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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dark Controllers Blinded Me by Lucinda

(Image: Lucinda’s profile with blinded eyes closed, taken in 2011)

I Did Not Choose To Come Here, Channeled Ones; Plus: My Message from Logos Sophia; A Secret Reveal; Why Earthlings Are Special; A Heavenly Sign; and Blissful Neutrality

By Lucinda Dionysius

While I appreciate the efforts and hard work of the well-meaning channelers, I am continually peeved by the audacity of those numerous channeled ones, on countless websites, who insist that WE ALL made the choice to reincarnate here. To paraphrase, the Channeled Ones are saying: "Don't feel discouraged. Remember, every one of you wanted to reincarnate here each time.  And you chose your own experiences so you could learn from them, improve yourselves and become spiritually stronger".

Au contraire, I was trapped here against my freewill and endlessly recycled to suffer and cause the suffering of others, to release low frequency energy which is mandatory to feed our vile parasitic invaders. We magnificent Earthlings have passed the goal line finally, and we will never reincarnate into this 3D prison planet again. But I have some parting shots for the Channeled Ones (Arcturians, Ascended Masters, Archangel Michael, Galactic Federation to name a random few) about their long venerated assertions that we all made a conscious choice to incarnate here, along with some of their other "words of wisdom".

Humanity's diabolical invaders (Ra from Law of One, Sphere Beings and other members of the Council of Worlds) ensured an overflowing harvest of my fear and pain by blinding me physically from the age of five--right after I was vaxxed for the first time--until sixteen, at which time a special high-powered lens was invented which gave me some sight, but nowhere near adequate. The vaccine induced a dangerously high fever and convulsions. My eyeballs swelled to nearly twice the normal size and remained elongated well beyond the intended retinal focal point.

Over the years my vision deteriorated to -16 diopters. I had partially detached retinas and very large floaters. Surgeons would not operate...too risky. Later one retina completely detached. And I had other severe, permanent vaxx-induced damage to my central nervous system as well. And I was hit with a continual barrage of tragic events that left me utterly alone and destitute.

(Bravo! Well played, Council of Worlds! Your calculated, never-ending torment of me amply fed your schools of frenzied archon sharks.)

I was raised in a devoutly Christian family and I prayed daily for help and forgiveness for whatever I did unknown to me to cause my hardships. My prayers, like a beacon, brought more ruthless attacks from the dark. I did not choose this, Channeled Ones. And furthermore you didn't tell me what I was up against: powerful, inter-dimensional invaders bent on our annihilation.

You had me too busy blaming myself for the choices I made instead of searching for urgently needed protection. (Readers: Before 2014, the Channeled Ones were mum on our evil overlords, archons, cabal Satanists, Dracos, our powers of co-creation and much more which many perceive today.)

Did incarnating make me spiritually stronger, Channeled Ones? No it did not. It made me significantly weaker, fearful and helplessly dependent on others who were seldom available. And it subjected me to bullying and ridicule. Spiritual growth is an unattainable luxury when one is painfully struggling to survive.

(Congratulations, Ra! That was your plan all along! How could I grow spiritually with your steel-toed boot on my neck for most of my life? How could I excel and be ready when the call was made to tell the world the truth about you and your evil cohorts' plan to stop us from ascending?)

And, what about all those chemtrails, ELF waves, artificial weather catastrophes, debt slavery, never ending wars? Has it occurred to you Channeled Ones this planet is not fertile ground for supporting spiritual growth? And, that we were deliberately genetically devolved and enslaved? You made me feel responsible and guilty for my downward spiral. How can we evolve with heavy chains binding our minds and spirits? You should have been telling us how to escape the matrix. No other advice needed.

There has always been a way to escape into the pure universes where evolving and returning to Source is a blissful breeze with no obstacles, karmic contracts nor recycling back to square one--the way we once existed before we were trapped. But you keep that a secret, while you distract us from the truth with your fortune cookie platitudes.

And you told us we caused all the damage to our planet by our greed and neglect. You said "You broke it so you fix it". You have us Earthlings confused with our alien overlords and their mind-controlled minions. We recycle our garbage and pick up our litter while our controllers soak Earth with toxic chemtrails and drop megatons of radioactive WMD all over the planet.

Did I want to reincarnate here to learn lessons and improve myself, as you assert? How can I learn and improve when I was memory-wiped every time I returned? What prevents one from putting out even more bad karma each time? Karma never gets resolved...it is just a lie to keep us returning to feed our parasitic controllers and entertain them with our mind-controlled debasement.

Why didn't you tell us the truth about the sinister reincarnation wheel and how to escape? We Earthlings could have left this prison planet long ago and we would be living in paradise in the higher dimensions. Readers: We could have simply denied consent to return. It is that easy. In the ether world where we reside briefly after death, the evil forces disguise themselves as loved ones and loving guides, and beckon one to follow them thru portals where one is lied to about one’s failure to fulfill karmic contracts and given an arm-twisting, hard sell to return.

Did my lessons forge in me compassion? No. As with all Earthlings, created from the spirit of Logos Sophia, I was already endowed with plenty of compassion. Also, the wealthy people I know personally are highly compassionate and charitable even though they have had pleasant lives. Why are you lecturing us about our lack of compassion? Again you are confusing us Earthlings with our psychopathic controllers.

Did it heal my damaged spirit? Excuse me, Channeled Ones, we Earthlings are and have always been spiritually PERFECT. Maybe you need Sensitivity Training before you give me advice from your lofty perch.

(Image:  Lucinda’s open eyes, after surgery in 2012)

In 2012, I had three separate eye surgeries, and I finally have good vision without lens correction...a miracle! I can see detail at great distance (outline of pine trees atop faraway mountains) and read the teeny-tiniest of print. My surgeon said I had the longest, largest eyeballs he had ever treated.

This procedure became available phenomenally soon after I discovered the truth about how humanity was hijacked and enslaved by evil controllers. And, that we could simply deny consent to their control, thereby allowing celestials (angels) to legally storm into one's astral space and protect one against assaults--a highly secretive caveat in the controllers' legal decree with the celestials.

(I have posted about this for years.  Celestials will intervene illegally to save us in extreme situations, but they risk being trapped themselves when the rescued-one has not denied consent to the dark's control. Consent is assumed if it is not formally denied.)

And, I learned that we can create our own blissful timeline of abundance by feeling gratitude for what we already have and whatever we want (another well kept secret for eons).

I discovered all this with no help from you, Channeled Ones. There was nothing on this from you before 2012. Only after a scarce few brave souls (non-channeled) began posting the truth, forcing your hand due to changes in our collective consciousness, did you finally admit that humanity is controlled by evil overlords. And you continue to withhold the most vital information.

Readers: After I formally denied consent in my heart (this is a prerequisite), I practiced feeling grateful for the perfect vision that I did not yet have. Everything fell into place so rapidly: the famed eye surgeon, free transportation, several overnight accommodations, the funds to pay for the surgeries in full, and so much more! I had my surgeries at the world renowned eye surgery institute in Cherry Creek, Madison Street, a suburb in Denver (easy-to-find website with a few key words, for those who need surgery.  They will answer all your questions.  And they will do everything in their power to help you).

My life has changed for the better in every way. It is adventurous and joyful. I have wonderful relationships. My symptoms of Lupus disappeared. My mental illness caused by Lupus also ceased. Why didn't you tell me the truth about denying consent, Channeled Ones? It is a deeply buried secret, but surely you in the higher realms know about it.

Here’s another thing I learned on my own years ago concerning the Law of Attraction:

When you want something, you will attract a timeline of more things to want.

When you are grateful for something, you will attract a timeline of more things for which you are grateful, i.e. abundance.

I understand many readers, perhaps most, will say they indeed chose to incarnate here and were helped by the Channeled Ones. I speak only for myself. No need to send posts in that regard. I respect your stance. I love you all.

And thank you Channelers. Your hard work is always greatly appreciated.

(Image: horses on rescue ranch that I feed and train.  Inner-city at-risk children come to ride and enjoy)

Concerning the unanticipated channeled message passed on to me from this site from Logos Sophia last December: I believe it is authentic. Her concise message was very meaningful and helpful to me.

In the message, Mother Sophia told me the only three things that could convince me that it was truly her:

First, she confirmed that [Moses's God] Yahweh is Yaldabaoth. She knows why this is so important to me; I wanted someone "high-up" to support my premise that Yahweh is not God, but rather an entitized thought-form from the soul of Lucifer which high alchemy priest Moses attached to the Ark Stone demiurge (Ark of the Covenant). This is paramount to understand as millions of Christians are praying to this inter-dimensional beast, with powers to create sadistic timelines.

Prayers give Yahweh power to maintain its psychopathic control over humanity. Yahweh rules our world by legal decree, and we are under its jurisdiction until consent is denied. All prayers to God and Jesus are received by Yahweh, no matter what is in one's heart. (In Greek Je means hail and sus means Zeus, another name for Yahweh.)

The beast sits atop the matrix pyramid where it pulls the strings of the Dracos, who control the Royals and Vatican, who control the shadow governments and so forth. This is the God of the Old Testament. Please read the Dead Sea Scrolls for the truth rather than the Bible as it is mostly corrupted.

Second, she takes responsibility for humanity's demise. I assume she is referring to her decision to allow Ra and the other so-called Guardians to carry out their Experiment to incarnate the souls of the Atlantians and Lemurians, from Lucifer's exploded planet, into Earth.

She said she should have conferred with Yeshua Ben Yoseph [who would have counseled her against it].

If the genuine Logos Sophia could tell the world the one most important thing on her mind, it would be that she takes the blame for all our suffering. I felt her agony in her words. She is a magnanimous spirit who loves us her children AND her wayward son, Lucifer, and will take the slings and arrows on his behalf, just like any loving Mother would. I proclaim she is innocent and I will not allow her to take the blame. She was trapped and enslaved with us and powerless to stop the invasion.

Third, she confirmed Yeshua did indeed reduce the power of Yahweh by one half.

To expound:  The demiurge is an inter-dimensional glowing sphere of highly concentrated quantum particles of astral and etheric plasma. It is a sentient calculus computer urgently outputting positive or negative timelines depending on the input of positive or negative vibrations/emotions.

Yeshua was attached to the Grail Stone demiurge (Holy Grail) during his baptism, which gave him power to heal the afflicted. He brought Lazarus back to life by creating a different timeline in which Lazarus did not die.

And he reduced the power of the corrupt Ark Stone demiurge by one half which suspended our rapidly downward spiraling negative timelines created by Yahweh.

Yeshua has now returned to finish the job. He truly is our savior.

Lucinda Dionysius (dee on NÉE see us; Dionysius is my paternal surname).

And now I will tell you readers a highly forbidden secret, a reveal that will be deeply devastating to Ra and the other members of the Council of Worlds (CW):

Earth has a dark twin. It may have been created to give balance to the Earth's orbit. It is the exact same size and weight, but it is lifeless, dark and foreboding.

It has neither soul nor spirit (Logos) and cannot support life, although the Council of Worlds shipped thousands of humans to this planet anyway where they became sick and died after a couple of years. We Earthlings cannot thrive for any length of time on another planet, nor spaceship far from Earth for that matter, as we need the soul plasma from Logos Sophia, Terra Gaia, to stay animated and healthy.

She feeds us daily. And only HER plasma is compatible with our signature DNA. She has created a pristine 5D Earth paradise for us where we will thrive and evolve naturally in our light bodies while she nurtures us with her divine essence.

All other beings, including galactics--good and bad, wish they were Earthlings because of the exceedingly special circumstance of our unique creation: we originated from the spark of Sophia who is the First Tier Logos; and the purest, original essence of Prime Creator/Source. Non-Earthlings, like all the CW members, originated from lower tier Logoi, and replicated/diluted/second-hand (I'm not clear on this part) essence of PC.

Our controllers tell us we originated from lower primates and a mix of genetics from ETs, and that we were hunched-over, knuckle-dragging hirsute savages. Not true.  We originated as powerful light beings in the higher realms. After our planet was hijacked (long story) we were forcefully devolved.

All non-Earthlings cannot absorb Sophia's high-frequency soul plasma. That's why electromagnetic low frequency waves (ELF) are generated to lower its frequency. There are countless means to feed the invaders: Saturn's ELF factories, ELF/HAARP, Cintamani stones, human sacrifices and fear are a few. They cannot survive without it and will die when we Earthlings have ascended and their ELF factories are destroyed.

The CW are fearful of their looming demise and stubbornly strive to prevent us from achieving our great reward. They plan to ship us off to another planet or space stations where they can continue their control. Earth's dark twin is one such destination. There are facilities on and beneath the surface. I see by recent channelings, they are convincing some to sign up for transportation to an Earth-like planet. They cannot force anyone. Each must give one's consent in sound mind and body.

This is a huge operation. The Sphere Beings (CW members) have countless spherical space stations where they can store billions of humans in containers. It is the Grand Harvest of which they speak. The CW know they are doomed but they will take down as many of us as possible with them.

The CW control Yahweh who will use religious leaders to convince Christians to board space ships.

After we Earthlings ascend to 5D Paradise Earth, our Sun's binary twin, Constellation Genesis (the dark calls it Nemesis) will destroy 3D Earth and most of the solar system with a barrage of planets, moons, asteroids, comets and debris.

(Note:  I would not be concerned with rebuilding the matrix infrastructure with our RV funds. After I exchange my Zims, I will hit the ground running to distribute massive funds to individuals in need. They will decide how to spend the funds.  And I will fund horse ranches and animal clinics.)

Beings who were artificially incarnated on Earth via Ra's Experiment, i.e., Atlantians and Lemurians, are not Earthlings. They originated from the spark of Logos Lucifer, on his planet Maldek which was exploded into chunks and became the Kuiper Asteroid Belt. They will not be allowed to inhabit 5D Earth. Logos Sophia will not support them this time around.

Did I foil your plan, Ra, to ship us off the planet before we can ascend so you and Lucifer's spawns can feed off our plasma for a while longer? It appears you and the rest of the CW members have no place to go. And now your food source is meta-morphing into powerful beings of light. Far more powerful than you, Ra. You hammered down hard on the descendants of Dionysius, your archenemy of the eons. But you will not stop me from telling the truth about you and your evil plans.

Readers: A little analytical reasoning may shed light on who are the Atlantians and Lemurians and where they reside in our planet. And if you doubt Ra's Experiment, read his transcripts online. I got all the info straight from the Horus's mouth.

(Image: Colorado landscape near my home with grazing cattle and horses.)

Visualize two spinning ball-bearings in a wheel, always opposite in position which gives it balance. Earth's dark twin has always been in Earth's orbit behind the sun, therefore we could never see it from Earth, even with a high powered observatory telescope.

That is, until recently. It was forced out of orbit by Constellation Genesis. Earth's twin moved closely behind our planet, (Earth in line between sun and twin). I saw it nearly every day for several weeks last summer, at the FAA Skycam website, Wainswright, Alaska, at sunrise. It was captured on a video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=urWEn2MFuYc I observed much more clarity of this planet than shown in the video. It increased in size and I could see the rugged details of the terrain.

It no longer appears on the Alaskan Skycam. I believe it was forced to move away due to intense pressure from Hercolubus, a moon of Nibiru. This may be a sign that our transition into 5D Earth is nigh which makes me very happy. I believe we will see our GCR/RV first and have a period of time in which we will lift our spirits high and take great joy in helping others.

Whenever it comes, I am confident that our Ascension will be pure joy and bliss. Mother Sophia will protect us, her beloved children. We don't need space ships, healing chambers, advanced alien technology or guides which are all traps.

(Image: kitten cuddled up with big dog)

Are you having problems feeling unconditional love for the Satanists? Me too. LOL! Try sending waves of BLISSFUL NEUTRALITY instead. It is actually the same thing and sounds easier to stomach. If you have had general anesthesia, blissful neutrality is like that heavenly feeling you get right before you become unconscious.

Thank you for your time. I love you all. Feel free to copy and share with everybody.

Thank you Dinar Chronicles.

(Image:  Dove in flight with green branch in beak)

Choose Team Yeshua and Mary Magdalene



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