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Monday, December 26, 2016

"Next Few Days" - Mon. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


 » December 26th, 2016

Had a wonderful Christmas ........ spent the complete day with my family praising God on the day that we represent his birth

As for our study we are looking for the numbers on the oil that we suggested but instead we find the UN and IMF to be very interested in what they're doing with their oil ........... Fascinating ......... So will our CC be. Our CC will not have any advertisers we start at seven (est) and ends at 8:15 be there so we can .......... SHARE.

 » December 26th, 2016

I didn't see anything on the thread when does Iraq meet with Kuwait to address the last issue of the UN to release the rate?

 » December 26th, 2016

This coming Wednesday is the meeting !

 » December 26th, 2016

That is AMAZING!!!

 » December 26th, 2016

Sure is ............hey Iraq you filthy country pay your own $&@! bills ........ NOW!!! This is extremely good for our investment . Do you think we should talk about this on the CC LOL.

 » December 26th, 2016


 » December 26th, 2016

in the next few days is better than soon!!! lol We will see ...

 » December 26th, 2016


 » December 26th, 2016

I AM SPEECHLESS !!! This is some really good news. With all the articles that hit today it really seems like a Christmas miracle. This was an amazing information day!

 » December 26th, 2016

Delta they said NEW OFFICIAL RATE that is amazing they put that on TV. Train has left the Station heading WEST

 » December 26th, 2016

Ya ............. lt sure is !!! Along with what WS put up earlier today from the UN .

 » December 26th, 2016

the way I read it, seems to come from the TV and Delta emphasized it to us that they are talking about the new rate. We only have 6 more days to 12/31 I am excited too

 » December 26th, 2016

IMO, I believe currency sanctions have been, relinquished.. stricken... from Iraq (except 1) At least that's what it sounds like to me... meaning now, the CBI can lift their rate at will... under heavy influence from 3 letter agencies of course... all imo.... let's see what oil does

 » December 26th, 2016

This is both excellent if it's true... and excellent even if they miss "the next few days"... which is 3 day's (Wednesday)... which is also the UN / Kuwait meeting?!?!

 » December 26th, 2016


CBI warns banking offices violation of the pricing of the dollar

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Vowed to CBI, Sunday, to take legal measures, "tight" against the violation of banking offices to the official dollar exchange rate, noting that the high dollar prices due to speculation on the black market.

A spokesman for the Acer Jabbar Bank in a press statement, said that " the Central Bank will take new legal action against the tight banking offices contrary to the official dollar exchange rate over the next few days."

He added that "those measures aimed at reducing the dollar and support the Iraqi dinar against other foreign currencies and reduce dependence on the black market price."

Jabbar said that "all banking offices monitored by the bank is not possible for lack of a sufficient number of employees," adding that " the reason for the continued rise of the dollar due to speculation on the black market."


 » December 26th, 2016

All in all, IMO Iraq is doing a VERY good job of keeping us guessing. I don't know how much longer we have, but I'm at peace.

 » December 26th, 2016

In agreement, and imo, Frank has said that if you see said numbers hold, Iraq can then move forward with budget... this is what we are expecting, Lord willing! I have no idea the consequences that will arise if they do not... stalling will only hurt them.... I believe this is going way smoother than they make it seem... that's why they keep us guessing. Misleading articles, and leaks, makes this study difficult...

 » December 26th, 2016

no matter the timing it takes them to finish the last steps bringing the IR of the IQD to our level with the GCR, the urgency to complete it asap doesnt go away January 2nd IMO...if we get there.

China/Kuwait syndrome was in full effect last week... more good news for us IMO.

 » December 26th, 2016

IMO believe budget is signed and we are waiting for Trigger points from Brent Oil. My neighbor is a trader for Exxon and he said they trade 7x24 all year but we won't see anything until Tues-Friday next week.

 » December 26th, 2016

Iraq would emerge from Chapter VII after deducting the file of Kuwaiti reparations

Baghdad / Iraq News Network Foreign Ministry announced on Sunday, for all working Iraq fulfill its obligations regarding the decision to exit from under Chapter VII, confirmed that he left only file of Kuwaiti reparations. He said ministry spokesman Ahmed Jamal said in a statement today:

" The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs led the six rounds of important negotiations with the General Secretariat of the United Nations and the views of contracting with them in New York and Paris in order to implement one of the requirements of Security Council Resolution No. 1958 of 2010 and private exit Iraq from Chapter Chapter VII belongings after his commitment to end the oil - for - food and medicine program. "

"The Permanent Representative of Iraq's UN Ambassador Mohammed Ali Hakim headed Iraq 's negotiating team , which finally form of consultants and experts from the Foreign Ministry and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Justice, and the efforts culminated in an agreement whereby the resolution of the external financial issues related to the oil dossier vs. food, medicine and the restoration of Iraq for an amount approximate value of US $ 145 million. "

Beauty and stressed that "Iraq has thus fulfilled its commitment before the final decision regarding his release from under Chapter VII, as it was left only has complete compensation with neighboring Kuwait file."


 » December 26th, 2016

Iraq calls for the implementation of e-dinar

o Baghdad / term

Rafidain Bank urged to leave work instruments system before issuing the e - dinar.
The Director of the Rafidain Bank Khawla student, in a press statement, said that "electronic money are important in increasing the money supply within the banking system , " indicating it would "contribute to the creation of deposits out of bank records and help to monitor and control the movement of these deposits."

She stressed that " the electronic system helps eliminate corruption and fraud and speed up the collection and payment and provision of services have the consent of the citizens and increase the level of culture among the society", calling on the media to "that supports the banking business in Iraq and not to discredit the banks because it would shake the trust between the public and the banks . " .

Jabbar and stressed " the need to leave work instruments system before issuing the e - dinar with the emphasis on raising public awareness of distasteful regimes electronic payment."

The e - dinar means get rid of the payment in cash to electronic payment through credit cards , which operates most of the countries. LINK

Don961 » December 26th, 2016

Iraq calls to leave work "system instruments" before issuing the e-dinar

25/12/2016 18:47

National Center Brief NNC - Rafidain Bank, called Sunday to leave the work instruments system before issuing the dinar - mail, stressing the importance of the last increase in the money supply within the banking system.

Press office of the bank said in a statement received "National Center Brief" a copy of "The director general of the bank Khawla student Jabbar confirmed through their participation in one of the economic seminars on the importance of e-cash and its impact on increasing the money supply within the banking system," indicating that "contribute to the creating depositsoutside the banking records and helps to monitor and control the movement of these deposits. "

She Jabbar "The electronic system helps eliminate corruption and fraud and speed up thecollection and payment and provision of services have the consent of the citizens and increase the level of culture among the society", calling on the media to "that supports the banking business in Iraq and not to discredit the banks because that will shake the trust between the public and the banks ".

Jabbar and stressed "the need to leave work instruments system before issuing the e-dinar with the emphasis on raising public awareness of distasteful regimes electronic payment."
The Central Bank of Iraq, in February, ready for the application of the electronic payment system and the launch of e-dinar increase contributes about dealing with the banks and reduce the problems of the cash deal.




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