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Saturday, December 17, 2016

"Are you Incapable of Shame?" - 12.17.16

Received via email at 12:46 AM EST. ~ Dinar Chronicles


Keep in mind when you're watching this video, Samantha Power is a loyal cabal family member who from birth swore her dying allegiance to creating the maximum amount of evil against humanity through deception and chaos.

Here's she's flipping the truth and actually addressing the atrocities her own evil has committed in the world (recently) and making it to look as if both she and the USA, Inc are some righteous member of the world community.

They are the exact opposite. They are the inhuman killers with no shame. No soul. And no trace of compassion.

No longer will any cabal government controlled be allowed to represent UN membership as a permanent member the UN Security Council moving forward--or non-permanent for that matter.

Plus, we all know that CNN is fake news and that the cabal is not now, nor ever was, sincere in anything they think, do or say publicly. So by definition a cabal member can never be part of a true humanitarian effort, council or political entity such as the theory behind the UN origin.

Please open your mind and awaken to the truth of God's intent for your world. It's not war, poverty or fear. And learn to discern God's truth from the cabal fiction and find a way live with the harsh answers you discover.

Because until you master the discernment, discovery and detachment methodology--you cannot ascend out of their vibrational matrix hold or false mimic cabal world.

Know you are one of the radical change agents the cabal has long feared would see through their grand deception and help others ascend into God's Benevolent Will versus their malevolent hell on earth.

Liv Brave.