor?
(Very, very good questions YRMALL and I am so glad you asked this question. I hope everyone else will also pay attention to my answer. About a year ago I know for a fact that there was a huge push to launch the lower denominations and get this RV underway. At this time to coincide Sadar and Allawi made a desperate attempt to get Dr Shabibi back into the CBI and head up the CBI. They talked to Abadi in a meeting over it and we have their notes. Abadi then went to Dr Shabibi and asked him to come back since he was cleared already of all crimes. The process began and Alak was asked to resign and he did. He had a news media meeting and they reported on it. We all thought for sure Dr Shabs was back. Simply put – Dr Shabs then refused to come back and plan fell apart. Why? He said not until Nori al-Maliki is gone and out of the govt and placed in a position he can not longer send out a death squad to kill him. Now here is what happens very often with these “intel gurus”. They hear information like this and report on it. All is fine however they cling to it and do not adjust to what happens afterwards and so they keep pumping this idea of Dr Shabs returning over and over again but nothing happens. Why? Because they do not adjust to current events and the changing saga as the world turns.

Dr Shabs is the sole source for bringing in the IMF, the World Bank back into Iraq to help Abadi with the economy and the banking sector. This latest 2015 SBA with Iraq is not the first. There also was another 2011 SBA but many never heard about this one. Nori al-Maliki’s administration did not do much to move it forward, as he did not care about advancing Iraq nor was he mentally capable of doing it. Nori is simply and idiot and not a very smart guy. He is as crooked as they come. Abadi on the other hand has taken on this task to work with the IMF and get it done. More reforms have been implemented over this last one year alone of Abadi then in all the Maliki 10 years. Why does Maliki still exist? He negotiated his resignation from PM by being promised a VP position. There was a coupe in play and so they wanted a peaceful transition to a new government. Do you remember the 82 Airborne division being deployed to Baghdad? Well what the hell do you think this was for? Maliki also was going after the CBI reserves. He wants the immunity. In 2018 he loses his immunity. They got files and files on him. Most likely INTERPOL will get him for crimes against humanity. The US govt via the CIA (Obama) still supports him as their patsy to this day. Do you think this will continue under the Trump administration?)

5) it stills confuse me (and i think a bunch of other readers too) the exchange of the 25k notes. I know that the 3 zero notes will be valid for like 10 years. But the 25k note (for example) with a rate of 3+ usd, will have a value of 75k+ usd? What will not allow the cbi to exchange only for a 25 new ld.?

(okay I can see the confusion just by reading your question. So let me clarify one more time. So I hope everyone too reads this., So to understand there are 2 assumptions first you must accept. 1)Iraq is operating in dinar currency not going to USD; 2) a dinar is a dinar and we are talking purely about Iraq. So in Iraq and in Iraq alone they will be taking for instance a 25,000 dinar note and bringing for deposit to the bank. It is now worth about $25 USD as it is today right?

In the future once they launch the lower denoms if the same person wants get this same 25,000 note out of the bank they can’t. If this same person wanted to withdrawal this 25k note from the bank (now electronically input into the bank records as just $25 USD worth) they would get a $25 dinar note not the old 25k note. Get it. Same value no lop.

So now the currency just changed and was revalued not did not lop and lose value. Right? The Iraqi’s will NOT be exchanging anything. There is this warped sense of perception that Iraqi’s are going to run to the bank to exchange their old 1,000k, 5,000k, 25k and 50k notes for new lower denoms and are going “cash in” and get rich. First of all if you have been paying attention to the articles, even just a little bit, you can see that it is very hard to get US dollars in Iraq as they have been sending them to Iran to counter the embargo illegally. This is depleting the CBI reserves. So they are not about to exchange anyones dinar for US dollars. If citizens need dollars it is for only two reasons – 1) to travel and must prove they are traveling with airline ticket and passport 2) to pay remittances for import debts under the closed economy. The second reason will simply do away as they will be paying electronically in most cases and in dinars since it will be par with the US dollar and the law will change and no longer mandate to trade only in US dollars [get out of the closed sanctioned economy].

So to finish the story the CBI has told us over and over again that the banks will keep some of the larger, older 25k and 50kk notes to use them for inter-banking transactions for those importers who want to be paid in cash thus after the closed economy goes away they can pay in dinar cash. Since the just changed the value these notes are now worth $25,000 US dollars worth of dinar. So paying a debt demanding $25,000 US dollars can be paid taking 25,000 dinars from your ELECRONIC bank account and converting it to $25,000 US dollars and handing it to the debtor, if needed. Right?

Okay so more assumptions here: 1) the banks can only hold these old dinar 25k notes for up to 10 years, as they will coincide with the lower denoms and we have been told this many times. This example I just explained above shows what they mean by this; 2) we, as foreign investors, now hold these older larger notes and we will have thesame rights as the banks in that we do hold these notes and they are worth $25,000 USD not the $25 US dollars as in Iraq as we ARE NOT IN IRAQ.. Instead think of us as sitting in a bank as bankers. Yes – pretend we are bankers!

So do you see how the banks will want desperately to get their grimy little hands on our dinars? Do you see it now? We are like bankers not like Iraqi citizens. This is all what Ex order 13303 did for us as we take the position as bank investors notspeculators and this is key to understanding this entire process. This is what most people can not conceptualize or understand. Does this sound like a lop to you?

So to conclude this saga. Now that you understand this part, the first phase of the revaluation of 1:1 par with USD let me get to the major revaluation part. Later in the process as the rate raised on the international exchanges driven mostly by speculators coming into investing in the dinar for hedge funds, 401k, etc..Let us just say the rate rises to $3.00 IQD dinar to US dollar. If you waiting to go to the bank then you 25k note would be worth $75,000 US dollars just as in the banks in Iraq, if they hold the larger notes, it would also be worth the same.

But what if an Iraqi citizen takes a 25k note from under their mattess and goes to the bank too deposit it. What electronic value to they get put in their bank account? In this case they would still get $25 dinars not $75,000 USD or 75 dinars. Remember the deposits over in Iraq are in dinars not US dollars. If they wanted to withdrawal that same old 25k note (remember it is now electronic and no longer a 25k note but rather numbers of just 25 danars) now they would get $25 dinars. But if they can justify and approved to withdrawal that 25k note in US dollars they would get $75 US dollars since there has been a 3:1 revaluation in dinar value and the international exchanges now show $3.00 USD for every IQD. Who is getting rich in Iraq? You tell me?

Okay so many bash me and ask me how the hell can the banks make a 25k note worth $25,000 USD if they only gave the Iraqi people $25 USD for it?

The answer is simply they don’t. You can’t create money out of nothing. This would be totally illegal and is the mass of confusion that most just don’t get. So let me clarify. For every 25k note they collected in Iraq the bank electronically deposited only 25 dinars for it. Right? Are you clear so far?

Then the bank in later using this note for inter-bankiing transactions they then must withdrawal 25,000 dinars {1,000 x 25} from the persons account to use the note to give it out as cash to the customer.) In other words the person would have to have deposited 25,000 dinars in their account first for the bank to see their balance and give them back that 25,000 note post RV. But his will not happen since they told us these notes are to be kept around for inter-banking transactions and not to be re-released back to the general public.

So the 25k note is just a note. The value is the electronic debit or credit to back up the value of the note. At this point in time look at these large old notes as more like instruments of transfer rather than currency. The note is just a paper instrument used in the transaction. This is the very concept many of you can not get straight in your heads. Hope I now helped you)

6) Any international bank in any country of the world will be dealing with the exchange of the dinars? (obviously i dont believe about 5000+ exchange centers and all the blablabla). I remember that you told us to not get on planes with dinars!
(unless the law changed you can only move currency international at $10,000 USD worth or value. This is for all currencies. No more funding terrorism. So that would be 10 million dinars (1 million dinars cost about $1,000 USD). Right now domestic travel is not so much an issue but international is a concern. Do not plan to go abroad and exchange. The rate you get in USA banks will be fare. Yes the 5,000+ exchange centers is not real. But I have seen plans to get us out of the banks and into special exchange centers. What happened to this concept? It was only a plan and as usual some intel gurus hear it and don’t follow up in it after they broadcast the plan. People listening to their calls then believe I has been implemented and to my knowledge it is still just a plan. Be careful!)

7) Do you believe that our timeframe for the RV is NOW? could you comment to us your perspective? I miss a lot the chapter of your letters when used to have "SO WHEN CAN WE EXPECT THE RV?" (First I recommend you read ALL my news letters. It is a continuing saga and will not end until the RV is done. No dates and rates…sorry!

I can not nor will I re-explain months of news letter information to you. I recommend you go back are read them in the archives of Dinar Recaps. Yes the timeline is right now. It could literally happen anytime but my personal feeling is that they must clean up ISIS from Mosul first and Abadi “officially” declare that ISIS crisis is over. It all about officially declaring it in the Iraqi (not American) news. You see many believe the battle to retake Mosul is in fact already done and this may be the case but this perception does not matter. It is how the Iraqi GOI plans to roll out the victory to us. This is what really matters to give us sign the RV is close at hand. Get it. No speculation just the FACTS.)

1/9/2017 07:39:13 pm

I appreciate the opportunity to ask you a question. While I want to ask more than just one, I will do my best to not be too greedy and abide by your terms.

In your last post, you indicated that they needed to collect approximately 2/3rds of the dinar that is outstanding in cash. Based upon what you have seen and read (and your opinion if you have one), how much of the outstanding cash dinar do you believe they have collected at this time?

(Hello Alembic86! First I want to thank you joining Mnt Goat on this journey then to thank you for following the rules. So now to address your question –

I am hearing they have not yet reached their goal of 2/3 collection. They first planned they would collect it as they people spent it in the market place as the merchants turned it into the CBI for US dollars to pay for their imports. So the CBI would get these large amounts of dinars, then pay day would come around again and it would all go back into circulation. So they realized this plan could not work unless the RV was very timely, and this is not possible. So they went back to the drawing board and soon began to realize the only way to get out of their mess and off this 3 zero currency was to institute these banking and currency reforms we are now seeing.

This is why they had to go to e-dinar and use electronic deposit of salaries and pensions by the CBI. They has to end this endless cycle of 3 zero notes distributions. This way the dinars are not going back into circulation. Once a critical point is reached in the provinces by getting the systems up and running on debit cards and e-dinar this amount of cash will get to the point they need. Then all they have to do is literally launch the next phase. Remember technically this is all part of the “project to delete the zeros” just not the phase we are looking for yet…lol…lol.

All we can do is read the articles. We know their target, so now we wait to see when they reach it. I really liked your question because this is exactly the kind of indicators we are looking for. Not some banks screens with flashing messages or someone telling us that they have over 5,000 exchange centers and they are manned and ready for us. All just foolish bullshit coming from ignorant people who can’t even figure out what to concentrate on that really makes sense to make a difference in finding the truth or a real timeline. At first I might have admitted their info might have been a good indicator but one must now realize their insanity as they stick to this info as their sole source of intel and yet no RV ever happens over and over again blablabla.)

​John Milleton
1/9/2017 08:03:56 pm

good coverage as usual Mt Goat. However I think once again you should have given more emphasis to the security issue in conjunction to the corruption issue. Right now Iraq is one of the best money laundering places in the world and the CIA loves that as well as the poppy dollars. The collusion/corruption is endemic on this issue. However anyone should realize that security/ISIS will have to be fully dealt with before any revaluation of the Dinar. They have already managed to deprive Dash of most of its funding but until there is no ISIS on Iraq soil I think there will be no revaluation.
What do you think re the above?

(Hello John, first I want to thank you joining Mnt Goat on this journey then to thank you for following the rules.

I am not really sure just what your question is but I will assume that you are accusing me of not placing enough emphasis on the SECURITY issue as the hold up for the RV. ​

Also that the CIA has their hands in this hold up too since the money laundering helps the US government in covert operations. This applies to the corruption in Iraq as this too is in part some of this money laundering.

All I can say is go back are re-read my post over these last couple months. I have talked about the CIA and their dirty hand in this process of creating a democracy in Iraq. Yes I totally agree with your statements. If you really want to understand just how crocked these cards have been that have been dealt out to Iraq please just go out and watch “The Panama Deception” by Barbara Trent and David Kasper. This same deception and lies prevail in the handling of Iraq for justification for the war and the post-war saga. We are only concerned about one issue- the RV. But I assure you this is very large and dark. Nori al-Maliki has been the star of the show and the USA support of his administration is shameful and this is totally the fault of Obama and the lack of being able to handle the CIA. Afterall who governs the USA anyhow? Is it the people thru the Congress, Senate in conjunction with the executive branch or is it the CIA policy? Yes I agree when the CIA can no longer be able to such on the tit of the Iraqi prosperty maybe then some of that milk will be left for the Iraqi people and then us as investors.)

1/9/2017 08:05:44 pm

1.So is the USA sitting on piles of Dinar to "pay for" the war?
(So is Elvis still alive? Can I be any clearer to my answer to this question.

No, do not believe this! This Kuwaiti story is over blown to get you to buy dinar. That is all it is. There is only an ounce of truth to this story made into a pound of intel for you to naively believe. I have told everyone many times that Clinton did not pay off one red cent from the national debt. All he did was balance the budget and actually realized a surplus by not having debt in that one year’s budget by the money Kuwait paid the US govt for their assistance in the war to force Iraq out of Kuwait. Yes, the American people were used and paid for their military services in Kuwaiti dinar. They had to let the RV go for Kuwait and let it revalue to get the rate up in order to accomplish this goal. So I am sick and tired of using this as a justification for the RV we are waiting for. The two situations are entirely different. You can follow this if you want but I like the FACTS.

For the Iraqi dinar the real truth is the USA will broker oil to oil companies. This is a very long explanation as to how this entire process is planned to work but be assured once your dinars, are in the bank, the federal govt will want to pay the banks a premium for them thus they stand to make a ton of money. Next once the feds have them they will be allocated like coupons for oil at a locked in price that was negotiated many years ago. Thus the USA o stands to make billions over the next 20 years.. This they say will pay for the war. Really? I have to wake everyone up to the reality it will take trillions to pay for that war.

So the Feds must first sell the credits to the oil companies at a rate greater than what they locked into with Iraq and what they paid the banks for them.

Next the oil companies will not buy these credits from the Feds unless the market price of oil enables them to make a tidy profit from the price they paid for them. Simple economics.

So you see there are lots of factors here and it is never so simple as you have been told. This all hinges on the market price of oil going up in the near future. So we know it is going to go up.

Also think about this. Maybe this too has been a factor in holding up the RV since Iraq did not want these negotiated credits cashed in when they needed the oil revenues to pay for the war with ISIS. Why would they want sell oil so cheap during this crisis? Just a thought….just another possible factor to consider.)

2.If so what happens to the economy when the government exchanges?
(Who’s economy? What government exchange? Exchange of what. Go back and read the answer to your last question. There will be NO mass government exchange of dinars to pay off the national debt. Get it? My dear child you are listening to the wrong people. Change your intel source.)

3.So when the lower demons roll out will the Dinar RI or re instate at its pre war value or launch at a lower rate and climb?
(Kindly go back to the top of this news letter and read what I replied to question #5 for YRMALL. I could not be any clearer in explaining this.)

Tom C.
1/9/2017 08:08:01 pm

Based on part of a Jan9, 2017 article from below, what are the chances of the HCL law being passed and implemented soon as it appears that the relationship now between the Central Iraqi Govt and Kurdistan is even more strained?...
(please go back and read my answer to question #3 above from YRMALL. I think it will clarify. The relationship between the GOI and Kurdistan could not get any better. But remember there is still the CIA mending in Iraq affairs and pushing this agenda of friction – the goal is to get a three state Iraq. Nobody in Iraq wants it and so they must overcome this propaganda and instability that the CIA keeps pushing and creating for Iraq hoping Iraq will see it as a cure for all their problems. Go figure – all the USA bases are in Kurdistan and where is all the oil? What will happen to the rest of Iraq if this 3 state scenario should happen? It will NOT be pleasant and the Iraqi people know it. It will only foster more sectarianism, not patriotism but good old Joe Biden believes this is the best direction for Iraq. This is all about to change and Iraq will get their oil and gas law….finally! But maybe not until at least inauguration day thus the elements holding it back are gone)

1/9/2017 10:06:35 pm

Thank you MG always good to hear from you. All that you have is lining up as the Iraqi govt has said, the lower denoms will begin in early 2017 as you an CBI stated. So the question is what can go wrong an what have they missed or lied to everyone about that can continue to delay an put off the RV. I still think there is an inherent dislike for the U S an a real desire to try to bypass the US as crazy as that seems. Yes I know Abadi hates Obama an wants him to have no credit. Something always pops out to continue the delay. Thank you an keep posting. Ash
(first I want to ask if this is the Ash I think it is? Welcome to the Mnt Goat news! Next I want to add I think your question may be motivated by Frank’s comments from his last intel conference call thus I should not address this. But I will give you a shadow of doubt and try to clarify. But I find I am clarifying someone else’s info. What can go wrong? Well we are seeing it play out already. Stalling with ISIS for one, anther is they must pass these last needed laws. But let’s look more of what is going right than wrong. It is Jan 11th already and they have not yet told us they intend to “postpone” the project to delete the zeros”. In fact just the opposite has happened. They reinforced to us twice already their intent to go ahead this time, still in EARLY 2017. So don’t yet get discouraged. Its still just Jan 11th. Who told you the RV would pop on Jan 1st? To me EARLY 2017 means anytime during the first three months of the new year. So if we are smart and want to know what is holding it back maybe what we should ask is what is moving it forward. Just this week alone many major announcements – 1. Central Bank initiate labor-mail system to handle sale of dollars; 2. activate the digital economy in Iraq through Zain Cash application of the new smart phones; 3.Central Bank announces the adoption of the IBAN system;

then for ISIS 1. Elite Forces declare: We are in the "heart" of the city of Mosul and 2) “Their days there, particularly in east Mosul, are numbered and they are beginning to realize it,” spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis.

then for the needed new laws 1) President Fouad Massoum on "financial budget law to 2017", has approved the federal budget of the Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2017 ″, noting" that it was sent for publication in the Official Gazette; 2) parliament begins it next session already and will be working for voting on 30+ laws sitting on shelf all with 2nd readings already)

1/9/2017 11:11:56 pm

Goat, I'm curious per your CBI contact, are the banks stocked with the lower denoms? (no, this is a precautionary measure for fear of terrorists penetration)

Many of us thought that Dr. Shabbibi would return to handle the MR and launching of the LD's. Is this no longer the case? (go to question #4 from YRMALL. I have answered this question in great detail as far as I know the saga of what took place)

With us now knowing the Auctions will continue, doesn't this just allow the corruption to continue? (yes the corruption to some extent will continue but with the e-dinar now in place they are tracking and monitoring this money very closely. Did you notice the auction numbers have gone up since e-dinar was implemented. They are trying to match legitimate import receipts/invoices thru customs and tariffs to the currency auction amounts. With process now in place they are finding who the culprits are. The banks are being audited and the culprits are being dealt with. This is not the only source of loss of dollars from CBI though. There was also falsified international travel going on in an attempt to get US dollars out of the CBI. This too is being handled now electronically and being audited. There are also now limits for this purpose. But the important question is this – does this impact the timing of the RV? From what I am reading and hearing this problem is now under control and no longer a concern of the IMF)

Is not their last option to raise the value of the IQD as a stop gap to counter this continued corruption? If so, how much longer can Iraq continue the status quo before widdling away their Reserves even further? Thank you.
(Using the RV as stop gap to counter corruption? Really? Who is feeding you this? Let me tell you something and be very clear on this. The RV is not a solution to all of Iraqi problems especially to combat corruption. In fact it is just the opposite and if they do not reform this country prior to the RV it will only foster more corruption and disorder. Don’t you think the IMF and the CBI would have already RV’d if it was the source of solutions to all their problems especially corruption?)

1/9/2017 11:36:18 pm

What about the budget.
 That's what all the gurus were talking about. It was done and we go to the bank on Jan 2. Not hearing anything about the budget and no publishing in the gazette. What gives?
(I don’t care what all the other gurus are saying and I asked that you do not bring any questions to me. I refuse to answer this question based on the fact that you are not keeping up with Mnt Goat readings. So go back are re-read my stance on the 2017 budget and stop bringing this same old crap to us. Especially go and read my Jan 11th news letter. New info on budget is fully addressed in this issue.)

1/10/2017 01:13:19 am

When I exchanged my currency for dinars, the bank told me that they would take them back with pleasure should I not spend them all on my travels ..... Then they told me if the currency were to change then they would not be able to exchange it back. I am based in the UK, how do I overcome this if the dinar becomes lower denominations.
(the bank was referring to the policy for anyone and everyone who want to convert currency for traveling spending money in their statement to you. You are in UK and probably used Euro or GBP to convert to IQD? Okay for the second concern. If the lower denoms are launched first of all they are not all being launched at the same time. Secondly the CBI has told us they will remain and coincide with the 3 zero notes for up to 10 years. So when the currency does change over the bank will be jumping at the chance to get your 3 zero dinars since they will get the invite from the US treasury Feds to by them and to buy them from the banks over in UK at a significant premium since they can go way over market price. I hear they will go as high as $32 per dinar to buy from the banks and maybe more based on the market price of oil at the time. Only now they have not yet been invited to sell them to the US Feds. Just relax it’s all going to be Okay!)

armando soto
1/10/2017 08:51:15 am

Question: When the dinar rate is released how will people such as myself know which rate we should receive for our exchange. Will the rate be in accordance with the amount we are exchanging. Will you provide a brake-down so we'll know what to expect.
(hello Armando! Glad you are asking questions since you seem to be very confused. So let me clarify and help you. Again it seems that you are listening to too much “intel guru” info about contract rates and all this other info they are putting out. Always try to understand first the reasoning why someone is telling you something and then the FACTS of it. If it sounds fishy then ignore it.

So have you ever gone to the bank to convert your currency of country to any other foreign currency? The process for your dinar will be exactly the same. You will ask for the currency exchange department. Then meet someone who will ask what you want. You will simply tell them you have xx amount of Iraqii dinars to convert to US dollars (or your countries currency). They will then look up the going market rate and tell you. You should then ask them what the “spread” is. (this is the difference in market rate vs what they are going to give you). This is their profit margin. If you don’t like it tell them you don’t like it and are going elsewhere to exchange. If you in the USA then tell them you know all about the oil credits and the fact the US feds will be buying all their dinar at a premium (much higher than then the rate you are getting so you know there is some flexibility) Then kindly ask if they can waive the fee (spread) for you based on this. If they say no then tell them you plan on investing some of it with the bank in their products. This of course is assuming you have enough to make it worth them waiving. I would say there is no set amount to make them do this. But if you have over 10 million after exchange I can almost say they will (remember 1/3 goes to taxes and they know this too). But if you only have 50,000 or 1 million after exchange don’t even bother asking. They might waive their fee and thus give you pure market rate which is usually about 2-3% higher. If not you will then take the rate they give or go shopping too another bank. It is all up to you. But I will tell you all the banks will be getting a meno from the feds on rate for fed purchase of any Iraqi dinar coming to their banks. They will want your dinar REAL bad and will do almost anything to get it. )

1/10/2017 09:39:12 am

Thank you, So they said early 2017? How can they get everything you say they need to do done in that time fram? Also you say it won,t just go kaboom and be done, can you give your insight to how it will unroll? All I see is delay, delay, delay.
(hello Fox, thanks for joining Mnt Goat news. To answer your question all I have to say is you are one that is fishing for a date? You want it right now since we are now in 2017? Am I right?. So what does EARLY 2017 mean to you anyhow? Do you know there are 12 months in the year. I am told by the CBI that EARLY 2017 means and I quote- “sometime within the first quarter if and when the security breach is resolved and the needed reform laws are in place”. This is all I could get out of them and I have already stated this for you. So what more do you want from me?

Please don’t focus on a date and instead look at the progress and what the CBI is telling us and the timeframe will just pop out at you. To back up your statements that I have made in the past all I can say is to go back and re-read my news letters. I clearly explain why I feel the way I do and give full justification for it. I am not about to repeat all this again now. Sorry! But very good question.)
1/10/2017 11:33:00 am

Good Morning Mnt. Goat, thank you for answering our questions. I hope you know how much we really appreciate you for taking your time in helping us. My questions are as following…

When the Dinar revalues, from the best of your knowledge, what is the revalue amount for us (USA) when it first comes out since you stated it may be some time before it revalues at the higher amount? I purchased a note for exchanging even if it comes out at $1.00
(please go and read first of all how the process of RV will and has to work to be successful. See answer to question #5 from YRMALL.

It will be have an initial new value about 1:1 with USD but this is not the RV and so don’t be fooled. It will not take long for the value of the IQD to rise if the investment situation is set up prior and they have all the appropriate laws in place to attract investmentors.

Many actually believe all they have to do is throw out a high enough rate to the exchanges and everyone will flock in and all is well…happy ending for Iraq. This could not be the farthest from the truth since without the needed laws (the laws asked for by investors in these investment seminars over the years with Iraq) they currency would flop. Anyhow you can’t just throw out such a high rate as speculators would buy up large chunks, drive it up a bit, then unload, thus crashing the currency. Those that say they can never come out low know very little about how speculators operate. Instead Iraq needs to come out low and let the market drive it based on the investors willing to come into Iraq. So what factors drive the rate of any currency anyhow?

This is in itself the point of contention and the ignorance with many of the intel gurus. They are having these conference calls and influencing all of you without a real knowledge of finance or the currency markets. They tell you “if they come out so low investors will flock and buy it up at such a low rate Iraq will be giving away their currency”. Since they were once $3.22 the currency would crash. Really? Let me tell you all something.

I will not brag to be an expert either but I do not fly around giving you this crazy advice without first learning what I am talking about. Why would I? I am simply trying to help you understand and I can see these others are just not helping you. Instead they are confusing you even more. This I can see in some of these questions today.

The rate MUST come out low and as the investors come into Iraq they are the ones that will drive the rate up as more and move decide to invest in assets in Iraq. Get it. Watch the investors to see the rate climb.

The value of the oil and other minerals is a very small part in the overall equation to determine currency values. It is largely on the ability to create GDP for the country and be highly successful at production. To create more assets and a better standard of living for the citizens. Get it? So all this crap about how they must go back to $3.22 initial rate based on all the oil they have is bogus and discerning to me overall. It again is all based on Kuwaiti RV thinking and dinar pumping. Good luck “O” with your investment.

Remember NO Rumors, No Hype, just the FACTS. )

From your knowledge, what is the highest amount it may revalue to and how long will that take? (see above)

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!

Thanks everyone for all the fine questions. I hope I was able to bring some clarity to your concerns. Let’s do this again sometime.

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat



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