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Thursday, December 1, 2016

KTFA CC Highlights by FrostyTheSnowman from Wed. 11-30-16


FrostyTheSnowman » November 30th, 2016

Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls at KTFAlways.com

It is Wednesday, November 30, 2016.

We greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, because we are a Christian based organization/forum.


Welcome to your Wednesday CC.

We usually talk about Liquid BioCell … but not tonight.

Monday we shared some NEW and INTERESTING information … and that was just PART ONE.

Tonight is PART TWO … and IF … and I do mean IF things go well … it is possible … that by the next time … we may not even need to talk too much … IMO.

The following Monday (next cc) … we believe … well … I guess tonight you’ll be able to see what we believe.

This whole conference call is in my opinion.

We believe that we can prove all of this … BUT … all of tonight’s CC is in MY OPINION.

I want to quickly apologize … I have a cold … I’ve been under a lot of stress … I have not slept well … I became ill … but we’re going to get through this tonight … in about 1.5 hours or so … because my voice may not make it.

Two things have happened that are a bit unusual.

See this? This is the report (stack of files) we have for tonight.

As you can see … it is almost endless … (like 100 pages).

We have been studying … but I tore out 4 pages … and I won’t be able to share those with you … because it contains the in-country RATE that we’re not prepared to share with you tonight.

Delta came in and delivered some information for us. If I share that information with you (from Delta) tonight … it is possible … that you will be able to figure out those 4 pages that are missing.

If not … trust that I will eventually give them to you either on TeamChat … but for sure NEXT MONDAY.

We believe it is a great possibility … that they might give them to you before next Monday.

Do you know what UN OPERATION RATES ARE? Sure you do.

They are posted on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Last time we suggested that there was a 1 to 1 (actually a higher rate than 1 inside of the country) that was being used as a transitional rate for contracts.

Also being used to bring in the commodities for infrastructure for Iraq.

We believe that it matured to the point … and the citizens are now be introduced to it … because this is the RI … the Reinstatement of their currency.

Therefore … IMO – NOT BEFORE THE 15th … but DO count the 15th … or the 1st of January.

For what? For the UN Operational Rate.

The last time I was with you … I turned into somewhat of a sap. I tend to wear my emotions on my shoulders. Having knowledge is one thing … but how you distribute it … is another form of responsibility.

Be believe that this coming Monday … (the 5th) … the IMF’s meeting that was changed from the 7th of Dec. to December the 5th … we believe that the IMF is waiting for them to show them they have lifted the value of their currency.

We believe VERY STRONGLY that they have … and that the evidence … is now public.

I won’t tell you what that rate is. I got close to telling you it was 1 to 1.

IOO – they have until the 5th

What we are sharing … is of any value … you must understand … they have surprised us. Because we can see this rate now. “We” being my teams, my friends, my study group.

I know you have trouble finding it. I know you want to see it … but I told you … it would be part of the 3 stages that were being introduced to you.

I’ll do this much … Tink … hand me my phone please.

As you recall … I told you that Delta sent me a text … and I’m going to show you this text.

This is the evidence that it is PUBLIC … BUT … YOU will NOT understand it … (at least the majority of you won’t understand it). Here’s why. It’s not that it’s just on the CBI website … but it is on the spreadsheet on the Arabic side of the CBI’s website. What is Frank? …

Do you see that 0.87?

We protect this information from the Internet – because there are a lot of disrespectful people on the Internet.

The bottom of the right-hand corner of the spreadsheet on the CBI website is showing you a RATE … it’s 0.87

That’s impressive!

IOO – (in our opinion) … oh wow! … DoodleBug, SherylBonham, RMF … you are STUDENTS! I see what you guys are posting … but I’m not about to say it!!!! Because I’m going to save it for Monday … because they want to show it to the IMF.

I told you … only a few would be able to take that data and interpret it … I AM IMPRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m giving you this IMO … but the evidence is there.

If you take the foreign exchange number and you divide it by the money supply … … and you’ll be able to figure out what it is.

But … there is NO evidence of it yet.

We believe that the auctions of the CBI are about to DRAMATICALLY CHANGE … if they haven’t already.

We believe that there is a software downloading that is occurring right now for the CBI auctions … starting today.

​We believe that started today … or the testing of this new system.

Both examples of what I showed you … these are BOTH IMF REQUIREMENTS … on the 5th.

We believe that the numbers on the CBI spreadsheet has already occurred.

What is changing on the CBI website?

Normally when you go to a banks (dealing with international regulations – like the US Treasury) and you want to take out some money (currency) – they have to order it … and then they sell it to you (with a little profit) known as a spread. That’s how the banks make a profit. The CBI website will now mature to that level.

The spreadsheet … these are realistic numbers.

Either it happened today … or they are testing the CBI website.

We believe that is started today.

I believe that we will see/learn more … leading up to the 5th when they meet with the IMF to give their report.

IMO … the MCP is gone! That’s why we see a new system for the CBI.

That’s why … 1180 is gone from the auction numbers since about Nov 7th.

The budget is approved by the United States of America – but we’re not too sure where it’s at yet with Iraq.

We know that this is in dinars.

Look for the credit rating to change rapidly based on these actions.

Question: Why is the World Bank trying to give Iraq a loan?

Answer: Same reason why the IMF is trying to give them a loan … and to bridge the budget into 2017 … AND … to improve their credit rating. This is their incentive from the swap and derivatives that they have been doing with their contracts that we told you about … that they told you about. Look at our new thread on our forum called FINAL ARTICLES.
The swap and derivatives articles are amazing … and Delta has been a great help in understanding them.

As you’ll recall … Iraq still had a few things to do for the IMF.

#1 – Putting the CBI rate BEFORE the 5th


Both requirement of the IMF.

Once the auction and budget are done … the IMF will meet … all the requirements (God willing) will be done before the 5th.

The Minister of Planning showed you an article early this year. What rate did he suggest? The same rate that you just calculated family. Congratulations!

As far as the IMF loans … they just aren’t going to get them … UNTIL they change their value and foreign policy.

If they want their 640 Million Dollars … ok … rest assured … they will NOT get the loans … before the 5th. See you on the 5th.

The evidence before us is like a dream … well wake up … because dreams come true.

This was supposed to happen clear back to 2013 … but Maliki and whatever factors postponed it.

Yes, it is impressive of the progress of the process of the reinstatement of their currency.

No more problems … no more Maliki … it’s time for PURCHASING POWER for everyone … citizens … investors … for Donald Trump !!! Call it a reward for your PATIENCE!

Last Monday we showed you a video … I should have told you it was from Kurdistan.

Many were happy to see it … but a handful and other forums who don’t know what we study here got confused.

Remember the tomatoes?

It said something like 9,999

Someone thought that was like 9 thousand dinars for a pound of tomatoes. Silly brother.
You see … if you were able to see the comma … you see the USD is broken into 100 units (pennies). 100 pennies = $1.00

The IQD is broken down into 1,000 units (fils).

So in the USA … when you see a price that says $9.99 … that’s because our USD is broken into 2 zero brackets(digits) for the pennies.

In Iraq … it’s in 3 zeros … because there are 3 zeros in one-thousand units. In 100 units … there are 2 zeros.

Sorry that you didn’t interpret it correctly … sorry that you didn’t have the information …
sorry that you’re ignorant about it. But I didn’t say anything … I left it alone … but many on our forum … like OldManRiver and PappaJ … did a great job in understanding it.

PappaJ said … “the dinar is not a unit of 100 cents like the dollar … a dinar has 1,000 fils (three numbers to the right) in the picture.”

Yes! Very good!

In our new thread … we are putting up new articles that will help you.

It’s labeled as THE FINAL ARTICLES

Frank26: Delta … a few days ago brought in an article that blew us out of the water.

Remember a few months ago … a manager from the Rafidian Bank said that they wanted to use the international cards so that the citizens could use the cards as debit or credit cards … but the only way they would work would be to lift the 3 zeros from their exchange rate.

Check the article out … CHANGE REMITTANCE THROUGH THE CARDS … electronic payment through credit card types.

Delta posted on this article … “BINGO!!!”

Um ………… TA-DA!!!!!!!

That’s why it’s easy now … on your 2nd of three parts of cc’s to tell you what we found on the CBI spreadsheet.

Some did great!

You took the foreign exchange number and divided it by the money supply … and you came up with that number … that the Minister of Planning told you early this year that they were going to introduce.

None of this is really hard … it’s just that most are not 24/7 students – like we are.

We have all of these articles/ files and we are hunters in the still of the night. We found all of it … which most of it started on November the 7th.

Now … the only way the cards could be introduced to the citizens is because they lifted their 3 zeros! Congratulations!

Now, on the 5th of December … we told you changed from the 7th to the 5th … trying to things a little faster before the year ends … they will meet … they will talk about the loans, movement of freedom of capital, etc. because all of this is a part of Article 8.

There are so many markers along the way that is blowing this study out of the water.

Monday was very illuminating … but today it will be as bright as a QUASAR.

We believe that around 12 noon yesterday, is when we saw these new rates inside of the CBI’s spreadsheet on the Arabic side.

Maybe the IMF website will soon show it to you … after the 5th.

The credit card is a HUGE marker. They announce that like 5 banks are going to do remittances automatically through these credit cards for the citizens … the DEBIT card … the CREDIT card.

The charge will be deducted electronically … so the citizens won’t have to deal with cash because they don’t like it … and they’re not used to coins.

All of this is announced on the CBI’s website in Arabic … and IMO … the auctions have changed and they will be on the CBI website very soon … probably on the Arabic side.

These cards will pay their employees, retirees … because the 3 zeros were lifted … if not … this project could not be implemented right now. Before the 5th. How impressive.

The spreadsheet shows 0.87 … and you know what to do with it … don’t you?

I wish to talk about that number on next Monday or on TeamChat on Friday.

If you know where to search … on the CBI Arabic side … this number is PUBLIC.

And since November 7th … they have been slowly impressing the IMF for compliance.
It is not on the English side.

The rate has changed IMO.

When will they announce it?

What was the first thing I told you to write down today? (Not before the 15th … but DO count the 15th … or until the 1st of January.

So many articles are coming together … to fill in the slots of Article VIII … and all of this is only real IF the 3 zeros have been lifted and the evidence show it to be.

In a scientific approach … there is no doubting … it is irrefutable … just like in a court of law … if this was presented to the judge … he would say “throw this out of my court … you are wasting my time … OF COURSE THEY HAVE!”

The IBN that we talked about … was at Warka’s website. GO!

These cards. GO!

IMF meeting on the 5th. GO!

Operational Rate posted on the 15th … or the 1st … I hope they do GO!

These Qi cards have been activate for a while now … they are now just telling you about them.

Internationally … through a completely new system … these cards were introduced … and no one would know if Delta hadn’t brought you that article … or WalkingStick, or Samson. We’ve got great newshounds don’t we?

All through a completely new system … cards … MCP … for the IMF.

IQD currency will come through these cards … this is VERY SIGNIFICANT! And we are not even into December yet.

The 7th? … MOVED!

Before December 5th!

The expected date of the IQD on the global market … is in our opinion … will be on the 15th or the 1st … but it has to go through the United Nations … so LOOK in that direction.

Iraq could do the REINSTATEMENT of the value of their currency and go into the REVALUATION of their currency and then announce it publicly.

​Iraq is still under 2 sanctions:

​#1 – Reinstate their currency … (I believe they are about to show that).

#2 – Corruption and Money Laundering … (I believe are well taken care of).

IMO … the UN will see that this is done and then approve them to GO INTERNATIONAL because the evidence is really, really there that they have lifted the 3 zeros!

Then Iraq (CBI) will post this on their website … probably on the Arabic side.

If something was missing from the MR process … the IMF would not be this deep with Iraq’s Monetary Reform yet. The IMF knows where the plan is at … at this very moment.

Why the RI evidence? So blatant … and not go into the RV? 15th or 1st? Because you cannot international at 1188 – so stop talking about it! They’re not talking about it … they’re DOING about it!

Everything is done … laws, budget, commerce laws, foreign investor protection, cards, lifting of the 3 zeros, etc.

There were a total of 5 requirements the IMF demanded THIS YEAR … and nothing is left but an announcement. An announcement is looming.

Family, that I love so much … the next thing to look for is for them to make it public … that the IQD has entered the INTERNATIONAL world. Reinstated? Done! Revalued? Next! By the IMF blessings. 15th or 1st.

This is all that we are looking for from now on family!

BTW – laws are being amended. I see what the other Guru’s say about it … and I think it’s silly. Don’t let the articles confuse you. We (USA) are constantly amending/updating our laws. Laws do not just sit on the books forever. They are updated with reasons … consistently … and that is what Iraq is doing with their budget.

IMO – the international rate release … NOT BEFORE THE 15th … BUT DO COUNT THE 15th (that is the RV) … from now until the 5th that is the RI.

The United Nations must release these sanctions … it’s that simple and I’m trying to point in that direction for you … it is simply an administration task. Nothing more.

They are bringing their presents to the feet of the IMF BEFORE the 5th … LOL … before the 7th. Marshall plan does this.

Before the 5th … the IMF … show us the international rate … and then on the 15th (inside of Iraq) … let us see the rate … make an announcement … let it go international … or on the 1st … global markets … or in the Mookla in 2017.

Right now, they are reinstating the currency as their natural currency, and they have stopped the MCP and the auctions will show you very soon … IMO.

Int’l rate can only hide for 3 days … IMO … the UN is the cover for this movement.

Iraq – announce the rate. Before the 5th? We seem to see it.

The products/commerce that they brought in … interesting. Quite an evidence.

Do you want to know a secret?

IMO – it is a requirement to do all of this … BEFORE THE 5th … OH SNAP!!!!

There are 15 days … 3 days … all a part of the formula.

Stop trying to calculate! Start to pray. Give thanks for Abadi … and Trump! Just give thanks and stop asking so many questions!

When someone helps you across the street with busy traffic … why do you need to ask questions?

I’m just tired … sick 3 times this year … trying to help others understand
The IMF learned from their lesson. They told us Iraq was going to be international … but Iraq wasn’t ready. So the “powers-that-be” said, “Up yours Iraq! Don’t you understand that we are in charge?”

Oil prices were crushed.

ISIS same tactic.

No money from their low oil prices.

Iraq … (who was supposed to be international by the middle of 2017) … we’re going to drop the oil prices dramatically – which put a lot of pressure on Iraq and their budget plans to the point they asked for loans … coming right back to the hand that fed them … the same hand that they bit.

So … they gave them (Iraq) a loan in July … then another jus to survive … but here’s what you need to do Iraq. The last 2 things of five!

Do you want another loan … then don’t make us look stupid again! Go international NOW!
I told you … once you see Fallujah … you’re going to see the infrastructure … and once you have Mosul … you’re going to see the Monetary Reform.


They did all of this with a big fat lady … hiding all of the activities.

All of the sudden the freedom of the movement of capital SCREAMED because the foreign investors then had these commerce/contracts …transitional rates … infrastructure contracts … and then all of the sudden you have swaps? Go to the final article thread and read it. They have swaps and derivatives?

Delta watches the IMF and the CBI website in Arabic for us.

The IMF … you happy now? (Yeah!)

See … a 5 Billion Dollar loan won’t do squat … that isn’t enough to get them through December into January.

This 2nd loan is to bridge the budget into the RV into 2017. They can take it from there.

Then, in 2017 … the LD’s GRADUALLY … (tattoo that the word “GRADUALLY” your brain) … GRADUALLY … SLOWLY … come out to the citizens. Primary is the 500 and 250 that they’ve introduced to them … but you know what they haven’t is the 50 and 100. They’ll use the 100 like you.

Why is it they will gradually give them the LD’s? Why not the whole pile all at once.

Because they are forcing the citizens to use the cards … they want them to become an e-commence system. Go e-Dinar.

All of the banks are forcing this onto the system. Electronic transactions … they will like … so they won’t have to deal with lots of coins.

Hence why they are in no rush to introduce the LD’s other than the ones that have already been introduced.

Maybe … maybe on the 15th … NOT BEFORE THAT TIME FRAME … but remember it could also wait until Jan 2017 – (remember the beginning … Mookla).

I told you about a site that we are studying and following the shows derivatives that shows certain increases in country that proves to any court of law that there has been a change in their currency. I don’t want to give that to you just yet.

The UN put the sanctions on Iraq … and they are the only ones who can take it them off!

Please … go and read the 18 or so articles … and they will lead you in the same direction.

Today … they lead you into March 2017.

Why? Because of the bonds? No. The bonds which will be sold in Iraqi Dinars, for me and my Teams, is ancient history.

I will be with you again on Friday (TeamChat). You have to be a member of our forum with a premium membership. If you’d like to join us, send an email to joinKTFAlways@gmail.com

Click on FORUM … and click on the SIGN-IN tab. Create a user name and password and come on it.

On Monday’s CC … the final (Part 3) … which BTW is the 5th of December … the same day as the IMF meeting … and we’re hoping to know more then about the number you calculated tonight.

I’ve told you 3 times now … NOTHING before the 15th … then on the 15th … the RI announcement by the CBI (which is an IMF requirement) to be announced 3 days after they release it. All of the evidence before the 5th. The RI is the requirement in order to get in the door of the IMF meeting on the 5th.

The RI announcement is next … between NOW and MONDAY … IMO.

Did you like you cc tonight?

I am at peace and I want you to be as well.

I pray that you understand it.

I will be as silent as I can from now until Monday … and VERY LOUD on Friday’s TeamChat.

I’m sorry that I was fatigued tonight … sorry I was sick tonight. I plan on being better on Monday.

In all honesty … the QUASAR will shine very brightly between now and then.

I thank you for being with us.



Dreams are the blueprints to your future.




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