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Thursday, November 24, 2016

"White Friday" - Guest Post by Sarah

Entry Submitted by Sarah at 3:18 PM EST on November 24, 2016

Hello family,

I am here to share with you what I have been able to process and integrate since my last post, with the intention to bring light, clarity, and healing to our beautiful family.

For a while now I have had a strong feeling that I will be in a redemption center on Friday. I was thinking about Black Friday and what it represents - one one hand, the sickness of our collective dependence on consumerism, and on the other the joy of giving to others. I remember when I was a small child, the news reports about the Furby craze and the people who got literally trampled just to buy a creepy furry toy for a child. People weren't trampled because they were in that store buying gifts for themselves. They stampeded the stores to find gifts for others, and this happens every year. How messed up and yet kinda sweet is that? So I propose that within our family, we rename this holiday White Friday. That we hold space today and tomorrow to honor TRUE gratitude and the real spirit of GIVING in a way that doesn't involve trampling others in any way shape or form.

Now, I've been a little worried. Firstly because I only have a 10T ZIM note and I would be absolutely bewildered if that isn't accepted straight away by the bank. When I purchased this note I chose the 10T because I felt that it was enough. I know that I have been following my heart and that I live in connection to Spirit so I don't think I made the wrong choice here. I don't think these things like the 100T vs smaller notes or the July cutoff date are realistic whatsoever. I do worry a little when I read these things though. I'd like to quell that anxiety by opening up a dialogue with intel providers about this issue specifically.

I've also been concerned about the back and forth over giving indiscriminately to all vs making some sort of character judgment and withholding funds from certain people based on my assessment of their spiritual evolution. I feel that this is not the way to go about this. Call me too altruistic but I hope and pray that this money is meant for ALL and not just us - however that plays out. Of course I do not want to do any harm, and I'm still uncertain whether giving money to all would be "bad" but in my heart I believe that this should not be a problem. I intend to come to a decision about this, with the help of more open dialogue between us. I want to know how to best serve humanity's highest good here.

My own personal journey of remembrance has become so concurrent with this journey we are on together in the currency community. This is something I take as another validation that this is all actually happening. So many selves have been awakened, and all are ready to give give give the way I have wanted and attempted to in so many lifetimes here on our beloved Gaia and in other star systems. I remember Orion and feel deeply that what is happening now is deeply connected to those ancient wars. I truly feel that the control mechanisms of the dark have become weakened and desperate. It seems all evidence points in that direction and I stand poised, like you, on this precipice ready to experience a totally new and as yet unknown way of being. This has been such a long time coming. I am awestruck by the magnitude of what we are doing here now. It is my deepest desire to share a world of abundance, peace and unity with all of you as well as the masses who are still unaware of the things we have been doing/experiencing so far. I see us at the forefront, with our awakening leading to an awakening of an even greater magnitude. I see our reunion with each other, the smiles on our faces and the feeling of the hugs I have been holding back for so long finally being shared with you. I see our reunion as well, with our galactic brothers and sisters, with those of Hollow Earth. I've been reading and re-reading Tolkein's Silmarillion and I feel that remembrance deep within of the time when we walked amongst the Valar, when we WERE the Valar. When Prime Creator's song was known in our hearts and sung by our souls. I long for this reunion with all of you and with our family even more than I desire to solve the problems of Gaia - though I know both are one and the same.

I ask you, all of you, for your love and wisdom at this time. My fears have been transmuted but I still feel the remnants of that bittersweet uncertainty. I guess I will until the 800#'s are released and I find myself moving forward rapidly through my soul's mission in a more concrete way. I am working diligently on what is within, knowing that it has a direct effect on what is external, especially on all of you. I refuse to let our collective Love be tainted by any further insecurity or ambiguity. I know the awakening is and has been here, I see it everywhere and feel it constantly. Each breath an initiation into a higher consciousness. I don't ever want to stop. But my friends, I do so want this unity, this healing, this funding, this change, so much so that I can think of nothing else. Until I am at that appointment, until I can take every single one of you into my arms in gratitude and unconditional love, until I can give give give to whoever and whatever Spirit leads me, until I can freely move about the earth, until I can enter the crystal healing chambers and process what will happen there, until that moment of "the Event" - so much is unclear to me and I find myself still in a state of isolation. I ask you to take my hand in the midst of this confusion, and pray with me.

Pray for all of us. Pray like we have never prayed before. Open your heart and mind to the truth and love I know is out there - and in HERE. Together we can defeat this last bit of fear and uncertainty. I truly believe this.

I love you so much. With all that I am, the human, the starseed, the divine. The melody sung by my soul is a song about US. I need you, and I am so glad to have found you as you are all beautiful and perfect and your existence means everything to me. I am here for you. Call on me and let's share a moment of love and recognition with one another.

Together we can finish this 3-legged race today. I believe this with all my heart and soul.

I am here. You are here. We are becoming more love with each moment.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have given and all you will give. Let us not forget the energy of receiving as well. We can practice on each other if we want. I give, you receive. You give, I receive. It's working!

Blessings to all of you, my dearest family of angels. I pray for our unity and our ascension. I pray that tomorrow will be so full of love and light that we will always remember it as our White Friday. Our day that we received together all that we will turn around and give to the world, in whatever way serves the highest good.

In Brazil there is a popular phrase of unity. Literally, it translates to "is we" , it evokes the meaning of "it's us" or "we are together." Say it with me, it sounds like "Eh noice."

É nóis. É nóis. É nóis.
Is we. Is we. IS WE!


Your loving sister,



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