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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Wednesday 1/11/17 - Part 5

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 5 - Featuring BGG

(6:33 PM)FOXX was kicked out by FOXX!

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Tex says(6:46 PM):

Thank You Lord for answered Prayer

scottiegirl says to Tex(6:48 PM):

Hey Tex! Long time!

Tex says to scottiegirl(6:56 PM):

Hey Gurl , how's the little four legged guys.....lol

scottiegirl says to Tex(6:57 PM):

They are good! We lost one the end of October. My little Wheaten scottie passed away.

scottiegirl says to Tex(6:57 PM):

How are you doing?

Tex says to scottiegirl(6:58 PM):

Sorry ,,,, My big Chocklate Lab was 15 He past also... He was big ole puppy

Tex says to scottiegirl(6:59 PM):

Me ,,,doin ok will be better when this Dinar turns to gold

scottiegirl says to Tex(6:59 PM):

Aww! So sorry. It's tough to lose them. They become part of the family.

scottiegirl says to Tex(6:59 PM):

Amen to that!

scottiegirl says to Tex(6:59 PM):

Sure looking great these days. Amazing news on a daily basis!

Tex says to scottiegirl(7:00 PM):

I have 5 acres here at home and He followed me everywhere

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Tex says to scottiegirl(7:00 PM):

He weighed 115 lbs and would hurt a fly

Tex says to scottiegirl(7:02 PM):

When He was a big pup ,,, he brought in a baby skunk ,, didn't hurt it,,, he was so proud of it.

sagecanyon says(7:02 PM):

could I get some of you to say a prayer for Molly...she is my border collie/aussie...she hurt her back and the vet says if the anti inflammitories don't work...there isn't much hope...

scottiegirl says to Tex(7:02 PM):

I know you miss him.

sagecanyon says(7:02 PM):

I would really appreciate it...I love that dog...she goes everywhere with me

scottiegirl says to sagecanyon(7:03 PM):

Will do. Bless her heart!

Tex says to scottiegirl(7:03 PM):

Sorry Sage,, those really speacial friends don't come along just everyday

sagecanyon says(7:04 PM):

Thank You so much...It is so hard to lose a dog...so sorry for you all that have lost them...

scottiegirl says to sagecanyon(7:04 PM):

They become family with 4 legs. It was tough losing my little Matty. Such a sweet guy.

sagecanyon says(7:04 PM):

I'm just hoping that she will recover with the anti inflammitories...been praying so hard for her...and know how much prayers from this room work.

Tex says to sagecanyon(7:05 PM):

How is Chereeos doing

sagecanyon says(7:05 PM):

Yes they do Scottiegirl...

sagecanyon says(7:06 PM):

He is doing great Tex...he is 20 this year...he bucks and plays a lot in the pasture ...he is a great horse...

sagecanyon says(7:06 PM):

He would probably buck me off if I saddled him in this cold...LOL

Tex says to sagecanyon(7:07 PM):

Good ,,,, My daughter had to sell Hers she sure didn't want to though.

sagecanyon says(7:07 PM):

Geesh...horses are getting old...dogs are getting old...and I"M getting old ....scary

Tex says to sagecanyon(7:08 PM):

I hear that now....

sagecanyon says(7:08 PM):

oh that is too bad...hope her's went to a good home...these horses are so spoiled...dogs are spoiled ...LOL

Tex says to sagecanyon(7:10 PM):

Yeah , She didn't sell them ,,,,but was really picky about who she gave them too.

Tex says to sagecanyon(7:11 PM):

Gotta go catchup on the news ,,, U take know...

sagecanyon says(7:11 PM):

I spent most of the morning pushing snow with the tractor...the caterpillar plowed our road about 11am...the snow was so deep up on top...5 to 6 ft drifts...cat couldn't hardly push it...really heavy snow from yesterday...town was a mess when we got there...truck off in the ditch east bound

sagecanyon says(7:11 PM):

Take Care Tex! And thanks again everyone for the prayers for Molly...

Tex says to sagecanyon(7:12 PM):

Wow ,,, well that will make Ya some mositure for growing some grass next spring.... Later

sagecanyon says(7:12 PM):

Yes it will...and no end in sight for snow days

sagecanyon says(7:20 PM):

I think I'm going to get off here and go lay down...been a long day...Nite everyone

chim-chim says(7:23 PM):


Hunter says(7:27 PM):

Next time Y'all see sagecanyon in here, tell him/her to google the recipe for golden paste to give to her/his dog. Really helps with inflamation for humans & dogs. Among other benefits

scottiegirl says(7:28 PM):

Thanks Hunter!

Hunter says to scottiegirl(7:29 PM):


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magnetlady says(8:05 PM):

Evening Scottie

(8:05 PM)john09 was kicked out by john09!

(8:09 PM)mshale was kicked out by mshale!

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(8:11 PM):

Hey Mags!

magnetlady says(8:12 PM):

What's up sweetie.

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(8:13 PM):

Not much....chat room is dead. lol

magnetlady says(8:13 PM):

Any news. Feel like I've been gone a long day.

magnetlady says(8:13 PM):

Guess it has been. Left house before 9 this am and just got home a bit ago. Fed the cats though they were ready and waiting. (smile)

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(8:13 PM):

Most of the news was this morning and into the afternoon.

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(8:14 PM):

I bet they were!

magnetlady says(8:15 PM):

That's why I try to keep the m on an 8:30 am/pm schedule so if I'm late getting home, which I know is every Wednesday pretty much then they don't get too hungry. But they have their crunchy food down all the time if they are starving they can eat that. (smile)

magnetlady says(8:15 PM):

So they aren't too mistreated.

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(8:17 PM):

Ha! I bet not! Kinda like ours....spoiled rotten!

magnetlady says(8:26 PM):

Yuppers, kinda

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(8:36 PM):


scottiegirl says(8:47 PM):


(8:57 PM)honeybee12 was kicked out by honeybee12!

JR67 says(8:59 PM):

Private banks signed a memorandum of understanding with an international company for the exchange of banking experience

Author: AHF

Editor: AHF

01/11/2017 18:39

Number of Views: 919

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Signed Iraqi private banks association, said on Wednesday a memorandum of understanding with an international company, relating to the areas of training and exchange of banking experience, as demonstrated that the memorandum will help to raise the level of professional performance to employees of banks and other financial institutions, emphasized the establishment of workshops, training courses covering all areas of banking workshops.

The association said in a statement received (range Press), a copy of "Association signed on Wednesday, on the sidelines of the banking forum Iraqi held in Beirut on a memorandum of understanding with Qawasmi & Co. (KPMG) global, related to the areas of training and exchange of banking experience."

Association added that "the memorandum signed by the Association Executive Director Ali Tariq, while it was signed for Jordan Company Hatem al-Qawasmi, and provides for the exchange of experience in training and professional and institutional fields and programs, including helping to raise the professional level of performance to employees of banks and other financial institutions.

The memorandum stipulates the "establishment of workshops and training courses covering all areas of banking, as provided for regular meetings between the two sides to discuss the stages of implementation and the development of bilateral cooperation."

JR67 says(8:59 PM):


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jetset says(9:08 PM):


jetset says(9:08 PM):


Okie Dinar says to jetset(9:08 PM):


(9:09 PM)MeginHim was kicked out by MeginHim!

JR67 says to jetset(9:09 PM):


JR67 says to Okie Dinar(9:11 PM):


JR67 says(9:14 PM):

BAGHDAD - balances News

Received Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Wednesday, a written message from his Chinese counterpart confirming his desire to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

A statement by the Prime Minister's Office received / balances News / copy of it, "Ebadi received" a written message from Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang on the bilateral relations between the two countries and China's desire to promote.

The statement added, "The message was delivered during a meeting with al-Abadi, the Chinese ambassador in Baghdad, who congratulated his part on behalf of his government victories achieved the Iraqi army on terror Daesh gangs," pointing out that "the Chinese government and people keen to support Iraq in its war against terrorism In the other areas. "

For his part, al-Abadi, according to the statement, the "depth of the relationship between the two countries and Iraq's desire to increase trade with China." It ended 29/34 R.


JR67 says(9:15 PM):

PM Al-Abadi received a letter of support from the Chinese PM Li Keqiang and an offer from China to assist Iraq http://pmo.iq/press2017/11-1-20171.htm

1 1 Cannon the second 2017

Mr. Prime Minister , Dr. Haider al - Abadi has received a written message from Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang on the bilateral relations between the two countries and China 's desire to strengthen and move him again , greetings fromChinese President Xi Jinping.

This came during a meeting with the Prime Minister on Wednesday , the Chinese ambassador in Baghdad , who congratulated his country on behalf of theGovernment of the victories achieved on the Iraqi army Daesh terrorist gangs China and the Government and people keen on supporting Iraq in its war against terrorism and in other areas.

While Bush and Prime Minister Dr. Haider al - Abadi on the depth of the relationship between the two countries and Iraq 's desire to increase trade with China.

(9:16 PM)dreamway was kicked out by dreamway!

JR67 says(9:16 PM):

sorry picture space

JR67 says(9:17 PM):

1 1 Cannon the second 2017

Mr. Prime Minister , Dr. Haider al - Abadi met in his office on Wednesday , thegovernor of Kirkuk , Mr. Necmettin cream.

During the meeting , they discussed the situation of the province and put thesecurity and provide services to its people and coordination among the provinces in addition to the displaced file and a number of other topics.

Information Office of the Prime Minister

1 1 Cannon the second 2017

jeffusa says(9:28 PM):

Subby is back in her hotel room... she is tired but the news was good today... she has chemo at 6 am tomorrow..

JR67 says to jeffusa(9:29 PM):

thank you

scottiegirl says to jeffusa(9:32 PM):

Thank you for the update!

Okie Dinar says to jeffusa(9:33 PM):

Thank you!! (F)

bibi says to jeffusa(9:37 PM):

Thank you for letting us know. I will be praying!

bibi says to jeffusa(9:37 PM):


Okie Dinar says to scottiegirl(9:37 PM):

Hey lady! Thank you so much for copying tonight! Have a great night! (L)

magnetlady says(9:50 PM):

HEy Okie

magnetlady says(9:50 PM):

Probably missed her.

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(9:56 PM):

You did. :)

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(9:56 PM):

So did I for that matter.

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(10:20 PM)moneymom was kicked out by moneymom!

magnetlady says(10:55 PM):

OK scottie, I'm out of here. See you laters

magnetlady says(10:55 PM):

Thanks again for closing tonight.

scottiegirl says to magnetlady(10:58 PM):

You're welcome! Have a peaceful sleep and sweet RV dreams!

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BGG says to magnetlady(11:12 PM):

Thanks Mags

BGG says to scottiegirl(11:12 PM):

and Scottiegirl!!

SRW says(11:15 PM):

I received a text from Subby. Her bloodwork tests were good. The port that was to be used for Chemo was in question and tested by dye and picture scanned the port was in good shape.. Subby said her injections just needed to be slower to keep from having tingling sensations. She did have her Chemo tonight and all went well.. Tomorrow she has a visit with her Kidney Specialist.. She said Thankyou for the prayers for her tests, additional scare of the injection port, Chemo and Kidney tests.. Prayers for her safe travel home.. Prayers to ya Super Sub..

scottiegirl says to BGG(11:23 PM):

You're welcome!

scottiegirl says(11:23 PM):

Great news for Subby!

Martha Sue says to scottiegirl(11:25 PM):

I'm closing down ... so catch you later. Be blessed.

scottiegirl says to Martha Sue(11:25 PM):

Take care girlfriend!

Martha Sue says to scottiegirl(11:26 PM):

u too

(11:26 PM)jeffusa was kicked out by jeffusa!

End of Wednesday's Chat Log
 | Link to Part 1



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