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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Guest Posts Regarding Humanitarian Projects for January 2017

"The Next Big Step is here" - Guest Post by One Who Believes

Imagine your great ideas, spreading throughout the World in every country and town. This is the next step. After the Funds, come the Ideas, then comes the action. Let us utilize this information resource by both sharing our ideas there, and then implementing as many of them as we can.

Thank You Patrick for setting up this great Community Resource for us all to Help The World in the most efficient way we can. After the Money, Ideas for Projects is the MOST IMPORTANT THING WE COULD HAVE AND SHARE. I for one, am Very Grateful for this wonderful resource. My wish is that people are able to find enough ideas to match the funds they have available. 


Just post your ideas here on Dinar Chronicles by sending an email with your Ideas and plans to: UniversalOm432Hz@gmail.com Then we can all see them.


Humanitarian Project Ideas for the Month of January 2017

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:05 PM EST on January 3, 2017

To start, I would like to set up a factory in two urban areas in U.S.cities for young people who have dropped out of school. Factories will provide 2 hours a day of continuing or technical education would like to expand countries such as Haiti and Africa as the factories grow and become successful.

The factories will provide of source of education, increase self esteem and structure for employees. Product selection to be decided by community.



Entry Submitted by Jinny at 4:07 AM EST on January 4, 2017

Dear Light workers ,

May I present my Humanitarian NGO (pending 2013)

I have many projects and inventions.

Be Blessed....Jinny


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 12:37 PM EST on January 4, 2017

G L O B A L   H U M A N I T A R I A N   P R O J E C T S


Hunger - Homelessness - Health

a) Fund manufacturing and supply of Replicators, to take care of the food and water needs of the people globally.

b) Fund research and implementation of new and echo-friendly building materials and methods, to quickly build free shelters for the homeless everywhere.

c) Facilitate disclosure and availability of existing hidden technologies in the medical field and health sciences and fund research, development and implementation of new healing technologies, to eradicate disease on a global scale.

d) Fund supply of FREE ENERGY technology and units globally.

e) Stop all activities of all industries engaged in harmful exploitation of earth and the population (drilling, fracking, polluting, weather manipulation, etc.) and fund creation of new jobs and training of the workforce employed in those industries.



a) Fund implementation of technologies to clean-up the oceans, rivers, lakes, the air and land of all pollutants.

b) Fund re-hydration and re-population of deserts.

c) Fund building desalination and purification stations, for clean drinkable water.

d) Fund disposal/removal of all space debris in earth orbit.


a) Fund research, development and implementation of new transportation systems, including teleportation stations, to facilitate quick and safe travel.

b) Fund research and development of new and safe emission-free, pollution-free, noise-free transportation anti-gravity vehicles, for safe domestic and international travel.

c) Fund dismantling and disposal of freeways and highways and returning these areas to nature.


Entry Submitted by M.A. Johnson at 3:27 PM EST on January 5, 2017

I have felt the heart call to assist Linda Terra de Mexico. If anyone else would like to collaborate with me in rebuking/building the infrastructure of Mexico as well as raising her economy, please email johnsonmary438@yahoo.com and I will include you in the plans. M.A. Johnson


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 5:54 PM EST on January 5, 2017

I know a young man who's mother kicked him out because his step dad hated him.
I want to start a camp that takes in young males gives them a positive role model, ( I know there are camps like this!) but I would give job training.


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 6:02 PM EST on January 5, 2017

I plan on providing elder care for seniors to stay in their home.
Creating jobs for caregivers.

Providing transportation, shopping, Meal prep, laundry. Kitchen clean up. Also Hire housekeeper once every two weeks to do through Cleaning. Also provide companionship.

Provide jobs for carpenters, plumbers, yard workers/gardeners
Electricians to fix up homes for elderly. Remodel rebuild or repair
Depending on how bad its condition is.

Provide money for catastrophe
Problems. Fires that displace
People. Medical bill coverage over what ins does not cover when in a traumatic accident.
Involve Public Health Nurse to oversee these cases and a Social

Met a rancher that has already
Been donating his time in Hati
Working with pig farmers showing them how to raise them etc.
He is unable to have fundraisers
At his ranch as neighbors have complained to the noise. I am looking forward to telling him his fundraisers arebl a thing of the past.
As soon as RV happens. I will not tell him about funding his project until it does.as no false hopes as of when... I would also like to fund other farmers, ranchers to go and train and buy pigs etc for these

People. After the ascertain there is enough water and food to sustain farm animals and the villagers. Or growing crops show how to plow land for best use.


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 3:18 PM EST on January 6, 2017

The aim of this application to develop a Health "park" & resort for the Elderly.
Attached is the sample discription of the proposals Kapuvar,Hungary (pdf).

Our proposed development location in Malacca, Malaysia. (Attached, Land titles and Location Plan.)


Baharudin Hashim

+60 18 2195758 - Mobile & WhatsApp


Entry Submitted by MB at 5:02 PM EST on January 7, 2017

Infrastructure Project for 2017

Thank you so very much for all of the information regarding the RV. I will be concentrating my immediate resources combatting the fresh water infrastructure in my home state of Michigan first, then the the US via hiring the best engineering team to create a plan which can be replicated thruout the world. Removing the flouride and other toxic chemicals from every consumable resource begins at the highest level of decision making which has been used as a tool to keep us in the dark and stuck with many of the US population unaware of the dangers to health chemicals have caused and is one of the largest inabilities for change. New technologies exist to purify water are not yet in use because of the political aspects of privatization that every county in every state has endured. Greed has caused so much harm because typical business practices are specifically to fund the shareholders sometimes having little positive attributes for those affected by the business. 

Our water is a natural resource that was here before any other life. It is common practice to only fix structure when something breaks. I wish everyone to have access to clean pure water and construction of new water systems will afford many new jobs for anyone wishing to improve our overall health and well being.



Entry Submitted by Pete Daily at 10:03 AM EST on January 8, 2017

If the return from the Zim is sufficient, I want to buy companies, such as Monsanto, which are harming the Earth and turn them around to be assets. Monsanto has excellent facilities and brilliant scientists on staff whose work should be beneficial to mankind instead of harmful. Looking at Monsanto, steps to turn it around would include:

Immediately stop production and distribution of any product contain glysophate or any other known contaminant.

Ensure that any new product is fully tested and proven safe before being marketed
Settle all legal issues quickly and fairly, especially dropping any suits against farmers for infringement of patent related to seeds.

Review test results for products now on the market to ensure that the data was presented honestly, and, if not, redo the report and take appropriate action, including discontinuing the product if it is unsafe. Any product put on the market without proper testing will be thoroughly tested and modified or withdrawn as required.

Lobbying to get around regulations will be stopped immediately because it will be unnecessary.

Minority shareholders who object to these actions will be offered a buyout at above market value.

Similar steps can be followed for any other company which has potential for good, but has been ignoring harm done for the sake of the bottom line.

Pete Daily, Volcan, Panama


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 3:00 PM EST on January 8, 2017

I want to build schools and , creat jobs so young and middle teenagers can learn how to build a better life for themself and build up a poor country. And also protect the amazing beautiful animals that we still have.


Entry Submitted by r daily at 8:07 PM EST on January 8, 2017

I have several projects some of which may be small but meaningful for our area of Panama, Canada & also the US through supported groups such as Intel Chronicals and Bruce's build a city etc. that could happen in Canada or the US. Down East Canada would be a good possability and any city not taken in the States since 50 can sign up.
10 to 15% in new technologies, renewable energy, will be needed everywhere.
10% to clean up environment includes, oceans, littering, reforestation etc
5% to support war-torn countries such as Haiti, Iran. Iraq, Africa, Israel etc
2 to 5% for many small charities to support children and seniors from shelters, food banks, education, Meals on Wheels, etc under Devine Trust.
10% Building domes to support gymnastics, soccer, arts, computer training and education, greenhouses water reservoirs,etc
Scholarships, treat diseases with alternative
build an alternative clinic in our small town where so many are accustomed to drowning in pharmaceuticals.

r daily


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:15 PM EST on January 8, 2017

My Plan for Humanitarian Projects

1) Provide food and shelter for the homeless in my surrounding communities and in California. I want to get this done that fastest way possible so I will rent apartments that are vacant and preferably those that are close to a grocery store. I will pay for the utilities and will provide them with a grocery gift card every month with enough funds so that they can purchase plenty of groceries each month. I will provide furniture, bedding, towels, pots and pans, and other living necessities for them.

2) I would also like to provide a monthly grocery gift cards to other people who may already have a place to live but who may be close to the poverty level.

3) I would like to provide a service to the elderly, to the handicapped and to our veterans who may need assistance with things around the house such as cooking, housecleaning, yard work or to just go to visit them on a regular basis and provide them some companionship. I would like to provide a service to take them to their doctor appointments, taking them grocery shopping, take them to the beauty parlor or barber shop.

4) I would like to provide free baby carriers to parents-to-be and parents with newborn children, and to provide them with information about the necessity of wearing our babies close to our bodies as much as possible for the first year of their life. It has been learned that carrying infants is critical to the development of trust, empathy, compassion and conscience. Babies will be healthier and will sleep better throughout the night. It has been found that the countries that are the least violent are the countries where babies are constantly carried or worn on the body of the mother/caregiver.

5) I would like to provide education to mothers-to-be about the importance of breast feeding their babies.

6) I would like to provide a loving home for homeless animals.

Blessings from Heaven


Entry Submitted by DJ at 1:31 AM EST on January 9, 2017

Revitalization of Hospitals and Staffing

In regards to renovations to hospitals and medical facilities nationwide more particularily focusing on impoverished areas located in the southern regions of the United States. Places such as Greenwood, Missippi where their hospitals due to inadequate facilitations and staffing. Have to ascribe patients to more adequate facilities usually hundreds of miles away. These conditions are reprehensible to say the least.

Through my endowments support of these hospitals would be brought up to greater standards and capability. Feasibility studies would be created to substantiate cost. Along with the banks and broad consultation groups planning could be derived to achieve this much needed solutions to remove this lacking proprietary in these areas.



Entry Submitted by Beverly Tisdell at 10:58 AM EST on January 9, 2017

Idea for music classes in schools where they have been cut

In my semi-rural county, all the arts and libraries have been drastically cut or eliminated. Kids may not get recess. and spend as much as an hour a day riding to school. Discipline on the bus is a problem.

I'm making an offer to our county school superintendent that hopefully she cannot refuse. 

Start as an experiment with an elementary school, I'll pay salaries for 2 good music teachers to ride the bus, before and after, teaching them to sing. Simple Camp songs are lots of fun and the layout for the bus is ideal for 3 part rounds. In time this could advance to other types of music and even concerts for parents. Video tape this from the beginning (lids love to be on camera) with the idea of using an edited version to copy and send to other districts everywhere. 

This is just a start and will not solve all the problems with our educational system but it does have the potential to diminish discipline problems on the bus, make for happier kids, robs no time from regular classes and is certainly cost effective. If successful, this could spread like wildfire and inspire countless other variations and serve to convince educators of the importance of the arts.

I would love to exchange ideas with others especially introducing other arts to the community.

Beverley Tisdell

Entry Submitted by Greg O'Neil at 7:05 PM EST on January 9, 2017

Hi, this is Greg O'Neill, in Spokane, WA. Ever since I left the military, and the Vietnam conflict, I have spent decades looking for proven solutions to end thirst, hunger, home- lessness and energy deficits, and I've found them. The hurdle in implementing them has
been funds, even 'seed' capital to prove these systems / solutions exist, and work quite well, in building my White Tiger Farm showcases to demonstrate them in real world use.
For example, I work with the <www.primarywaterinstitute.org> in an effort to educate all people and nations on how water is created, by ongoing volcanic, tectonic, and geo- chemical processes within the crust, and mantle, of our world. Astrophysicists marvel at geysers of water shooting 150 miles into space from the surface of Europa, yet they seem to miss that same process of water's formation within our world. We have been lied to for a very long time about clean water, and its being scarce, in order for water companies, and commissions, to make billions of dollars per day, all over the world, by their control of water assets. The same principles generate oil, there is another area we've been lied to so corporations, and nations profit. If you want to see what I will be doing once I am able to exchange my 2M VND for USN feel free to visit my site online at
<http://whitetiger511.tripod.com> I've been asked to bring my farm model to a number of countries to help them achieve self-sufficiency, and independence, it's also possible here

once we get the corporate interests out of DC.




Entry Submitted Anonymously at 11:11 AM EST on January 10, 2017


My first plan is to create housing for our Veterans. To buy or have donated buildings with ample room space and plumbing.

And to renovate or build new housing which create living spaces for many who are homeless or living in an unacceptable space.

They will have a room with a bed, bathroom and living area with a TV and WIFI.

They have to get clean and stay off all drugs and alcohol by getting mental health treatment which would be available to them.

Be random tested. Receive pay for working to help make meals, clean the building and share in all the duties.

Would ask for donations for food and clothin and toiletries.


Entry Submitted by Dwight Johnson at 12:34 PM EST on January 10, 2017

Humanity Restoration

I want to remedy the homeless situation in the cities of San Francisco and Oakland. This when firmly established in San Francisco and Oakland could be a pilot program for other cities with similar dilemma. My first implorement would be to hire an exemplary consulting firm. We would approach the objective by creating an exemplary staff of doctors and psychiatrist for the sake of the mentally and medically challenged people.

This project would be established initially by the purchase of adequate housing to support willing participants that have been initially interviewed and surmised to participate.
Coordination with the cities would also be a necessary component to the success of this campaign. To assist with property and land acquisition. Along with a partnership of banking institutions it would be my initial premise to make this a non profit campaign to maintain integrity. Oversight of logistics would be monitored to totally establish humanistic regards and application for each and every person involved in the rejuvenation process.
To assure a thorough restoration of people back to a contributive notion of society, there would be an educational facility reappropriating these lives back to the mainstream of life. In association with Bruce's 'Adopt a City' project we shall provide a meaningful implementation of rejuvenation and dignity.

NESARA is designed to erase poverty and all its attendant ills from Earth during a transitional period preceding Ascension so that the planet’s sovereign citizens can again focus their spiritual attention on planetary transformation. As stated in Nesara these conditions will be corrected with humanity. Please read quoted excerpt below.

NESARA changes will not be imposed for the sake of it, but are part of our plan to bring comfort and protection back to humanity, which will lift the human experiences to new heights and bring about sustainable peace, joy and happiness.

Following NESARA you will be in the right frame of mind to apply yourselves to the business of preparing for Ascension--which is the ultimate purpose of humanity.

Dwight Johnson


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 7:20 AM EST on January 13, 2017

My Vision for a Humanitarian Project: Help and Hope

My intention to help every person who wants/needs--- is to open community centers where today's population forgot what it means to work together, talk together, compassionate, listen and learn working skills. Such center would start out in one city (California) and spread to every state and then nationally. Since social media, face to face communications have diminished. This center would not only promote communications but involve the elderly, the young and every diversity. We would offer classes such as planting gardens, crops, canning, sewing, quilting, nutrition, health, exercise, etc of other crafts. So much of our young does not know these basic skills. I especially want to help domestic violence. Any kind of abuse, whether child or adult can have a place to talk openly about this in these centers (average person is uncomfortable listening to abuse) so person abused feels abandonment. Would like to video the "classes" of learning to home where disability cannot leave their home and/or search for a ride for them to get out of the house. All these centers would be free and of course, if there is a homeless person or a person who needs clothes, food, etc., we could assist to find avenues to help them. The whole purpose is that NO PERSON WILL EVER FEEL ALONE....anyone who wants to talk can. According to law, we cannot give advice or direct them; however, members just sharing can be a big help to others. I was a 4-H leader for 10 years and I believe there should be a creation of 4-H ideals for adults. It promotes cohesiveness, skills and communication and a sense of belonging. And learning offers so much self confidence and self worth and group interaction. Thank you.


Entry Submitted Anonymously at N/A EST on January 9, 2017

Some of my humanitarian projects which are evolving

- provision of overhead tanks with water purification /treatment plants at all places where drinking water has not yet reached In outskirts of cities, towns ,villages,
-provisioning of sewage treatment plants and laying of domestic sewarge lines At upcoming localities in tne outskirts of cities.
-provisioning of street lights to all Localities where electricity lines not yet laid.
-provisiong of roads and walking plazas with an aim of reducing road accidents,
-provisioning of network of mobile accident relief vans for timely assistance on spots of accidents
- Provisioning of three acres farm land to veterans Of armed forces to encourage organic farming and fight against the GMO/seeds
-provision of free public transportation at the outskirts of metros. Cities towns. Farflung villages. Tribal belts.
- Adopting villages were there has been cases of farmer sucides due to debt burden. Cropfailures particularly in my country India
- taking up projects for creating embankments in low lying villages which suffer destruction each year due to flash floods.

These are some of the projects the list is unending for me in my country awaiting anxiously For being enabled via exchange


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:25 AM EST on January 13, 2017

Projects for Animals


There was a particular post by an individual that outlined in detail ideas/thoughts for animal projects. I can't seem to find it and have researched all the posts going back several months. Any possibility that you might have access to this post. Thank you for consideration and look forward to you response.

George Kontorousis


Entry Submitted by SH at 3:33 AM EST on January 20, 2017

Greetings DinarLand:

Our country especially has created an attitude of entitlement and dependency. Some people call it, The Plantation. In other words, an attitude of Slave Dependence.

Yet there are people who have become homeless through no fault of their own. Bad circumstances have put them in a hole from which unaided they cannot crawl.

My project interest centers around assistance and training, self-development education, to help those who want to break the chains of economic slavery or circumstantial dependence bondage.

I would like to work with homeless shelters and agencies, interview and evaluate candidates who want to self-improve, and are motivated to progress and development, and no substance abuse of any kind allowed.

I would seek a large property in the country, to begin with, and apportion 3 acres of land with a durable, non-destructible home for each family.

Each qualified person would be responsible for upkeep and sanitation of their own house, given tools and stipend for 3 years. They would be shown how to raise a market crop successfully. Provision would be made to assist them in marketing produce in nearby inner-city produce desserts.

DIY Classes and personal development skills would be offered, small business skills taught. How to manage money, budget, save, fiscal responsibility...

They would be required from their stipend to pay toward their keep, save a percentage, and create a fund from which they can move out into the world after their allotted stay on the farm.

"The Farm" would be created as a small interdependent community where skills the "Guests" learned could be matched to community needs, Thus as the community developed, the people also grew with it, to match the needs and learn different skills, morals, values, family and home management.

Some people may have interest in different fields, or already have skills they learned before being homeless. If they wish to pursue any direction, they would be given support as needed to develop and find work.

They would be realizing from the beginning that they are there for a specified time, or less, to help them develop to the point they can move on and fit into an outside community.

Other communities, if they are functioning well together, may wish to "buy out" and remain permanently in place. In that case, the Developer would accept their funds and reinvest in a new location to start the process anew.

Some skills taught could be in self-sustaining farming. Others could be in manufacture and industry, especially in NEW products or forms of energy.

Recruiters would seek out qualified "Guests" for entrance into the program. Perhaps the program would be based on seasonal Open or Closed periods as best suited the industry or program in which they wish to participate. Group leaders would be essential, Educators. Business Managers, Farmers, etc. Outside resource people would be hired to lead out and teach inside people the skills they need. Community Guests would be trained to assume positions as capable.

When people are ready to move on, they would be assisted to establish in the outside world successfully. They would set up and have resources for a successful business.

Any person who sloughs off on the job or consistently fails in responsibilities will be asked to leave the projects within a TBD time specified in a written and signed contract. Only people who wish to complete the program should stay in the program. Each must pull his own weight.

The goal is to educate social skills, work ethics, industry and business skills and integrating into a successful productive community experience so the "Guest" may fit into normal society with a sense of purpose and responsibility without prolonged and expected dependence. They are to develop personal Independence, and are given the tools to be successful at self-autonomy.

The goal is to help people get OFF welfare programs and integrate into society as a self-fulfilled, productive citizen in the real world.

541-314-3134 http://www.worldlink.acndirect.com


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 4:41 AM EST on January 20, 2017

Build so many homes in each and every town for the poor and the people struggling to buy a home. Also build or make some abandoned buildings to class rooms for free schooling and good job trade schools. Build some fast houses in poor cities like Brazil and the Phillipines. Create better paying jobs. Free electricity.

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 6:46 AM EST on January 20, 2017

Hi everyone, I'm writing from Central Italy and my project is rebuilt a little town destroyed by the earthquakes of last 5 months; then create new jobs buying a lot of grounds to coltivate biological herbs and products and bees' products to clean up our bodies and our planet. God bless us and helps us in this awful period for my region S.

Entry Submitted by Joe Meadow at 10:30 AM EST on January 20, 2017

From the bleachers – I’ve been watching people post their projects so I wanted to add a couple of my projects that may fill in some gaps where people may have not thought of helping:

My team will purchase existing abandoned properties that aren’t being used and we’ll help integrate tiny home communities into cities / towns for those who are homeless. My idea is to choose 4 cities in each state and select 2 sites per city to build this “tiny home community”. We’ll hire one manager per state and one accountant per state. The managers will handle hiring people to take care of the property once it is built – (these hires could be the people who will be living there as an incentive to remain residence and rent free). Accountants will manage utility and normal property expenses (waste management, electric, water, etc). This is not a total homelessness solution for the entire city but it’s a good start – if, after we these sites start there is a need for more “tiny home communities” we will expand. (Tiny home community would comprise of up to 6 tiny homes per site – or as many allowed by code).

Roughly 65M Americans are 65 or older, so if we employed at least that many young people to visit their grand parents, senior citizens, etc.. we'd have a lot of happy seniors. My idea is to hire young college students to look in on the elderly who may or may not have consistent visits from their own families or they could just make some new friends with some elderly folks. I would tie this project to Educational programs in health services but not limited to those students - basically it would give college students a way to get some spending money and help their community. We will pay a stipend for college students to visit elderly care centers, churches (who have some idea of those who live on their own and wouldn’t mind being visited by some youthful college students) and any other resource that would provide a way to connect these students with elderly folks. These students would get to know the people they visit and bring flowers, smiles, happy attitudes and a sense of caring to these folks. In retrospect – these college students could learn a few things from these elderly folks. We would hire several people in communities all over the country to facilitate this endeavor and their tasks would be to tie the students to elderly people.

Thank You Patrick for collecting these ideas and making them available to all.


Joe Meadow

Entry Submitted by Jaycee at 10:58 AM EST on January 20, 2017



Entry Submitted by Michael Nash at 10:25 AM EST on January 20, 2017

Greetings all,

For the past 3 months I have been consumed with the details of a business plan and machine designs that center on the necessities of life. Being fed,warm,clean and dry including transportation and desalination of water. I retired at 44 as a plant engineering technician. I was the guy that made the engineers look good and kept the plant running profitably on a daily basis.

The entire world currently is surviving on a system of explosive energy completely ignoring the extraordinary work done by Nicola Tesla and Ivan Schaubeger in the realms natural vortexes.

Collaborating with 3 engineers versed in these great mens work. A company and the planed production of non polluting machines has been proposed accomplishing the following.

Switch grass derived ethanol produced at 1140 gallons per acre for $1. Per gallon with a negative green house gas emission is easily doable. Without using valuable farm land. The medians of our highways are a prime example. We already mow them twice a year. A six foot high wall of dense switch grass makes a fabulously soft crash barrier.

Paying for 2 things and only getting one just seems wrong to us!

In our vehicles we burn fuel for movement and waste the heat to the air. GONE! I paid for it and tossed it away! What a waste...

In our homes we burn fuel for heat where did the motive power go...out the chimney! GONE ignored.

We have the designed the systems the world needs now.

Wankel engines (Mazda rotaries) run ethanol very well with little changes. These engines fitted with Tesla blade less turbines on the intake for best fuel too air mixing and exhaust systems for energy recovery of the heat and kinetic gas pressures. Will yield never before levels of reliable,drivable performance. Coupled with a Schauberger centripetal vortex exhaust purifier emissions are so low they are almost not measurable. Off grid heat and power in your homes from a vibration free engine that lasts 30,000 hours with no noise and overhauls after 10 years of service for a few hundred dollars and an afternoons worth of bother. You also just eliminated your power bill and have a smaller heat bill.

These engines will power every type of vehicle powerfully and cleanly to include mopeds (60cc) to cars,trucks even heavy lifting aircraft requiring thousands of horse power.

With renewable clean burning fuel produced using a vortex generator as a heat source for production will be placed safely in multiple locations in every town due to its small size. They are cheap to build and a boon to every farmer.

The units will also be placed on barges for ocean water desalination. Anchor them in water depths of +200ft. Where the deep waters have a salinity of only 600 parts per million as apposed to 3,000 parts per million at the surface. Substantial amounts of fresh water for populations and livestock can be produced daily also, ample water supplies for aquaponic growing systems for fish and vegetables.

Our past experience with real estate renovations round out our usefulness. The above things are all hands on experience for us from past projects.No speculation of our abilities.
In short...

We can keep you fed,clean, warm,dry and move your tail all across the earth in near total respect for our planet and future generations.

4 of us are Zim and Dinar holders we can handle a major 1-3 year build out of the companies but this is global and needed now. So if you would like to help facilitate a global outreach. We need knowledgeable, educate-able, ambitious people. Please feel free to personally contact me for the details. Email me at.


Respectfully submitted,

Michael Nash, Virginia USofA


Entry Submitted by Lyn at 11:35 AM EST on January 20, 2017

I put my humanitarian projects long ago here and requested anyone ready to start now to contact me so we begin even before the funds.

There were two who replied but then never called or replied to my email.

What can we do as 5,000 or 10,000 or whatever?

My idea now is to ask all interested to email me yr name, cell, city, resources like can make calls, can email, can research, can print docs, can write reports, know excel and can do charts and pies, have land, can build, have office, have furniture,etc....

Lets create a foundation with first project to eliminate the homelessness (any in group will be first to receive home). Ill create scripts and we'll do trial calls toether on freeconfrencecalls.com and then call companirs, get CEO's email and email each a slide presentation.

Another project is to create common law structure in one county and set prototype by uniting groups in existence or just getting their help.

Who's with me?

Email yr info as requested, then call for short interview of each other.






Entry Submitted by Jinny at 6:31 PM EST on January 20, 2017

Dear Fellow Light workers ,

May I present my OzSEA 4CE Eco-Hab Housing Kit Project for Humanitarian recipients.

Eco-Hab Housing Kit

There are tens of thousands of poor in villages, surviving by subsistence farming,

living below the poverty line with minimal/no resources.

OzSEA 4CE target is to build 10000 Eco-Hab housing Kits.
Project Target of 25 Eco-Hab Housing Kits per village (25 families = 100 people ) x Regions

Incomes and infrastructure are part of the Kit, whereby they can grow predetermined products and be assured of a known income:

Worm Farm
Hemp for Fibre

All are ideal for SE Asia climate.

Please review part of my designs.
These are to be modular and use recycled plastic, interlockable components, design can be changed to enable larger houses.

I have many other projects and inventions. I seek supporters or partnering to other projects Globally.

I hope these ideas inspire others.



Entry Submitted by EBD at 2:31 PM EST on January 21, 2017

Purchase land on rural communities, land that is not really suitable for irrigation harvesting and place greenhouses, rhese greenhouses will be a combination of vegetable growing and hidrophinic cultivation, pay good money to the workers, but this is only the start, on the premises it will be installed a cummunitary center for the workers and their families where they can spend the weekends for free, produce from the farm will be available for internal consumption, then start a series of buildings to place schoolrooms to teach their children with a non-ordinary teaching aproach, there it will be teached anything that comes along with the cooperation from the community from learning to play a musical instrument to practical issues like carpentry or pottery wherever is in the kids interest, this will be done in order to help the kids find their passion and start developing, from here only limmitations will be on what comes out of it. this school will be first like a summer school to help the workers on taking care of their children and to be away from monitors since the youth seems to have an addiction to it, these community projects will help to reintegrate the communitiƩs families by interaction and sharing, if external help is needed it will be brought to guarranty high standards on the teaching, and start treating people as people not only workers, well welcome to my dream, this Project I am sure will be a living entity on its own and evry one will be a different animal on its own, but I am also sure that it will bring a lot of good to many hearths !!

Let´s get to work !!!

EBD, citizen of the world


Entry Submitted by Tony Tucker at 10:01 PM EST on January 22, 2017

Class Outline for Understanding Autism.doc

Sanctuary Outline for Family Empowerment.doc

I AM Tony Namaste' Tucker,
TNT The Change Master
I AM Founder and Executive Director of Foundation 4 Family Empowerment.
I AM a 25 year Veteran of messages like "Invest in our Children and they will take us where we need to go."
I have included Outline of program I now call "Peace Begins in the Womb"
Thank you for this opportunity to serve!

Be Well, Be Wise, Be the Change, Be-cause WE ARE THE POWER
For more info on Peace, please visit us on the web
Tony Namaste' Tucker, The Change Master
CEO, Eye of the Eagle Productions
Sandra “Silver Eagle” McClure
Exec. Admin., Eye of the Eagle Productions


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 11:34 PM EST on January 22, 2017

Would like to assist with treating water in water filtration systems in my area... and also getting free energy out to the masses as soon as possible... while trying to educate people about food and new technologies in medicine... start in my community and work my way out... hire people in my community that want to contribute as Jobs... and go to the next community and so on until I have this many people as I can possibly take care of.. also would assist in shelters... my name is Larry Billings... I live in Kinder Louisiana... and you have a blessed day


Entry Submitted by Tacoma at 7:09 PM EST on January 23, 2017

The projects I have started developing so far are designed to empower the collective consciousness of humanity with Joy and Love. Through these and many other projects, the human experience will be elevated and thus allow for an easier transition into the new paradigm.

Project #1) "Love Is A Conversation" is a concept I came up with several months ago. The idea is to create a online website that collects 1 billion 10-30 second video responses of adults and children to the following question. "What does love mean to you personally". We will be able to accept user submitted video responses. We will hire interview and video teams in every country to travel to other countries and ask this question. In other words we will be sending people to countries that they are not from, and creating a conversation of Love all over the world. This is a bit of an exchange program. All the videos will be viewable on our website and you will be able to see and feel peoples resources based on country, age, or any number of searchable ways. We will create commercials and adds in magazines, and there for reach the masses and add to the positive collective consciousness that we are all in this together very quickly. Love is a conversation we need to be having as a whole collective world. By engaging in this conversation there will be less room for the counter productive conversations that seem to be all to prevalent in our lives. While I don't have the money yet to get this project started, I do feel strongly about it, and have procured the website www.loveisaconversation.com so we can get started as soon as we have the resources. This project is a vote for love and understanding world wide.

Project #2 "Bliss Rebellion" is another concept that occurred to me last month. With all the negative media out there bringing everyones mood/vibe down, I figured it was high time to strike back with positivity. Positive propaganda is the mission of the Bliss Rebellion. We will start with tee shirts, bill boards, and what ever else we come up with. We'll sponsor artists to do inspired artistic renditions of words or short phrases that inspire bliss in humanity. Words like Joy, Love, Breath, Awaken, Be Kind, Trust You Intuition, and many more with be the simple start. There are many more positive ways to take this with deeper development. The effect we will have on the population will be such a joy to witness. By even brightening the day of an additional 1% of the population, the cumulative effect of who they then touch with that additional positivity will branch out and spread with even greater effectiveness. I have purchased www.blissrebellion.com to get this project started. Everyone deserves to live a blissful life. This project is a vote to remind humanity that they are part of the Bliss Rebellion.




Entry Submitted by mouse at 5:10 AM EST on January 25, 2017

my project, inspired by surviving hurricane Ike but being stuck without power for 12days after while every house around mine got power back the next day, would produce an electric generation system that could be implemented anywhere on earth, could be built entirely from salvage materials if needed, is based on existing tech that ranges from 3000yrs old to a few decades and is all proven to function. i can prove with this configuration that we do not need coal oil gas or nuclear, we can go clean energy right now with off the shelf components and i want everyone to know how to do this so nobody can be held hostage by companies controlling the power.

if you ignore this because i choose not to follow standard format, thats on you, i can offer proof of my claims and any engineer worth their shingle will, once properly informed of the system, have to agree that it works. however as i said my time is short. if things proceed at this pace in 48hrs i will be .. gone and this info will go with me.



Entry Submitted by Greenman at 10:01 AM EST on January 25, 2017

Project : Big Heart of Big Bear

I live in a mountain community of Southern California. We just got hammered with 6 days of constant snow. There is 5 feet in some places. The temp outside this morning is 0 degrees F.

There are people sleeping on the ground!!
There are people sleeping in cars!!

My first order of business is to round these people up and get them in hotels. Get them prepaid Visa cards. Get them comfortable. Then work on permanent situations for them.
This RV can't come fast enough.


Greenman, Reiki Master ~ Teacher
Emerald Energy Healing LLC


Entry Submitted by George R. Rivera, Jr. at 10:12 AM EST on January 25, 2017

Proposed Project for Telecommunications Infrastructures

To All:

I propose building world-class telecommunications infrastructures, starting in Africa at Nigeria and building out the continent. In parallel, starting with the Navajo Nation {soon to be The Dine (accent over the "e" of Dine)} then spreading to all Native American Tribes, a similar deployment.

This will include wireless implementation.

Voice, Video, and Data will be presented in an all digital environment. Such an infrastructure will enable the free flow of information, remote learning, medical assistance, and a plethora of advanced applications that only a world-class switch fabric can provide.

Expansion to a full planetary system based on this overlay of the current archaic Internet, continued from these two base platforms, will deliver a TRUE Interweb-of-Things, to the betterment of all humanity. I chose Africa and the Native American reservation areas as a beginning due to them being Green Field in nature, and that these areas currently have little more than very poor quality cellular communications with vast territory without any coverage whatsoever.

Dr. George R. Rivera, Jr.
Infrastructure Specialist - Project Manager


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 1:02 PM EST on January 25, 2017

Because i have experienced homelessness in the city i grew up in...i would like to provide housing(purchase an existing hotel) to any homeless person in Wake county' as week as provide organic food that i will grow self.

I would also like to participate with other humanitarian.projects with the light worker(gary latrabee and others

Thank you for helping me do my part to repair or planet and elevate all firms of discomfort.


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 11:38 AM EST on January 27, 2017

Seniors and Meditation

My wants and needs tend to be simple but my hopes and dreams tend to be huge.
I work with seniors and even though I go into my job with hope and zeal I sometimes become mired in the morass of defeat most seniors find themselves in today.
I would love to teach meditation, tai chi, self shiatsu and yoga. To be an inspiration to all of these people who have given up. And that is it, they are in mass facilities waiting to die with no goals to achieve and inspire. I would change that.

Cause you know what? Life is for the Living.

and addendum....I live in a community (state) in which the occupants hold a strong belief in their belief superiority. What is about to happen to us all, is going to devastate current paradigms. This will be a deep and freezing plunge into the chasms of the soul and frankly some people would rather check out than face it but there will be others willing to brave the pain to emerge anew and they will need help and understanding.

Entry Submitted by Lawrence Mattier at 12:44 PM EST on January 27, 2017

Amendment to my Humanitarian Projects:

I want to build residential housing for individuals in South Africa that are living in Shanty Towns. This would include clean drinking water, infrastructure, and street lighting.


Lawrence Mattier


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 1:53 PM EST on January 27, 2017

When I will exchange zim and I will exchange as public and receive few thousands-what I can do with that?

Sovereign rates are for few people which are in special group or going to be added to that group through profiling selection proces in dinarland and this group is able to receive sov.rates and manage projects intended for humani
ty in my opinion.

So this group will give or hold world projects.

Give for infrastructure or food,technologies or correcting planet.Well hard job for them, hopefuly they will pick right people otherwise is with us amen.


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 3:39 PM EST on January 27, 2017

Dear One who believes...

I only hope I can meet up with you one day.

I have some project Ideas I would like to complete.

First is the kids...

I would like to take every orphanage in the world and make proper home schools out of them. They will have proper rooms and be able to study what interests them. The atmosphere would be like a university and their will be theaters and resteraunts for their meals. With that being said set up a trust fund for it all to run off the interest.


I live on Colorado and lately we have acquired a horrible Denver Police Cheif...he has the police spray the homeless people with water in the cold. I want to take all the homeless off the streets worldwide by providing townhouses for all homeless family's it every state in America.

I would like to help with a trust given to the K group for new healing computers. There could be one in every home...for now they cost $40.000 and you have to fly to Germany and train to use it for a couple of day's. 

Otherwise I will also have a new energy trust that can be used for things we are yet to receive. 

God bless you and thank you again. If you knew where my life was you would smile..it is because of you and The Great creator that I can watch my dreams come true.


Entry Submitted by SB at 8:59 PM EST on January 27, 2017

I am going to help out family, distant relatives and friends that are spread out all over the United States in ways that meets their needs and/or dreams.


Entry Submitted by Cory Kulok at 4:53 AM EST on January 28, 2017

Cheaper rental apartments price at $800.00 monthly for workers in key west
Build small units apartment with gardens, chicken coop parking for bike and public area
(There are no housing for workers in key west and we also need housing for homeless people)

Thank you
Cory Kulok

Entry Submitted by Lawrence at 9:06 AM EST on January 28, 2017

Tharaka Nithi County, Kenya East Africa

Tharaka Nithi County population is 365,301. Many people in this area have homes built with mud and cow dong. My plan is to replace those mud homes with Rammed Earth Blocks and train and employ the local people to build these new homes. The soil on their land will be used to build their new homes. Rammed earth block machines will be purchased to make these rammed earth blocks. This project will take up to twenty years to complete. In addition, Chuka Town, population about 20,000 needs to replace the local hospital with a new state of art Rammed Earth hospital using Australian technology this mean additional employed workers will be needed. Rammed Earth buildings are cool in the summer and warm in the winter months reducing the need for energy consumption.
Humanitarian love project



Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:04 PM EST on January 30, 2017

My humanitarian, plan is to help the republic of the united states to move forward, The money would be used to hire constutional police, marshals, congressman, senators. Infrustructure projects, natural disaster funds and investment opportunities, that will help and aid the republics future. The humanittarian needs that the republic needs, for the ageing population, housing for those who caant afford it, sources for new energy, cleaner files. I want the money to be split 90/10 90 % for the republic and 10% to be put into a trust for myself and family.


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:02 PM EST on January 30, 2017

I would like to help people learn Natural Medicine and Remedies. This way they would not have to turn to a pill or needle for medical care. Also, help them learn nutrition is the basis to health. There is a better way.


Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:04 PM EST on January 30, 2017





Entry Submitted by Martine F. at 3:35 PM EST on January 31, 2017

I would like to be able to introduce the importance of filtering water in order to help vegetation grow once again in the island of Haiti for enabling the people to understand that good health and clean water walk hand to hand. Also the side effect is very simply, job creation.

Martine F.



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