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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

"Watch and See" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


 » November 15th, 2016

Wow Frank, I dont know how to respond to that Monday cc. Im speechless and IMO its way more exciting than Monday night football.

IMO all we can do is watch and see what fruit comes to us this year and keep picking up the daily/weekly hints leading to the fireworks.

Sure looks like its coming this time, with fewer PTB that want to hold it up.

If they start below 1 USD it sure will be easier waiting for the right time to exchange the bulk debt free with the ball rolling,

I would be so grateful and would assume that 2-3 mo would go buy so fast with all the planning we will be doing (making sure what we exchange into will stand strong when tested by fire and aligning our hearts motives to Gods will).

Thanks for all the evidence pointing to this year, you really clarified the articles for me in regards to them needing a exchange rate before they start removing the 000's in Jan .2017,

 » November 15th, 2016

Iran Open For Business in Post-Brexit UK

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Following the imposition of financial sanctions in 2012 by the US for its nuclear program, it was almost impossible for the west to do any business with Iran. Those sanctions were lifted earlier this year after France, Germany, UK, Russia and US had earlier reached an agreement with Iran on a nuclear deal.

Iran could provide an enthusiastic new trading partner for the UK post Brexit according to Shahrzad Atai, head of the Middle East desk at law firm Child & Child and external adviser to the government’s legal department, Government Legal, cityam.com reports.

However, there has only been a trickle of business between the two countries since sanctions were lifted. Atai says: “The UK is falling behind and should be grabbing the opportunity to trade with Iran, boosting the economy after Brexit.”

Iran is a large potential market. The second largest economy in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia, it also has the second largest population in Middle East after Egypt, with 80 million people. There is little foreign debt, and the country boasts an attractive tax regime: the maximum tax rate in Iran is 25% while dividends and bank interest are tax exempt.

Among cash-rich Iranians, Atai sees pent up demand for a long list of goods: medicine, electronics, luxury goods and cars. There is also appetite for investment in infrastructure and other projects within Iran.

In terms of export potential, Iran can offer the rest of the world its renowned Persian rugs, prized agricultural products such as saffron, pistachio and caviar, and its large oil and gas reserves.

There are now only a few sanctions remaining in place and Iran is keen to get back to the level of exports it had before the sanctions, be that in oil and gas or general trade and commerce. For example, Tehran has passed legislation to enable foreign companies to own 100 % of their company or branch office in Iran. Previously, foreigners needed to have an Iranian partner who owned 51 % of the company.

However, while some companies may be keen to get back in the Iranian market, others may have sour memories. Once sanctions were imposed, many contracts between Iranian and European companies were frozen causing complications including reputational damage and loss of profit.

UK Banks Feet Dragging

UK banks have proved particularly reluctant to engage despite the lifting of EU restrictions on financial transfers, banking activities, and financial messaging services to and from Iran. Atai says this may be because HSBC was fined heavily for dealing with Iranian clients.

“One question that comes to mind is that if the UK government is allowing financial transactions with Iran, why the banks in UK are still reluctant to enter any kind of transaction with Iranian individuals, companies or banks. Do the UK banks follow the local government’s rules or a foreign government’s rules? What is the governing law in the UK jurisdiction? Surely the local law.”

There are large amounts of Iranians’ monies frozen in UK bank accounts; the release of these funds could allow Iranians to purchase goods and services from the UK.

Atai says UK firms should take legal advice to make sure their activity is kept within the allowed legal framework and as to what structure suits them best depending on the nature of activity and volume of business.

While UK firms prevaricate, others are forging ahead with new deals with Iran. The value of EU trade with Iran is around $8 billion and is expected to increase to $16b in the next two years. Since January, many European countries – Italy, France, Switzerland and Germany - have signed contracts with the Iranian government or private companies.

But a great unknown is potential ramifications from the Trump presidency. Atai says “Another question here, is how Trump would treat the agreement with Iran. Will he honor it? It is difficult to say whether Trump will go back on the agreement regarding the lifting of sanctions and make any harsh changes, or will he build the next Trump Tower in Tehran. After all he is a businessman and there are existing Trump residences in Turkey, Azerbaijan, UAE and other countries in the region. So why not have one in Iran?”


Don961 » November 15th, 2016

Pictures of the new currency in Egypt in 2017 proposed change the form of 5-category currency and even 200 pounds and the joy of Egyptians design Currency

Omar Al-Fateh 16/11/15 News Egypt , economy

We publish the new currency pictures in Egypt in 2017 a proposal young people change the form of the Egyptian currency of the 5-category and up to 200 pounds and the joy of Egyptians design Currency imposed remained degenerated pictures of President al-Sisi on the currency new, it has sparked a new currency in circulation in Egypt form an argument, but I think the shapes The new currency is much better than the old currency,

the new money is let the proud history of ancient Egypt Keda mesh Hnaraf Nkremc 20 pounds to the police officer, a new and exclusive new currency photo Bicolk de images of the new currency Elly Lessa Mtabach and rays for printing the new currency Bs people Mabsout omitted.

A number of Egypt's youth have launched a new campaign to redesign the shape of the Egyptian currency starting from the coin 25 pounds to 200 pounds, to be attractive to tourism, through the use of the Pharaohs symbols and famous Egyptian places on the new versions, and it was the most prominent forms in the new currency is designed to work 100 pounds, and demanded currencies designer support from young people your opinions and constructive criticism, and the work of the competition on the subject of changing the currency and the form of the money, the new currency Elly dumped Facebook de design designed one proposed, has to do with the state does not end said Hntba new money, he said, another currency old quality is better than the new currency worn.

And discuss youth in what you think of replacing the existing currency hundred and fifty and 200 pounds for cash deposit, the new currency 100 pounds and 200 pounds category, frankly, the best of the old and especially the 200 pounds guy was sitting Madd endorsed, and since then all the people Madd congenital nor the new currency a category 5 pounds The new currency Elly other category Sisi nor the mosque or Islamic civilization, like that of the pound dollar Hakhav Ahan dazzling new design and Ahan disguised example, Vheksh, and disappears before the pound.

Official page of the currency change campaign across Facebook

And set up a page location social networking Facebook, under the title "Egyptian Currency Design Challenge" to share the new designs, which is based upon the project page, in addition to other designers, are published designs for a vote by the observers, the design of the coin Fairy design of the coin pound, and student organizers of the Page with the participation of the new designs that carried out by stylists and share Hachtaj #Egyptian_currency_design_challenge, to be voted the best forms, with an emphasis on the design should be two-sided and not one face only.

Tookd organizers of the page, that the campaign does not belong to any government entity, but the purpose of the exchange of visions, concepts and ideas of the creators of Egyptian artists gifted with the rest Alm.tsamam coin fifty pounds coin fifty-design Jniehaugayt designs that have been deployed across the page, users are impressive and they have to be traded and wrote a Fans "frankly design sweet paper pound," as the artist Nelly Karim participation of designs, and dissemination via her profile location social networking Facebook, it praised the design of the currency value of the 50 Jneha.tsamam coin percent pounds design cent coin pounds design of the coin two hundred pounds is designed to coin the two hundred-taking . link



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