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Saturday, December 31, 2016

"Love Binds Us All Together" - Guest Post by Amesenj

Entry Submitted by Amesenj at 10:18 PM EST on December 31, 2016

​Happy New Year 2017 to all my beloved brothers and sisters of the DC community. It's been a tough twelve months for so many, feeling pushed to the limit of their endurance in so many ways but a New Year always brings hope of better to come. Someone once said patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.Hmm, ranters please take note.lol

So, what exactly can you do to help create the abundance and help facilitate its actual occurence as perceived in your reality? Well, please allow me to give my 100 trillion dollars worth (I never did like the idea of only two cents worth because two cents worth suggests a meagre and limited amount of input).

God created the world and united the waters of the globe by one Divine thought, so He sure wasn't thinking in small terms. And you can be certain that originally it would have been paradisical, full of the wonderments of nature with pure waters and all the amazing life that would spring from it. Once man was introduced to the planet it had all things he needed as long as he kept in harmony with nature and learned to take all that was needed to survive.

Then free will is introduced as an experiment for a 3d view of duality and the illusion that you are separate from the Creator, Man takes hold of the reins and the lower, greedy carnal self takes control and things take a downhill slide from there. Add into the melting pot other beings such as the Annunaki to overshadow man to do their bidding and so the nightmare begins for the masses to slowly become enslaved.

Even with the advent of a supreme lightworker such as Jesus arriving at the beginning of the Piscean Age it is insufficient to extricate the masses from the hole that they find themselves in. The powers that be at the time couldn't possibly allow the Prince of Peace to keep on teaching people about their own God given powers and how to tap into them. He was far too much of a thorn in their side. The masses weren't sufficiently Spiritually aware anyhow to fully comprehend his teachings.

Then the churches get to work in such a way to produce their scriptures in accordance with how they wished them to be seen as certainly much of Jesus' life, words and teachings were omitted. The church wants people to believe that God can only be reached via their intercession as a form of control. It talks of fearing God, which makes me smile because God is Love, so why would you fear God, as fear is Love's polar opposite?

Also Matthew 19:24 says, 'Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God." How is that reconciled with the Vatican having gigantic hordes of wealth that they're not prepared to disperse to the poor?

This kind of hypocrisy is too much for me so I turned away from the Bible and began looking for truth within via meditation.

I came across these enlightening words many years ago: And Jesus answered: “Seek not the law in your scriptures, for the law is life, whereas the scripture is dead. I tell you truly, Moses received not his laws from God in writing, but through the living word. The law is living word of living God to living prophets for living men. In everything that is life is the law written. You find it in the grass, in the tree, in the river, in the mountain, in the birds of heaven, in the fishes of the sea; but seek it chiefly in yourselves. For I tell you truly, all living things are nearer to God than the scripture which is without life.

God so made life and all living things that they might by the everlasting word teach the laws of the true God to man. God wrote not the laws in the pages of books, but in your heart and in your spirit. They are in your breath, your blood, your bone; in your flesh, your bowels, your eyes, your ears, and in every little part of your body. They are present in the air, in the water, in the earth, in the plants, in th e sunbeams, in the depths and in the heights. They all speak to you that you may understand the tongue and the will of the living God.

But you shut your eyes that you may not see, and you shut your ears that you may not hear. I tell you truly, that the scripture is the work of man, but life and all its hosts are the work of our God. Wherefore do you not listen to the words of God which are written in His works? And wherefore do you study the dead scriptures which are the work of the hands of men?”

I'd like to point out that I haven't posted this as a Bible bashing exercise as I realise it gives much comfort to many and I'm glad for those that it does. I remember a wonderful channel for Spirit once coming out with this opening line, 'would you be prepared to give up your religion if it meant peace throughout the world?' and he was immediately ejected from the premises. In my humble view all doctrines should be subject to the closest scrutiny if they are built on the bedrock of truth and you shouldn't be in fear of being killed if you take issue with any of them.

However, I don't want to digress from the core of this post. It's about love, peace and abundance so that lives can be filled with joyous living and not a painful existence.

So how do we work together as a team to create this RV abundance with the help of the lightworkers from above? Well, unity of purpose is paramount. Knowing the goal and objective is essential and particularly understanding that conflictual energies will only serve to DELAY this event. Egos are constantly coming to the fore within the DC to prove a point and some are like a dog with a bone and just won't relent, constantly giving negative energy to this process in a tit for tat exercise.

We are all aboard this boat as oarsmen and women pulling together wishing to get to the same destination. Is that not so? We're also loving spiritual beings that give our very best when sharing that loving energy. Harmony is essential.

We are all at different levels of awareness but we aren't in competition as competitive nature comes from the ego, the delusional sense of self.

I'd like to thank all that have posted throughout the year for taking the time and energy to do so. We're only ever one of two things in life, teacher or pupil, so thank you to those who have taught me things I needed to learn.

Thank you also Patrick for your loving energies that you have kindly provided for the community and for continually allowing such freedom of expression on DC, as life would be much duller without such diversity of thoughts. As Voltaire once said, 'I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it.'

May love, light and peace be with you in every step you take and may your blessings and abundance appear in this year 2017.




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