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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 12-13-16

Thank you PinkRoses for sending this to us. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Bruce: Good Evening everybody. Welcome everyone to the Big Call. We get International listeners from all over. Some of you having difficulty of Cell phone companies charging you to listening to the call. After these blessing hits, we will be putting together a new network to do our calls online. You will be able to just clink on the link. We are going to have a lot to do initially especially between now and the first of the year in terms of getting our accounts right, meeting with our CPAs, and attorneys. There is quite a bit we need to do. We don’t want to rush but take our time and put together whatever structure we need to do. All that needs to take time. We want to make a start getting some things under way. We will be doing that, and we will let you know when we will do another call. Check our website at thebigcall.net for any change in our schedule once we have this blessing. The day and time we will do another call. We are 12 days away from Christmas. That is where we are.

Bruce: Now is the goal for the people in charge of this Global reset their goal to have this happen prior to Christmas? My understanding is yes. We are very close of the start of this blessing for us. There are plans at this time for the so call John Q Public to go after, a little bit later. Our start, the internet group, considered a public private group that has been in touch of everything going on by calls, blog sites, and online sites. We are a large group, but not as large as John Q Public will be. They want to do this with us, along with the prosperity packages going out, and the subgroups going initially at the same time. A sort of shot gun start. I believe that is still the plan. Our situation with 6800 redemption centers in the United States and Canada staffed with Wells Fargo and HSBC people. That is plenty for us to go through with the size of the internet group in short order. Five to six days, maybe more quickly. That first meeting we are only to take no more than an hour. Get us exchanged; get our accounts initially set up with skeleton trust. Then set up a time a week or 10 days later to meet again with wealth managers, Abbott Downing etc. Initially we want to get our currency exchanged, initial funds put together, and get our credit cards ordered, and accounts set up. A lot of things to be done later when we get with our wealth manage person or team.

Where are we today in regards to that? I absolutely hate the term back wall. Is there a back wall? I am told there is. I am being told only a couple days away. They may take it to the end. I hope they don’t. We are in a situation we can go anytime. Let us take it this way. In terms of Iraq everything has been done in Iraq that needed to be done. They have the lower denominations put out and dispersed in ATM Bank machines, in banks and provinces. They have been paid. Have their rates been known Internationally yet? I don’t believe so. They talked about it, and lower denominations are in. That is all good. Their QI cards are charged up at a rate that is very good. We think we know what that rate is. They are moving forward doing business, and selling goods. Everything is rock and rolling. They have kept it from our media.

Bruce: Syria and Aleppo? They are making good progress against ISIS. Some people have escaped Aleppo and took refuges in another city. We think they are reaching some form of agreement where situation in Syria is minimized. I don’t know if it be complete before Christmas over there as far as ISIS. It could take longer. I think they are trying to clean up that situation.

Bruce: We heard yesterday they are exchanging currency in Israel, in Jerusalem. This is what I have heard. This is occurring possibly in other parts of the world, but I don’t know what country. I am going to call it rumor.

Bruce: We are at the point where we are ready to start. If you know the amount of the tranches, funds set, an 85 quintillion tranche at 3:16 Sunday morning to the United States. Another tranche, 60 quintillion Monday morning. Couple of tranches went through today early morning, and a very large one that is moving through now or sometimes tonight. Department of the Homeland Security is keeping eye on it. This is coming through. This is going to hydrate accounts of some of the subgroups and for us.

Bruce: Everything we are hearing today has pointed toward a final agreement that is a form of transition that was agreed upon yesterday. That takes us through the process of really finishing up and having everything that has been talked about for a couple of months and years coming to completion. That agreement was agreed on yesterday. It will help initiate the process for us to start. This is an agreement we hadn’t heard about, and just found about it. It initiates our final protocols. We are really in a place where we are just literally watching this come through. Maybe some things have to occur as this reveals. My understanding of the shot gun start is still there, is still real.

Bruce: We heard the toll free numbers have been dispersed and tested. Maybe available shortly, but not received yet. If I do receive the toll free number and allowed to put it out, we will put it out as we are allowed to whether through the Big Call site or other means. If I am able to do a short mini celebration call, I will do that. We will put the link out for that. We are ready to take action if we are blessed and favored to receive the toll free number.

Bruce: Beyond that everything I heard is completed. From what we heard there was a few little things needed to be done. Yesterday they were done. They were handled last night. A process we are moving through. We are literally waiting for the release for everything to go. Everything is set as of out West, and the Prosperity package scenario. The bonds have been paying out. They have been transacting. They are just putting finishing touches on it. I don’t know how else to say it. The 12 days of Christmas should be good for us. We will be experiencing that. We will have an incredible Christmas and New Years.

Bruce: Did anyone see the Operational United Nations site or check it today? The 13th is when the Operations rates suppose to be posted if there are any changes in them. The date it suppose to take effect is on the 15th. It is called the midmonth report. Today there was a note that there would be no mid month change of Operational rates. We had months were there was no change in the middle of the month, but not have a note say there will be a change on the 29th of December and effective 31 of December. They have never announced that as I just said. What does that tell us? The fact there is no middle of the month operational rate change tells me they want any rates we may see in the first basket currency be kept private. Kept quiet and not be out yet. This is why those of us who want to exchange for a privately negotiated rate will sign an NDA. Be a soft NDA or a hard NDA depending on the length of time we expect our projects will endure. Whether 10, 20, 25, or even 50 years an NDA based on the length of time we intend to run our humanitarian projects. That hard NDA will change to reflect the payout of our funds for humanitarian projects. That percentage we will be using for humanitarian projects. That is the difference.

Bruce: I know some people are thinking not to take an NDA but the screen rate and blow off the concept of projects. I understand that their desire to do this and just be done with it and live your own life and not keep up with an NDA. I am personally not worried about an NDA. I am not a social media guy; I don’t have to worry about Face book, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other site to put information out. I really think the NDA is suppose to be a 13/4 page to 2 pages. Not a big deal. Just for you to be kept quiet, not to bring it up to media or to the news information people. To keep it to yourself and keep it quiet. I know some of you have kids and grandkids and may not be able to do that. If you can keep those kids quiet about your new found wealth, then consider it.

Bruce: If you don’t have a project yet put together, I told you we were going to do Rebuild America. We should be able to build that infrastructure all over the United States and rebuild America. I asked for some help with the people on The Big Call. I am looking for people to say I like to be part of that. I like to adopt a small town, a city. I am asking people to step up who want to lead in something like that. We can combine all our information on to rebuild and what we want to do and have a common site where we can talk, blog initially get a plan. We will pick an area, we will have a map possibly that will show this. What are we planning on doing with that? All over the country we are planning to remodel homes, rebuild homes, work on schools that need funding whether add ons, or new builds, clinics and hospitals for the community, community gardens, aquaponics, greenhouses, water and water filtration, etc. A lot of projects that will be developed around infrastructure and job creation. Keep in mind if you don’t have one of your own, you can jump in and take one of ours. Say yes I got a town I want to adopt. You can do several. Do that and that can be part of your presentation. Say “There is a call called the Big Call and we are going to have 5000 or more people volunteering to help to adopt a community. We are calling it Rebuilding America. It deals with infrastructure, job creation and longevity.” These are the concepts you want to use when you are talking about it. We are all favored. So you will have no trouble negotiating the higher rates you will need to give you more than enough to sustain the longevity of the projects. I plan to do long term. Let’s all consider whatever we get it is not about profit but about getting the money out responsibly to further their lives. Do it responsibly. Just don’t throw money at a situation and walk away. 

Bruce: That is the Intel I want to bring tonight. I feel very good where we are. I want you to feel the same way. Thank you Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. Guys you know I got fairly emotional last Thursday. I am believing that. So you know I wasn’t hurt per say. So everyone who thought I was, it wasn’t about me personally. I was feeling was the healing of the community. I was feeling everybody of Big Call country been affected and hurt. That was the pain I was feeling that. Just so you know personally I am good, I am fine. I just wanted you to know that. Thank you for those of you who sent emails. I appreciated that. I had no idea that I was going to react like I did. I just welled up and you heard the result. It just happened.

Bruce: I am excited about the timing where we are. I do believe we are going to enjoy the 12 days of Christmas. I do believe things are in process. These large tranches are taking care of bond holders, prosperity packages, and taking care of us. We will be seeing that toll free number coming to us. Then we will be able to set those appointments to go in, take care of the exchange, and walk out jubilated and ready to enjoy everything that is coming for the Christmas season.

Thank everyone for coming in. Thank you, Kent for handling the website and the emails. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven. Everybody have a blessed night, and have a good sleep tonight. We will have a call Thursday. We are planning to be available for it. We might not have it, but we will be available for it on December 15th. Everybody have a beautiful night. Good Night Everybody.



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