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Saturday, December 10, 2016

"What Is True?" - One Who Believes - 12.9.16

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 11:31 PM EST on December 9, 2016

What Is True?

Here we are nearly at the end of the ride and the beginning of our new peaceful life on Planet Earth. We sure have been told many lies, but also many truths, and the biggest question is which is which? Here is the strategy I am going to use to navigate through all this ZIM & Exchange information we have been given.

Some Things You Don't Need To Know Right Now

This is a whole category of information we have been struggling with and arguing about (Discussing). These include such topics as the NDA, Structured Pay Outs, Trust Types and Structures, and what the new TRN money looks like. In all these cases, you will know the EXACT truth when you are sitting down at your exchange appointment. Until then, what the NDA says, or what the new money looks like, or how the structured pay out works will not affect any decisions you need to make now. All those decisions you can make at the time you have the REAL TRUTH. Until then, it is interesting to know, and may give you some ideas on how you will structure your plan, but, even if we had the truth now, it still could change by the time we get there. Let's NOT worry about something that you will know for sure later.

Some Things You Already Know What You Need To Know

In this category is the 800# release info, the possible email from TETELETAI, the information that you have to ask for the higher Privately Negotiated Sovereign Rates to get them, the Calling Early advice, and the Exchange Centers. These are items that you NEED to know about now, BUT you already know everything you need to know.

First, the 800#s and the possible email announcement & Exchange Centers. It doesn't matter if it happens exactly like we have been told because when it actually happens, we will get a VERY CLEAR notice that it is go time. When it happens in Dinarland, every major place of intel will be booming with the information. AND, you will know the 800# is real when you call it and they ask the questions they are supposed to and direct you to an exchange center location. Frankly you will know when it is time. No need to worry about these items because you already know what you need to know.

About the question of calling right away to qualify for the higher rates as well as having extra time to make the appointment? Well, we don’t know right now if that is still 100% correct or not. However, if you call as soon as you get the number, then it doesn't matter, if is true, you are in, and if it is not, then you get an early appointment anyway. So this item doesn't need to be worried about.


O.K. this is the biggie! First of course are the currencies that will be going up in value the most. We already know what they are including mainly the VND Dong, The IQD Dinar, the IRR Iran Rial, the Afghani, and the Indonesian Rupee. These are the easy ones because they are all active, valid currencies right now.

That leaves the one with the most potential, the most questions, and the most problems. Yes, of course that is our beloved ZIM. To start with we know that it is both a currency and a bond, and that it will be revalued, and it is worth a lot more than any other currency for many reasons. That is not in question.

Then comes the question if there will be zeros taken off or not. That is important, but not the most important. If the zeros are taken off, you still get a lot more money than any of the other currencies. If they are not, well, the money just goes beyond belief, and I mean that laterally. For the record, I feel that there will be no zeros taken off based on what Bruce said, Fisher Said, and what Zorra Said. But again, that is just a matter of how much you will get and in either case, it will be a lot.

The big question, and it is freaking out Dinarland, and me as well, is what denominations will be accepted for exchange? I remember back when Tony and DC said clearly that it would only be the $100T & the $50T Zim notes. No one freaked out about it then, mostly because they were just happy that it was going to be in the basket. Back then, that was the big question in Dinarland.

Somewhere down the line, it was said that all would be taken no matter the size. That made a lot of sense to me since money was money no matter the amount. So I bought & gifted lots of the lower denominations myself. Now, with this news, all my gifts are wiped out and my position in the exchange as well. However, this recent news from Zorra, is not too different from what was said and accepted back in the day with Tony and DC. Instead of two denominations being exchanged, it is now, just one.

We May Have Just Been Saved From A Trap

I think that I just figured out what is actually going on here. The question is whether or not the lower denominations were EVER going to be accepted, and that I don’t know. But, if we just work with what we know now, I think that a pattern can be seen.

I have not been told this, but this is what might have just happened in Dinarland.

#1) There was either a change in plan, or a confirmation of the plan that only the $100T would be accepted. Of course this might have been the plan all along, or it may be because the ZIM rate went up so high, that it will only be given to the $100T as a result. Again, I don’t know this for sure but let's say it is true.

#2) This would not only freak out Dinarland, but would wipe out many of us who only have the lower denomination ZIM. Clearly, this information was going to get out eventually, if it is in fact true. And when it did, people would flock to the currency dealers to get the $100T notes. BUT...........

#3) Then it is put out in Dinarland that ZIM purchased after a certain date would not be exchangeable. INTERESTING!!!!! Of course I know that is a crock, and I said so in several posts. There is no way that someone can tell when a ZIM Bond (Currency Note) was purchased, and there is no way that you would be required to prove it. After all, there are no tax consequences that would require a receipt and many people don't have them anyway. Frankly, if you purchased it after that date, you just say it was a gift a year ago.....! Problem solved. Even then, we have been told today for certain by Zorra, that there is no cutoff date for purchases of zim. So the question really is "Why did they put out this ridiculous information that ther was a cutoff date?"

#4) It all comes together. If they changed the plan or just confirmed the plan of only exchanging the $100T notes recently, and it got out, People would go buy more. However, if at the same time you put out the disinformation that any ZIM bought now would be no good, then you keep Dinarland from being able to get the $100T notes in time for the exchange. However, in comes our hero ZORRA.

#5) To me this sounds so much like a CABAL trap. Tell Dinarland at the last minute that only the $100T would be accepted and then at the same time tell them that they can't buy them after a certain date. Your Screwed! Except, here comes ZORRA who tells you their plan to only do the $100T zims and at the same time confirms that you can still buy them and exchange them. Then Zorra become sour best friend for telling us what is really going on!!!! Thank You Zorra!

What If

What if this is true and no one told you until you were at the exchange? What if you did somehow find out in time, but you believed the cutoff date disinformation? You would be screwed. But we were told something we didn't know today, that was VERY IMPORTANT to know, in time to do something about it. Not only that, but Zorra removed the cutoff date block that was designed to keep you from buying the $100T ZIMs in time before the Exchange. If he had not cleared up the cutoff date question you would not buy anymore. If he had not told you about the plan to only exchange the $100T, you would never have known.. He told you something that they were keeping from you. This was a gift. Thank You Zorra!

The Consequences

If none of this is true, there are no consequences. If it turns out to be true, you have been given an opportunity to get on the Zim Train and or adjust your currency position. When will you know for sure? You will know when you can no longer do anything about it. I personally think that it is true. But we will all know soon enough. In the end, people will end up with the amount that they were supposed to have, no matter what.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if all you have is lower denominations of zim and you can't buy the $100Ts, then Zorra's revelation doesn't matter anyway. If you are in a position to get the $100T ZIMs, and you want to, then you now know that there is no cutoff date stopping you from exchanging it when it is time. If you are like me and gifted the lower denominations, then you will just have to give them cash later after the exchange instead. If you only had lower denomination ZIMs, perhaps some VND Dong may be a good move if you can afford it. If you still have at least 1 $100T ZIM, you can just go for the highest rate as Zorra recommends, and I think that was $71,000/zim. That will make up for all the lower zims that could not be exchanged.

If this is true, we have just been saved from a big problem. The fact that the cutoff date suddenly came into Dinarland, and then we find out that the lower ZIMs won't be exchanged seem like too much of a coincidence. If all this is true, and I think it is, then you have been given an opportunity to adjust your currency positions. If it is not true, then it doesn't matter anyway. You will just do what you are doing anyway.

However, will all that being said, you never know what the FINAL rules will be when we go to the Exchange centers. The Elders may see how we are freaking out about this and decide to exchange them all.... you never know. So in that regard, I am going to still bring all my currency including the lower denomination ZIMs and instruct my "Giftees" to do the same.

May We All Get Everything We Want and Live The Life Of Our Dreams

Signed: One Who Believes


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