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Saturday, November 12, 2016

"You Are Telepathic" - One Who Believes - 11.12.16

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 2:03 PM EST on November 12, 2016

You Are Telepathic

Telepathy is the normal communication method of the Universe and YOU have that ability naturally. That is how prayer works, and is the basis of Law of attraction. How could you create what you think, by the law of attraction, if what you think stayed in your head? Your thoughts not only have creative power, but they are also communicative as well. Of course you have been taught that ability doesn't exist when in truth, it is your most basic ability. In this post I will show you how it works and how to use it more deliberately.

Every Language ONLY Communicates Meaning

Let's imagine 4 different people speaking in their own cultural language such as English, Spanish, French, and German, and each says "Close the Door." Personally, I would understand the English version and the Spanish version, but for all the others I would have no idea what they meant. Notice that no matter the "Language Spoken," or the hand jesters offered such as pointing, the head nod in the direction of the Door, or sign language used by a deaf person, they ALL have a common denominator, they "MEAN" for the Door to become, or end up, in a closed position. So, no matter the Language or the method of communication, the only thing that is communicated is Meaning.

Crafting A Meaning

Meaning is our first big understanding about communication. Notice that Communicating Meaning is so important that we have books called dictionaries that list the meanings of all the words. You could call them a "Book of Meanings." Then we have "Rules" of our language for combining these words in a certain order, to craft the Exact Meaning we want to communicate.

But it is not that simple. Someone can say a certain set of words in a certain order and the meaning can still be changed by the tone of voice used. Sarcasm often created by tone of voice, typically conveys a meaning that is opposite of what the words mean.


I am sure you are beginning to realize that the only thing that is important is the Meaning. In fact the Meaning is so important, that when the communication is confusing, you always ask "What do you Mean?" We are always seeking and asking for the Meaning because the Meaning is the ONLY thing that is important.

Meaning IS The Language of Telepathy

So no matter what you say in verbal words or mental thoughts, it is the Meaning that is Communicated/Transmitted Telepathically. Since EVERYTHING is the Universe "Speaks" Meaning, once it is converted to Meaning, your communication becomes Universal. With your Telepathy ability you could think what you want in English, it then is naturally and automatically translated into what you Mean, and then another "Intelligence" could understand what you said or want. In example with your Telepathic ability, you could think in English and a French speaking person would be able to "Get" your Meaning and understand you perfectly. That is why and how Telepathy works so well, and frankly perfectly.

Meaning Includes EVERYTHING

When using Telepathic communication, there is no limit to your communication ability. You can communicate with the person standing next to you, or you could communicate with a being on the other side of the Universe. But that begs the biggest question about Telepathy: "If you can communicate across the Universe then how do you keep your communication private?"

Your communications are "Meant" for a certain "Being" in the Universe and that Being notices and receives that communication because it was "meant" for them. It is easy to see why Meaning is so important because not only is it the Message itself, but it is also indicates who the message is for/to. Meaning Includes EVERYTHING.

Meaning Selects Its Recipient

Imagine you are at a party or gathering where there are people all over the place and you are having a conversation with a certain person. When you are looking directly at that person and say something, they know what you are saying is "meant" for them to hear and possibly respond to. However, the other people nearby are not even listening because they know that what is being said is "not meant" for them to hear or respond to. Your message is like an email, because it has a designated recipient built in. That is why Praying for a certain person works, because who the message is meant for is also transmitted. You can stand up on a stage and communicate your message to many people or send a group email again communicating to a group of people. So there is both the Meaning of the message/communication and also who the communication is to (for) as well.

You Are Using ONLY Half of Your Ability

Naturally in any communication, there is both the transmitting of the message (The Meaning of the Message) and the receiving of the response (The Meaning of the Response). However when it comes to our Telepathic ability, the transmission part/half is fully functioning as it cannot be turned off. You can't turn off the Transmission part and that is why the Law of attraction and Karma works, because what you transmit out (Its Meaning) is then responded to by the Universe in like response, Karma, Meaning. If there were no transmission of meaning to the Universe there would be nothing for the Universe to respond to. There would be no "Law of Attraction."

The other half of Telepathy is to be able to receive and "Decode/Read/Understand" a telepathic message sent to you. This is the part that you will be learning how to use as we ascend to 5d. It is a natural ability and is built into all life forms in the Universe. You could be using this part when you get a feeling about a person, or what they mean. You probably are receiving in telepathic form what they are thinking or what their intentions are. But there will come a time when you can carry on a complete conversation with anyone you want to, without speaking a word out loud and no matter where they are in the World or Universe or what language they speak.

The Most Interesting Thing About Telepathy

The most exciting and interesting benefit of Telepathy, is that you can communicate with all Intelligences in the Universe no matter their form of existence. EVERYTHING in the Universe has Inelegance whether or not you can understand it or not. You are an "Intelligence," spirit, or soul that is "Inhabiting" your body which is just physical matter. There are so many other forms of Life that exist in the Universe which you will begin to realize and meet as soon as #1) You realize they are "Alive," and #2) You Realize that you can communicate with them.

Other "Forms" of Life/Intelligence

The Earth is alive and "She" has a name: Gaia. Again she inhabits the matter of Earth in the same way as you inhabit the matter of your body. There is the Mineral Kingdom, such as crystals which also have Life/Intelligence, in their own way. Believe it or not, they can communicate Telepathically since they are alive and have Intelligence. It may be hard at first to understand because you have been erroneously taught that Life is "Organic" like we are, but that is not true and it is time for you know that. Then you have the Plant Kingdom, which has Life, and like every other "Life/Intelligence" in the Universe can communicate Telepathically as well. Then of course, the Animal Kingdom is alive, which you already accept, but they can communicate Telepathically as well.

With Telepathy You Can Communicate With EVERYTHING

Even though you are only a master at your Transmitting ability, you will eventually be able to receive clear communication as well. So, that means that you right now have the ability to "Talk" (Communicate) to the Earth, Crystals, trees and animals as well. At this point you probably can't understand what they are saying back to you, but your innate ability will improve over time.

You can practice by speaking to a tree, Crystal or the Earth for example in your mind, and KNOW that your message has been transmitted and received. Practice sensing a response. It may sound like your own reasoning as to what the response is, but it could also be an accurate interpretation as well. You can practice at all times speaking in your mind or out loud to plants, animals with the expectation that they hear you. It is important for your development, that you know that you really are communicating, that makes it MEAN something, otherwise it is just meaningless babble.

It is Time For Real Truth

This is where this whole discussion gets very interesting. If you are still reading this, the Message is for you. Otherwise, if it were not, you would have never seen this post in the first place, much less read it all the way to this point. The current problem in the World at the moment, is the lack of real Information, that is true. We have been kept ignorant so that we could be controlled more easily. So many of our History and Science books are filled with half truths and outright lies. It is so hard to navigate through the books that are available to find the real truth. There is so much that you should know, and that you NEED to know. What is the real truth about the Earth? Is it solid as our scientist contend, or is it Hollow and teaming with life? What about the Earth, Mineral Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom, what should we know about them? What do they want us to know? While there will be a time when you can ask them yourself and carry on perfect two way communication with your Telepathic ability, for now, you will need to find that information somewhere else.

They Do Have a Message For You

It turns out, that those "Kingdoms" and the Inhabitants of Hollow Earth do have a message for you. It has been keep from you for so long but is now finally available. There is a writer by the name of Dianne Robbins www.DianneRobbins.com who has written several books detailing this valuable information. As you might have imagined, it was "Channeled" from those in higher dimensions who conveyed this information to her to be disseminated to the World.

I highly value these books because Zorra of Hollow Earth speaks highly of them and recommends them to all Light workers and those who are seeking higher enlightenment. That means a lot to me because so many books are either wrong or just pure lies (Fiction). So to be guided to the exact books that are true with highly valuable content, make it so easy to learn what is true and not waste time learning useless information that leads nowhere. There are five books altogether and according to Zorra, a MUST READ for us all.

I understand these books may be available on Amazon as well, but it is asked that we buy them from her direct website, so that she doesn't have to give Amazon a share of her proceeds. It is important that we support those who are bringing real. valuable, truth to our changing World. As a Humanitarian Project Idea, why not buy many copies and give them to schools and public libraries for all to read. These are the kind of books we need in our schools and libraries. Why not this Christmas give the gift of enlightenment to those you love and care about? Be sure to get a set for yourself and those you care about. Mark this website down on your list of "To Do" items. The only tip I might add is that after this post, there may be a run on the available books at this rare source of truth. If you order them early, you will give her a chance to get more printed in time for the Christmas rush.

I have included the information on these valuable books below for your consideration.

May We All Get Everything We Want and Live The Lives We Dream Of


One Who Believes


To receive her free updates simply subscribe to her channelings.

Dianne Robbins wrote the 1st TELOS book ever published in 1992.

Her Telos book opened the way for people worldwide to make their own connection to Adama and the City of Telos. The messages in her book were dictated by Adama, word-for-word, and never edited. Each sentence carries the pure flow of energy from Adama that connects you to Telos through Adama’s own vibration. Since then, Dianne has written four more books full of channeled messages from the Hollow Earth and Nature Kingdoms.


The Call Goes Out from the Cetacean Nation
A series of messages from the Cetacean species – Whales and Dolphins.

Available in both eBook and Paperback


Messages from the Hollow Earth

Not only is the Earth HOLLOW, but it's inhabited by Advanced Civilizations! Learn about the inner Earth cities of Lemuria.

Available in both eBook and Paperback



The First and Foremost book on Telos. Explore the rich family life of the people from the Lost Continent of Lemuria, who have been living in Telos, a Subterranean City beneath Mt. Shasta.

Available in both eBook and Paperback


Telepathically dictated messages from the TREE PEOPLE, acquainting us with the Nature World.
Available in both eBook and Paperback


Messages from the Crystal Kingdom

my most current channeling in full color, has been updated to include new additional poems from the Mermaids and Unicorns!

Available in both eBook and Paperback



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