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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Wednesday 1/11/17 - Part 1

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 1 - Featuring rcookie

[6:04 AM] .Doug_W.copy:

GM Digi

[6:04 AM] digiman1:

gm doug......zzzzzzzzzz

[6:12 AM] sagecanyon:

Good morning everyone

[6:12 AM] .Doug_W.copy sagecanyon:

Good morning

[6:13 AM] sagecanyon:

Hi Doug

magnetlady says(6:14 AM):

good morning everyone

Doug_W says(6:14 AM):

hiya MAGGS

magnetlady says(6:14 AM):

Thank you for helping out early this morning.

Doug_W says(6:14 AM):

no problem :)

Doug_W says(6:15 AM):

I am listening to the call wile doing this

Doug_W says(6:16 AM):

Last night's call is up: https://d.pr/5Z1C

magnetlady says(6:16 AM):

It was a good call

(6:28 AM)patti was kicked out by patti!

magnetlady says(6:37 AM):

Everyone still here

plowboy says to magnetlady(6:39 AM):

good morning

Doug_W says(6:40 AM):

Honey I'm BACK lol

(6:40 AM)Doug_W changed nickname to .Doug_W.copy!

Doug_W says(6:43 AM):

Last night's call is up: https://d.pr/5Z1C

magnetlady says(6:49 AM):


(7:00 AM)THE OBSERVER - http://www.dinarupdates.com/observer/ - Save as a favorite... for Daily Dinar Commentary, Notices and Call banners!!

loop says(7:01 AM):

Association of Banks signed a memorandum of understanding with the global KPMG Consulting and Audit


Economy News / special

Signed Iraqi private banks association on the sidelines of the Iraqi banking forum held in Beirut on Wednesday a memorandum of understanding with Qawasmi & Co. (KPMG Global), relating to the areas of training and exchange of expertise Banking

The memorandum signed by the Executive Director of the Association Tariq Ali while it was signed for the Jordanian company Hatem Qawasmi

Exchange of experience in training and professional and institutional fields and programs, including helping to raise the level of professional performance to employees of banks and other financial institutions.

The MoU stipulates the establishment of workshops and training courses covering all areas of banking.

As it provided for holding regular meetings between the two sides to discuss the stages of implementation and the development of bilateral cooperation.

loop says(7:04 AM):

He pointed out the role of the central bank in the face of the challenge resulting from the drop in oil prices by nearly 75 percent, referring to the challenges of the expenditures and military displaced alluding to provide the Central Bank of 20 trillion Iraqi dinars to boost liquidity and securing the budget requirements, also touched on the conservative to the strategy of the central bank in rallying forces functional and built infrastructure through the creation of a wide launch of electronic payment and the granting of companies specializing in this area licenses for the exercise of its business base in Iraq and plans for the central bank to comply with prudential supervision and governance system.

For his part, he gave the Bank of Lebanon Governor Riad Salameh speech Ttaul aspects of cooperation between the banking sector in both Lebanon and Iraq, stressing the importance of compliance with international requirements and Alantmh concerning the involvement of banks and international banking Vidalaolmh through the use of modern technologies Banking and accept experience in Lebanon and the future prospects of this important sector, stressing the importance of banking cooperation between the Arab countries.

He spoke during the forum secretary-general of the Bureau of Investigation Aalzvi Lebanon word in the opening session in which he talked about the challenges of compliance with global laws linked to the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing and tax evasion, and stressed the importance of transparency in the banking business and stay away for the privacy and automatic exchange of information between banks and set the international standards.

And then it held the first session of the forum under the Opportunities and Challenges / Troas and the meeting Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Dr. adviser to the Iraqi banking sector, the title of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh.

He spoke during the meeting by Waleed Idi adviser to the central bank governor and Asadi mandated by the Director-General of the Rafidain Bank.

loop says(7:06 AM):

The integrity of Baghdad resolved 85% of the issues during 2016 and the arrest of 51 gang counterfeiting

Author: AR, MJM

Editor: AR

01/11/2017 12:07

Long-Presse / Baghdad

He confirmed to achieve fairness in the court of Baghdad, on Wednesday, resolving 85% of issues during the past year in 2016, while the judge said money laundering and economic crime to be resolved 281 cases during the year, pointed to the arrest of 51 gang counterfeiting.

A court of inquiry integrity in Baghdad, Qazi Mohammed Salman during a press conference with the head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Medhat al-Mahmoud and senior judges and heads of courts at the headquarters of the federal judiciary and attended (the long-Presse) that "the Court of integrity settled 3597 cases during 2016 in Baghdad, only 85% of issues. "

For his part, money laundering and economic crime Judge Iyad Muhsin bandaged during the conference that "281 The Court resolved the issue of money laundering during the current year and has prosecuted a number of workers in banks and gangs and mafias money and businessmen accused of."

He bandaged to "the arrest of 65 gang for trafficking in antiquities, and 51 gang counterfeiting," stressing "take legal action against all the gangs and their members was referred to the courts."

loop says(7:08 AM):

Numbers .. This is accomplished through the elimination of 2016

56 minutes ago

Twilight News / Display Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council, on Wednesday, at a news conference in Baghdad accomplish suits ratios in Iraqi courts during the past 2016.

He explained Mahmoud, that "the Federal Supreme Court settled more than 82% of the cases brought before them," noting that "the number of what was presented to last year's court 122 constitutional complaint," adding that "the constitutional suits differ from their counterparts, and perhaps this figure is considered large for constitutional courts in the world. "

And as pointed out that "we saw on the French Constitutional Court revealed that what is offered to them less than our court," expressed his happiness with the development of the legal culture among citizens who "began to turn to the Federal Court as soon senses that there is a violation of the constitution."

With regard to the Federal Court of Cassation, she said that she "looked at 47,988 suit in 2016, and completed 43,088 lawsuit by equivalent 90%, which displayed in front of her," adding that "the rest of these cases some of them related to death that require stops longer to check these provisions."

"The Court of Cassation stand long to scrutinize every word contained in the dossier governance, especially decisions relating to the death penalty, however, completed 90%, which offered her, taking into account that the number of members is incomplete and hopefully be completed soon."

The Presidency of the public prosecutor, Mahmoud explained that what was shown them from lawsuits and transactions amounted to "13899 what had been done which amounted to 13 010 by completing up to 94%."

In talking about the achievements of the Presidency of the resumption of Karkh he noted that the "indicators must stand by the social and legal scholar to give us an explanation for the increase in the number of divorce rates," adding that "the elimination of the face of social research and legal research, as well as economists to determine the cause of increasing this percentage."

He stated that "the number of what was presented to the appellate 212,606 lawsuit, and completed 204,683 lawsuit, by completion rate of 97%," praising the "high energy on the judges in the completion of these ratios."

The resumption of Rusafa, Mahmood said it received "323 519 suit, and completed 222,680 of them, by the completion of up to 96%," adding that "what has been done may be introduced in the fourth month of the year or for other reasons Ktlka round circles to answer and others."

The head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Court of Appeal of Nineveh, saying that "work has not stopped for one day, although it was at alternative sites, this thing grow by Nineveh judges, headed by the President of the Appeal, who was Mtsidia each reality of the facts."

He stated that "the number offered her suit in 1326 and completed 81% of them," hoping that "the appeal back to the original headquarters near Tahrir to receive suits as they were."

And presented to the Presidency of the resumption of Qadisiyah 79,087 suit, completed 77,783 of which any 98%, according to Mahmood, who reported that the resumption of Kirkuk received 64 978 58 120 of them completed the lawsuit by 89%, in spite of all precursors that have occurred in the province. "

He continued that "the resumption of Dhi Qar completed 98,517 of 99,298 before the proceedings pending before the figure was 99% in spite of baggage in the criminal side of the transfer of most of the defendants were taken from the attitudes and prisons in Baghdad to Dhi Qar with Odhabaarham."

He went on that "the resumption of Najaf completed 61,483 lawsuit from 63,792 offered to them by the completion of 96%, while completed

loop says(7:08 AM):

He went on that "the resumption of Najaf completed 61,483 lawsuit from 63,792 offered to them by the completion of 96%, while completed resume Diyala 42,662 lawsuit from 57,987 offered to them by the completion reached 92% export an judges and their persistence despite the unstable security situation in the province."

He stated that "the resumption of Salah al-Din was able to complete 48 304 63 248 cases out of a suit brought before it by the completion of 93% in spite of the rich for the definition of circumstances."

Park for "the resumption of Muthanna and access to the percentage completion of 100% of the cases brought before them, which amounted to 35 523 suit with a backlog of cases from the year before last."

While he said that "the resumption of Basra completed 92,010 lawsuits from 94,220 suit shown in front of her by completion rate of 98%," stated that "the resumption of Maysan settled 37,758 lawsuit from 39011 lawsuit before it a rate of 97%," useful that "the resumption of Karbala completed 72,429 suit of 73 245 suit at a rate of 99%, which supply them. "

Mahmood returned to praise another court, a resumption of Anbar "that have withstood the chosen alternative locations to work and completed 90%, which offered her, as received 32,828 and 30,800 settled a lawsuit."

The resumption of Babylon offered her 138 790 134 317 of which suit completed by the completion of 97%, according to Mahmood, who noted that "the resumption of Wasit completed 71,532 of 73,349 before it a lawsuit by the completion amounted to 98%."

He stated that "These rates include all criminal prosecutions branches and personal status and actions of the beginning," and expressed his pride in "the not Kmsaola spend, but despite all that is going through the elimination of the pressures and the lack of potential for Ojesseth Iraqis."

And terrorism cases by the Central Criminal Court in Baghdad said that the eyes of the majority "retained suits last year, reaching zero As this court 3543 lawsuit, and was completed by 3543 completion rate of 100%.

And on juvenile court hearing cases of terrorism committed by those who did not exceed the age of 12 years and did not complete a 18-year-old Mahmoud, also he confirmed that he "was not going last year and any action this year reported a 430 suit and completed all of them."

The Central Investigating Court Mahmood has made it clear that the "figure it out great but the judges and public prosecutors effort was as much responsibility", noting that "the proceedings before the court amounted to 17,093 suit in Baghdad only completed 16,435 of them at a rate of 96% in spite of the seriousness of this suits. "

And on cases related to money laundering, "the number of cases before a lawsuit in 1956 in Baghdad, including the unresolved 1789 lawsuit."

He reported about the amnesty "judiciary issues formed the headquarters of the committees and the outlook of these committees during the year before it, 8976 and 7186 done, any released at the 7186 imprisoned in the past nine months."

He explained that "it is natural that not all the abandoned prison inmates because he is not all the crimes covered by the amnesty and reunification must submit an application, and then specialized courts consider this request."

Doug_W says(7:11 AM):

♥♥♥ this part of chat has been copied ♥♥♥

loop says(7:11 AM):


futuremoney says to loop(7:12 AM):

dang Loop!! You are bringing it today!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

rcookie says(7:12 AM):

Association of Banks signed a memorandum of understanding with the global KPMG Consulting and Audit

Date: 01/11/2017 15:14

Information / Baghdad ...

Signed Iraqi private banks association on the sidelines of the Iraqi banking forum held in Beirut on Wednesday, a memorandum of understanding with Qawasmi & Co. (KPMG) global, related to the areas of training and exchange of expertise Banking.

According to a statement of the association and agency / information /, it received a copy of "The note was signed by the Association Executive Director Ali Tariq, while it was signed for the Jordanian company Hatem al-Qawasmi and provides for the exchange of experience in training and professional and institutional fields and programs, including helping to raise the level of professional performance to employees of banks and financial institutions other ".

The statement added that he "was in the note set up workshops and training courses, covering all areas of banking, as provided to hold regular meetings between the two sides to discuss the stages of implementation and the development of bilateral cooperation." It ended 25 K.

Doug_W says(7:20 AM):


loop says(7:21 AM):

Daytraders analogy comparing the news in Iraq to the confluence of rivers perfectly discribes what is happening. All the various news streams are starting to merge to create a clear picture of where they are headed. And just like any river the bigger it gets the harder it is to alter it's course. The momentum is on our side... Relax... Be happy... And most of all enjoy the ride.

loop says(7:21 AM):


Doug_W says(7:21 AM):

Amen Loopster

clay says to loop(7:23 AM):

thanks brother

magnetlady says(7:23 AM):

Awesome Loop. Thanks I enjoyed those comments last night and again with your variation.

futuremoney says to loop(7:24 AM):

thanks again Loop!!!

clay says(7:24 AM):

GM all

Doug_W says(7:24 AM):

I repeat GM .VIP

clay says(7:24 AM):

after the frozen Tundra here this weekend 60 s today lol

clay says to Doug_W(7:25 AM):

hey Dougy sorry didnt notice

clay says to Doug_W(7:25 AM):

GM :)

Doug_W says(7:25 AM):


JR67 says(7:46 AM):

Good Morning Clay and Doug

magnetlady says(7:46 AM):

by see everyone LATE tonight. choir restarts tonight

Doug_W says(7:46 AM):

GM 67

Doug_W says(7:47 AM):

bye MAGGS be safe

(7:52 AM)dreamway was kicked out by dreamway!

clay says to JR67(7:56 AM):

GM buddy :)

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JR67 says(8:04 AM):

BBIA bit

JR67 says(8:10 AM):

Have a great day DU

BGG says(8:15 AM):

GM GM GM everyone!!

BGG says(8:15 AM):

Great call last nite - huh??

clay says to BGG(8:15 AM):

GM :)

dinarmassa says(8:22 AM):

Great explanations

dinarmassa says(8:22 AM):

I like the river example, well stated

(8:29 AM)george was kicked out by george!

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